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Published on May 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Insight 5% APY Prepaid Card on up to $5,000

Originally posted on 3/31/16. Updated and reposted on 5/15/17.

Insight card has changed over their backing bank from Axiom to Republic Bank. The 5% savings account is still live and kicking. But you’ll have open a new account since all accounts under Axiom Bank will stop earning 5% at the end of June. They aren’t automatically transferring the funds – you have to get the funds out of your old Axiom Insight account and separately put funds in your new Republic Insight account.

  • Interest Rate: 5% APY
  • Minimum Balance: $10
  • Maximum Balance: $5,000
  • Payments: Issued quarterly
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional Requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: No
  • Monthly fees: None (use pay-as-you-go plan)
  • Insured: FDIC
  • Length of promotion: Unknown (it’s been ongoing at least since the beginning of 2014)

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Open an Insight prepaid card and you’ll be eligible to open a connected Savings account with 5% APY interest rate
  • Max of $5,000 can be added to the Savings account
  • Interest is paid out quarterly

The Insight prepaid card is a Green Dot product and operated by Republic Bank of Chicago. You can read the official terms of the 5% account here (pdf). No hard pull is being done when opening the card, as is the case with most/all prepaid cards.

According to this Reddit thread, any money above $5k in the account will earn 5%, just the system doesn’t allow you to add more than $5k. If you earn interest, leave the interest in the account and you’ll earn 5%, despite it being more than $5k in the account.

Loading the Card

Load the card by sending money via ACH-push from your regular checking account or Paypal account. Simply add the prepaid card to your bank or to Paypal, same as attaching any bank account, and push money from there into the Insight account.

The routing number for Insight (the new version with Republic Bank of Chicago) is: 071025797. And your account number can be found in the login (Add Money > Direct Deposit).

Note: Often when pushing money from your bank or Paypal, they’ll do trial deposits and then pull those out. Insight won’t necessarily allow that pullback which might cause your bank not to allow you to complete the linking of that account. Best is if you can find a way to push funds without the trial deposit, e.g. real direct deposit, tax refund, maybe investment account (?), or similar.

Unloading the Card

Some people are nervous to put emergency savings in a prepaid card without know how they’ll get the money out. There are a few options for unloading including: bill pay, ACH-pull, buying money orders, and convenience check.

Before we dive into the details, remember that all unloading is done through the prepaid card; first transfer the money from the Savings to the Prepaid and then you can use one of these options to unload. Also, bear in mind that there may be some limits as to how much you withdraw per day, e.g. you might have to do $2,500 one day and $2,500 another day. Prepaid card often have these kinds of limits, though reports indicate that with Insight you can pull out the entire $5k at once (savings > checking > bank).

Bill Pay: There is a bill-pay option in the login, but I wasn’t able to easily find regular credit cards as payees. They may be lurking there somewhere, though.

ACH-Pull: The easiest option would be to use the routing and account numbers to ACH-pull money out of the account, either to your regular bank account or to pay a bill, e.g. a credit card bill. The card comes with a routing/account number and it should be possible to ACH-pull money out of the account. I’ve had success doing ACH-pulls multiple times.

Buy Money Orders: We can always unload by purchasing money orders from Walmart or wherever else they allow PIN-based debit cards to buy money orders. Some Insight transactions (e.g. bill pay) are limited to $2,500 per day and there may be such a limit on purchases as well.

Convenience Checks: For a small fee, you can unload through convenience checks. Looks like it will cost $7 to unload a full $5k from the account using convenience check; $5 to order the checks, and $1 per check (you’ll probably have to split it up into two $2,500 checks). It will also take time to execute.

Avoiding Fees

Like all similar prepaid cards, there are lots of fees if you use the card for purchases, transfers, or even a $1 fee for speaking to a live customer service agent.

Stick with the pay-as-you-go plan and there is no monthly fee.

If you don’t use the card for purchases or ATM withdrawals, and you manage your account online without calling up customer service, you should be able to keep it completely fee-free. Direct deposit, bill pay, and managing your account online are all free.

Inactivity Fee (90 Days)

One fee to be aware of is an inactivity fee of $3.95 when no purchases, cash withdrawals, or load transactions were made for 90-days. Automate a $1 transfer from your regular bank account to keep it fee-free.

The Fine Print

  • Interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly; if you close your Insight Savings before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest
  • Interest rate is 4.88%, with an APY of 5%
  • When creating the savings account, the minimum amount to open the account is $10

Our Verdict

The Insight card is the best high-interest prepaid card now that Netspend limits us to just $1,000 in 5% earnings. The card also stacks up nicely among high-yield checking and savings accounts. See a full list of options and analysis in our post on Best High-Interest Savings Account.


