Best Posts This Week, Jan 11th: Earn Cashback & Miles For Paying Your Rent, Win $225

We made the decision to give away $225 to people who were willing to help make this site even better. If you know of any bank bonuses that aren’t listed on our comprehensive page, then let us know and you could win $225. You can also tweet about the contest to get some of the prize money.


RadPay which is a service that lets you pay your rent with a debit or credit card announced that they would no longer be charging any fees for paying your rent using a debit card. This means that you can now earn cash back or miles if you have a rewards earning debit card.


Chuck showed us a potential perpetual point machine by buying an eBay giftcard with another eBay gift card. There are some monthly limits and a lot of risk (portal clawback, account shut down etc) but it’s an interesting angle none the less that’s worth a look.


Chase also increased the sign up bonus to 50,000 points on all of the Southwest cards. They do this quite frequently, but if you’re going for a companion pass (which gives a companion free travel on any Southwest flight you take and requires 110,000 miles) now is the best time of year to go after it. This is because it’s valid until the end of calendar year you get the pass in and then the following calendar year.

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James B.
James B.

It would benefit your readers immensely if you wrote a short list of popular blogs that have sold out completely to affiliate interests or are overly influenced in their content by affiliate interests. I suspect you prefer not to do this because of a personal reasons?

thepointsguy is a good example. Occasionally, it does have useful information. But more and more, it has become a propaganda mouthpiece for CC issuers. I do like the format of thepointsguy. It is easy to read the latest blog entries and older blog posts.

Can anyone else think of other good examples of blogs that have sold out to affliate revenues?

I understand your carrot approach and see the benefits. At the same time, a spade should be called a spade and readers should be warned when certain blogs have sold out to affiliate interests.