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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on June 17th, 2017 | by William Charles


First Tennessee $300 Checking Promotion + $100 Savings Bonus + $50 Referral [Middle Tennessee and North Carolina only]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount:
  • Availability: Middle Tennessee and North Carolina only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum mentioned
  • Additional requirements: Open with at least $300
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Yes
  • Credit card funding: Up to $300
  • Monthly fees: $7-$12, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: Account must be kept open for six months, or bonus forfeit
  • Household limit: One
  • Expiration date: May 31st, 2017 July 15th, 2017 September 2nd, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a new First Tennessee checking account with the promo code COF300 and receive a bonus of $300 when you complete the following requirements:
    • Open account with at least $300
    • Have at least one direct deposit post to your account within 60 days of account opening
  • You can also get a $100 bonus by opening a money market savings bonus and depositing $10,000. You need to enter the promo code OFS100.  You need to maintain that balance for 30 days after account opening

first tennessee

The Fine Print

  • Offer Details: Offer expires July 15, 2017.
  • This offer is non-transferrable and only available to residents of Middle Tennessee and North Carolina. (It does say the offer is non-transferrable, but should still be open to anybody)
  • To receive your bonus, you must open your account and present your mailer at a financial center or open the checking account online (starting at and ensure the code COF300 appears in the online application where “Offer/Promo code” is requested.
  • You must have an opening deposit of at least $300, and at least one direct deposit must post to your account within 60 days of account opening.
  • Opening deposit cannot be transferred from existing First Tennessee accounts.
  • If you meet the stated requirements of this promotional offer, the $300 bonus will be credited to your account within six weeks of the first direct deposit and will be reported as income on Form 1099-INT.
  • Limit one bonus per household.
  • Cannot be combined with other checking offers.
  • This offer is for new checking households only, or for households who have not had an open First Tennessee checking account in the previous 12 months.
  • Customer agrees to maintain account in good standing for a minimum of six months
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Express Checking, $7 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have at least 1 direct deposit during a statement cycle and is the obvious choice for which account to pick.

Classic Checking $8 Monthly Fee

This cannot be waived (and has been increased in the last couple of months).

Select Checking $9 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have at least 1 direct deposit and 15 customer-initiated debit transactions during a statement cycle.

Premier Checking, $12 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum of $5,000 in combined monthly balances (checking, savings, bank IRAs, or CDs) during a statement cycle.

Early Account Termination Fee

The fine print states that the account must be kept open and in good standing for 6 months. We can assume that they will take the bonus back if you don’t fulfill this requirement.


Even though the terms of the offer state that it “cannot be combined with other checking offers”, readers in the past have had success combining the referral bonus with the checking account bonus. In order to receive the referral bonus, you must submit the referral form first, THEN sign up for the $300 bonus.

Note that the terms of the referral are slightly more strict with respect to the direct deposit requirement. You will need to complete two direct deposits of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

If you meet the requirements, both you and the referrer will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card (within about 6 weeks).

You can leave your referral links in the comments below. Please only leave your link once and post your full link for the domain (not the link you are provided if sharing via Twitter). If we find you doing this more than once, we will remove your comments and ban you from leaving future referral links.

Our Verdict

This is better than the $200 bonus that is open to more states (AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA) as the requirements are exactly the same. Definitely worth doing if you live in the target area as it’s one of the better checking sign up bonuses and you can also churn it (can’t have had a First Tennessee account in the last 12 months). They also have a $150 business checking bonus available.

Big thanks to reader, Mike & /r/churning who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

237 Responses to First Tennessee $300 Checking Promotion + $100 Savings Bonus + $50 Referral [Middle Tennessee and North Carolina only]

  1. joE says:

    I opened an account with them a few days ago and it couldn’t have been any smoother. Received a personal e-mail, no extra documents were needed and very responsive on tweeter.

    Here is my referral link

    Make sure the code “COF300” appears in the online application where Offer/Promo code is requested. This way not only you get $300 but also the additional $50 referral bonus.


    • Chuck says:

      Was able to stack referral with $300 bonus. Also just received my gift card in mail for $50.