1,052 Responses to Insight 5% APY Prepaid Card on up to $5,000

  1. joe says:

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of opening an axiom checking account to liquidate MO from MS at Walmart. This may be the push I need. Anyone have experience with Axiom?

  2. Robin says:

    When I went to sign up, it asked for a referral code. What are the details of the referral and does anyone have a referral link?

  3. Mike says:

    Lame. Card not available for GA.

  4. Matt says:

    I signed up a little while ago and was able to fund with no issues. Only problem is for those who use, it seems to be having trouble connecting. This was a nice addition to the netspend flavors.

    • Bob says:

      Re: Mint
      If enough of us requested it to be added to Mint, Mint might fix this one as well as Western Union.

      • Kevin says:

        I discovered that you can actually add the Western Union Netspend into Mint!

        If you add a second Netspend account into mint, but use your Western Union login credentials (instead of your regular Netspend credentials), it will add it to Mint! In other words, you add two regular netspend accounts.

        You can do the same with HEB too, or any Netspend account for the matter.

        Try it out. Let me know if what I wrote makes sense.

        • Chuck says:

          That is awesome! I already did that for HEB, but it didn’t dawn on me to do for WU!

          Just wish there was a way to tell which is which. I now have three NS showing in Mint and can’t tell which is the NS, which the HEB, and which the WU.

          • Ken says:

            You can usually edit the account to change the name (not the institution name). I do this for all my accounts specially when I have 2-3 similar accounts from one bank. It will say on the top line, Bank of America, then underneath it’ll have your own label like, “Card 0001”, “Card 0002”, etc. Note, you will have to do this on a PC. I haven’t found a way to do this on a mobile device.
            Go to “Settings”, click on the drop-down arrow next to your account and change the name.

          • Kevin says:

            Yep. I just logged into Mint and edited the name of the account to match the respective company.

  5. Charly Chang says:

    I opened one, let’s see how that works. thanks! Chuck

  6. Jackalope says:

    A comment and a question. First, If you put the $5,000 max in the checking account, the yearly interest rate is 4.88%, rather than the full 5%, since they aren’t compounding any balances over the original $5,000.

    Second, if I understand this correctly, if you put $5,000 into the checking account (pay as you go) you will get just over $20 a month interest ($244 for the year). If you ach pull this $20 out of the account once each month after the interest is posted, leaving that initial $5,000, you will incur no fees and satisfy the inactivity clause while maximizing the account’s payout. Theoretically, you should be able to do this forever until you decide to unload the initial $5,000. Is this assessment correct?

    • Charly Chang says:

      I think you are right except for that the interests is only paid out every quarter.
      But I also think you play the game too seriously! 😀

      For all netspend accounts, I just leave the interests there and only ACH pull once or twice a year. I do have an automatic ACH push to these accounts every other months. The interest is small money, does not really worth the time and trouble to pull every month.

    • Chuck says:

      Yup, I think you are mostly right, except that the interest post quarterly, as Charly notes.

      I’m not positive that with Insight the interest rate goes down on balances above $5k. They just say that you can’t ADD more than $5k, but there is a chance that interest added will earn the 5% rate.

    • Dan says:

      The only flaw I see with your logic is you can’t put the $5,000 in the checking account and expect to get the high yield interest. It has to be in the savings account.

  7. Sittaima says:

    Any referral code?

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t see any referral option.

      • Wyle says:

        on the signup page there’s a box just below where you fill out your address that says, “Referral Code (if you were referred by a friend)”.
        I presume there’s a incentive program for both parties.

        • Chuck says:

          Right, I meant to say that I don’t see in my account any option or incentive to refer.

          I’d guess that they roll out some promotions at times, and right now there is none. But it may be that it’s somewhere and I’m just not seeing it.

  8. AD says:

    Are the savings accounts FDIC-insured? It looks like they are but I wasn’t for sure – The interest rate is very attractive at 5% for my emergency fund.

    Has anyone heard if the interest rate has changed or how they let you know if and when it does?

    • Tucknology says:

      At the bottom of the website it says “The Insight Savings Account (“Savings Account”) is made available to Cardholders through Republic Bank of Chicago or Axiom Bank®, Members FDIC.”

  9. Simple says:

    I’ve been having trouble linking my checking account with this account (rejected twice by Alliant). I noticed this:

    “IMPORTANT NOTICE: YOUR INSIGHT CARD ACCOUNT CANNOT BE USED TO ADD MONEY TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. When you make your first transfer to your account PayPal will send two small deposits to this account and ask you to confirm these deposits with your bank. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONFIRM THESE DEPOSITS OR VERIFY THIS ACCOUNT. This account cannot be used to add money to your PayPal account.”

