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Bank Account Bonuses First Tennessee $200 Bonus

Published on February 9th, 2017 | by sirtheta


[AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA Only] First Tennessee $200 Checking Promotion + $50 Referral Bonus

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200 (possible +$50 each for referral and money market — see below)
  • Availability: AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum specified
  • Additional requirements: See below
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Yes
  • Credit card funding: Up to $300
  • Monthly fees: $7-$12, waiveable
  • Early account termination fee: Account must be kept open for six months, or bonus forfeit
  • Expiration date: May 31, 2017 July 15th, 2017 September 2nd, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer.
  • Receive a sign up bonus of $200 when you open a new Express, Classic, Select, or Premier Checking account with First Tennessee and complete the following:
    • Open account using promo code RL200C
    • Have an opening deposit of at least $300 (note the difference from previous offers, which often required a $100 opening deposit. Might be $100 again), AND
    • Receive at least one direct deposit within 60 days of account opening


The Fine Print

  • Offer expires July 15, 2017.
  • Offer is non-transferable and is only available to recipients of this mailer who reside in AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA.
  • To receive $200 checking bonus, you must open your account online starting at this page and ensure promo code RL200C appears where the promo code is requested, or open your account at a financial center and present your mailed offer.
  • You must have an opening deposit of at least $100, and at least one direct deposit must post to your account within 60 days of account opening.
  • Opening deposit cannot be transferred from existing First Tennessee accounts. If you meet the stated requirements of this promotional offer, the bonus will be credited to your account within six weeks of the first direct deposit and will be reported as income on Form 1099-INT. Limit one bonus per household. Cannot be combined with other checking offers.
  • This offer is for new checking households, or for households who have not had an open First Tennessee consumer checking account in the previous 12 months. Customer agrees to maintain account in good standing for a minimum of six months.

Avoiding Fees

Express Checking, $7 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have at least 1 direct deposit during a statement cycle and is the obvious choice for which account to pick.

Classic Checking $8 Monthly Fee

This cannot be waived (and has been increased in the last couple of months).

Select Checking $9 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have at least 1 direct deposit and 15 customer-initiated debit transactions during a statement cycle.

Premier Checking, $12 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum of $5,000 in combined monthly balances (checking, savings, bank IRAs, or CDs) during a statement cycle.

Early Account Termination Fee

The fine print states that the account must be kept open and in good standing for 6 months. We can assume that they will take the bonus back if you don’t fulfill this requirement.


Even though the terms of the offer state that it “cannot be combined with other checking offers”, readers in the past have had success combining the referral bonus with the checking account bonus. In order to receive the referral bonus, you must submit the referral form first, THEN sign up for the $200 bonus.

Note that the terms of the referral are slightly more strict with respect to the direct deposit requirement. You will need to complete two direct deposits of at least $100 each within 60 days of account opening.

If you meet the requirements, both you and the referrer will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card (within about 6 weeks).

You can leave your referral links in the comments below. Please only leave your link once and post your full link for the domain (not the link you are provided if sharing via Twitter). If we find you doing this more than once, we will remove your comments and ban you from leaving future referral links.

Money Market

You can also get a $50 bonus for opening a money market account with $5,000 in deposits.

Our Verdict

First Tennessee has had bigger checking offers in the past, but this is the highest offer in recent memory that’s been available for so many states (the $250 offer was subsequently limited to just Tennessee and North Carolina). It’s a personal call on whether you should grab this offer or wait for a higher bonus, but I’m not sure one is likely to come along. Given the large state footprint and easy direct deposit requirements, this is better than many of the bonuses found on our best bank account bonuses page and is worth going for. It’s also worth noting that there is a current $300 checking + $100 savings + $50 referral bonus restricted to Middle Tennessee and North Carolina.

There is an explicit state limitation indicated on this offer, so you can expect that they will not honor the promotion if you live outside of the indicated states.