      DP: Opened account 6/30 just before cut off. Link was no longer live, but used PIN300 code and a CSP called me and confirmed I was elegible
      6/30: Funded $300 with CSP — coded as purchase
      7/6: $100 transfer from Chase – text said “JPMorgan Chase Ext Trnsfr”
      7/10: 2nd $100 transfer from Chase
      7/27: Received $300 Bonus. Seems they batch process these all at the same time, generally the end of the month.
      8/7: Received $50 gift card.

      Please use my link if you sign up!

  2. Kevin Rose says:

    Referral Link: [no shortened links please]

    Easy bonus and quick payment of both the bonus and referlive card when I did the $200 last time.

  3. ET says:

    Opened a new account today! The process was smooth and managed to fund $300 (this is the maximum allowed) with my Barclay Aviator credit card. It posted as purchase.

    [referral link removed, read the rules closely no shortened links allowed]

  4. Ben says:

    I took advantage of the previous $200 bonus offer.

    Two direct deposit from Discover P2P: 2/14
    Bonus posted: 3/3

    You can get $50 by using my referral link: [no shortened links, read the rules]

    $50 Refer bonus requirement: open a new First Tennessee personal checking account with at least $100, AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

  5. John says:

    Anyone get the bonus from out of the areas listed last time?

  6. Raul says:

    What exactly counts as northern California? I’m in the central valley so doubt I count as northern California.

  7. Raul says:

    Lol ah yes I see now.

  8. Ben says:

    Sorry. Repost with replaced new referral link.

    I took advantage of the previous $200 bonus offer.

    Two direct deposit from Discover P2P: 2/14
    Bonus posted: 3/3

    You can get $50 by using my referral link:

    $50 Refer bonus requirement: open a new First Tennessee personal checking account with at least $100, AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

  9. Daniel says:

    I signed up for this yesterday, using the $300 offer code “COF300” and using a referral link posted here. Here is mine:

  10. DK says:

    So they let me open on line, I am in SC, right over the border from NC. Super easy to open on line, took less than 5 minutes. Will be doing either Cap1 or p2p this week, will update on if that activates bonus. Funded with Ink+ (SPG not allowed ftw) appears to have coded as a purchase, but is still in pending so will update on that as well.

  11. MM says:

    I had an existing account from a previous bonus. Super easy to apply.

    Here is my referral link:

  12. lucy says:

    used Zhe’s referral link and input COF300 for bonus too even i live at knoxville (east TN), used my barclay card for 300 open fund, acct approved within minutes, here is my referal link if you want make extra $50, thanks so much.

  13. Gio says:

    I cannot believe that my application was declined since “We were unable to verify your identity or other personal information through Equifax eIDVerifier, at this time. ” Is there any one has the same experience? I selected non-immigration visa when I applied the account. Is this the reason ?

    • Jan B says:

      May I have a better explanation on this bonus?

      Have eligible address within appropriate state.

      I can only supply a DD for a minimum of three months, then will pay the service fee. Will that be enough to max out the bonus funds if I add the referral?

      Also, is online the best way to apply and use a CC for funding?

      Why I have to ask: Some posts refer to a $200 bonus, not $300. Also, an ACH push will work for the DD? Don’t see the usual language wording like, government and/or salary.

    • Manish says:

      I got similar reply.. yes for me also same visa case…

    • Kane says:

      Same error. I selected non-immigration visa as well.

      Actually I applied multiple credit cards/checking without any issues.

      Fine, it’s time to move on…

  14. simon says:

    used above referral link, 5 minutes time to open. here is mine if you want use to get extra $50, thanks.

  15. Duderino says:

    I just tried to upgrade mine form the 200 to the 300, we’ll see how it goes. I only signed up two days ago, my opening deposit hasn’t even posted, so cross your fingers for me. I think I have a referral but the url looks a little different than everyone else’s. Anyways, it’s

  16. Milo says:

    How to get the targeted mailer. I tried to enroll but was declined because they are not able to get some info from Equifax. Now wondering how to get the mailer so that I can open in-person

  17. Haywood J says:

    For those of you that just opened an account recently (within the last week or so) on the $200 offer and want to match to this one:

    I opened a new account to get the $200 bonus last week.

    Secure Messaged First Tennessee last night to ask about matching the $300. I included a link to the $300 offer and the promo code. They told me no-can-do on the matching.

