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Published on July 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Capital One $300 Checking & $200 Money Market Bonus – Available Nationwide

This bonus has expired and is no longer available. Click here for other bank promotions.

Reposting this as we now have datapoints of people receiving the bonus even if they weren’t targeted and even if they don’t have a Capital One credit card.

Apparently you will see the following during the sign up process:

Remember, you must meet all eligibility requirements to receive this bonus. You must have received an email, mail piece or notification directly from Capital One with the specific promo code. For 360 Money Market, you must deposit at least $10,000 by the offer expiration date listed in the offer disclosures. For 360 Checking you must receive 2 qualifying direct deposits of $250 or more within 60 days of accepting the terms and conditions.

The targeted section has not been enforced before, but YMMV.

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Capital One is offering bonuses of $200 on a money market account and $300 on a checking account. Both require the use of promo code BUN875
    • $200 money market bonus: Open account and deposit $10,000 by July 31st, 2017
    • $300 checking account bonus: Open account by July 31st and receive two direct deposits of $250 or more within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • These offers are only available for new customers and cannot be transferred.
  • If you’re an existing Capital One Bank or Capital One 360 customer or a Capital One Associate you won’t be eligible for the bonuses. To receive any of these cash bonuses, your account must be in good standing (not in default, closed, or suspended).
  • If you open an account through a business, it may be subject to closure/conversion. Bonus is only available for one 360 Checking account and one 360 Money Market account, and multiple new accounts will not qualify.
  • You must have a valid Social Security number to open a 360 Money Market or 360 Checking account.
  • $200 360 Money Market account bonus: Open your first Capital One 360 Money Market account online and deposit at least $10,000 no later than July 31, 2017, 11:59 p.m. ET. Capital One will deposit the $200 cash bonus into your money market account approximately 6–8 weeks after you accept the account terms and conditions.
  • $300 360 Checking account bonus: Open your first Capital One 360 Checking account online no later than July 31, 2017, 11:59 p.m. ET. Receive two direct deposits of $250 or more each within 60 days of your acceptance of account terms and conditions. Direct deposits must be an electronic deposit of one of the following: your paycheck from your employer, Social Security/pension or other government benefits. Direct deposit is subject to employer or other payor options. Capital One will deposit the $300 cash bonus into your checking account approximately 6–8 week
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Both accounts have no monthly fees to worry about. There is also no early account termination fees.

Our Verdict

Savings bonus isn’t new, but $300 for checking is. There used to be a $400 bonus that was targeted but that’s no longer offered. If you’re eligible for the checking bonus or savings bonus then I’d definitely recommend them as it’s quite easy to meet the bonus requirements and no monthly fees to worry about either. For the savings bonus the best part of this bonus is that there is no minimum length the $10,000 needs to be deposited for (ACHing in & out smaller amounts has worked in the past). These are being added to our list of the best checking and savings account bonuses.

Hat tip to anonymousmouse2 on /r/churning

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416 Responses to [Expired] Capital One $300 Checking & $200 Money Market Bonus – Available Nationwide

  1. Klad says:

    So if I did the MMA bonus in May I am not eligible for $300 Checking?

    • I think you still are eligible, not 100% sure.

      • Klad says:

        Thanks William.. I will have a chat with CSR to confirm this.

        • Fei says:

          Any updates?

          • Klad says:

            No it looks like their chat and on call support to inquire about this promotion are offline now. Will try tomorrow morning.

          • Klad says:

            Ok so I had a chat and that’s what CSR told me

            “Upon further investigation I did confirm that this is a targeted offer for a small group of existing credit card customers here at Capital One, and I’m not showing that you were targeted for this specific offer – If you open the
            account with that bonus code, and meet the requirements, the bonus may or may not post.”

            So looks like its YMMV stuff same as with their previous $400 promotion. Some people who were not targeted got the bonus, some did not.

  2. joE says:

    Sounds like you just can’t go wrong with the checking account and just keep it for when you want to “try” doing misc activity and not wanting to use your primary account.

  3. Austin says:

    So if you’ve done a money market account for a bonus but never done checking, you should still be eligible for the checking bonus, right?

    • That’s my understanding, I am sure somebody has run into this before and will helpfully comment with their experiences.

    • MoreSun says:

      I was! New customer, got both bonuses this year.

      • Pablo says:

        You signed up for one account and then a few months later signed up for another account and was able to get both bonuses? If that is the case, maybe I’ll try my luck for the checking bonus account since I already opened up the money market one a few months ago and got that sign up bonus. Thanks for the DP!

        • MoreSun says:

          Yes. I got the MM bonus and the checking bonus same year. The details said “first checking account” and “first savings account”.

          • Pablo says:

            Thanks MoreSun! Yeah I thought so too and was thinking about getting the checking account since it says it separately there but wanted to double check due to another part in the terms and conditions that just simply states that you cannot be an existing customer.

  4. Actually now that I reread the fine print it says if you’re an existing customer rather than existing checking/savings/money market customer so not sure if you would be eligible if you’ve had a product before.

  5. Vijay says:

    If I had closed a 360 checking account 3 yrs back, will I be eligible for this bonus if I open now?

  6. RTC says:

    Will having a capital one credit card shut you out of the $300 bonus?

    • Don’t think so but YMMV

      • artgriego says:

        Whoa, that would be big news. It was always my understanding that ‘new customer’ meant only to their deposit products…I’m waiting on my non-targeted $400 checking bonus to come through, I hope I didn’t screw myself out of that.

    • Brent says:

      It didn’t prevent me from getting one. I’ve had a capital one card for almost a year when I took advantage of this bonus a few weeks ago. I actually created my bank account using my existing log in for the credit card. Bonus just posted after two direct deposits.

  7. Preacher says:

    Will a direct deposit from RobinHood work, like it does for Chase checking?

  8. Rab says:

    Is capital one bonus only available once per lifetime?

    • Gibunono says:

      Want to ask the same question.

      One of the blog’s authors, sirtheta, said yes. However, I personally cannot find any DP to corroborate it.

    • Gibunono says:

      According to the landing page, the targeted part seems to be strict and clear. However, how Capital one defines an existing customer is unknown and the only reason that the once per lifetime rule could be enforced is that the system is hardcoded for individual SSNs, which means you become an existing customer forever once you are approved for any of their deposit checking products. For other banks they require you don’t currently hold an account and your last bonus/account were got a certain period ago.

      What is a little bit contradictory is that many DPs show the checking account and money market account can be opened at different time without any problem getting both bonuses separately. There might me some more complicated rules they hard code the existing customer.

      “These offers are only available for new customers and cannot be transferred. If you’re an existing Capital One Bank or Capital One 360 customer or a Capital One Associate you won’t be eligible for the bonuses. To receive any of these cash bonuses, your account must be in good standing (not in default, closed, or suspended). If you open an account through a business, it may be subject to closure/conversion. Bonus is only available for one 360 Checking account and one 360 Money Market account, and multiple new accounts will not qualify. You must have a valid Social Security number to open a 360 Money Market or 360 Checking account.”

    • sirtheta says:

      Yes, but the terms on this offer are slightly different from normal. All the other offers have contained terms excluding previous orb existing customers with this type of language (for the 360 Money Market):

      “(If you currently have or have had a Savings product with Capital One Bank, Capital One 360 or ING Direct before or are a Capital One Associate, you won’t be eligible for the bonus.)”

      (substitute checking products for 360 Checking)

  9. Marvin Santiago says:

    I just opened account using the 400 promo code for MA residents (im in california). aaaaaaah If i only waited. should i call them to use this code? or is that a bad idea

  10. Mendel says:

    would existing customer include having or had their credit card?

  11. hardy says:

    I have capone credit card, capone checking a/c & capone360 savings a/c.
    I m thinking to close checking & 360 savings a/c now & then open new Checkin & Money market ac….
    in order to get this $500 yummy bonus…………

  12. Bob Newbie says:

    My GF only has Chase/PNC.. don’t see any data points for those.
    Any recommendations on what account she can open QUICKLY, fund, and then make the transfers over to Capital One?
    Fidelity? Vanguard?

  13. hardy says:

    opening new a/cs on 31st july………….

    Any thoughts on my idea? please share your comments

      • Charles says:

        I think he is asking is it a good idea to open on the last day of the promotion. Personally, I don’t like to wait to the last day in case something goes wrong.

    • Harry says:

      Normally I would say not to wait until the last day but In this case, I have to open the checking account on July 31 in order to meet the 60 day requirement for the direct deposits (for two “real” direct deposits that would post on Sept 1 and again on Sept 29). That would be exactly 60 days if they start the timer on Aug 1 and I can’t change that.