Useful posts regarding bank bonuses:

h/t reader John

257 Responses to [AR, GA, MS, NC, TN, or VA Only] First Tennessee $200 Checking Promotion + $50 Referral Bonus

  1. Steve says:

    On top of the $200 bonus, I was able to get another $50 after signing up for the account.
    I used DoC’s link first to open the account, then entered my information here:

    I received the $200 first, and then a few weeks later the $50 visa card arrived in the mail. The welcome package even suggested to fill out the referral form.

    Additional requirements:
    1) Open with at least $100, AND
    2) Complete TWO direct deposit transactions of AT LEAST $100 EACH within 60 days

  2. Ryan says:

    Does household mean address or Social security number? I closed mine a couple months ago, but have a different address now.

  3. Chris W. says:

    Steve: I used your referal link to sign up–I look forward to the $50!

    Let’s start a conga line! Here’s my referal link:

  4. parkdanil says:

    I’m stuck on one of the application steps. I think it froze but I am unsure if I should close the page.

  5. Kevin Rose says:

    Got the $150 bonus plus referral bonus before and the referral bonus came in quick.

    Here you go

    • Kevin Rose says:

      Well I’ll assume someone used mine and knocked the requirements out quickly.

      Just got a bonus card today 3-13.

      • Rebekka Alexander says:

        If you log into the Refer Live site, does it show the correct “Registered Referrals” and “Rewards Earned” information?

        Mine shows the correct “Registered Referrals” info, but still says 0 for “Rewards Earned”, even thought the gentleman said his account was open, funded, and he had received his bonus.


        • Kevin Rose says:

          I didn’t even realize I could log in. So current run down.

          I personally completed the bonus so this makes the data unclear.

          $50 Referlive card on 1/27
          $50 Referlive card on 3/13

          Referlive shows completed referrals on:

          So either I never got my personal bonus and have received 2 bonuses for referring people or I’m outstanding on 1 bonus card.

          If that isn’t clear or you want anything else let me know.

        • Kevin Rose says:

          This is a copy from the previous thread.

          2016-12-28 Registered referral.
          2016-12-29 Checking opened with SWT150 funded $300 via CC.
          2016-12-29 Savings opened with SVSC50 $2000 funded via ACH.
          2017-01-06 Full DD from work to checking.
          2017-01-10 $3000 ACH Push from CU to Savings.
          2017-01-20 Full DD from work to Checking.
          2017-01-20 Referlive says bonus is on its way.
          2017-01-26 Bonus posts to Checking.
          2017-01-26 Bonus posts to Savings.
          2017-01-27 Bonus card arrives in mail

  6. Eric says:

    Chris. W: I used your link and would really appreciate any one to use my link:

  7. Mike says:

    Nice! Solid bonus.

    Her’s mine:

  8. Jon says:

    Does opening with a CC code as cash advance?

  9. Asad says:

    I used Ben’s referral link, here is my link to continue the conga:

  10. Luke says:

    I used himo’s link. Here is mine! Appreciate the write up, DOC!

  11. Paul says:

    Used Luke’s link. But am not quite sure how to get my own referral link?

  12. Rohan says:

    I am in NJ. Can I apply for this offer?

  13. Jonathan Bright says:

    I used Paul’s link.

    Here’s my link. Thanks!

    [removed, no bitly links. Read the rules]

  14. Erik says:

    I used Himo’s link

    Here’s mine:

  15. Tom says:

    I used Albrecht’s link

    Here is my link:

  16. Derek says:

    Used Eric’s link from above. Here’s mind to the next kind soul to continue this!

    Here is my link: [removed bitly link, read the instructions]

  17. Heath says:

    I just used Derek’s link to sign up. Thanks for providing it.

    Below is my link!

  18. Pete says:

    Couldn’t view Derek’s link so used Neil’s
    Derek-please repost link
    Here is my link:

  19. Cassandra says:

    Thanks Pete, used yours and it worked perfect.

    Here’s mine.


  20. Jane says:

    I found this $300 checking account opening bonus link: [mod edit, note this is a targeted offer and you need to have received a mailer]
    You also could get $200 for a saving account.

    Here is my referral link for the extra $50 VGC. Really appreciate it if you use it
    [removed, read the rules]

    In total you could get $550!