    Oh well, YMMV, but good info nonetheless about matching. I would be very curious to know if others are told the same thing


    Would much appreciate you helping me right this injustice (ha!) by using my referral link:

    • Duderino says:

      Interesting. I contacted the online sales team via the email from one of the early emails I received during the process. I was told “With you applying so recently I think I can help you out with switching out your promotion request.” It is pending I suppose, I provided the code and am still waiting to hear back. I will update once I hear either way.

  18. Michelle says:

    Funded $300 with Chase Freedom—coded as purchase

  19. Ryan says:

    Funded $300 with CSR – coded as purchase.

  20. Danny says:

    Applied online using one of the links. Funded with Chase CSR – posted as purchase. Here is my link:

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Tikky says:

    Thanks, I used JRM link above. Here’s mine guys for the $50 referral 🙂

  22. cnst says:

    Couldn’t get to fund with Ink Preferred; but funded with CSR w/o issue.

  23. Baron says:

    Two questions for anyone who’s already been successful

    1) how long after I use the referral link do I open the account. Can I do it within the same hour?
    2)Can I use 2 direct deposits of $100 each for the referral towards the $300 direct deposit for the $300 bonus. So I only would need to deposit $100 more? Is this correct?

  24. Baron says:

    On question 1) – I meant to say how long after I use the referral link until I can apply for the $300 bonus..can I do it within the same hour?

    • Todd says:

      Baron, per terms, you can open your acct within the hour after fill in your info from the referral link, as far as deposit, you need open acct with at least 300$ , then do 2 more direct deposits for maybe 100 each to satisfy both the 300 bonus and referral 50 bonus. So you will have $500 balance there. Here is my link if you want use, cheers.

      • todd says:

        here is my DP: opened acct online use code COF300 even i am not in the targeted area(am in east TN) and funded 300$ by citi double cash(code as purchase), pushed through 160$ from wells fargo, it was posted as wells fargo DDA on 4/26, then bonus 300$ posted on 5/1/2017, i sent another $100 to 1st TN bank from wells fargo, so i can qualify for extra 50$ referral fee, as well as whoever’s link i used, she(he) will get 50$ extra bonus. cheers.

  25. Bob says:

    I used Todd’s link. Thanks to all who contributed info. Please be aware that during part of the application address I was asked the purpose of the account and answer had to be 25 characters. I just said checking account with debit card because I couldn’t proceed without giving an answer. here is my link. Thanks to anyone who uses it.

  26. Blake says:

    Used Bob’s link. DP: Funded with CIP, coded as purchase.

  27. LB says:

    Funded With Citi Double Cash, coded as purchase.

  28. chasejuggler says:

    Data point: $105 ACH push from CapitalOne360 triggered the bonus. Got it on 5/1/2017, about 1 week after hitting the requirements. This is my second time getting a First Tennessee bonus, so this one is definitely still churnable.

    Citi Doublecash funded $300 with no problems as well.

  29. Duderino says:

    DP- funded with a bank transfer 4/18. Saw the 300 offer 4/20 and reached out about upgrade, transfer hadn’t posted yet. Successfully upgraded. DD from Wells Fargo ($125) posted 4/25. Bonus posted 5/1. Thanks DoC.

    • Saturn says:

      Can I ask which method you used to transfer from WF?

      • Duderino says:

        The “Transfer Money” link under “Transfer and Pay” at the top of the web portal. You have to connect the account and WF did some trial deposits, less than a buck each, before they would let me transfer.

  30. Bob says:

    Just got denied due to Chex. 8 inquiries since Feb, 10 inquiries total within 12 months on report. FWIW I’m also out of state so perhaps that’s part of it. Gave a Chex score of 550 (out of 899). Bummer…$300 + $50 is a great deal. Ah well, on to the next one!

  31. JGM says:

    I used Saturn’s referral link… Will apply online in the morning.

  32. Baron says:

    Hi, I used Todd’s link.

    Question: I didn’t get a referral link that I can post nor did I get confirmation of the $300 bonus, I used Todd’s link and got a confirmation of approval for the referral $50 bonus, I went to the link provided through the bonus to open and account put in the referral code COF300.
    I funded the account with $300 from Capital One 360.
    I’m new at this. Any feedback appreciated

    • Todd says:

      Thanks for using my link, After your account opened, set up online profile, then google refer a friend first tennessee bank (if you can not find referral link inside your acct) to get your referral link. $300 deposit should earn your bonus within few days if cap360 works(it should count as do), Make sure to set up another direct deposit at 100 or more to get your extra bonus $50, the set up direct deposit maybe $50 monthly for another 5 month to avoid monthly fee and early termination etc due to it require keep acct open 6 months if I remember it.