      Will try other types of direct deposits during the 60 days but based on the other threads involving Capital One, seems like it is hit or miss as to what works for a direct deposit.

    • S says:

      Banks sometimes delay account opening while they verify your identity so bad idea.

  14. Student of Credit says:

    I had an Ing Direct saving account (probably checking account as well) many years ago. Am I still qualified for the bonus??

  15. Charles says:

    For the Market Savings Bonus, Can I just deposit $10,000 and take the money out the next day and I still qualify for the bonus??

  16. Yuping says:

    I saw this after filling the application form.

    Remember, you must meet all eligibility requirements to receive this bonus. You must have received an email, mail piece or notification directly from Capital One with the specific promo code. For 360 Money Market, you must deposit at least $10,000 by the offer expiration date listed in the offer disclosures. For 360 Checking you must receive 2 qualifying direct deposits of $250 or more within 60 days of accepting the terms and conditions.

    Is it targeted?

  17. Ender says:

    signed up the chk, created online login and then was told they need to verify my external funding source or something

    tried to proceed with MMA but when input all info was redirected to sign in but then run into error, guess I cannot do anything before they finish verification.

  18. AZ says:

    Applied for both MM and checking, my online account now is showing 2 checking accounts, not sure what went wrong.

  19. Vince says:

    Will try depositing a few thousand in & out of the savings account via Chase checking to try to get the $200 bonus.

  20. Marshall says:

    THANKS SO MUCH! I was going to Capital One this morning for $400 but now I’ll be getting $500. This will be great money my vacation at the end of the year.

  21. Tey Boy says:

    question i open an account back in february or march? im not sure but only to find out that the promo code ended so i was to late and i was doing live chat if they can honor the promo code (bonus)
    but they didn’t so i closed right away..
    can i reopen again and use this bonus code does this consider having a existing account and not work?

  22. Michael says:

    Do you have to maintain the $10k balance or simply do the $10k in total deposits? Thanks

  23. Mendel says:

    I am confused…
    Are u saying that you need to be Targeted to receive checking bonus?

  24. Rab says:

    I currently have both these accounts. Can i close them and apply for this bonus?

  25. Phineas says:

    Does anybody know if Capital One is chex inquiry sensitive?

    There are no DPs listed on DoCs page dedicated to the topic…

  26. CryptoChrist says:

    Received the $200 bonus for BUN654 promo. Ever heard of Capital One 360 matching new bonuses? I received my $200 bonus last Friday, 7/7. Thanks! At least I haven’t made the wife’s acct yet! Love you all at DoC!

  27. dave says:

    waiting to see if any DPs on existing customers that don’t have these accounts get the bonus….
    hopefully this’ll work out just like the $400 targeted checking offer 😀

  28. Cindy says:

    I’m trying to get my husband into the bank bonus world. (I myself started beginning of this year, but use mostly real DD). He doesn’t get real payroll DD. So I decided to open a Capital one money market account for him to use as the hub to send DD for other bank account bonuses (since it looked like Cap1 works most of the time per all the DPs). WF ACH worked to trigger $200 bonus. (Thanks, Doc), but now I noticed they will only let me add a total of 3 external banks. Is there a way around that? With WF as one of the 3 external accounts for ACH in, I can only link 2 more banks. Doesn’t make much of a hub then. Should I just add then delete the banks as I go around or is there a better way? Or is there a recommendation for a better HUB to use? Thanks

    • Klad says:

      I think deleting existing ones and adding new ones should be fine.. Out of all accounts I have opened so far, I generally use Capital One, Chase, WF, Discover and one of them worked for me.

      • Cindy says:

        Do you usually just send one ACH from each of the above accounts, and hope one of them triggers the bonus? Since some of the accounts don’t pay out right away (unlike M&T), by the time you realize a certain bank didn’t trigger the bonus, it would be too late to try a different one right? (e.g. from my records i see that for the TD bank bonus my real paypal DD was on 2/28, and bonus didn’t post till 5/22).

        • Klad says:

          To be honest with you, I rely on Doc’s list and DPs found on Reddit/FW and will try transfers from account which have worked in past and will wait for the bonus. Precautionary if I do not see transactions posted as PPD or Direct Deposits in description I will try with next bank.

          Out of all the bonuses I have done only 53 and PNC took time to post, others were posted soon. All these banks where it takes time to post bonus, I was either not in the listed states or was not eligible because of work-only visa status.

          Sorry, not much of help here, as far as your question(s) were.

    • Az says:

      Why don’t you just payroll DD into your husband’s account?

      • Cindy says:

        I can payroll DD into his account? doesn’t the name have to match?

        • Az says:

          As far as I know there is nothing wrong with DDing into someone else’s account. And I have done it many times. The system doesn’t even ask for names, and verifies with no problems. But maybe your employer has different requirements?

  29. Reg says:

    This is gonna be a tight deadline. By the time the DPs come in to determine if you can be an existing customer, as long as you have never had this product, the deal will expire….

    In this case, you will have to be the DP you want to see, otherwise, it will be too late.

  30. yussuf says:

    This may sound silly but do i need to apply for both accts together or each acct individually (i cant find one link for both) ? Would opening one subsequently disqualify you from the other?

    • Vince says:

      No option to do both at same time, I did checking first. They had me make an account. Once you have an account you can use it to log in when you sign up for savings.

  31. Ken says:

    I previously have had an MMA account with Cap One 360, and the rep I spoke to said I’m eligible for the checking account bonus. The rep also mentioned this is targeted towards existing Cap One credit card holders, so YMMV.

  32. prov1 says:

    This is a new one: I can’t get past the “personal information” screen. It keeps telling me “It looks like we already know you. … your Social-Security number has an account associated with it, so we can bypass all of this boring paper-work and get straight to the good stuff.”, then it makes me sign into my existing Capital One account (I only have a credit card and Spark biz checking), then fill in my personal info again, and once more “It looks like we already know you.” It basically loops back to where I started again. Tried different browsers, in cognito etc.
    Anyone seen something like this before?

  33. Loall Moll says:

    Do you guys know if this is still a targeted offer? I called in and they told me it was a selected offer targeted to credit card holders. Though I’m tempted to apply for it, I’d rather save the time if it’s only targeted. Any feedback will be great.

  34. Mike says:

    Certain transactions will not qualify as direct deposits. It jeopardizes receiving the bonus.You’ll save time and effort by planning carefully after scrolling through our recent comments on the CAP ONE $400 offer.

  35. Chao says:

    Is the $300 checking and $200 saving offer target ones? How to receive target email/mail?


  36. Jeff says:

    I had an old ING “Orange” account (can’t remember if it was savings or checking) from several years ago that was eventually converted to a Cap One account before I closed that account a few years ago. Would I be eligible for this offer?

  37. Josh says:

    Getting confused after reading the comments. So if we already have the money market account are we excluded from the checking account promotion?

  38. chris says:

    I did 360 checking account bonus a few years back. Not eligible this time right?

  39. David says:

    Anyone here used Discover checking recently to trigger the bonus?

    Just wanted to ask since that’s the only bank I have thats on the DD list.

  40. Jeremy says:

    I got an error on my and my wife’s app, looks like there is an issue with the data you provided, and a number to call….any idea what’s triggering that? wierd….

    • Ken says:

      I got the same message, but no idea why. I have existing CapOne credit cards, so not sure how my data would be incorrect.

      • JBM says:

        i had the same prob. Simply called in and was varied. She also told me that my email was different from what was on file from previous account. I tried again with original email and it worked. I don’t think it was related to email but instead the verification.

    • moe says:

      you probably had an account with them before.

  41. stingerzing says:

    I applied for the money market account last month and got the bonus. Tried to open Checking online and was told to call in. In the call the CSR asked if I was a credit card customer, which I’m not, and politely informed me the checking account bonus is only for current credit card customers.

  42. moe says:

    if I had a checking account before am I still eligible?

  43. Adam says:

    I have a Capital One credit card and a Capital One 360 Money Market Account, but I have never had a Capital One checking account. When I try to create a checking account with this deal, it asks if I already have an account. If I click that and enter my credentials, it says “Looks like something went wrong, but we’re working on it. Give it another try in a bit.” If I don’t click on ‘already have an account’ and instead enter my information, it will say, hey, we know you, enter your credentials to proceed. This takes me back to the error message.

  44. churningisfun says:

    Has anyone had a problem with the second of the two applications (applying for the checking after applying for the MMA)? When I try to log in during the second application, it tells me “We’re sorry, we hit a snag. Looks like something went wrong, but we’re working on it. Give it another try in a bit.”
    Is this a known problem? I think I’ve seen another person with this problem? Anyone know a solution?