    • Ryan R says:

      How did you find this? I literally just got my account opened today for the $200 bonus 🙁 Oh well.

      Fine print says this $300 offer is only valid until February 18, 2017.

    • kelly says:

      fine print also says offer is non-transferable and is only available to mailer recipients who reside in Middle Tennessee and North Carolina.
      Jane do you live in another state and the bonus worked for you?

    • $300 bonus is targeted. Removed your referral link as it was a bitly link, read the rules.

  21. Kate says:

    Here is my referral link for the extra $50 VGC. Really appreciate it if you use it

  22. Sarah Caldwell says:

    Used Kate’s referral link.

    Here is mine, appreciate if someone uses it!

  23. parkdanil says:

    I just did the straight 200 bonus with no referral. Any idea if there is a minimum amount for the ACH to qualify as DD to avoid the monthly fees?

  24. Brian says:

    Used Rebecca’s link!

    Here is my, thank you in advance if you use it! 🙂

  25. Jason says:

    You can check your referral reward status here:

    Opened my account on 01/26/2017
    TWO ACH from TD Ameritrade on 01/29/2017
    Now the status is: Congratulations! Your gift card has been sent

    Here is my referral link if anyone needs it:

  26. Ron says:

    Hi all,
    I had First Tenn.’s $150 bonus offer last year and my account is still open so does “Limit One Bonus Per Household” mean my wife can’t apply for this one? TIA.

  27. Rochelle says:

    Hey guys, does anybody know if VENMO will suffice for a DD?

  28. Jonathan Bright says:

    I used Paul’s link from above.

    Here’s my link:


  29. J.M. says:

    I used Rebekka’s link about 15 comments above to register for the referal bonus and then opened my account using the main link on this page for the $200 bonus.

    Would be very grateful if anyone chooses to use the referral link that I’ve now generated:

    Again, Thank you if you use it. 🙂

    Also, if anyone is looking for the page to generate their link, I found it on the “you are logged out” landing page. I had to re-enter my information (sort of like the initial referral form itself), which then registered me for referrals and gave me share options.

  30. parkdanil says:

    I’m locked out of my account now and waiting for response from support team. The banking site keeps asking me for the wrong Security Question.

    • Ryan R says:

      I believe I was experiencing the same issue initially. If I recall correctly, I had input a username in the sign-up process, but my username for logging into the site ended up being my email address rather than the username I had selected. When I tried logging in with the username I had selected, it was asking me the wrong security question.

      If you haven’t tried already, you might want to try your email address.

      • J.M. says:

        Yep. What he said. I also created a username but then only my email address works for signing in. Not sure when if ever the username I selected will be used.

      • parkdanil says:

        Thanks that worked for me. it also asked me to set new security questions when i got logged in.
        Looks like the site got a revamp since I last singed in. now it says “Digital Banking 2.0”.

    • Rebekka says:

      Ditto what Ryan R and J.M. said. Same thing happened to me. My login username is my email address. It also takes about 15-30 min for them to set up your online access initially.

  31. J.M. says:

    Has anyone figured out how to determine what your routing number is via online account access? I don’t want to wait for print materials to show up to link my account to PayPal.

    My account number took a couple of days to show up (under “more” info after you’ve accessed the account online).

    BTW – my account statement closed the day after i opened my account. I was credited the $7 monthly fee. Not sure if this is just coincidence based on the calendar or not.


  32. Ryan says:

    Has anyone’s opening deposit still not fully processed? My account was opened on 2/16/2017 and my $300 opening deposit ACH from Ally is showing on First Tennessee’s online website as a recent transaction on 2/16/2017, but it still hasn’t deposited to my First Tennessee account as available cash. Anyone else experience this? Seems odd that it would take over a week.

  33. J.M. says:

    Anyone know how to determine the routing number for these FT checking accounts? I don’t see it listed anywhere in online access

    • Ryan says:

      When I received an email notification that my account was opened, it listed several items and one of them was the routing number. It was kind of buried and hard to see at first.

      • J.M. says:

        Thank you very much!! It was in the exact email message you mentioned. Would have never thought to go back and look there. Much appreciated.