    • Chuck says:

      Yes, they don’t seem to want linked bank accounts. I noted that in the post.

      Not sure why Alliant made problems. I was able to add Insight to my Santander account.

      • penny says:

        Does Santander allow free ACH transfers? I only have the extra20 accounts but didn’t see ACH transfers as an option in my online banking.

      • Chris says:

        FWIW, I was able to link my Alliant checking to my new Insight card. Had a .60 trial deposit post to my account. The account also had no money in it, as I had just got the card.

        The bank showed up as “Urban Trust Bank” when setting up the account on Alliant.

    • Prasanna says:

      I had a same scenario with Gobank when I was trying to link Gobank in Paypal.

    • Jeff H says:

      I attempted to add the Insight account info to PayPal, but Paypal refused indicating that bank was blocked as of the timestamp of this posting. So every where I go wants a fee to make deposits.

      I am not sure that I understand the card to card no fee to transfer in the fee structure.
      Contacting them to ask questions involves a service fee.

      Has anybody done a VGC or MCGC or AMEX GC transfer to the Insight Card? I fail to see a way to do something like that on the account page.

      • AB says:

        I successfully loaded a OV VGC to my Insight account at Family Dollar. They charged my $3.95 to do it. To avoid too much confusion on their part, I loaded $480 even, leaving me with $16.05 on the card. The way I looked at it:

        5% CB = $25.25.
        Initial fee = 4.95
        Load fee = 3.95

        Net profit = $16.35 — roughly what I had on the card.

        • Ken says:

          @AB – You don’t have any bank accounts that can link to Insight?

          • AB says:

            I do. But what’s the connection? You can MS your savings and earn money on the side.

          • Ken says:

            But you’re doing it all wrong. Why are you paying to load funds onto the card when you can do that for free by linking a bank account?

          • AB says:

            I’m not paying. I’m making money on it. Read the above. If I load up my Insight card with 11 VGCs I have from maxing out my Dividend card at CVS, I’ll have made $179.85. You, on the other hand, earned $0. Both of us have $5,000 in the account.

            Seems to me like you’re doing it wrong.

          • Ken says:

            No CVS in my state 😉 So you get 5% cashback on drug store spend? Why not just use those VGCs to buy a money order at $0.70 per $1,000, deposit in your bank, and you can even cut out the Insight loads and their accompanying fees. That’s almost $40 profit per $1,000 VGCs at CVS. Seems like Insight is just a waste of time and money.

            Wish I had a CVS near me so I could take advantage of these deals.

          • Eric says:


            Shouldn’t you be buying 12 to max it out? I realize you would earn 0% on around $50 of the 12th but you could split tender with another card if you wanted every penny.

            Are you sure that Insight won’t shut you down for this? I haven’t read about anyone trying this so it’s anyone’s guess if they are okay with it.

          • Eric says:


            Am I correct that you are referring to buying a MO at Wally? If so, OV cards don’t work there which is what AB bought at CVS.

            Even if they did, there’s no guarantee AB would be allowed to use a gc to buy a MO.

          • Ken says:

            @Eric – Yes, WM. I forgot that Vanilla doesn’t place nice with WM. Can always go to the post office I believe. MOs at WM with a GC are highly location specific, so the only way to know would be to try it out at several locations.

          • AB says:

            Very true but I actually spent about $550 on it in Q1!

            Insight may shut you down if you overdo it, but I loaded one a week at FD. 7 down, 4 to go.

            You Can use them at USPS for MO, but that’s still one at a time. I have almost unlimited MS bandwidth to but gc but very limited to cash them out. This is a nice side addition.

  10. Ken says:

    This is just basically another 5% account? Why the lengthy mention for how to load/unload the account? Shouldn’t we just park $5k in here and then leave everything alone except for an ACH push/pull to avoid the dormancy fee?

    I’m trying to find more ways of generating passive income.

    • Chuck says:

      Many people are paranoid of putting money in the account without knowing 100% how they will unload. Since it’s emergency funds, they want certainty that it’s easy to get out.

      Personally, I don’t worry much myself, and you seem to fall into that boat too.

      • Ken says:

        Gotcha. Might as well get some of my utility bills paid by these interest accounts.

        Is it possible to park $5k, set up automated ACH every 3 months and put these suckers on autopilot?

        Can you track all accounts through Mint?

        • Chuck says:

          Yup, should be possible to put it all on auto-pilot. That’s what I intend to do.