    • Adam says:

      This appears to be fixed now. I was able to create the checking account linked to my existing MM and CC accounts.

  45. Janam says:

    Looks like this is targeted towards current credit card holders. William, would you recommend opening a card and then applying for the bonus? The window is tight as this offer ends July 31st.

    Also, for those asking whether you can get the checking account bonus if you already have a money market account…how would CO enforce this. There’s no way to open both accounts at once. So technically, one has to come first, right? Idk.

  46. JIRAG says:

    Do you have to have CO credit card to get this bonus?

    Also, what if I already have a MM account? Can I still get the checking bonus?

  47. TheMan says:

    I called CO and they said this is targeted towards towards credit card holders but if I applied the code and got the reward, they wouldn’t take it back. Then said that I couldn’t get the bonus because I’m already a CO360 customer (have MM account but not checking). Sad!

  48. Shivansh says:

    Got rejected due to Chex Enquiry. Applied for like 6 checkings accounts within last month. Chex Enquiry denial from Elements as well. Though successfully opened savings yesterday.

  49. mag-nate says:

    Rejected for chex systems

    Opened four accounts over the past three months, two in the last month, and one last week.

  50. Gene says:

    Looking for some guidance here…. So, it says “Open your first Capital One 360 Money Market account online” for the MMA $200 bonus and “Open your first Capital One 360 checking account online” for the $300 checking bonus.

    My question is this – I had a 360 Savings account that I closed back in April and I just have a Capital One credit card. Am I eligible for the 360 MMA or 360 checking bonus? I guess, my question is also this – is MMA account referenced above the same as the 360 Savings?

    Also, my wife currently has a 360 MMA account. If she closes it right now,m would she be eligible for this 360 MMA offer? What about the 360 checking offer?

  51. Jagruti says:

    If I have a MM account, William, would you advise me to close it and open a checking acct for the bonus? Asking since CO states that existing customers will not get the bonus.

    • Pablo says:

      Yeah, I’m also confused about this… if we opened a money market 360 account not too long ago for the $200 bonus…. are we still eligible for the bonus if we sign up for a checking account? You would think the checking account sign up bonus would still work but the language in the terms and conditions are a bit unclear. Not sure if the only way to get the $300 bonus and $200 bonus from both accounts is if you sign up for both at the same time… Not sure what happens if you open the money market account first though…

    • James says:

      William Charles, I summon thee to answer thy question.

  52. Brian says:

    I did the MM bonus a month ago for my wife, now just opened her a 360 checking under BUN875 promo, it recognized her, but still went through and opened the account. I’ll use a new Schwab Brokerage acct to push the 2 $250 deposits (worked for me on the $400 bonus). Will report back as a DP if it all works. We were both not targeted nor are we in the targeted area (MI).

    • Pablo says:

      Thanks Brian! Hope to see some data points before I decide to try it out or not before the end of promotion date.

      • Brian says:

        I’ll post as soon as possible. I think it’ll work, but not sure yet.

        • Jagruti says:

          The deadline is July 31. We won’t know whether you got it until after.

          • Brian says:

            I will post immediately. The account needs to be opened by the 31st. My 1000 transfer to schwab is going now and I’ll also get her 360 account linked so I can push the 2 250 deposits right away.

    • D says:

      How long did it take for the bonus to show up in your account after you did the two $250 deposits using Schwab?

  53. Mendel says:

    What does Cash Back Redemption mean?
    What does ACH mean? Which bank?

    Capital One 360

    The following count as a direct deposit:

    Alliant (1)
    ACH (1)
    Charles Schwab: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Discover: 1
    Cash back redemption: 1 (didn’t work)
    e trade: 1
    Fidelity: 1 (CMA), 2, 3, 4, 5
    Goldman Sachs: 1, 2
    ING Direct/Capital One 360 (1)
    TD Ameritrade: 1, 2
    USAA: 1
    Wells Fargo: 1, 2
    Vanguard: 1, 2, 3
    The following didn’t work:

    Ally: 1
    Santander: 1
    TIAA Direct: 1
    Wells Fargo: 1

  54. DD says:

    This is a targeted offer?
    “”You must meet all eligibility requirements to receive this bonus. You must have received an email, mail piece or notification directly from Capital One with the specific promo code.””

  55. DD says:

    I called them. It is targeted.

  56. Taylor says:

    I tried to do this and got an error saying they needed to validate my identity. I called and they told me I wasn’t targeted so I couldn’t get the bonus. Very disappointing.

  57. Brian C says:

    This is my first Bank Bonus, so this may be a stupid question…..

    But when we make the ACH, how do we know if they counted it as a Direct deposit or if they did not, since we won’t receive the bonus until likely after the maximum 60 days? Do we just do 2 transfers and then cross our fingers? Or do we receive a notification/email advising a bonus is pending?

    Thanks, sorry again, never done a bank bonus before, don’t wanna screw it up.

  58. John says:

    Called 5/16/17 to verify I was eligible for MM $200 bonus (have CC and had checking account previously). Opened Capital One 360 MM 5/17/17 with code 200GROW – deposited $10,050. Had to call CSR to have bonus manually added today, 7/17/17. Did four $50 deposits. Won’t be available until 8/17/17. Money market rate is 1.1% now, nice.
    Opened 360 checking today with BUN875. Will send two $250 DD’s from Alliant. Will see if $300 posts. Thanks DOC!

  59. Stephen says:

    I did the MM $200 bonus a month or two ago. Signed up for the Checking acct BUN875.

    Submitted 250 push from Discover. I will report back.

    Posting now to follow new DPs.

  60. Ry5 says:

    I spoke with CSR today. They asked how I heard about the offer, I said I found it here and then used the promo code BUN875. The CSR said that it’s targeted but there’s still a chance the bonus will post because I did use the promo code. So I have submitted 2 $250 pushes from Schwab brokerage and will report back to see if it posts! Hopefully I didn’t just “alert” the CSR to prevent me from getting the bonus.

    Hoping for the best.

    • No point in asking CSR’s about this, you’re just drawing more attention to your account and the offer.

    • SamSimon says:

      why did you call?
      1. Employees are not sure how this bonus enforced anyway!
      2. They will lie, or misinformed you.
      3. You are on their watch list and bonus on watch list.

      • Canyon says:

        I also called but didn’t give any bank info. Am I still on their list?

        • SamSimon says:

          Canyon, maybe – if the number that you called from linked to your account…… caller ID will auto attached it and open your account for employees’ (it’s possible – depend on the bank)

    • Ryan says:

      Hoping you didn’t just screw it up for the rest of us!

  61. Gibunono says:

    Closed my previous capital one account last week. Today I entered my online banking – personal info and I see capital one assigned a customer number for me. I believe closing accounts won’t remove you from their customer list. That’s why capital one is not churnable.

  62. NNCS says:

    Has anyone had this work if they already have CD’s with CapOne 360? Never have had MM, Savings, or Checking with them but…

  63. Ryan says:

    Can this offer be combined with a refer-a-friend referral link?

  64. Jeremy says:

    I was able to get the $400 bonus using the code I was given (PLUS400) from a friend and wasn’t targeted. 😀

  65. Ben says:

    I had ING direct saving account before. But I closed it 3 years ago. Am I eligible for this offer?

    • Nobody knows for sure as the fine print is new.

    • Cindy says:

      Had an ING direct saving account that was closed in 2009. Tried applying anyway, and got the message to call the 1-877 number. Unfortunately, they were able to pull up my info right away via my SSN, and basically said I will not be eligible to open the account with promotion unless I receive a direct mailing. Even though my account was closed 8 years ago, I will always be considered an existing customer.

  66. Jesse says:

    For some reason I made the 360 checking account a joint account with my spouse (wasn’t thinking). Think I can still sign my spouse up for a 360 account as an individual and get the bonus?

  67. David says:

    Question about Capital One direct deposit:

    I setup an ACH from my local credit union.

    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    Appears on statement as: Deposit from …..

    Does this mean it should count as direct deposit requirements? Or should it be a different transaction type?


  68. jmcg says:

    Tried 2 checking accounts (myself & wife), both had issues.

    Setup checking account using my existing login/info from a CapOne credit card I currently have. Everything went through and the account appears to be successfully created.

    However, at the top of the final screen (showing my new checking account along with the credit card) it said “We need to speak with you regarding your account. Please call us at 1-888-…” Further attempts to login result in an “Access Denied” screen. I can still login to credit cards only, but not to Personal Banking. I guess I really need to call??