  34. Paul says:

    Anyone getting update emails from ReferLive to “open you checking account” even after you’ve already done so?

  35. Kate says:

    Got my referral bonus in mail today! Here is my $50 VGC referral link:

    Really appreciate it if you use it!

  36. Sarah says:

    Think I got bumped out of line, appreciate if someone uses my link!

    [just post your link once please]

  37. Kimberly says:

    I used Timmy’s referral link above – I think maybe he got skipped? Here’s mine:

    Thanks so much!

  38. J.M. says:

    Got my $200 bonus fhis morning. Made two separate PayPal transfers of $100 each to satisfy the DD requirement.

  39. Nick says:

    Got bonus Mar. 3, had $100 real DD from work

  40. Rebekka says:

    Bonus posting DP:

    My actual DD from my employer posted on 3/2, and my bonus $200 posted on 3/3.

    Quickest bank bonus I have ever received!

  41. Mandy says:

    I used Kimberly’s link from March 3. Thanks, Kimberly!

    Here’s mine:

  42. Yevdokiya says:

    I used Sarah Caldwell’s link (her comment is a ways back, somehow she got skipped). I appreciate if anyone uses my link:

  43. Jane says:

    Please note that the referral bonus requires two >$100 Direct Deposits. Once the requirement is satisfied, you will get $50 VGC in about a month. You can check the reward status here:

    They update the info on the 15th and last day of each month.
    Here is my referral link. Appreciate it if you use it:

  44. J.M. says:

    I checked my referlive using the link right above and it says I haven’t met the requirements. Yet I’ve made two DD of $100 each – one of which satisfied my $200 checking bonus requirement.

    Was it supposed to be two deposits GREATEE than $100 each?

    • Mike says:

      2x $100 is fine, but give it some time. The status update is not in real time and can take a month.

      Also, even after the status changes to award processed, it will take another 2-4 weeks before the card will arrive in the mail.

      As always, nothing good for you (or anybody else), will come out contacting the bank or the referrer website.

  45. Keith says:

    I used one of the links above a while back, but can’t remember which one. Sorry for breaking the chain!

    Two $100 DDs from my schwab brokerage account triggered the bonus for me.

    I received my $50 GC in the mail yesterday, and my $150 bonus showed up around the same time.

    Here’s my link.

  46. Melissa says:

    Grabbed your link Keith, Thanks!

    Here’s my link, I do appreciate anyone who uses it:

    • Jeff says:

      Melissa, I used your link to sign up. How long did it take them to review your application before it was approved and you were able to generate a referral link?

  47. Jeff says:

    I used Melissa’s link to sign up. Here is my link. Thanks to anyone that uses it!

  48. Sen says:

    I used Melissa’s link yesterday to sign up. Here is mine. Thanks in advance to anybody who uses it.

  49. J.M. says:

    An update and a question regarding Referrals:

    Using this link I now see that a $50 gift card is on its way to me.

    Similarly, logging into here I see one “Registered Referral” and $50 “Rewards Earned.”

    What I am confused it about, is which of the two above rewards update resources reflects the $50 gift card I should receive for using someone else’s referral to sign up and open my FT account, and which one reflects any referral bonuses I will receive from other people using MY link that I provided.

    I used Rebekka’s link initially so perhaps she can offer some insight. I’m fairly certain that the “registered referral” I see using the source is for someone other than Rebecca, i.e., the person who I assume used my link.

    My best guess is that the $50 I have coming is for my use of Rebekka’s link, but that the amount also shows up under my page. And, I assume that eventually the “Rewards Earned” will show up as $100 if the person who used my link completes the requirements.

  50. Chris says:

    Hello everyone!

    I have used Sen’s link above to sign up my link is below.


  51. Chris says:

    Hello everyone!

    I have used Sen’s link above to sign up, my link is below.


  52. Yevdokiya says:

    Hi everyone, it seems I got accidentally bumped out of line (I had checked to see if anyone else got bumped out of line before me and therefore chose to use Sarah Caldwell’s link). My referral link is above by my first comment, I do appreciate anyone using it. Have a nice day.

