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CO (@guest_1095733)
November 22, 2020 17:29

 William Charles Link appears dead, also I think the bank got bought out.
Should be removed from best bank bonuses page too

potatoslayer (@guest_614409)
July 7, 2018 21:05

I opened this account and credit card funded $500. The )150 bonus is no longer running as far as I know .rhe $128 only requires direct deposit set up. The $4000 requirement is for the yearly $100 bonus.

This bank is friendly but getting to the branch isn’t that convenient. I work in the same city but getting out of the parking lot is difficult at times.

I use the account fairly frequently because I can online deposit money orders. However I do small quantities.

potatoslayer (@guest_614510)
July 8, 2018 09:33

Soft as I remember. Used a cap1 quiksilver.

Available in surrounding counties. I lived about 15-20 miles east in a different state. Southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. They ask for county in application.