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Bank Account Bonuses

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[Expired] Capital One Money Market $200-$600 Bonus + 2% APY for Quicken Users (Requires Deposit Of $10,000-$100,000)

Deal has expired, view more bank account bonuses by clicking here.

Deal has expired, view more bank account bonuses by clicking here.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $600
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Deposit Required: $10,000-$100,000
  • Deposit Length: Until 100 days after account is opened (10 funding day, then 90 days to maintain deposit)
  • Hard/soft pull:  Soft, as long as you opt out of overdraft protection
  • ChexSystems:Mixed
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: None
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None listed
  • Expiration date: March 31st, 2019 July 31st, 2019

The Offer

Direct link to offer

Quicken partnered with Capital One to offer the following signup offer on the Capital One Money Market account:

  • Get a bonus of up to $600. To receive the bonus you must have gotten this email offer, signup through your Quicken account, and deposit a set amount of funds within the first 10 days of account opening and then maintain that balance during the following 90 days. The bonus tiers are as follows:
    • Earn a $600 bonus for deposits of $100,000 or more
    • Earn a $400 bonus for deposits of $50,000 to $99,999
    • Earn a $200 bonus for deposits of $10,000 to $49,999

The Fine Print

  • If you ever had or currenlty (sic) have a Capital One 360 Money Market account, you are not eligible for the exclusive bonus. However, if you are an existing Capital One customer and never openeded (sic) a 360 Money Market account, you are entitled to receive the cash bonus, as long as you fund it from a non-Capital One account.
  • You won’t be eligible for the bonus if you currently have, or have had, a 360 Money Market account with Capital One. This bonus offer cannot be combined with any other Capital One Bank or Capital One 360 new account opening offer and is strictly non-transferable. The offer is not valid for multiple accounts.
  • The amount of your bonus will be determined as follows:$200 Bonus – You maintained a balance of $10,000-$49,999 for the first 90 days following the Initial Funding Period.
    $400 Bonus – You maintained a balance of $50,000-$99,999 for the first 90 days following the Initial Funding Period.
    $600 Bonus – You maintained a balance of $100,000 or more for the first 90 days following the Initial Funding Period.
  •  To qualify for the bonus, you must have received an email directly from Quicken. You must open your very first 360 Money Market account online between December 12, 2018, and 11:59 p.m. ET on March 31, 2019. To earn a bonus your account must be funded with at least $10,000 in the first 10 days of account opening (Initial Funding Period) from a non-Capital One account.
  • Your bonus will be based on the lowest amount maintained for 90 days. If your balance drops to a lower tier at any point during the 90-day period, you will earn the lower tier bonus. If you make additional deposits during the 90-day period to reach the next level tier, you will still only be eligible for the lower tiered balance.
  • If you qualify for a bonus, Capital One will deposit the bonus money into your account in approximately 60 days following the 90-day balance maintenance period. Once it’s deposited, the funds will be available immediately. Account must be in good standing (not in default, closed, or suspended, or otherwise not in good standing)
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

This account has no monthly fees and there is also no early account termination fee.

Our Verdict

In the email it states that you must have received an email from Quicken to be eligible, though my guess is, in practice, anyone could create a free Quicken account, use the link in this post, and get the bonus. I wouldn’t recommend it since it’s not guaranteed to work.

There’s a different, public Capital One Money Market deal for $200 or $500 with $20k/$50k deposit. That offer is better, in my view, since you get just $100 less and you only have to transfer $50k instead of $100k with this Quicken deal.

There is a major advantage to this Quicken deal versus the others: the typical offer clearly disallows anyone who has or had a Capital One savings product since 2016 from taking part in the deal. Even if you never had a Money Market account with the bank, you are disqualified due to the savings account. However, this Quicken deal is clear that so long as you never opened a money market 360 account, you are eligible.

Personally, I’m in this market as someone who has a 360 Savings, but never had a 360 Money Market. The offer is a bit weak due to the large $100k requirement for the bonus. The 2.00% interest rate helps a lot, but I still feel like I’m losing at least .30% from what I’m getting in an Ally no-penalty CD, so that does knock down the value somewhat, so I’m on the fence here.

Cumulative deposits no longer work for these Capital One bonuses, so you’ll have to get the full amount (e.g. $100k) into the Capital One money market account and park it there for 90-100 days.

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hmm.. i recently got the $500 offer and am not eligible for this one… I’m really not liking the once in a lifetime language I’m hearing from Cap 1 in this offer

Obtain the Grain
Obtain the Grain

Is my math right on a $50k MMA? Roughly $650 after three months? $400 bonus + $250 interest


That sounds right. About a 5.2% return on investment for 3 months so it’s actually not too bad compared with all the work you have to do on some of the high interest checking or savings to get this level of earning and this is on $50K too.


The 360 savings bonus hasn’t been back since 2016 (well, I think there is a $25 bonus), so I think at this point those of us who have done neither can only expect to do the money market bonus. Does this sound correct?


I don’t remember if i had 360 account before. any way to find out?


There appears to be no unique link from the promo page. Does anyone know how the promotion is actually tied to a new account?


Doc there doesnt appear to be a link for sign-up. I am a Cap1 account holder. I signed up for quicken and have not received an email. Any solutions?

William Charles

When you click the link it takes you to a page where your only option is to “learn more”. When you click that (if you are already logged into your Quicken account) routes you to Capital One’s landing page with no mention of the Money Market.


Yes, that’s what I saw last week as well. Got to and then nothing happened. When I called CapOne, they had never heard of this offer. The code EMXS01NA190117 in the link posted above is not a CapOne code. They wanted the email sent to their fraud department, which I did.

Then I emailed Quicken’s “office of the president” through their website. They did respond but only to say that it’s a valid offer. Apparently it’s just supposed to automagically work, but it didn’t for me. As it turns out, I had a Cap One account a few years ago, so per the fine print (which is also in the email but I didn’t notice it), I was not eligible anyway.

I was only planning to deposit $10K so I took the OFFER200 which is on (as opposed to the non-working offer on A week after depositing, I already have the bonus. OFFER200 does not appear to require the account be left open for any period of time – unlike the Quicken offer which required 90 days.


The OFFER200 code excludes anyone who has had a savings account with Cap One since 1/1/16 (” If you have or had an open savings product with Capital One after January 1, 2016, you’re ineligible for the bonus.”)

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