      • Baron says:

        Thank you so much Todd. Thank goodness for automated banking to set up the scheduled deposits! Looks like my link is a-go and posted it below. Thanks for your support and great info on walking through the process.

  33. Baron says:

    I just got my link via email. Yeay! Please use my link and let me know you used it so I’ll know it got verified.. Thanks and enjoy!

  34. Saturn says:

    Thanks to fellows who used my link. As Baron writes, make sure you enter COF300 at the beginning of your application. There is no notice of the bonus in the online client, as far as I can see. I also do not remember seeing a reference to it on the landing page after using the referral link. However, I called the bank’s contact. She confirmed that my bonus code is registered.

    Adding to the choir: I funded with Merrill+, coded as purchase.

  35. Blake says:

    Forgot to post my own link before. As previously mentioned, used Bob’s link. Sent 2 $100 Ally transfers which showed up as P2P, so let’s see if that triggers the bonus.

  36. AndrewBIG says:

    I used SkydiverEMT’s link for the $300 bonus, please use my referral link below to get your extra $50

  37. joE says:

    Just to clarify on my first post

    You need 1 direct deposit of any amount to qualify for the $300 bonus, however if you’re interested in qualifying for the $50 referral bonus, then you must have at least 2 direct deposits of at least $100 or more.

    To make this easy have at least 2 direct deposits of $100 or more go in to the account and you’ll get both bonuses. From my experience even ACH’s from external accounts are triggering the bonuses so this doesn’t have to be a payroll deposit per se.

    Good luck!

  38. James says:

    How long did it take for referlive to detect your accounts? I opened on monday and I just got an email today “reminding” me that I need to open an account, my rewards status says account not opened too

  39. Gadget says:

    Please feel free to use my referral link to get your extra $50. (I used Andy’s link)

    As a reminder, the referral program requires two direct deposits of at least $100 within 60 days.

    Thank you in advance.

  40. Robby says:

    I used Gadget’s link. I’ll keep the chain going forward with my own link:

    Thanks for using mine.

  41. Kate says:

    Used your link Robby. Registered first then applied and was approved for the account. I’ll make sure to get the two $100 DD’s in for the extra $50!

    Here’s my referral link & appreciate if someone would like to use it!

    Had to laugh at one of the identity verification questions…
    “Your file indicates you may have a bank card opened in or around Feb 2017. Who is the credit provider for this account” … umm. … that’s not fair. Lol!

  42. ChaseJuggler says:

    Man, I totally screwed up. Funded one of the accounts with less than $300. Think I can salvage it, or should I just move along to the next deal?

    I suck. I just saw $300 evaporate before my very eyes….

    • Saturn says:

      Duderino up there wrote he contacted them after opening about adding the code to his app. If you contact them and say you want to supplement your funding and apply the code belatedly they may well let you.

      Hope it’s okay to post a phone number here – their contact for online sales has this: 615-734-6019. (She will be in touch with you anyway to greet you.)

      • ChaseJuggler says:

        Thanks. I’ll have to decide which road I’ll take. My usual rule of thumb is to let it go if it was my own fault for not reading the fine print. But for $300, it just might be worth a little begging!

    • Eric says:

      Did you open multiple accounts or by “one” did you just mean you opened an account?

      • ChaseJuggler says:

        One account for myself and one for my girlfriend.

        I funded mine with my Citi Double card, so we hit the $300 just fine. But for hers I funded with her bank account since the Double card is in my name. (She’s an AU on it, but I think that would still be a red flag for bank security. I had a huge problem with a bank bonus a few years ago with PNC, and my best guess was that they freaked out because I tried to fund it with a card I was just an AU on.)

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Dang it. After reading your comment I think I did the same goof. Funding hasnt even come out of my other account yet. Just sent an email to the rep I was working with. Any updates on your underfunded account?

  43. Amy says:

    Does anyone have a First Tennessee referral link?