          Others said Mint doesn’t work properly for Insight, I haven’t checked yet.

  11. Karl1402 says:

    I’ve had issues aching money back to my bank. Would not recommend.

    • Chuck says:

      Karl, can you give more details?

      Is it the higher dollar pulls that don’t go through? Did you try ACH-pulling to pay a credit card? I had success with a $1 pull to my credit card.

      • Karl1402 says:

        I have tested small pulls and they’ve been blocked. Not sure it’s worth the effort to play the check game.

        • Chuck says:


          Maybe they block banks but not credit cards. I’ll have to test more when I have more money in the account.

          • Win says:

            Given test deposit concerns I set up an Insight account for transfers with Fidelity via Fido’s printed form which doesn’t require trial deposits for verification. Once the instructions were processed, was able to deposit money and withdrawal some of it a few days later. So far the withdrawal stands – will see if it gets reversed later.

  12. AE says:

    I know this is a “bank” but something inside of me recoils at the last step of the application of giving them my SS number…. I think I will stay with banks 3% + ….

  13. joe says:

    I tried opening a netspend account…. but neither TD Ameritrade, Schwab or Vanguard were willing to ach money to the account. Can you do a post on what banks work well with these prepaid type cards?

    • Chuck says:

      I think most smaller banks work. I’ve heard some have issues with the likes of Chase and Discover. Santander works for me, as has another small bank I’ve used.

    • Jackalope says:

      Doing a P2P payment with Capital One 360 works to do an ACH push payment to pretty much anything that you have a Routing / Account number. I would be very surprised if it doesn’t work for this product.

      By doing a P2P payment, they don’t require account validation using the test push / pulls. You can’t do an ACH PULL payment this way. Note that CapOne360 also has a transfer account linkage system where account validation is required.

    • Robin says:

      Ally works for Netspend

    • Prasanna says:

      First Tennessee worked for me.

  14. barrytuneup says:

    never had trouble with ACH in or out with Everbank! Worked on all 5% acct (netspend/WU/Heb etc)

  15. Jay says:

    I’ve used Ally for my other 5% accounts, does anyone know if that works for this too wthout issues?

  16. hardy says:

    This is posted today on 31st March & I applied for this card today only. when I can fund my account? I think After getting my card in mail within a week? after activating it…..
    Some of the comments here it shows today only they funded their account, how come they did that?
    Sorry I am new to this 5% card account, this is my 1st one…..can anyone explain me please?….Thank you

  17. Prasanna says:

    There is a $4.95 load fee if we are loading in the register of partners. There are also load partners in Do any of the current users know does the same load fee applies to the load partners as well? I just signed up and I couldn’t see the list. Thanks.

  18. tbradnc says:

    I’m holding on this until I there are data points on being able to ACH pull money from the card back to an online bank (Ally preferably).

    I’m pulling money off these 5% cards semi-annually but when I want to do it.. I want to be able to do it. 🙂

  19. Erik says:

    I just applied for the Insight card but I apparently failed the ID check for unknown reasons (possibly because I was not sure which hospital was closest to me; I still don’t know 100% for sure).

    They told me that I need to visit a partner location. The closest one is in a different city, more than 500 miles away……

    Anyone had any luck getting a card after they failed ID verification?

    • Octavio says:

      I had the same thing happened to me – my credit is blocked with all 3 bureaus and although prepaid cards don’t check your credit, I always have problems opening accounts, I actually had to unblock it to get Mango and Amex for Target approved. I got the same message as you regarding failed ID verification and needing to go to a partner location. So, I wrote it off, however I received an email the next day from Alerts@InsightCards saying:
      “Your new Insight Visa® Prepaid Card personalized with your name is on the way. Get started with Insight benefits”

      The message was flagged as fraud/junk by hotmail so it was in my Spam folder. I called them up to verify if a card was indeed sent, the girl said yes and then explained the benefits of the platinum plan 🙂 I have to wait around 7 days to get my shiny new card as it’s on the way, so check out your junk/spam folder, you might have been “approved” w/o even knowing just like I was.

      • erik says:

        No, I don’t have any E-mails from Insight (also not in SPAM). I talked to a manager who said that 1 wrong answer should not cause ID verification failure. I am at a loss why I failed, and he couldn’t give me any advice on who to contact to find out why.
        Anyway, he gave a closer location (20 miles away) so I will apply in person.

        Do you have a referral code? We both will get $20. You should have received a mailer. If not maybe online, or you can call them to ask. My GF may first try to apply using your referral code.

