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Mrs. Gee
Mrs. Gee (@guest_1783765)
January 23, 2024 09:14

Offer is now valid though 2/29/2024 using the same link.

14lopeza (@guest_1747796)
November 29, 2023 15:37

Looks like its a points based bonus now  William Charles  Chuck

Dom (@guest_1705831)
September 29, 2023 14:34

8/17 – Opened account
9/28 – $400 Western Union MO
9/29 – 35,000 Rewards Points Available

anything worth doing...
anything worth doing... (@guest_1684153)
September 1, 2023 11:15

Any data points on funding with a US bank credit card (i have biz leverage)?

Axl (@guest_1677609)
August 22, 2023 15:57

I received a bonus last year for a different promo and eventually closed out. This new promo says one per household. Does that mean one per household for this new one or one per household for all promo’s, past included? I emailed them but no reply.

Dom (@guest_1673976)
August 17, 2023 11:23

I got denied for this account back in January due to Chex (8/3 & 14/6), but I was approved this time around (3/3 & 8/6)

PSA – If you are getting an “unable to validate your info” error when trying to enroll in online banking via web browser, try downloading their app and using that for enrollment. For whatever reason, this was successful for me.

Tornado (@guest_1673266)
August 16, 2023 09:50

I did this bonus at the start of the year when it was $250 cash + 5000 Rewards points.

I now have 5050 miserable Rewards points stocked up and nothing great to use them on.

Here are some redemption options to give you guys an idea:
3600 points = $25 cash back via ACH
6500 points = $50 cash back via ACH
9500 points = $75 cash back via ACH
5500 points = $50 gift card to Amazon, Home Depot, Darden Restaurants, Best Buy, etc…
3200 points = $25 gift card to Apple
2700 points = $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble
Various points for merchandise knick knacks that I would never buy, but maybe you could find something you like?

Points systems make me want to vomit, but I guess it’s part of the game.

louis (@guest_1672689)
August 15, 2023 13:40

There’s no cash bonus on the current offer. You just get points on scorecardrewards. Without being able to see what the points can be redeemed for, this doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

Bob (@guest_1672855)
August 15, 2023 17:23

Just 1 purchase of $200? And only a $25 early termination fee?

Even if the gift cards have little value to you, I have to imagine essentially paying $25 for a $250 gift card would be something.

Lil Ol Me
Lil Ol Me (@guest_1672582)
August 15, 2023 10:47

Anyone know what a “new customer” means? I didn’t see a definition in the webpage.

Jack (@guest_1671915)
August 14, 2023 13:41

Deal is back through 12/31/2023. Same link to the offer  William Charles  Chuck
But this link is to the full terms and conditions
Also, there’s a Chex sensitive DP below on January 28, 2023