    • Kate says:

      I have one a few comments up 🙂

      • Amy Bamber says:

        Do I just fill my info. in on the blanks where it says “Register Your Information,” or is there anything else you need to do, like give them my email address?

        • Kate says:

          Yes, you fill in all of the info for “Register Your Information” which does include email address. After you do this you are registered for the extra $50 promotion. Then you apply for one of the checking accounts with First TN and make sure to complete the requirements for both the $300 and $50 referral bonus. And make sure the promo code COF300 is on you application when doing your checking application.

  44. Eric says:

    I believe that I was skipped over in someone using my referral link. If someone wants to use it I’m the only Eric that posted a link (so far) so it should be easy to find.

  45. Kate says:

    DP – Funded $300 opening deposit with BoA Alaska Air Bus card. Posted as purchase.

  46. JuicyJosh says:

    For any others that did not fund $300 upon opening, like myself, I spoke with my account opening rep today. Advised that you actually have 5 business days from account opening to get your deposit up to $300. May be tight verifying and completing transfers but if you have a branch nearby you can do it. Fortunately there is a branch here in Jacksonville, FL so i guess I gotta go try and make the remaining deposit tomorrow.

  47. baron says:

    I’m new at the ACH. In the approved ACH from the list on this site, does an ACH tranfer count when I initiate the transfer starting with the 1st Tenn account pulling from my Cap1-360. Or do I need to initiate the transaction from my Cap1? If I need to initiate from Cap1 I’d need routing and acct # and neither I have.

    • Greg says:

      You need to initiate it from Cap1. If it’s initiated from First Tennessee then it’ll just be a transfer. Account number should be easy to find on your online banking profile, same as routing, which can also be Google’d.

  48. baron says:

    I think I have been skipped over for referral link too so someone can still to use it

    Already funded May 6 $300. And this week set to deposit 2 $100 ACH so all requirements met.
    Use referral code COF300 to get $300 bonus

    Here’s my referral link

  49. JGM says:

    After using Saturn’s referral link, I finally opened my account. Funded with $300, and followed up with 2 PayPal ACH transfers of $125 each to qualify for the $50 VGC Promotion.

    This is my Referral Link:

    Thank you to D0C and all that have contributed.

  50. Greg says:

    4/20 – Funded $310 via Ally, coded as “ONLINE FUNDING VIA ACH (#)”
    5/25 – $10 push from Ally, coded as “ALLY BANK P2P”
    5/25 – $300 bonus posted

    This was my first time doing a bank account bonus, I made the mistake of initiating the transfer from the First Tennessee account before realizing I had to initiate it from my Ally account. The transfer initiated from First Tennessee coded as “A2A TRANSFER”.

    Didn’t know there was a referral bonus before opening the account :(.

    Thanks Doc of Credit!

  51. Blake says:

    4/26 Funded $300 via CIP
    5/8 Two $100 deposits from Ally, coded as P2P
    5/25 $300 bonus posted.

    Still have a referral link available.

    Thanks DOC!

  52. James says:

    Negative out of state DP:
    Live in Florida did two Wells Fargo $101 ACH pushes, no bonus. They counted as direct deposits because my gift card just got sent out.

    I know I’m stupid for trying this bonus lol, I just took a risk based on past DPs of people getting First Tennessee bonuses outside of listed areas. I’ll keep the account open for a few weeks just in case but not looking good.

  53. Bob says:

    I’m happy to report that I received my first $50 VISA gift card. I believe that the first time someone used my referral link was April 26, so it took 5-6 weeks.

  54. Div says:

    What counts as ACH for First Tennessee Bank? I tried Centennial Bank and Bank of the West but none of them posted as ACH deposit.

  55. Robby says:

    5/12 – Used Gadget’s referral code. Opened account and funded $300 with cash back credit card.
    5/18 – Direct deposit $100 (from payroll)
    5/25 – $300 cash bonus
    6/1 – Direct deposit $100
    6/8 – $50 Visa prepaid card arrived in mail

  56. Chim Richalds says:

    Quick question for you that received the $50 prepaid cards. Has anyone been able to load this to Serve at WM?

    I see they are issued by Metabank, but when I tried to upload yesterday, I got the same error that you might get when trying to load a Serve with a MGC (“alternate tender required” or something like that).