        • Octavio says:

          Awesome! Nah, no referral codes here. I haven’t gotten anything from them, except for that welcome email. I don’t know if there are live referral codes out there and I think Chuck mentioned he did not see any on his account 🙁
          Best of luck applying in person and next time use google to locate your nearest hospital ;-P

          • Erik says:

            I talked to Insight customer service. They told me that users should have received a miler with a promo code; $20 for each. She said that customers can call in to get the codes otherwise (ask them to waive the $1 call fee)

            Actually, I did do a Google search for Hospitals but the issue is that the names don’t match exactly. Anyway, based on what I entered it should be correct. An Insight manager also said that a single wrong answer should cause failure (I had all correct!)

            I wonder if the reason for failure is instead that I had my VPN enabled when I applied. It has caused issues in the past. They may not like it if they don’t have your real IP because someone may apply from a a sanctioned country!

          • Chuck says:

            Erik, did they give you a code over the phone?

        • Loya says:

          Who are their partners?
          If one of these partner locations is close to us, my wife will go there to open an account in person.

          (My wife always gets rejected for prepaids, and that’s a mystery for us. We tried perhaps 10 prepaids during the last 3 years, and every single one of them failed in identity verification. She doesn’t have that problem with credit card, bank accounts, car loans, etc. )

      • e says:

        Good call of the Spam folder. My gmail put the approved “Alert” in there. Was waiting over a week for the card and thought i may not have been approved until i found it in Spam.

  20. e says:

    Any more info on ACH Out?

  21. Erik says:

    No, I don’t have an account yet so they can’t give me a code.

    I called and asked if they were running an referral promo and CS said that they do ($20/$20). I need to get the code from a current member.

    The member should have received a mailer, or the member may call in to get their code over the phone. She thought that a current member may also see it after logging in, but she wasn’t sure about that.

  22. Kevin says:

    Anyone been able to do an ACH pull using a bank such as Ally? Am interested in snagging on these and adding to my 5% card collection, but not sure if its worthwhile if all the money getting put in there can’t be quickly pulled out.

    • tbradnc says:

      Even if you can ACH money out on the card you can only do a max of $1500 per day so it’d take you 4 days to pull the money off. I’m going to pass on this one.

      • Erik says:

        How does that compare to the other Netspend cards?
        Can you ACH out $5K in one transaction with them?

        • Tom says:

          I was told by a Netspend CSR that $1500 is the limit, and I have successfully done a $1500 ACH pull. I have not tried to do more than one $1500 ACH pull within 24 hours, but doubt it would work.

          • e says:

            Really $1500 on netspend? I was pretty sure someone from fat wallet? ach pulled 5000 out a number of times on a few diff netspends as a test?

  23. Erik says:

    I just talked to a supervisor at Insight;
    1. Application: If you stay on the ID verification page >4-5 min, you will fail (that is what happened to me)

    2. Referral: We can only use this if the account holder got a letter with a referral code (not available online or by calling)

    3. Withdrawal (from card account):
    A. Through ATM: Max $2,500/day
    B. Cash Advance (in Bank) MAX $5000/day
    There is a $2.50 fee for ATM, and 3% for Cash Advance(!)
    Thus, if you have an ATM with a $500 limit it will cost $25 to w/d the $5000.
    It may still be worth it for some as the interest is $20.83/month
    (for someone with a Reward account at 2.5% instead, it would take less than 3 months to break even)

  24. Erik says:

    Could someone confirm that direct deposit is still not required to open a Savings account? It can simply be done after activating the card?

  25. Chris says:

    Tried linking this Insight account with Capitol One 360, BOA and looks it’s not going to work. Even PayPal is not working, even though Insight is claiming it should work as a way to fund the account. Not sure what other options are out-there. Maybe just sending them a check form my checking account?

    As far as pulling the money from Insight, I figured I can always request the convenience checks when ready to liquidate the account.

    • Chuck says:

      I was able to ACH funds to Insight from my checking account (Santander).

    • Erik says:

      Did you get convenience checks when opening the account or did you need to order them ($5/12 checks)? Max check amount is $2,500, so I guess you need to authorize two checks ($1/authorization). Thus, $7 total to to liquidate the account?.

      • Chuck says:

        I didn’t get checks. I think you have to order them.

        • Erik says:

          The TOC states:

          2.15 Convenience Checks
          We may issue you complimentary Convenience Checks for your use
          when you receive your Card. If you request additional Convenience
          Checks, a fee will apply.

          Unclear what the “may issue” means…..?

          BTW, did you try to ACH out funds from your insight account?

    • Chris says:

      FYI, I was able to link BOA with Insight. Probably because BOA sent two trial deposits IN, and did not take money out.

    • Dana Smith says:

      I just linked with Cap 360 today with no issues.