  53. Jeff says:

    It appears that I was also bumped out of line, as Sen used Melissa’s link at the same time I did, and then Chris used Sen’s, thus skipping over mine. I’d appreciate anyone scrolling up a few posts and using it when they sign up. Thanks!

  54. Charles says:

    Earn an additional $50 with the following referral:

    Small link:

    Full link:

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

  55. John says:

    Used Chris’ above a few days ago and it took them a bit to approve. Here’s mine

  56. Sapphire Starr says:

    I used Chris link but got bumped out. Can someone scroll up and click link. Thanks

  57. Jay K says:

    I used John’s link to sign up.

    Here is my link:

  58. Tanja says:

    sorry wrong link on previous message, here is the right one

    used Jays link

    here is mine:

  59. Lee says:

    Datapoint (DP):

    2/11/17 Applied for Express Checking w/ $300 opening deposit
    2/14/17 Approved
    2/28/17 Made 2 Direct Deposits ($100 each) from Capital One 360 Checking, posted on 3/2/17
    3/27/17 $50 Visa Reward Card arrived in the mail

    $200 bonus hasn’t posted yet. Will update when it does.

    • Lee says:


      2/11/17 Applied for Express Checking w/ $300 opening deposit
      2/14/17 Approved
      2/28/17 Made 2 Direct Deposits ($100 each) from Capital One 360 Checking, posted on 3/2/17
      3/27/17 $50 Visa Reward Card arrived in the mail
      3/30/17 $200 Bonus posted

      Very quick and easy, will close after it’s been opened for 6 months.

  60. Durga says:

    I have used John’s link.

    here is my link, thanks in advance for using my link.

    Thanks again for using my link.
    here is process to generate link, I found it on the “you are logged out” landing page. I had to re-enter my information (sort of like the initial referral form itself), which then registered me for referrals and gave me share options. (Thanks J.M. for giving these instructions)

  61. A-A-RON says:

    Here is my link.

    Thank you in advance and thank you to Durga for the instructions.

  62. J.M. says:

    Received my $50 debit/gift card today. I still have no idea if this is from using Rebekkah’s link when I signed up, or for when someone else used my link to sign up?

    If it works right, are we supposed to get two $50 debit/gift cards – one for signing up using a referral, and one for when someone else uses our link?

  63. Melissa says:

    3/14 Applied online and $300 funding posted
    3/20 $7 monthly fee was applied and credited back
    3/21 trail deposits from Wells Fargo posted
    3/23 two $100+ transfers in from Wells Fargo posted as DDA
    3/30 $200 bonus posts

    Easy bonus to get and now just to wait out the time line and push in a direct deposit each month to keep the free money.

  64. Chris says:

    03/23 opened Express Checking with $300 on CSR, posted as purchase
    03/28 transferred $100 from Wells Fargo, posted as WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA
    03/29 transferred $100 from Wells Fargo, posted as WELLS FARGO DDA TO DDA
    03/30 $200 bonus, posted as FTB Customer Bonus

  65. M says:

    Another DP (didn’t use a referral to signup):
    3/20 Opening funding of $300 shows in transactions (but not applied to available balance until 3/28)
    3/20 Monthly service charge of $7 both posted and refunded
    3/22 Push of $1 from Ally posted
    3/24 Trial deposits from Paypal posted
    3/27 Push of $2 from Paypal posted
    3/30 Bonus posted (didn’t appear as pending beforehand)

  66. Jordan says:

    Here is my referral link for 50$:

    Thanks in advance!

  67. Kate says:

    I am in IL (not the targeted state) and still able to get both account opening bonus and referral bonus! Thanks DOC!
    Here is my referral link. Really appreciate it if you use it

  68. Vito says:

    Fresh DP folks:
    I live in NC and used the 300 dollar in-branch bonus offer, but also received a visa gift card.
    2/24 Opening funding of $100
    3/6 Paypal 100$*2
    3/21 Monthly service charge of $7 both posted and refunded
    3/24 Trial deposits from Chase and TDposted
    3/29 Chase 100*2
    3/30 Bonus posted

    Here’s my link.
    Really appreciate all the good people here who contribute.