    Went on to create a separate account for my wife. Entered the information and got “it looks like there is an issue with the data you provided. Give us a call.” (different number). I’m guessing that’s because she is an authorized user on my credit card, and I used a different email from my own? Wonder if that means we won’t be able to open separate accounts for bonuses?

    • jmcg says:

      Update: the “Access Denied” message went away after 10-20 minutes, was able to login and see the checking account again. I went ahead and applied for the MM account, same behavior – account created, then “Access Denied.” This time the message went away in a couple of minutes and was able to login again. Strange.

      I did call the number and they just wanted to ask a number of additional questions to verify my identity. Pretty painless. The message to call was removed.

      Will retry for my wife in a day or two when she’s able to call in.

  69. guysato says:

    opening account in my brothers name. at my work we can easily change our DD allotments with a click of a button. Has anyone ever DD’d their payroll to another family members checking account to trigger a bonus? Thanks

    • RB says:

      Yes. I have done my Payroll DD to my spouse’s account to trigger another Bank Account Bonus and it works. All they need is the Routing number and the Account Number. No name on the account is required and it works.

  70. James says:

    For the $400 bonus, the bonus seemed to post either on the 16th or the 31st of the month for everyone. Does this mean that Cap One usually distributes the bonus on these dates?

    If so, maybe we can wait to see if anyone who wasn’t targeted will have their bonus post on July 31st. Then those of us who weren’t targeted can apply for the account on the 31st with this DP.

  71. Brian C says:

    Savings Bonus just posted for me.

    Transfer posted on jul 18th.
    bonus posted today, the 20th.

    I have never had any account with Capital One, and as far as I know i have never been targeted. Saw this post, followed instructions. Everything worked. Going to do the checking one now

  72. yussuf says:

    Transfer from Discover Savings on 7/18. Bonus posted 7/20.
    Is Cap1 better for Savings acct vs Discover? Same rate i think

  73. Andrew says:

    Chase & Elements Financial ACH have been no goes for me as far as DD goes. They both show as “A2A” transactions – which means account to account.

  74. Ty says:

    Opened Capital One 360 Checking account on 7/12. I was not targeted, have no Cap1 credit cards or other relationship.

    7/14 – $251 DD from Schwab Brokerage
    7/17 – $255 DD from Schwab Brokerage
    7/20 – $300 bonus posted

  75. Ry5 says:

    7/10 – Opened account
    7/18 – 2 $250 Schwab Brokerage DD’s posted
    7/19 – Removed $500 back to Schwab Brokerage
    7/20 – Cha-Ching! $200 cash bonus posted

    Thanks Doc!

  76. Yuping Lu says:

    Savings and checking Bonus also just posted. Two deposits from Schwab Brokerage.

    Thanks Doc 🙂

  77. RB says:

    Previously had a Cap one 360 Savings for which I received a $100 bonus in 2016 and a Cap One 360 Checking for which I received a $200 bonus in 2016.

    Have currently opened a Cap One 360 MMA to see if the $200 bonus would post. Opened and funded account with 10K on July 13th, 2017. Till date no bonus. Will give it another month. But, looks like the bonus may never post and matches with their policy.

    • AndyK says:

      Thanks for letting us know. Doesn’t seem fair though since the Savings and MM are two different type of accounts

  78. G says:

    Probably a really dumb question but…where do I enter the promo code (BUN875) in the Cap One application?

    I don’t see a promo code field on the first page of the app & it appears that account might get created (technically) if I move beyond first page. I don’t want to sign-up and get no bonus….would rather wait for future promo that’s directly targeted to me.

    If anyone has applied, and can confirm that the promo code field is beyond page 1 please chime in. Thanks.

    • Rebekah says:

      It definitely wasn’t on the first page for me. If I remember correctly, it was the second page at the bottom. If you went through the link, it auto populates the promo code.

    • SamSimon says:

      (Should be found under the funding your account tab)

  79. toknowjoyman says:

    can anyone say if this is capital one or capone 360?

  80. Churning says:

    Does anyone know how long you have to keep the $300 bonus in your checking account before you can close the account? I want to close the account once the bonus is posted, but not sure if I need to keep it open for certain number of days or months.

  81. Loading says:

    Called 1-800-289-1992 and asked to see if I was targeted. (Only received the email for the $200 bonus savings )

    CSR asked for Social and the promo code I was looking at told him BUN987 and he confirmed since I had a credit card with Capitol One and I was eligible.

    Same thing when I asked about the checking $300 he asked for the code and I gave him BUN875 and he confirmed again that since I had a capitol one credit card that I am targeted and will get the bonus when completing the requirements.

    Now I just need find a way to deposit my 10K from BOA/CHASE/TDBANK to Capital one so it can trigger my account.

  82. Rab says:

    Did anyone who previously had an account got this bonus again?

  83. PJ says:

    I really need to close my 360 account so I can start participating in these.

    • Kig says:

      Don’t bother, they enforce a very strict once per lifetime for this bank, including being a past customer of ING Direct. It’s not even “one bonus per lifetime”, if you have ever had a Capital One/360 or ING Direct/Electric Orange account, you will very likely not get any bonuses.

  84. Bob says:

    If you have a Cap1 Business Checking account, are you eligible? I know there’s an exclusion, but does anyone know if that’s only for personal accounts?

    • Chris says:

      I have a Cap1 business savings, and I applied with the promo code above. I’ll be able to update you if I see the bonus come through in the next few days, as my $10k deposit just posted today.

  85. Prem says:

    So i had an ING account more than 10 yrs ago………..meaning i cannot get this $500 combined bonus?

    • Nobody is too sure at the moment as the fine print has changed. This question has been asked several times already.

      • Stammers95 says:

        So I tried to apply using the link above however I ran into “Data doesn’t match error” which lead me to call CS to find out what’s the issue. Since I was a prior ING account holder a lot of my information had changed and needed to be updated (address, phone numbers, ect). (fyi, I recently closed my 360 account in April 2017 which was created by the transition from ING).

        During the conversation I had a chance to confirm that this current promotion is gear towards capital one credit card holders (which I am one but didn’t receive target information) but noted to the CS rep that the ING language had dropped and I should be eligible. She contacted the marketing team and confirmed that I was not eligible, however she stated that the marketing team is currently working on promotions specifically for the original ING account users who had not used their account after transitioning from ING and eventually closed them. The marketing team didn’t have any other information about these promotions but stated that it’s in the works for future targets.

        Im not 100% sure but It seems that might be the reasoning why the ING language has dropped from the standard fine print since there will be future prior ING account promotions coming our way. It could be that if someone were to apply for this promotion which had a Capital one CC and prior ING/360 account with no activity or other accounts be eligible but from the marketing team their stance is no. So its deff a YMMV situation right now. Im not sure if I really want to gable on this promotion and wait till we see other DPs and catch a future promotion.

  86. Kelly says:

    Has anyone from GA received this bonus?

  87. Dan says:

    Does this message mean there is a problem with your Chex info or that you are ineligible?

    “_____, it looks like there is an issue with the data you provided.

    We take your security very seriously and need to make sure your information is accurate in our system.”

    My SO just closed a checking account and she got this on trying to open a MMA account. I know there is a chance that she is ineligible, but i’m only tying money up for a week and don’t care about the Chex inquiry.

  88. Kiran says:

    Any datapoint on whhether BOA or Citi works as DD for capital one 360. I checked the other thread but couldnt find any info

  89. Mike says:

    Anyone receive a bonus that doesn’t actually have a branch anywhere near them and also does not have any relationship with cap one?

  90. 86 says:

    I called Cap1 today and was told by the csr that I am not eligible for either bonus because all current offers are targeted only. Unless I received a flyer or have (had?) a Cap1 card I won’t get the signup bonus.

  91. Nick says:

    I have deposited a check for 10K today which will be cleared by 31st. I just realised the end date is 28th. Would it be an issue as the funds will not be available by that time?

  92. Derrick says:

    Interesting DP

    Previously closed 360 savings account in 11/2016

    – Attempted to apply via link
    -webpage said there was a problem, call 1-800 number
    -told rep I was trying to sign up using bonus
    -rep asked how I got bonus info, if I was searching internet for bank bonuses (!), told them I was emailed by friend
    -rep said that offer was targeted to “friend” and that I had been eligible for bonus in 11/16 (don’t remember receiving) and that I was unable to receive this offer because I was in their system.

  93. sppppps says:

    Has anyone received the bonus?
    I already made two dd of $251 to checking account and deposited 10k in MM over a week but didn’t get the bonus so far.