  26. Peter says:

    After I typed my SSN and clicked next when trying to order a card,it shows:
    We are sorry but we are unable to issue you an Insight Card at this time. Please visit any of our partner locations to apply for your Insight Card.

    I have no difficulties when applying other bank accounts and credit cards.Could anyone tell what goes wrong?Thanks.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t know, I didn’t have any problems. Maybe try again from a different browser?

    • Matt says:

      I got tthe same error. I waited 24 hours then logged on to my work VPN and I reapplied with no issue. Card received and funded through ALLY with no issue.

      • Wyle says:

        Did ALLY do trial deposits to Insight?
        Did they show up in your Insight transaction history?
        Was ALLY able to pull the deposits back?

        • Matt says:

          Yes Ally did trial deposits and they showed in my history. I initiated a $500 withdrawal today through Ally from Insight. I will post back and let you know happens.

          • Matt says:

            I can verify I was able to ACH out $500 from my Insight account into my Ally account. No problems on this end.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            Appreciate the follow up. Have you tested the $1.5k daily limit by any chance? I’m guessing we’re better off not trying to find out. At least not intentionally.

    • Filip says:

      Have the same problem.
      Might be because of the usage of a VPN. Will try again tomorrow.

  27. Lucy says:

    Where do I check to make sure I am on pay-as-you-go plan? I can’t find a place online. Thanks.

  28. Ken says:

    If it’s anything like the Netspend cards that’s the default plan.

  29. Shaun says:

    When I add my Insight card to my Ally account my, should I choose checking or savings for the account type? It’s not really either…

    • Ken says:

      The debit cards are all considered checking, and the savings are considered savings as they have the 6 withdrawals per month stipulation.

  30. Eric says:

    I’ve seen a few people mention a referral program but haven’t seen anyone actually offer to refer someone. Does anyone have a referral to give? Do you get access to the 5% savings account right after activating the card or after the firstl ACH deposit?

    • Chuck says:

      Once you have $10 in your account, you can open a Savings with 5% interest. No need for direct deposit.

      • sarah says:

        after the first $10, can you deposit funds into savings directly or does every transaction need to be deposited onto the prepaid card and then transferred to savings?

  31. Mr. PTM says:

    Curious if anyone has tried to Bill Pay themselves, a SO, or their dog by adding a biller manually (which I was able to do). Per the TOC, there’s no fee for Bill Pay, so maybe another alternative if ACH-out to bank or CC isn’t working. I don’t yet have funds in the account, so can’t test myself.


  32. Eric says:

    Has anyone received interest yet? I’m wondering if Chuck’s theory that interest received above the $5K deposited earns the 5% also.

  33. Vadim says:

    I don’t see any reference to Savings in my online account. I think this feature is inactive for me for some reason. Can someone post screenshot of where in the menu Savings account should be?

  34. Vadim says:

    Here is the screenshot. Nothing mentions Savings

    • Chuck says:

      By me, it’s between Card History and Spend Money. But that’s because I already opened the Savings account. I don’t remember how I opened it originally, sorry. Try poking around, there must be a link somewhere.

    • Wyle says:

      For me, it looks the same as Chuck described, but before I elected to have the savings, I think the ‘open savings’ link was just above my name (as in behind the drop down menu in your screenshot). One thing – you do need more than a $10 balance (IIRC) on the prepaid card to get the savings account option. I had $25.

    • Erik says:

      I just deposited $14 and the Savings link now shows up:

  35. Erik says:

    I got my card after applying over the phone. However, I am not able to get any money in to my account from my Credit Union. I tried:
    1. Billpay to myself by ACH
    2. Tried linking for ACH transfers with Trial deposits

    However, both the Billpay and the Trial deposits were rejected because Insight claimed that my name does not show up on either. My Credit union states that this is wrong. They always send my name with Billpay and the Trial deposits…..

    I had no problem linking the 5 Netspend cards via trial deposits.

    • Chuck says:

      Maybe try sending from a different bank? I had no problem sending from Santander.

    • Wyle says:

      Ally worked for me even though trial deposits weren’t pulled back.
      Insight transaction shows them as “ALLY BANK, TRIALCREDT” with no name listed. Subsequent transfers are simply listed as “ALLY BANK, P2P”.

      • Erik says:

        Insight told me the amount of the rejected trial deposits and I was then able to link and send money to the card using the credit union.
        I also tried with another bank and those trial deposits worked. Curious to see if the trial withdrawals will also post.

        • Mark Zhang says:

          What was the result? Did your CU allowed you to link? My CU actually terminated Insight because of the rejected trial credit. Based on my past experience, failures like this can be “dangerous”.