  69. Robert says:

    Here is my referral code:

    et’s get this $50 together!

  70. Ted says:

    Forgive a newbie question, but how does the referral code work? Do you have to click on the referral link and then open the account? If you already have an account, can you use the referral link? I’d like to keep this going, but don’t know how to use the referral link. Any help will be appreciated.

  71. Ian says:

    I used Kelly’s link for myself, Ron’s link for my wife, and Melisa’s link for my brother 😛

    Here is mine!


  72. TCK says:

    For anyone that has received their referral $50 card, what did the envelope look like? Was it addressed from First Tennessee? Thanks!

    • Ben H. says:

      I forget what the envelope looked like. It was fairly generic and it took me a while to figure out why I was getting a $50 rewards card. I finally figured it out when I looked at the card and it said First TN rewards. I

  73. Ben H. says:

    Feb 12 signed up for account with Chap’s referral code
    Feb 12 Ben signed up with my referral code
    Mar 01 ACH $100 from USAA account
    Mar 03 $200 bonus posted
    Mar 27 $50 referral bonus debit card in mail
    Mar 29 second $50 referral bonus debit card in mail

  74. J.M. says:

    Does anyone know how to determine which of the $50 bonus gift card’s we’ve received?

    I’ve received one card but have no idea if its from fulfilling my requirements having used Rebekka’s link, or if it’s because someone else used my link and fulfilled their requirements.


  75. J.M. says:

    @Rebekka – did you ever receive a $50 bonus card that you can tell definitely was because I used your link and satisfied my requirements? Thanks!

  76. Maggie says:

    I used Jessica’s link! Here’s mine:


  77. joE says:

    Just used Sean’s link above to sign up, so here is mine.

    Make sure the code “COF300” appears in the online application where Offer/Promo code is requested. This way not only you get $300 but also the additional $50 referral bonus.


  78. Kathy says:

    Here is my referral link for extra $50. Really appreciate it if you use it

  79. David says:

    I used Joe’s earlier this morning and forgot to post it. Here’s my referral link

  80. El Guapo says:

    I used Maggie’s link and have just fulfilled the requirements (2 x 100 direct deposits), but I can’t figure out how to generate/retrieve my own link. Do I have to wait for ReferLive to update?

  81. Haywood J says:


    Go do the $300 bonus instead! They WILL NOT match retroactively (I tried).

    Use my referral link to thank me for this info:

    • Duderino says:

      YMMV but I was able to get them to match. I used the contact email they provided and the cs rep was super helpful.

  82. Chris M says:

    I signed up yesterday using Kathy’s link and the QCH200 promo code.

    I received a phone call about an hour after I applied for the account from someone at the bank. He told me that they needed a couple verification documents in order to open my account and he would send me an email about it. I had to upload a picture of my driver’s license and a utility bill. I uploaded them late last night. As of 23 hours after applying and 14 hours after uploading the additional documents, my account application is still under review. I will update when I get a final answer.

    If you would like to use my referral link, here it is:

    • Chris M says:

      Got an email tonight at 8:50 PM saying my account was opened, a little less than 48 hours after uploading the requested documents.

  83. Stacy says:

    I used a link to sign up.
    Here’s my referral code

    Thanks in advance!

  84. Danny says:

    Used one of the links above (can’t remember which one, comments have posted since).
    Please consider using mine:


  85. Olivia Smith says:

    used danny referral link to open express checking, here is mine if you want get extra $50 gift card in additional of your 200$, thanks.

  86. Najee says:

    Just signed up using Olivia’s link. My link is posted below for the extra $50.

  87. Mike says:

    Signed up using Najee’s link. Please use mine next for your $50 reward card.

    Thank you!

  88. Steve says:

    I used Mike’s link above. I’d appreciate if you’d use my link next. Thanks!

  89. MericaBacon says:

    DP: Discover ACH did not successfully get the bonus to post after two weeks. Coded as P2P and given the short turnaround time others have posted, I believe that Discover is no longer working for First Tennessee.