    • Churning says:

      Were you targeted? If not, then there is no guarantee that you will receive the bonus. Some people who weren’t targeted did receive the bonus, but they could have fixed it on their end by now.

    • MoreSun says:

      Oh, c’mon! Scroll up and you’ll see the info you want!

    • FreeMoney says:

      I was not targeted and just used the code and got both bonuses.
      The strangest thing is when I chat with the rep to confirm, they said I’m not targeted (which is correct) and therefore I won’t get the bonus.
      Can’t complain when the bonuses posted (around a week after completion of requirements).

  94. Tyser says:

    I tried two ACH pushes from Schwab, one from checking and one from brokerage.

    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    Appears on statement as: Deposit from SCHWAB BANK P2P FIRSTNAME LASTNAME
    Memo: P2P


    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    Appears on statement as: Deposit from SCHWAB BROKERAGE MONEYLINK

    I don’t know if it’s because I did the checking push first but the brokerage transfer did NOT count as direct deposit.

    • Christopher says:

      I did two ACH pushes from Schwab Brokerage, which posted on July 19 and 21, and its transaction details are the same as what you wrote. How do you know that this isn’t a valid DD? Do you think I should I try to push from Checking now?

      • Tyser says:

        I’m not actually sure, now. I added the account to Gusto and the trial deposit showed up as “Transaction Type: Electronic transfer” so maybe the Schwab brokerage push will work.

      • Tyser says:

        I have an update: Bonus posted today. I guess it worked after all.

        • Christopher says:

          Thank you. It looks like mine posted today too! Another DP for Schwab Brokerage:

          Electronic transfer
          Memo: MoneyLink

          Electronic transfer
          Memo: MoneyLink

          $300 bonus

        • Richard Kidd says:

          Do you have CapOne credit card?

  95. Sunny says:

    I do not see any space or filed to enter the promo code during the application process. Should I still go ahead with creating the account?
    Let me know if anybody else could locate the field to add the promo code.

  96. M2L says:

    Are there any DP’s of being who weren’t targeted applying and not receiving the bonus?

  97. Mendel says:

    Opened account with above link that had promocode in application July 14

    Made 2 ACH Payroll deposits from Chase July19,24 250 each.
    I saw on a previous DP that Chase payroll worked on a previous offer.

    I called and they didn’t say I wasn’t targeted for offer but had to point out that it said on deposit after clicking on it Payroll.
    Reply was it can take upto 90 days to see bonus.

  98. lz80521 says:

    NO need to call if you did DD based on successful dp. Just wait patiently for bonus to post. Cap1 usually posts bonus every week or two, mostly in Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

  99. ken says:

    How quickly is the account opened an account number provided? I could deposit cash to before the 31st but anybody know if when it would be opened if I apply today?

  100. Jackie says:

    I called to confirm that the promo code was applied to my account. They told me that the promo code is LUCK OF THE DRAW, You could meet all of the requirements and still not get the bonus just cause they didnt feel like giving it to you.

    • Jackie says:

      I talked to management and said if the bonus doesnt post to my account within 90 days of meeting the requirements to call and they would force it through.

      • SamSimon says:

        I think manager just playing with you! The chance they will force it is low to nothing – you are not targeted! For both accounts they said they will force it?

  101. NoBonus says:

    Some of the successful DPs make me wonder if I’ll get mine:

    Opened 7/12
    Credit Union Transfer $20 7/14
    Fidelity Brokerage $260 7/18
    Fidelity Brokerage $260 7/19

    No bonus as of yet. I had a CapOne Spark Business card but I canceled it in June. No other CapOne cards. What I don’t get is how quickly these successful DPs posted — way faster than the 6-8 weeks. Maybe I missed the cutoff.

    • CatLover says:

      Same situation for me. I am not hopeful that I will get the bonus. 🙁

    • CatLover says:

      Just want to let you know that I got my bonus today! Keep waiting and you probably will get it too.

      Thanks DoC!
      I am not targeted and do not have a capital one credit card.

  102. Cameron says:

    Transferred $260 and $260 from Alliant Savings July 21 and July 24. No bonus yet.

    Description of transaction is…

    “Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    Appears on statement as: Deposit from Alliant CU. ONLINE WD

  103. mord1 says:

    for the moneymarket, it seems that the 10,000 has to be in the account by tomorrow, is that correct? even if you open an account today, there is no way the money will be in the capital account by tomorrow?

    • toknowjoyman says:

      Probably, or not. But there is another offer for money market valid till the end of July on DoC. Do that, unlike me 🙁

  104. Kaung says:

    My wife signed up for it, but she has a Capital One Platinum CC.

    Broke the cardinal rule, but I saw someone else in the comments, so she called to confirm the bonus was linked to her account. Rep said she was eligible, repeated $250 DD x2, and amount should be $300 that shows up within a few days of meeting requirement. She didn’t want to change her work DD without confirmation, so I’ll update again in a few weeks once those have posted.

  105. Daniel says:

    I initiated a $10,000 transfer into the savings account Thursday July 27th. As of this morning I show an a $0 available balance, $10,000 current balance, and $10,000 pending deposit which confused me. Does the deposit being pending, affect my qualification for the bonus? Even though I show $10,000 current balance?

    • jfrotko says:

      Same boat as you. I transferred funds from a Chase account on July 27, funds were deducted from Chase on July 28, but my Capital One account shows it as “Processing” and a send date of August 2. They’re closed now, but I’m going to call tomorrow to see if they’ll honor it.

      • jfrotko says:

        Update on mine: Bonus posted! Even though my funds were not available until 8/2 I still earned interest on 7/30. Account history now shows as the deposit going through on 7/27 and the bonus posting 8/1.

        • jfrotko says:

          Final update: I transferred money from a Fidelity account on 8/10 ($250) and 8/11 ($250). $300 bonus posted for the checking account on 8/16.

    • mario adamson says:

      Same here, I figured worst case the ACH would go through by today but am hoping they’ll honor the deal once they realize we all started ours 4 days before the expiration.

    • Daniel says:

      Late to update, but the bonus posted for me as well on Aug 1st.

  106. Stephanie says:

    I applied for this without a targeted offer back when it first was announced (I do have a credit card with them though). When I got my card, I called and verified if I qualified for the offer. At first they said yes. A day later I got a phone call from a rep telling me that there was an error on their side, and I had a new offer. The offer I was given was one, $1000 direct deposit within 30 days for a $200 bonus. On the bright side, better than being declined and losing out on any capital one bonuses.

    • MoreSun says:

      Hate to say it but this is actually a great example of why people should not call the bank. It sounds like the computer had you down for the $300 bonus but you lost $100 in bonus money and doubled your required DD amount by calling and triggering a deeper review into your account.

  107. Rebekah says:

    One of my transfers from GS Bank is coding as p2p. Does anyone know why this might be? Should I just try again and see if it codes differently?

  108. Fat Slim says:

    Recently opened accounts with CCCU & MyBankingDirect. Both took a very long time; two months. Signature cards did not arrive, debit cards took a long time, etc. I hace a CapOne CC and I applied on July 29 for the CapOne360 checking account and at the end of the application I was asked to call in. I was directed to their security person who said she could not give me an answer why they could not open my account. I asked if they would send me a letter and she said it was an internal decision and they would not establish a banking relation. Nice.

  109. Traveling is Fun says:


    Expiration date: July 31st, 2017

  110. lz80521 says:

    200 MM bonus just posted.

    07/20: opened account with code 200SMART.
    07/24: 10,000 deposit posted from BofA.
    07/28: 10,000 withdraw from account.
    08/01: 200 bonus posted.

    So this confirms with previous dp that you don’t have to park 10,000 until bonus posting.

  111. Kathryn E. says:

    500 (300 Checking + 200 MM) posted.


    7/14: Opened Account
    7/20: Amex Serve Trial Deposits
    7/21: Two ($250) Amex Serve Electronic Transfers Post
    7/24: Withdrew serve desposits
    7/24: Schwab Brokerage Trial Despots
    7/26: Two ($250) Schwab Brokerage Electronic Transfers Post
    7/30: Monthly Interest Paid
    8/1: $300 Bonus Posted

    I think the Serve and Schwab would have worked alone; I was just being cautious.

    Money Market:
    7/18: Opened Money Market
    7/18: $5,000 Transfer from Schwab posted
    7/25: $5,000 Withdrawal to Schwab
    7/26: 2nd $5,000 Transfer from Schwab posts
    7/30: Monthly interest paid
    8/1: $200 Bonus Posted

  112. plungerjoke says:

    Bonus just posted. Completed 10k sometime towards the middle of last week. Never had 10k in the account at one time. Only had 2.8k in account at time of bonus award. Good deal.

