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brandon r
brandon r (@guest_723412)
February 16, 2019 17:55

can anyone confirm if there is an early termination fee or not

mjs (@guest_719809)
February 9, 2019 13:43

Also, not sure it’s “IL only”.

I got their 50000 point bonus credit card (still available) last year, and that got me membership access to UofICU online where I could open a checking account.

And that 50000 bonus is A LOT better than the $150 “extra” they’re offering here for the alternative credit card bonus (posted here I believe in the past by DoC, but perhaps he can directly link to it in this post)

So, I’d advise if someone wants the checking, you might as well do the 50000 credit card first, then apply for the $100 checking once you’re already established. I’d assume they’d still do a Chex inquiry for the checking, but there’s a chance they might not.

Finally, the credit card pulled TransUnion (at least for TX) and they were not inquiry sensitive.

brandon r
brandon r (@guest_719816)
February 9, 2019 14:30

is there an option to redeem the 50k pts as $500 cash? if so, pretty solid for a no fee cc

mjs (@guest_719817)
February 9, 2019 14:38

It’s basically the same as the University of Maryland’s Terp Card that was written about here as well. I have not got the bonus points yet, but I think it’s worth about $440 or so in Amazon. I consider Amazon cash-equivalent, so it’s a pretty good 3rd part credit card option. They also aren’t very VGC sensitive as far as purchasing from online VGC providers (I’m just going to leave it at that).

I’m going to try for the Terps Card once I get the bonus. I did get a fairly low CL from the UoI card, so not sure if it’ll need to be closed if I may need to recon the card considering it appears they use the same company to do their credit card application process and approval.

RoamingRedPanda (@guest_719805)
February 9, 2019 13:34

The credit card should have the same 50k/$5k offer as the Terps card, so if you can double dip, maybe the $150 portion for opening a CC isn’t as unreasonable as it first seems?


Arash (@guest_719803)
February 9, 2019 13:09

Ok. So, I can help you with some of the unknowns, since I have an account with them.
They do pull Chex. No hard pull credit inquiry. No termination fee. After you get the bonus, prolly you could just downgrade it to a free option.

Matthew (@guest_719798)
February 9, 2019 12:44

Why difficult to keep fee-free?

“Do any of the following:

Monthly average balance of $500”