Free $10 on Amazon with Ultimate Rewards Points [Targeted?]

The Offer

  • Use shop-with-points on Chase Ultimate Rewards to pay for something on Amazon and get a $10 discount. No minimum purchase required. Use promo code: SWP15CH10S at checkout.

As always, you just have to apply 1 point toward the purchase and can pay the rest with the Chase card.

This offer can be gotten on the Sapphire, INK, or Freedom cards, but you’ll want to use the Freedom card to get 10x points on the purchase under the new 10x promo.

The Fine Print

  • Not valid on Amazon gift cards; however, it is valid on third-party gift cards
  • Only works on items shipped and sold by Amazon
  • One-time use
  • Didn’t work for me a second time with a second Ultimate Rewards card (Freedom and CSP) in the same Amazon account, but you can try and see
  • Expiration unknown

Our Verdict

We posted a similar deal a few weeks ago for $15 off on Amazon, which has already expired. This one is only $10, but free money is free money!

I wasn’t targeted for this offer and was to use it on my previously connected Freedom card. If your card isn’t yet connected for shop-with-points, go to this link to connect, then try it out.

From the data points I read, it sounds like it’s working for most or all people, at least those who have not redeemed points with the card/account in the past. Let us know if it works for you!

Here is our affiliate link to third-party gift cards on Amazon and to the Amazon home page, we appreciate if you use it.

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Thanks my friend…$10 is $10 all day long!!


The following Chase Credit Cards with Chase Ultimate Rewards are eligible for Shop with Points at Amazon. com:
•Chase Freedom
•Chase Sapphire
•Chase Sapphire Preferred
•Ink Bold
•Ink Cash
•Ink Classic
•Ink Plus
•Chase Corporate Flex Card
•J.P. Morgan Palladium Card
•J.P. Morgan Select Card
~~Chase debit cards are not part of this program, only the credit cards listed above can be used for Shop with Points at


Did NOT work for me.
I tried twice for the same card. (video DVD) / (Burger King gift card)
Frustrated, I called Amazon CS without naming the source of the code being given to me.
Response was more Fine Print.
Offer only applies if you have NOT previously purchased with points applied.
Since I had previously purchased with points, it will not work for me regardless of what I buy.


Success with an account created in error a few years back … no activity on it.
Set up the Chase Freedom card to spend points.
Set to spend a few points …. not even on one of my Chase monthly statements yet.
Input promo code
complete purchase
Purchased some DVDs … most sold by Amazon … one by an Amazon third party.

Dillon Welch
Dillon Welch

Didn’t work for me on my Freedom for an item sold and shipped by Amazon.


Didn’t work for me 🙁


Is this deal through, or


DataPoints from my experiments:

– Its applicable to any UR earning cards(Freedom/CSP/Ink).
– Its once per amazon account.
– If you had utilized similar offer before then this wont work. But you can try in other accounts.
– If none of above methods work then last option would be to contact HelpDesk, most of the time, they would just apply the promo manually.

Kent C
Kent C

Not targeted. Worked with INK. We have 3 Amazon accounts, different family members. I used my Ink Business Card which is only in my name and the company name 3x, once on each account. $10 applied each time. So if your UR card works on one account, you should be able to use it again on other accounts, that is, until Amazon catches on or offer maxes out.


Worked for me with a Chase Sapphire (not Preferred)


I understand that it is one use per account.

However, my partner also has an Amazon account.

Does anyone know if you use the Freedom card via their Amazon account whether or not the same Freedom card can be used with the code to get the discount, as well?

Or is this a case of one card per use, as well?



Just try it?


Sometimes the best solution is the easiest!

It worked for both my and my partner’s separate Amazon accounts — mind you, we each have the Freedom card in our own name, but of course the same account number.

Happy to report that the same card account worked for each Amazon account.

I took the extra precaution of deleting the card from my partner’s Amazon account before adding it to my Amazon account — not sure if it was necessary, but two (2) $25.00 e-gift cards are now making their way to us for the price of only $14.99 each!

Thanks, Scott!