  113. Tom says:

    DP Checking:
    Code BUN875
    7/13: Opened Account $25 transfer in
    7/21: Payroll Allotment $251
    8/1: Payroll Allotment $251
    8/1: $300 Bonus Posted
    Not targeted, found it here !
    Thanks DoC

  114. Miles Hustler says:

    Opened checking & savings in mid July, and for the MM

    Jul 28 Jpmorgan Chase Deposit
    Ext Trnsfr 10,000.00

    Aug 01 Cha-Ching!
    cash bonus 200.00

    Completed to deposits using Serve on July 25 & 26, but no checking bonus yet. Will give it 10 days and then try another method.

  115. Nick B says:

    200 Bonus from MM account just posted for me as well. Not targeted, don’t have any Cap1 credit cards. My next payroll DD is next week so it looks like that should be coming my way eventually as well. Thanks DoC!

  116. Savandy says:

    I’ve been tracking comments on this bonus offer and the previous Cap1 $400 bonus offer. Cap One has deposited bonuses from what I can tell on 5/16, 5/31, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 7/7, 7/11, 7/20 and now 8/1. Was trying to find a pattern but none I can tell.

    I opened the account on 7/21/17, tried using Paypal to push two deposits of $250 each which went through on 7/27/17. No bonus as of yet so I’m guessing Paypal doesn’t work (I saw a few people ask if it did in previous comments). I figured it was worth a shot. Actual employer DD will happen this Friday so my fingers are crossed that will trigger the bonus.

  117. Skyriver says:

    Just received the $300 checking bonus, despite having participated in the previous $200 MM promotion. In fact, the MM account was closed for less a week when I opened the checking account. The system prompted me with the same log-in credentials, and I can see the closed MM upon log-in.

  118. Vincent says:

    DP: Just received the $300 for the checking. Had a MM account already (opened in May). 2x $250 deposits from Fidelity brokerage.

    • Vincent says:

      Just to add: Received $200 bonus for the MM in June. Not targeted, just applied through the link here. Even clicked that I already had an existing Capital One account.

  119. Shivansh says:

    DP: Received $200 for the savings bonus. Moved in $6300. Moved out $6000. Moved in $4000 again. All using chase.

  120. Kevin says:

    Hi DOC,

    saw that you labeled USAA as the direct deposit source in the list. So as the other reader posted in the comments. But just found that USAA has disappeared in the list. Does that mean USAA can not be trusted any more?

    • I think I just didn’t add it properly, can you link me to the USAA DP?

      • Kevin says:

        Hi DOC,

        Thanks for replying. Someone pasted the your DD list in the comment above, which has USAA. But I am glad that you clarifying that. My personal DP: 8/2 $250 from USAA and 8/2 $251 from USAA. I have not received any bonus yet. So I believe USAA doesn’t trigger that.

    • Justin says:

      I wondered the same. I went ahead and did two $250 money transfers from USAA to CO Checking on 8/2 and 8/3. Will report back if the bonus posts. If not, I’ll try PNC as I saw a DP from them.

  121. cmw021 says:

    Looks like new DP for PNC counting as DD.

    7/21 $250 payroll deposit
    7/21 $250 ACH from PNC

    8/2 $300 bonus posted

  122. Steven says:


    7/24 WELLS FARGO IFI Deposit DDA TO DDA (Checking): $252.71
    7/25 WELLS FARGO IFI Deposit DDA TO DDA (Checking): $254.15
    7/27 DISCOVER BANK Deposit P2P (Checking): $254.12
    7/27 DISCOVER BANK Deposit P2P (Checking): $262.79
    8/1/ Cash Bonus $300

    • Animeh says:

      Any idea which of the two (WF or Discover) did the trick? I used Wells Fargo external transfer to send money to Capital one checking, it was deposited on 31st July and yet to see the bonus.

  123. Kevin says:

    Money Market
    7/13 Trial Deposits
    7/14 Deposited $4500
    7/21 Withdrew $4500
    7/27 Deposited $5501
    7/28 Withdrew $5501
    7/31 Interest paid
    8/1 Bonus Posted

    2 $250 Deposits from Charles Schwab Brokerage 7/18, 7/19 no bonus posted
    I did call them and ask if I had the code applied to my account (didn’t state anything about DDs or anything, just if it had applied). They said yes the first day and another CSR called me back the next day and said that since I do not have a CC with them I don’t qualify(?) Should I try this again with one of the other DD methods or…

    • SamSimon says:

      You can try, you probably on their watch list now….. People – try the best and different ways to get the bonus and better never ever call….

    • MoreSun says:

      Obviously what you did didn’t work. You can try something else -what do you have to lose? But you might have gotten yourself flagged and the promo removed. (Like the person above in the comments who called in, confirmed bonus attachment & then got called back next day told there was an error on Cap1’s side they didn’t qualify for the bonus – but at least they offered an alternative bonus.)

    • Kevin says:

      Looks like my bonus was delayed in comparison to others.
      Notes: I did call in to customer service to see if the offer was applied to my account. I did not mention anything about DDs or qualification. The next day they called me to say that I did not qualify because I do not carry a Cap1 CC.

      7/17 Account Opened
      7/19 $250 Deposit Schwab Brokerage
      7/20 $250 Deposit Schwab Brokerage
      8/8 $300 Bonus Posted

  124. Saucy says:

    Tried US Bank Direct Deposit, but this did not trigger the bonus. On to trying Robinhood.

  125. joyce says:

    not targeted, receive my saving bonus on Aug 1!

  126. Tey Boy says:

    7/17 Trial Deposit
    7/20 Transfer 250 Fr Venmo
    7/24 Transfer 250 Fr Venmo
    7/25 Discover
    7/27 Discover

    Stil no Bonus
    hmm… should i try a different bank to trigger the bonus?
    reading DP discover and venmo works..

  127. MoreSun says:

    Looks like nobody who got the Checking bonus before received a 2nd Checking bonus?

  128. Emily says:

    7/20 Opened checking account (didn’t deposit any money upon opening)
    7/24 $250 deposit from ETrade Brokerage
    7/25 $250 deposit from ETrade Brokerage

    Haven’t received the bonus.

    I called customer service last week to ask if I was eligible for the bonus (I couldn’t remember whether I had an ING account years ago). The rep checked and said that I was eligible and had met the deposit requirements for the bonus. He said that if I don’t receive the bonus after 90 days, to call in and they will push it through manually.

    I hope he’s correct…I may try another form of DD to be sure.

  129. lz80521 says:

    DP for my wife’s account. Seems that bonus usually posts around 3pm EST on Tue or Thu.

    Money Market:
    07/21 Opened account.
    07/28 Deposit posted from WF: 5,000
    07/31 Withdrawal: 4,900
    08/04 Deposit posted from WF: 5,000
    08/07 Withdrawal: 4,900
    08/08 3:10pm EST, Cha-Ching 200 bonus.

    07/26 Opened account.
    08/04 Fidelity DD of 251 and 252 posted.
    08/08 3:10pm EST, Cha-Ching 200 bonus.

    We’ve earned 1,100 from opening Cap1 accounts.

  130. Richard says:

    Looks like some bonuses are coming in for CapOne 360. Just a DP that I used ACH from BBVA Compass and no luck. Going to try employer DD next so I don’t miss out.

  131. Tyler says:

    $300 bonus posted today. I used Schwab Brokerage.

    07/25 $251 deposit from Schwab Brokerage
    07/26 $253 deposit from Schwab Brokerage
    08/08 $300 cash bonus posted

  132. timmyc says:

    07/25 account opened
    08/02 $513.25 real DD
    08/04 two $250 transfer from discover saving account, showed as “Electronic transfer, Deposit from DISCOVER BANK P2P”
    08/08 two $250 transfer from discover checking account, still showed as “Electronic transfer, Deposit from DISCOVER BANK P2P”
    08/08 Cha-Ching! cash bonus

    it is obvious that discover saving triggered the bonus, but I highly suspect that discover checking can also trigger it since the descriptions were the same.

    • VM says:

      I also had two transfer from Discover saving but mine shows “DISCOVER BANK Deposit (my name) P2P” and I have not received the bonus

      • timmyc says:

        As I browsed the DPs, it is really YMMV when using discover saving or checking accounts. Just opened my discover saving account 1 month ago and I think it is just lucky that mine worked. Even it did not work, I have a second DD payroll at the end of this month. I would recommend you to wait for several days, or try real DD and other reliable transfer methods.