    • Zach says:

      Lots of people had the bonus post 3/30 but I haven’t seen any since then. I’m thinking they process all of them at the end of the month.

      I’ve been waiting about 2 weeks since my Ally ACH with no bonus.

  90. Zach says:

    4/12 – funded $300 CSP posted as purchase
    4/17 – Ally ACH posted
    5/2 – $200 bonus posted

  91. Abhi says:

    I used Steve’s link above. I’d appreciate if you’d use my link next. Thanks!

  92. El Guapo says:

    I used Jessica’s link above some time ago, met the requirements and received the 200 bonus this week. I couldn’t figure out how to get my referral code until now, so here’s hoping:


  93. TJ says:

    I used El Guapo’s link above. I would appreciated if you’d use mine next 🙂

  94. Andy says:

    I used Abhi’s link. I would be grateful if you chose to use mine!

  95. Tikky says:

    Here’s my referral link guys. Make sure you submit the referral form first, THEN sign up for the $200 bonus and make sure the code QCH200 appears in the link. Thanks for using the link.

  96. Gadget says:

    Please feel free to use my referral link to get your extra $50. (I used Andy’s link)

    As a reminder, the referral program requires two direct deposits of at least $100 within 60 days.

    Thank you in advance.

  97. Jeff says:

    I used Gadget’s link. I would appreciate it if you would use my link to receive your $50 referral bonus:

    Thank you!

  98. Miles Toth says:

    I used Steves Link a while back but neglected to post.

  99. Becky says:

    I used Jeff’s link. I would appreciate it if you would use my link to receive your $50 referral bonus:


  100. JGM says:

    After using Saturn’s Referral Link, I opened my account and made the required opening deposit of $300. I followed up with 2 PayPal ACH Transfers of $125 each to qualify for the $50 Visa Gift Card Promotion.

    This is my First Tennessee Referral Link for the additional $50 Bonus.. Thank You!

  101. Anthony says:

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  107. Scott says:

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with this….I signed up for an account yesterday and am still waiting for the two small deposits to be made to my funding account. I cannot finish opening the account until verifying the two deposit amounts. If the deposits don’t show up until after 31 May (the last day of the promotion), do I still qualify for the promotion?

    • Gadget says:

      Yes. As long as you applied before the deadline you will be good to go. That’s a common practice. Meeting requirements takes time. If, for some reason it doesn’t pay out, you have grounds for a complaint and should win.

  108. Gadget says:

    This offer expires today, if anyone is still on the fence.

    DP: Acct open 5/10. Wells Fargo ACH DD 5/12. Payout 5/25.

    I can also confirm that the “one bonus per household” isn’t exactly enforced. I didn’t try to open two accounts at the same time, but my SO’s and my account were less than two months apart from closing one, then opening the next one. Both paid out, without issue.

    Thanks in advance if you use my link.

    • Scott says:

      How easy was it to close the account? Over the phone or chat? Or did you have to go into the branch? thanks

      • Gadget says:

        Definitely not branch. I always SM, unless they don’t allow it. In this case, 3/23/17… SM. After zeroing balance.

  109. Joey says:

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  110. Tarun says:

    They denied me citing a freeze on Equifax or did they mean no account opening for someone with a non American name?

  111. Landon says:

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  120. Peter says:

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    Make sure to do the following (or you won’t qualify for the extra $50)
    1) Open with at least $100
    2) Complete 2 direct deposit transactions of $100 EACH within 60 days

  121. Valentina says:

    I used Peter’s link to start the application. The system didn’t ask for referrer’s info at all during the process. I assume the system is smart enough to know that.

    Anyway, here is mine:

    Please keep it going!!


  122. Stephanie says:

    Looks like this may have changed from being $300 opening to $100. Per fine print:

    “You must have an opening deposit of at least $100, and at least one direct deposit must post to your account within 60 days of account opening. “

  123. Mike says:

    In order for the $50 gift card to trigger, you’ll also need to make 2 “direct deposits” of at least $100.

  124. seespotjump says:

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