    I didn’t try to do the load again with the MGC trick cause I didn’t want to hold up the line but wanted to see if anyone else was having these issues.

  57. JakeFromStateFarm says:

    Worth noting that First Tennessee also offers one a good Buxx card program to members for those interested in MS.

    • Chris says:

      Tell me more about this Buxx card…I’m not seeing it directly on their website.

    • Gina says:

      Following, I used the companion one but they closed it after a year. Didn’t do anything but load with credit cards only and pay my citi and cap 1 credit cards, occasionally withdrawing cash. Maybe you have a different one you used?

  58. Chris says:

    Love First Tennessee–great customer service, bonus posts fast.

    Here’s my referral link:

    • Ken says:

      Hi Chris, I used your referral link! However, my account went pending, so I had to submit supporting documents. Will let you know if it works in the end!

  59. Milo says:

    I was denied on April. I tried again today. This time also I was denied with the email stating they are not able to verify my identity through equifax(eIDVerifier). Does anyone know how to get this issue resolved with equifax?

  60. Jon says:

    Successfully opened express checking account with them and funded the $300 via my Citi DoubleCash card. I am unable to access my account online though, since I was unable to answer either of the security questions they presented me with. I can still check my account information over the phone though, so that’ll have to do until I can call them to unlock my online account on Monday.

  61. Jon says:

    For those that get locked out of their online access because the bank keeps asking the wrong security questions, this solution was suggested by Ryan R previously and worked for many of us:

    “I believe I was experiencing the same issue initially. If I recall correctly, I had input a username in the sign-up process, but my username for logging into the site ended up being my email address rather than the username I had selected. When I tried logging in with the username I had selected, it was asking me the wrong security question.

    If you haven’t tried already, you might want to try your email address.”

  62. Alex says:

    Great experience with this bank overall.

    Here is my referral link:

  63. pamela says:

    I am in knoxville and took a chance and opened the acct online by using one of the above referral link, then using promo code COF300 and deposited $300 by capitalone CC in APRIL 2017, then sent direct deposit $100 2 times within one week apart from wells fargo checking acct i have, received my open bonus last month and received my gift card $50 this month, super easy even though i have to keep acct open 6 month per terms. Below is my referral link you can click if you want to make extra $50 for you and me in additional the 300 bonus.

  64. Gina says:

    I just closed mine 8/4/2016 (opened 1/19/2016, one for me and one for husband). Guess I can’t apply again until after 8/4?

  65. Lane Wood says:

    Just opened one today, for the first time!

    Here is my referral link, if you don’t mind!

  66. Andrea says:

    Please use my link. I opened a few weeks ago and I think I used Law’s

    Thank you 🙂

  67. Sam says:

    How do we open both checking and MM? I opened both together, but now see the link terms show a different promo code for the MM $100 bonus.

    “For the checking $300 bonus, please use promo code COF300. For the savings $100 bonus, use promo code OFS100.”

    There was only one promo box. Am I out of luck on that one??

    • I think you need to open them in separate applications?

      • Sam says:

        Yeah, I am thinking that’s right. The checking application offered additional products and MM was one. I should have thought about it first. You might want to update the post for folks like me.

        What do folks think my best approach is at this point? I’m out of the target area (but taking a chance based on other data points). I’m thinking calling/messaging to ask to add the promo might be risky. But I don’t want to keep the MM account (and meet the requirements to stay fee free). Would it make sense to SM asking to close the account now saying I opened it by mistake?

        • Sam says:

          FWIW, I sent a secure message saying I wanted to switch to a “traditional” savings account. They switched it. I have to keep a $250 min balance, but it is worth it to not raise too many flags.

  68. Holly says:

    I just used Sara’s link above. If others are still signing up for this bonus, here’s my referral link. 🙂

  69. Josh says:

    Holly, I used your link. Thank you.

    Here is mine if anyone wants to use it.

  70. justdoit says:

    Is this offer still valid? Asking because the fine print on the landing page states:

    * Checking Offer: Offer expires 05/31/2017.

    Did they change it to 7/15 then back to 5/31?

    If you open with a transfer from WF does it count for 1 of the 2 $100 direct deposits?