  36. e says:

    anyone have more that 1 card?

  37. cav says:

    This account required the most difficult address verification questions I’ve ever seen. It seems pointless, because I had to google half of the answers and still passed.

    Highlights included:
    Which of these highways is closest to you? (the closest one on the list is 2 hours away, none of the nearby interstates were listed)
    Which of these hospitals is closest to you? (only one on the list was from my state, and it’s a children’s hospital. No mention of the general hospital that I live near)

  38. Ken says:

    In Mint Insight brings up “Insight Visa Prepaid Debit Card”. Can anyone try adding their account through that option to confirm if it works or not? If I can’t monitor from Mint I’ll forget about it; I already have a ton of bank accounts as it is.

  39. Yuan says:

    Open an insight account early Apr, don’t received anything till now. customer service phone not working since i do not have card number, and email customer service do nothing but insist me to call.

  40. Nit says:

    Can you have multiple insight cards?

  41. ERIC says:

    Brinks Dropping 5% savings to 1,000. over that it’s just .49%. Bummer Effective July 1, 2016

  42. ERIC says:

    Ace, WU, Netspend and also dropping to 1,000

  43. 007 says:

    Can someone please post the Insight Savings Account Agreement (NOT the general Insight terms and conditions, which references this agreement)? Thank you!!!

  44. John says:

    how many of these accounts can you open per person?

  45. Alex says:

    How long does it take to get your card? It’s been about 2 weeks now and I’ve gotten nothing from them

  46. Steven says:

    FYI. I was able to add the account to Ally. I received the trial credits and was able to verify the account.

  47. Dave says:

    I just received my card after about 2 weeks. Did anyone ever figure out if you can have more than one of these, and if so, how many? Thanks in advance!

  48. Mark Zhang says:

    DP report: Ally and Discover worked when linking verification was initiated from the two; Alliant had issues.

    Actually, I experienced similar issues with both Ally and Alliant before, when I was dealing with NetSpend cards, once with each of the two. The shared syndrome was failure for Ally to pull back the trial deposits (from Brinks) and failure for Alliant to push its trial deposit into the card (Brinks). Ally usually has two pushes and one pull, while Alliant has one push and one pull. I saw one comment above saying the trial deposits were not pulled back; it could be a dangerous sign. Last time with Ally, I called several times, but ended up getting banned to ever link Brinks again. They told me that they do not allow linking prepaid cards, yet my other cards are successfully linked.

    This time, Alliant successfully pulled but was not able to pushed the amount into Insight. Yesterday, I noticed this, and I called even though with the pulled amount, I was able to get Insight verified. The representative basically treated me as an idiot, and was a bit annoyed when I constantly asked her to confirmed that Alliant really had the account verified. She said “you can see for yourself it’s active”, so I initiated a transfer.

    The transfer was successfully received by Insight this morning, but a couple of hours later, Alliant emailed me saying the verification failed and deleted the account. All this was super confusing.. I called again, and found out the reason was exactly that the trial credit, less than one dollar, was rejected by Insight. How could they reject dozens of cents and accept another large amount?!?!

    Anyway, I msged Insight to inquire about this issue and am waiting for the reply. Luckily, I was not banned by Alliant for that, just as the Brinks case. I tried a second time to get Brinks linked with Alliant, and I think I would try again for Insight.

  49. Rebecca says:

    I have recently opened an Insight account and am trying to decide whether I should order convenience checks to use for easily unloading the money, if needed. I did notice that they have a limit of $2500 per convenience check.

    Do you most recommend doing this, bill pay, ACH pull, or something else?

  50. Hans says:

    I was able to ACH pull $1 out of my insight account into Ally. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I had $0.50 left in the debit card account after the ACH pull.

  51. Feo says:

    I can’t add it to my paypal account to fund the Insight account. It gives me the “Sorry, we’re unable to link that bank because it is disabled. Please try another bank.” error

  52. Chuck says:

    Update: I got paid out the interest for Q2 2016 today, as expected.

  53. Ben says:

    Does anyone have a phone number that doesn’t require entering your card number?

    I signed up 4 weeks ago, received a welcome email, but never received my card.

    • Dan says:

      I noticed that they left address line 2 off the address on the envelope. My mailman knows me so he knew which box it went in, but I can see it being a problem for others. Maybe that’s why you never received yours.

  54. Sam says:

    I just moved the funds to the savings today…After we transfer funds to savings and max out close to 5k, we let it sit for 3 months to generate interest and then load it to the card, correct?