  133. Savandy says:

    7/21: Account opened
    7/26: two Paypal deposits of $250 (no bonus)
    8/4: two employer deposits of $250 each (thank you to whoever it was that said you can list the same account twice on your direct deposit to hit the two $250 deposits in one paycheck!)
    8/8: Bonus posted!

    Woohoo! Was not targeted and did not have relationship with Capital One prior to opening account.

    • SamSimon says:

      ” you can list the same account twice on your direct deposit ” can you elaborate a bit, I didn’t get it.

      • Savandy says:

        Since I can easily change my direct deposit on a website and I can add multiple accounts with various deposit amounts I added my capital one account twice, each with an amount of $250. So when my paycheck went through on Friday I had 2 direct deposits of $250 each to satisfy the direct deposit requirement in one paycheck.

  134. Mike K says:

    Schwab Brokerage Deposits on 7/25 and 7/27/ Bonus posted today. Thank you DOC.

  135. Kell says:

    Schwab Brokerage Transfer;
    8/1 : 2x $251 deposits sent to checking
    8/8 : 300$ credit applied

  136. Eric says:

    Thanks DoC! My family of two got ($200+$300)x2 bonus, and we were not targeted and had no biz w/ Cap1 before.
    Here is the timeline for one of our accounts:
    07/21: $10K transfered to MM
    08/01: Cha-Ching! cash bonus $200
    07/21: $300 DD payroll to Checking
    08/04: $300 DD payroll to Checking
    08/08: Cha-Ching! cash bonus $300

  137. encin says:

    Cap One Money Market DP:

    7/22: Opened account and funded with an initial $5K deposit, funds appeared available on 7/24
    7/29: Funded an additional $5,050, on 7/31 it was saying funds would not be available till 8/4. I didn’t think I would get the $200 bonus since the requirements needed to be met by 7/31.
    8/8: $200 bonus posted – “Cha-Ching! cash bonus” ; nice suprise

  138. Lizzle says:

    2 Schwab Brokerage pushes of $250 triggered Checking bonus.

  139. Kyle says:

    Not targeted, had no biz with C1 before
    7/21: Account opened
    7/25: DD $250 from Schwab brokerage
    7/26: DD $251 from Schwab brokerage
    8/8: Bonus $300 posted

  140. Lisa says:

    07/28 – $260 deposit from USAA
    07/28 – $300 deposit from USAA
    08/09 – no bonus

    looks like USAA does not trigger the bonus.

    • Justin says:

      Thanks for the info. USAA didn’t trigger the bonus from my account as well

      8/2: $250 money transfer from USAA
      8/3: $250 money transfer from USAA
      8/9: No bonus

  141. dan says:

    2 dd from fidelity brokerage on 8/2 & 3; $300 bonus posted on 8/8

  142. Eddy says:

    I was not targeted but still just received this bonus. Met requirements doing real DD on 8/4, received $300 bonus 8/8.

  143. Francesco says:

    8/3: $250 transfer from Fidelity Cash Account
    8/9: $250.01 transfer from Fidelity Cash Account

    Still no bonus, but I will post updates (hopefully!).

    Both transfers coded with the following wording:

    Transaction type: Deposit
    Info: Moneyline
    Appears on your statement as: Deposit from FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE

    In order to try and figure out if the wording matters at all, it would be interesting to know the wording of transfers that actually triggered the bonus.

  144. Kazu says:

    7/26: $250 from Schwab Brokerage account
    8/3: $250 from Schwab Brokerage account
    8/8: $300 bonus posted

    Details of the Schwab transfers:
    Transaction Type: Electronic transferAppears on statement as: Deposit from SCHWAB BROKERAGE MONEYLINK

    I also attempted USAA checking account transfers in July and those did not work.

  145. Jelena says:

    I already have a Capital One checking account. I called on 7/31 and gave the promo code. Was told I was eligible because I have a credit card with them.

    Account Opened-7/31
    Funded 10k from BoA-7/31
    Bonus Paid- 8/8

  146. joyce says:

    Just received the bonus , any recommendation on when to close the account? In a few months or a few weeks?

  147. Lane Mcdanal says:

    First time to ever use this site. Signed up for capital one saving and checking bonus. Already paid from capital one. Thanks for great info

  148. Shulem92 says:

    Hey doc can u update the post to include Usaa as not working 2 DP’s. I just did it, and assuming it won’t go they either because it codes as USAA CHK-INTRNT TRANSFER SHULEM92

  149. Sunny says:

    Not targeted. Have an active 360 money market account. Applied for 360 checking account more than a month back and completed direct deposits through Schwab brokerage account. Was pleasantly surprised to see the $300 bonus post on August 3rd.

  150. Andrew says:

    10k posted to my MM on 7/26 but never got the bonus. I got the checking bonus no problem however. Anyone in a similar situation?

    • frank says:

      im in the same boat

      • Albert says:

        Same. Checking bonus posted 8/8
        Posted 10k by 7/19.
        How did you fund the account? I initially funded 3k upon opening deposit, and trans in rest from external acc, and some from the 360 checking (not direct pushing into the 360mm like some here did).
        Currently sitting with 10k+ bal since, waiting.

  151. Yati says:

    Hey Doc, sorry to criticize, because i love your website and all the content, but i missed this bonus due to some confusion in the information. I applied for the Savings account, planning to get the $200 bonus, but after weeks, i called asking whats the deal and they said this promo code, BUN875 is for a money market account, not savings.
    In your Offer At A Glance it says:
    Maximum bonus amount: $300 for checking & $200 for savings
    I know it also says money market in other places…that’s what screwed me up. Sorry to complain, just bummed that i missed out cuz of that confusion.

  152. Mendel says:

    Jul 14 opened with $100 with link posted here that had promo code in page
    July 19 transferred from chase under payroll tab $250
    July 24 “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    Aug 1 Cha-Ching! cash bonus 300.00

    Costed $10 a month to add payroll feature to my chase biz account

    Thx Doc!

  153. scott says:

    Not targeted:

    July 20–opened account with $10
    July 28–first DD from work
    Aug 4–second DD from work
    Aug 8—$300 bonus

    This is the fastest bonus I’ve ever received.

  154. Garrett says:

    MM Account:
    Jul 25: opened account
    Jul 27: $10K transferred in from Alliant Credit Union
    Aug 1: $200 bonus posted

    Checking Account:
    Jul 25: opened account
    Jul 27: $250 transfer from Alliant Credit Union (“Transaction Type: Electronic transfer – Appears on statement as: Deposit from Alliant CU. ONLINE WD”)
    Jul 31: $250 transfer from Alliant Credit Union (“Transaction Type: Electronic transfer – Appears on statement as: Deposit from Alliant CU. ONLINE WD”)
    8/15: still no checking account bonus

    …, I’m guessing that Alliant doesn’t work as a DD source (given that others here appear to be getting their bonuses credited in less than 2 weeks).

  155. Tey Boy says:

    hmm.. tried DD from venmo and discovery alone, didn’t trigger the bonus.
    i missed aug 1 and aug 8 bonus.. i guess the next one will be on the 20th?

  156. DPK says:

    Tried two ACH payments from CardCash sales on 8/8/17 and 8/9/17 and no bonus. They came through as “Transaction Type:Electronic transfer.” I got the MM bonus a day after my deposit posted. Is the problem a lack of being targeted or the types of payments I’m receiving?

  157. Francesco says:


    8/3: $250 transfer from Fidelity Cash Account
    8/9: $250.01 transfer from Fidelity Cash Account
    8/10: $400 withdrawal from Amex Serve OneVIP
    8/15: $252.17 cash-back redemption from Chase UR

    8/16: $300 bonus posted!

    Thanks DoC!

  158. Josh says:

    2 $250 pushes from Schwab Brokerage to checking account on 8/15. Bonus posted 8/16.

  159. Brian C says:

    DP: Robinhood works

    8/11 – $251 Robinhood (CRFN) Deposit ACH
    8/14 – $255 Robinhood (CRFN) Deposit ACH
    8/16 – $300 Cha-Ching! cash bonus

  160. Adam L says:


    Both $250 ACH pushes from PNC posted on August 16. Received $300 cash bonus just one day later.


    • Lisa says:

      hmm, your bonus posted today? i had two transfers from PNC post yesterday but haven’t received anything yet.

      • Justin says:

        I did two PNC Transfers that posted on Aug 16. Still no bonus. I tried USAA previously and that didn’t trigger the bonus either.

        I’m almost to the point of going through my employer but it’s such a hassle to change my DD.

      • Justin says:

        Correction, my PNC Transfers posted on Aug 14. Still no bonus

  161. Andrew R. says:

    Made two $250 paycheck direct deposits. $300 bonus posted a couple days later. I was not targeted via email/mailer but I did use the promo code. No issues from my end and the easiest $300 I’ve ever made!

