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Sam F.
Sam F. (@guest_1009301)
July 3, 2020 15:55

Can someone kick me, please? I missed this and the US Bank $300 deal that both ended at the end of June. Both on my spreadsheet, but I just spaced out the deadlines.

Trey (@guest_988231)
May 28, 2020 15:59

Did the previous offer for $275 total
DP: Push from PNC triggered DD requirement
Opened – 2/21/20
Checking Bonus Posted – 3/4/2020
Savings Bonus Posted – 5/27/2020

Brendan (@guest_983530)
May 20, 2020 10:34

The person being referred only gets the bonus they sign up for, and the referer gets the $50 gift card.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek
Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek (@guest_993580)
June 6, 2020 15:38

Based on what? Terms, calling-in, or real-life? Because, Referlive has always had terms saying you cannot combine, and if you ask the bank, they will tell you that too. But in practice, Referlive has stacked every time I used them in the past.

Mali (@guest_955728)
April 10, 2020 22:09

Opened account for $175 bonus using St. Louis, MO address (the nearest branch is 15 min drive in IL)
Initial funding using chase SW doesn’t go through (with CA limit as $100)

Brendan (@guest_955385)
April 10, 2020 12:12

$1,200 with CIU went thru as cash advance

jan (@guest_950808)
April 2, 2020 22:12

Have anyone received the 1099 int for 2019 from them? Thank you!

Irie (@guest_949874)
April 1, 2020 17:43

This bank offers multiple similar offers.

If you click the middle option:
You can do DD $300 or bill pay as well as $100 in savings to get $175. That is a 43.75% return on your money. Assuming it takes the maximum amount of time to get the bonus (120 days), it is an annualized return of 202%.

Compare this to the current posted Choice Checking and Savings with $25k needed, (right most option) you only get a 1.57% return on your money and 4.87% annualized return.

JT (@guest_947396)
March 28, 2020 11:49

This article is incorrect. There is no forward checking account. To get this bonus, you must open the “Choice checking” and it has a $25 monthly fee that can be waived with a $10k balance.

Dan (@guest_947216)
March 27, 2020 21:29

worse than their regular offer. screw tying 25 grand for 90 days.

Gadget 🕵️ Bank Bonus Geek
March 27, 2020 22:35

Yeah, the $175 normal offer, + Money market $100 for 30 days of $10K was/is a better deal.

Torg (@guest_947500)
March 28, 2020 18:42

That offer still seems to be available. Click the link but click the $275 tab instead of the $400.

das1996 (@guest_950459)
April 2, 2020 12:53

Where do you see $10K for 30 days? I see $10K for 90 days under the $275 tab of this link – .

Gadget 🕵️ Bank Bonus Geek
April 2, 2020 13:02

Yeah, my mistake. I signed up back in October.

Open 10/10/19
Funded full 10K 10/17/19
Paid out 1/9/20 (just under 90… which leads me to believe they go off the open date, not the full 10k funding date)

I primarily did that account in order to do a Joint account, then P2 did a separate checking for the $175 once she had a login. Worked beautifully.

das1996 (@guest_950487)
April 2, 2020 13:29

I just don’t know if the $10K/90 is worth doing it. I have an account earning 2.25% apy (through end of Q2/2020). So I’d earn an additional $45 for by going this route. 4% vs 2.25% for 90 days. BUT,

Then there’s the added hassle of keeping both accounts open for a year so they don’t claw back the bonus. The money market account has a min balance of $1K to avoid fees.

Are you keeping $1K in the monkey market account to avoid fees?

Gadget 🕵️ Bank Bonus Geek
April 2, 2020 14:38

Currently, yes, I left $1K in there. I plan to call them and either downgrade to something else like a savings with a $300 minimum, or, if not possible, zero it and close. I really don’t think they will retract the bonus if it’s closed early, and technically there is nothing to retract if the balance is zero. Obviously I am not going to point that out so they do, and yes, in some strange universe they could bill us. Highly unlikely. Or, I might just leave the $1K in there. The best I can do for the interest rate on my overflow accounts is less than 2% because I don’t play the rewards checking game. So, I am ok with floating $20 of lost interest to a bank that paid my family $175 x 2, plus the$100, plus $50 referral VGC’s x 2. Oh, and a baseball player bobblehead that will make a great gag gift.

Plus, I mostly did this that MM account, so I could make a joint account. P2 wouldn’t have had access to get an acct, as we are both out of footprint and I am having to find ways to keep it alive. And, with the $15K that didn’t go into Associated, it was repurposed for Citi $500 bonus, and later this month, the Chase $600 bonus.

Oh, and speaking of closing, because we had 4 months of no activity on SO’s checking, they sent her a card in the mail saying at month 6 they turn over the money to the abandoned acct state dept and close the account. So, it appears they aren’t a fan of inactive accounts, which means they probably auto-close $0 balances on the no min fee checking. (card said any withdrawal or deposit would keep it active & reset the clock)

Hoops (@guest_947201)
March 27, 2020 20:36

Available in Indiana as well

Hoops (@guest_947209)
March 27, 2020 20:52

P2 and I both opened & got bonus.

Gadget 🕵️ Bank Bonus Geek
March 27, 2020 22:42

I know the article says not to share referral links, but there was a lot of e-mail address sharing going on. Allowed?

Gadget 🕵️ Bank Bonus Geek
March 28, 2020 02:34

Thank you for clarifying.