  71. justdoit says:

    Just found another page stating * Offer expires June 30, 2017

    • justdoit says:

      That page also states “You must have an opening deposit of at least $100, open at and ensure code PIN300 appears in the online application where “Offer/Promo code” is requested. So it’s a different offer and code with a $200 lower opening deposit and I see no geographical restrictions stated. I tried a California ZIP and it took it on the first page. Can residents of every state apply for this? Expires in 3 days!

      • Will look into this, thanks.

      • Adrian says:

        Just applied for this. Pending review.

        Fine print for PIN300 definitely doesn’t have ANY state restriction language whereas the COF300 does. Says $100 minimum opening deposit but the application will let you do less. Did $100 from savings account just to be safe.

      • justdoit says:

        Applied with PIN300 and debit card funding and account opened the same day! Used Sara’s referral link since it was the last posted when I signed up for the referral bonus. How long does it take to get this referlive link to share? When I check the status it says “New account not opened. Results are updated monthly. Please check back.” How do I see my checking account number? Online banking shows the last 4 digits.

  72. Andrea says:

    I got my gift card 6/27. I have not gotten the bonus and don’t think I will since I live in Florida and it’s been more than a month since I opened this. If I close out the account do you think they will claw back the gift card? I can keep it open and keep doing transfers once a month to keep it fee free. Any thoughts?

    • James says:

      I was in a similar situation as you, no bonus in Florida. My giftcard wasn’t clawed back and I didn’t get charged any fees after I closed. I just sent a secure message and it was closed 2 days later.

  73. GCP says:

    I used J’s referall link above. I would be very grateful if the next person were to use mine!
    Thank you!

  74. Andrew says:

    I used GCP’s referal link above. Thanks very much if the next person were able to use mine!

    Thank you,

  75. Maxmddy says:

    How do I open the account in the bank ? I recently moved to NC and I have a bank near me. I could not open to open the account online. What mailer I need to take to open the bank account ? Is the coupon code enough to open the account in the bank ?

  76. Mal Maddy says:


    How to open this account in bank ? I don’t have any mailer. Can I just give the promo code to the banker ?


  77. Josh says:

    Used Andrew’s Referral Link. Here is mine:

    Remember to enter COF300 code when registering and also to make 2 direct deposits of $100 or more within 60 days to get this $50 additional bonus

  78. Nick says:

    My SO attempted this offer, but we used a credit card in my name since they allowed entering a different name. Definitely not a good idea. They closed the account the next day. Presumably this disqualifies her from the bonus since she has now had an account (for a few hours). Oh well! $400 down the drain.

  79. Trippy says:

    Opened the account from outside the targeted area. Figured I could earn $50 + $50 at least.

    Please use my referral

    Thank you!

    • Tikky says:

      Careful, I don’t recommend applying from outside targeted area (friend in VA area took risk and didn’t get his) as others have also been denied the bonus.

  80. John says:

    I used a reader’s referral link and opened my checking account. I can’t find my referral link to post. Where do I find it?

  81. John says:

    I opened both checking and savings, using credit card for initial 300 deposit to both. Both were approved and opened giving me the account numbers immediately online. Chuck helped me find my referral code. Would appreciate if someone used it. Thanks.

  82. Chris Furlong says:

    I opened a checking account. Here is my referral link if anyone would like to use it:

    Sorry John, I didn’t read the comments first so I didn’t use yours. I sure wish I did!

  83. Kathe says:

    I opened a new account last Friday at my local branch office. It could not have been easier, and the lady that helped me was as nice and helpful as could be. Really excited about the bonus… How sweet is that?

    I used Trippy’s Referral Link. Would appreciate someone using mine for the additional $50 VGC. Thank You!

  84. Bob says:

    The offer has been extended to September 2, 2017, but only for those who live in NC or middle Tenn

  85. Swanny says:

    FYI: The opening deposit requirement has been reduced to $100 minimum. Will be signing up for this later with whoever’s referral link hasn’t be used yet.

    Does anybody know if using an older referral link (when opening deposit requirement was $300 makes you do a $300 deposit? I’m guessing since the offer info is the same $100 would work but just checking.

  86. trump77 says:

    Please use this referral to get 50 dollars visa gift card

  87. Jeff says:

    I used Gadget’s link. I would appreciate it if you would use my link to receive your $50 referral bonus:

    Thank you!

  88. Kathe says:

    My banker said that they are still using “ astheir bonus provider. No changes… Same format.