  162. Nick B says:

    DP: Not targeted, no credit cards. MM bonus posted two weeks ago. My second employer DD posted last Friday, the $300 bonus arrived yesterday. Done and done!

  163. Nate says:

    Not CC,checking or saving from CO, not target.

    1st paycheck Aug 1st
    2nd paycheck Aug 16th
    Cha-ching! cash bonus $300

    Thank Doc

  164. Ella Lyu says:

    Not targeted, no credit card with capital one, got the 300 bonus for checking

  165. kirk says:

    another successful Fidelity CMA DP ….though it took some waiting.

    7/31 – opened on last day of expiration. yey made it! im new to banking bonuses.
    *tried linking with Fidelity asap but declined by Early Warning. had to snail mail an EFT form.
    linking activated after 2 wks.
    8/18 – Fidelity CMA EFTs of $250 x 2
    8/23 – $300 Bonus posted at around 12pm PST

    wasn’t targeted; no prior CapOne relationship. used BUN875 code.
    bonus seems to post anywhere between tuesdays-thursdays. wednesdays lately as per last week’s dp.

  166. lisa says:

    07/28 – $260 deposit from USAA
    07/28 – $300 deposit from USAA
    08/09 – no bonus
    8/16 – $250×2 deposit from PNC
    8/23 – bonus posted

  167. Thom says:


    07/19 – Opened Account
    07/28 – payroll DD
    08/11 – payroll DD
    08/16 – bonus posted as “Cha-Ching! cash bonus”

  168. Judefinisterra says:

    Completed all requirements for both accounts with Charles Schwab transfers on 7/14. Still no bonus. Very jealous of everyone who got theirs already.

  169. Mujtabaq says:

    $300 Checking Bonus DP:
    07/12/2017 – Account Opened
    08/24/2017 – $250 Vanguard Brokerage DD (shows as: VANGUARD SELL Deposit)
    08/25/2017 – $250 Vanguard Brokerage DD (shows as: VANGUARD SELL Deposit)
    08/29/2017 – $300 Bonus Posted

  170. Reba says:

    $300 Checking Bonus DP:

    • 07/21 – Account Opened
    • 7/31 – Goldman Sachs $250 (x2) deposit posted as GE Capital Bank Deposit P2P (no bonus) (verified via trial deposits)
    • 8/2 – Popmoney $250 (x2) deposit posted as First Community Deposit Popmoney (no bonus)
    • 8/18 – Tried Goldman Sachs $251 and $252 deposit again and posted as Goldman Sachs Ba Deposit P2P (no bonus)
    • 8/23 – Schwab Brokerage $250 (x2) posted as Schwab Brokerage Deposit Moneylink
    • 8/29 – $300 Bonus Posted

  171. J.M. says:

    – 7/27 – opened account
    – 8/11 – first P2P deposit from 5/3 checking (ACH push) for $250
    – 8/22 – second P2P deposit from 5/3 checking (ACH push) for $344
    – 8/29 – $300 bonus

    Got surprised by a $3 fee on the outbound push from my 5/3 account that I wasn’t aware of, so ended up losing $6 as a result (the 5/3 account is now closed).

  172. Amber says:

    7/27 – opened account
    8/16 – Direct Deposit (payroll)
    8/23 – Direct Deposit (payroll)
    8/29 – $300 Awarded as “Cha-Ching! cash bonus”

  173. Frost says:

    this is really a longlong pursing $300 bonus:

    opened on Jul 24th, seems I was the first wave to open this

    Jul 27th try paypal 2 250+
    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    nothing happened

    August 1st try discover 2 250+
    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    still nothing happened
    Do not give up !!!!

    August 7th try wellsfargo 2 250+
    Transaction Type: Electronic transfer
    Memo : DDA TO DDA
    nothing happened again
    begin to doubt seems I was not targeted!!!
    read some DP in the replies, see some “Cha-Ching! cash bonus”
    I thought those guys are celebrate there 300 using Cha-Ching!
    = =
    need to find another way
    keep on fighting !!!!!!!!!

    Sep 1st try schwab brokage 2 250+
    Transaction Type: Electronic transferAppears on statement as: Deposit from SCHWAB BROKERAGE MONEYLINK
    wait wait and wait
    Sep07 Cha-Ching! cash bonus DDA – Bonus 1099INT No Hold
    This time I know Cha-Ching! is a message ……. not expression for celebrating

    discover, wellsfargo, paypal does not work
    schwab brokage works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never give up = =

    • SamSimon says:

      thanks for DP!
      “1099INT No Hold” what do you mean saying “no hold”?
      schwab brokage – anyone can open? no fees? no crap? just open – deposit $1,000 and keep it there, like regular checking account?

  174. Valeriy says:

    Opened on Jul 24.
    2*250 Citi Pop – no bonus
    2*250 Santander – no bonus
    2*250 Schwab brokerage on Aug 29 – get bonus on Sep 08!

  175. SamSimon says:

    I had ESSENTIAL CHECKING CAPITAL ONE BANK ACCOUNT CLOSED on January 2017 (opened on January 2016 not with bonus attached – just for personal use). I applied anyway for CAPITAL ONE 360 MONEY MARKET (BUN875) – got my $200. I was not targeted! And opened this 360 checking account 07/20/2017. For me PayPal, Chase didn’t work! Only REAL Payroll worked for me. I got bonus in 5 days after second Direct deposit from employer hit the account.

    • How long did you leave it before deciding paypal didn’t work?

      • SamSimon says:

        1 – aug 28 – paypal
        2 – sept 1 – paypal

        PayPal info “Info: Transfer”
        Direct Deposit from my job info: “Info: Dirdep”

        First DD from my job on August 24th
        Second DD from my job on Sep 7th and I got bonus on Sep 12

        If people want to make sure you can try PayPal again and wait for 3 weeks for bonus to post…

  176. Clay says:

    Not targeted

    07/24/2017 Opened Account
    08/07/2017 2 x $250 UFCU
    No bonus
    09/07/2017 2 x $250 Schwab Checking (oops)
    09/15/2017 2 x $250 Schwab Brokerage
    9/19/2017 $300 bonus!

  177. Andrew says:

    Not targeted

    7/31/2017 open account
    Switch real DD – get more than 2 DDs
    9/19/2017 $300 Bonus 😀

  178. Justin says:

    Not targeted. Bonus came through finally!

    7/28/2017 Checking Acct opened
    8/2/2017 $250 USAA EXT-INTRNT TRANSFER
    8/3/2017 $250 USAA EXT-INTRNT TRANSFER
    No Bonus
    8/14/2017 $250 PNCBANK_XTRANSFR P2P
    8/14/2017 $251 PNCBANK_XTRANSFR P2P
    No Bonus, but YMMV. There are some DPs that said PNC money transfers worked. I was the unlucky few.
    9/8/2017 Employer DD
    9/15/2017 Employer DD
    9/19/2017 $300 Bonus arrived!

  179. Richard says:

    Not targeted. No dice, yet.

    7/12/2017 Checking Acct opened with code “BUN875”
    7/31/2017 Employer DD $250
    8/15/2017 Employer DD $250
    8/31/2017 Employer DD $250
    No bonus as of 9/22

    7/12/2017 Money Market opened with code “BUN875”
    7/20/2017 Alliant CU push $10K
    No bonus as of 9/22

    Interest rate is actually good, so I’m willing to give it another couple months before closing.

  180. chris says:

    received $200 checking account bonus through legit work DD. I was however told by the rep that the bonus is not to be withdrawn out of the account for 30 days. Is this true?

    • kirk says:

      i pulled mine 2 days after it posted. left $5 and waited for another statement to close before zeroing it out and closed it a day after *which was earlier today thru chat. :p

  181. Court J says:

    7/31/17 opened account with $50
    8/9 $498 ACH
    8/11 $258 ACH
    8/18 $258 ACH
    8/25 $258 ACH
    and I kept doing it…Nothing, I almost gave up hope today and I hit up the chat and asked what happened… asked for the code, and then he deposited the bonus…
    11/2/17 $300 Bonus posted!

  182. Richard B says:

    Following Court’s advice, I too got the entire $500 posted to my two accounts by a very helpful chat agent. Score!

  183. AnalLips says:

    Want to confirm Capital One enforces a strict once per life time for all bonuses?

    I received the $300 bonus a while ago and was wanting to close the account so I can churn again.

    Has anyone had luck re-churning Capital One after closing their accounts? Any ways to circumvent it?

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