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Published on October 12th, 2016 | by William Charles


What Credit Bureau Does U.S. Bank Pull?


In this post we look at datapoints to see what credit bureau (or consumer reporting agency) U.S. Bank will pull for a credit card application based on the state you live in. We only looked at data points from 2014 onwards.

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Table Key & Combined Stats

To keep things easy, we will use the following acronyms.

EX = Experian
EQ = Equifax
TU = TransUnion
NI = No information

The number next to the acronym represents the number of data points we have. In total we have 89 data points sourced from the Credit Boards Credit Pull page. Of those applications:

  • 22 or ~24.7% of all applications pulled an Experian credit report
  • 21 or ~23.6%  of all applications pulled an Equifax credit report
  • 46 or ~51.7% of all applications pulled an TransUnion credit report
AbbrevationState NameCredit Bureau Pulled
ALAlabama TU: 1
AKAlaska N/A
AZArizona TU: 1
ARArkansas N/A
CACalifornia EX: 5 EQ: 1 TU: 9
COColorado EX: 4
CTConnecticut N/A
DEDelaware TU: 1
FLFlorida EQ: 1 TU: 2
GAGeorgia EX: 1 EQ: 3 TU: 2
HIHawaii N/A
IDIdaho N/A
ILIllinois EQ: 2 TU: 10
INIndiana TU: 2
IAIowa EQ: 2
KSKansas N/A
KYKentucky N/A
LALouisiana N/A
MEMaine N/A
MDMaryland EQ: 1
MAMassachusetts EX: 1
MIMichigan TU: 1
MNMinnesota EX: 1 TU: 2
MSMississippi N/A
MOMissouri EQ: 1
MTMontana N/A
NENebraska EQ: 1
NVNevada EX: 2
NHNew Hampshire EX: 1
NJNew Jersey TU: 2 EX: 1
NMNew Mexico N/A
NYNew York EX: 3 TU: 2
NCNorth Carolina EQ: 1
NDNorth Dakota N/A
OHOhio TU: 4
OKOklahoma N/A
OROregon TU: 4
PAPennsylvania TU: 2
RIRhode Island N/A
SCSouth Carolina EQ: 1
SDSouth Dakota EQ: 2
TNTennessee N/A
TXTexas EX: 3 EQ: 5
UTUtah TU: 1
VTVermont N/A
VAVirginia N/A
WAWashington TU: 1
WVWest Virginia N/A
WIWisconsin N/A
WYWyoming N/A
DCDistrict Of Colombia N/A

What Happens If Your Report Is Frozen?

U.S. bank will not agree to pull a different report if the one they want to pull is frozen according to a reader.

Our Verdict

TransUnion is the most pulled by U.S. bank, that’s a good thing considering is probably the least used credit bureaus by other card issuers. Also keep in mind that it’s usually a good idea to freeze your ARS & SageStream reports before applying for a U.S. Bank card. You can learn more about U.S. Bank cards by reading this post.

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Adding my DP. They pulled TU for both me and my wife in Louisiana. Additionally, our business card applications were rejected because ARS / SageStream were frozen. I know people who were approved for business cards over the same time period with those bureaus frozen. It seems that you can be automatically approved with those bureaus frozen; however, if your application goes to manual review it will be rejected.


My Biz card application was also rejected on review because my ARS was frozen.

It will stay frozen because a couple years ago when my Chase credit line reached a certain level they pulled an ARS on me and closed all my accounts for a “negative neighbor comment”.


They pull EQ in Virginia. Thanks for continuing to put together these posts!

Jeff H
Jeff H

Bare in mind when US Bank pulls a credit report, it may not be the version of FICO you expect. The most given away FICO by several CC issuers is FICO8. When US Bank pulled two reports inside two weeks, the followup letters from US Bank indicated they pulled Experian FICO3 each time (675 an 714). My residence is Nebraska.

Jeff H
Jeff H

Reports that I commented on were 2016 Olympic Flexperks time frame


I thought the NH datapoint in your table was mine, but on checking the Credit Pulls Database it turns out I never did enter my data there.
Here are my Datapoints for US Bank in NH-
3/31/15 – Cash+ App (received Cash Rewards) – EX
7/17/15 – Cash Rewards CLI – TU
3/17/16 – Cash+ App – TU
4/1/16 – Cash+ CLI (2k) – Neither Hard nor Soft Pull
8/21/16 – Business Edge App (from pre-approved mailer) – EX
8/28/16 – TU Soft Pull initiated by US Bank
9/12/16 – Business Cash Edge App (from pre-approved mailer) – No Hard Pull (presumably used 8/21 pull)

Both ARS & Sagestream have been frozen since January 2015


Sep 2016: Experian in ID.


they pulled my EX in California


My Datapoints for Oregon

Chase :EQ, EXP
Chase :EQ
Chase :EQ, EXP
Chase :EXP
Chase :EXP

Amex :EXP
Amex :EXP
Amex :EXP

US Bank :TU
Consumer’s CU:TU
CapitalOne:EQ, EXP
Discover:EQ, EXP
Citi:EQ, EXP
Bank of America:EXP


Denied in Oct because Sage and ARS were frozen. Wouldn’t process application.

Anyone having success being approved recently with ARS/Sagestream frozen?


FlexPerks Visa in AZ = TU


Cash+ for Florida: EQ


I was targeted for a Cash plus pre-approved in February 2017. I applied in Texas and they pulled TU. I was happy.


Frozen exp pulled in Texas for Flexperks Gold; Will NOT pull a different report or accept a pin.


Minnesota DP:
Altitude reserve application – Pulled TU, nothing frozen.


Connecticut DP:
Applied 4 cards with them in the past including Altitude. Pulled TU, nothing frozen.

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