    Referral Link for additional $50 Visa Gift Card Bonus. Thank You!

  89. Jeffrey says:

    Used Kathe’s link.
    I would appreciate it if you would use my link or additional $50 Visa Gift Card Bonus. Thank You!
    short link:

    or full link:

  90. Najee says:

    Thanks everyone for keeping the ball rolling! Please feel free to use my referral link below for the additional $50 Visa Gift Card Bonus 🙂


  91. Jon says:

    I accidentally signed up for an account within the 12 month window of previously closing an account. I received the signup bonus from the last account, and received another bonus for the new account. Doesn’t look like they enforce the 12 month eligibility rule. I am in GA.

    Here is my referal link:

  92. Eric says:

    6/27: Funded $301 via bank transfer
    7/14: First Direct Deposit (from employer)
    7/27: $300 bonus posted

  93. Jasmine says:

    My daughter has had an account with them since November of last year. She opened the account with our old address and then we moved and she changed the address on the account. If I open an account, will it still consider it part of the same household, because we have the same address and deny the bonus and the account?

  94. eclipsor says:

    Applied yesterday, checking approved today in California. 20+ chex hits so far this year.

  95. EBF says:

    Used Jessica’s link awhile back. If someone is applying, please be kind and use mine!


    • Click [the above link] to complete and submit the registration form. Read and acknowledge the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below when you register.
    • Within 90 days of receiving this referral invitation, open a new First Tennessee personal checking account with at least $100, AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening. You may open your account online or at a convenient financial center after you’ve completed the registration form. Be sure to review the features of each account, as well as possible monthly service charges and ways that those charges could be rebated.

    Offer is only valid for customers that reside in the following states: TN, MS, GA, VA, NC or AR

  96. Gina says:

    Does anyone know if they hold true to the 1 per household limit? I did this last year for my husband and I and we both got the bonus. Tomorrow will be a year since we closed it so I’m trying to decide if I should sign us both up or just one of us. Thanks!

  97. LotusB says:

    I used Kate’s referral link, here is mine and thank you in advance for using my link to sign up:

    Within 90 days of receiving this referral invitation, open a new First Tennessee personal checking account with at least $100, AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

    Step 2: Don’t forget to use code COF300 when you sign up for your Express Checking account for the $300 bonus offer.

    Thanks everyone!

  98. kathy says:

    since the 300 bonus still good till 9/2/2017, i went ahead use one of the referral link above to get extra 50 gift card, i used code COF300 and used my citi double cash credit card to fund 300 opening(posted as purchase) and got acct opened and approved within same day(hour?), here is my link if you want extra $50 gift card. even terms said open with $100 to get gift card plus 2 time direct deposit at least 100 each, i did open with 300$ and plan to DD from my ally checking 2 time for 101 each to make sure the 300$ bonus terms satisfied as well same time.

    Below is my link if you want to use, thanks so much.

  99. Bwwm says:

    I used LotusB’s referral link and here is mine. Thank you for using my link.

  100. Michael says:

    Used Bwwm’s link 8/7/2017 and was approved. If someone is applying, please be kind and use mine!


    • Click [the above link] to complete and submit the registration form. Read and acknowledge the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below when you register.
    • Within 90 days of receiving this referral invitation, open a new First Tennessee personal checking account with at least $100, AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening. You may open your account online or at a convenient financial center after you’ve completed the registration form. Be sure to review the features of each account, as well as possible monthly service charges and ways that those charges could be rebated.

    Offer is only valid for customers that reside in the following states: TN, MS, GA, VA, NC or AR

  101. Steve says:

    Used EBF’s link and account was approved.

    Open with at least $100,
    AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

  102. Jelena says:

    Not mentioned in the write up, but after I opened the MM account with a $300 cc pull from the CIP, I double checked the fine print. It says the money market account needs a min $2,000 opening deposit. I’m going to transfer the 10K in right away, and see what happens.

  103. Kapni says:

    Used Steve’s link and account was approved. Below is my link:-

    [DP] Used Chase MPE and it went through as purchase.

    Open with at least $100,
    AND complete two direct deposit transactions of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

  104. Sam says:

    Anyone know how to check the status of referrals as the referrer? As the person referred, you can go here: But as the person that did the referring, where can you go??

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