  55. John says:

    Eric mentioned above that as of 7/1/16, Brinks, Ace, Western Union, and NetSpend have dropped the amount that they pay5% on to $1,000 rather than the customary $5000. Eric says anything over $1000 pays a mere 0.49%. Does anyone else know anything about this? Thanks all.

  56. John says:

    Found the article regarding dropping Savings account limits down from $5000 to $1000. Crap. All are ACH linked so I will empty out all funds. Does anyone know how to close out these accounts? Thanks

  57. Jeff says:

    I have tried several banks to link with account. But none of them succeeded credit insight account. I am tired to deal with this any more. Does anyone know how to close this insight account?

  58. Nick says:

    Has anyone tried to open a second account? Or even more?

    My first has been up and running for a few months now, so hoping to go for two


  59. anthonyjh21 says:

    Seems like everyone is going to jump aboard the Insight gravy train now that Mango has neutered their 6% starting in September.

  60. Christopher says:

    I only received 2% interest paid monthly on my 5k over the past 2 months. Will I be paid for the additional 3% on the quarter? I have my money in the savings and not on my card.


  61. Jordan says:

    Attempting to open this account for 5 days now and I was initially rejected whilst completing the on-line account application. One of the identity questionnaires referred to a street name I’d never lived at (vetting credit reports now to be safe) so, naturally, I failed it.

    Called the number they provide on their “Contact Us” page and fought the call tree long enough to somehow get a live person. I explained to them that I’d been rejected and couldn’t create an account on-line. I was then assured I’d reached the correct department and was put on hold while the rep looked into my issue (no personal info given at this time).

    2 mins later, he gets back on the phone and tells me point blank I won’t be able to make an account with them. I try to get clarification but keep getting brief No’s and Nope’s as he tries to push me off the line. I’ve struck out with the on-line application every time since.

    Has anyone run into similar issues creating this account? I’m guessing this was a new call rep who didn’t realize immediately that Insight didn’t have an account to charge me from for their customer service and was prompted to drop me once that became clear. I don’t know if Insight thinks I’m an identity thief or if they don’t give a shit about random folks who can’t successfully coerce an account out of their impregnable web application.

    Any help/advice is appreciated.

    • Matt says:

      I had the same issue. The answer is to log in again but this time go through a VPN which shows you connecting from a different location. I used my work VPN……it allowed me to submit a new application and that time I got the answers correct.

      • Jordan says:

        Thanks for the response. I was actually using a VPN when I applied and cycled through a couple other VPNs I had available that same day without any luck.

        Tried it yesterday on a whim with another completely new VPN after taking a 2day hiatus. Didn’t even bring me to the questionnaire portion. I was simply approved once I provided all my personal information. I’m a little weirded out but it worked so we’ll see. I’ll report back with further info once the card arrives.

        Thanks again for the reply.

      • Jordan says:

        Latest DP. Got my card today. Tried to set it up online and found that I needed to activate it over the phone first. No biggie. Call to activate and was told by the automated voice that my card had been deactivated and to use my latest card. Hmm . . .

        Call the recommended customer service number online. “No customer service available at this time.” Call the number to check funds and jump through those hoops. 30 mins on hold and I hang up. Call back later and after 45 mins on hold I talk to a live person. I’m flagged by another department and can never do business with Insight. They can’t tell me why and claim they don’t even know why which is possible. After dragging out the conversation I finally get a manager. So after a 45 min hold and 30 mins between the reg customer service agent and her supervisor, I hang up with no elaboration on why they can’t EVER do business with me.

        I applied again today and got approved so when that card arrives I’ll jump through these hoops again I guess. I’m either getting the account or and answer why I can’t get the account. At some point, Northpointe will actually be less work to maintain than this but at the moment it’s personal so I’ll keep at it. More info to come.

        • Kevin says:

          Anything other come of this? Wife had the same issue on the first card but now can’t apply at all from the same “location” it seems. Going to try at work Tuesday…

  62. FB says:

    Here is a better number, in case you have to call again: 855-355-8117

    • Jeff says:

      Yes, I couldn’t get out of the automated portion with the number on their contact page. This number reaches a human.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        Google “check cashing” and find a location that carries them. Will take you probably 15 minutes tops. Best part is you’ll be able to load funds there and avoid the bank verification drama since you’ll already have a balance.

  63. Niel says:

    Tried to apply for one card on line. However, in the end I got the message: We are sorry but we are unable to issue you an Insight Card at this time. Please visit any of our partner locations to apply for your Insight Card. I guess I answered one of the questions wrong.

    The questions asked is so difficult, such as the nearest highway of some road, which I have never heard of…

    • Chuck says:

      Bummer, maybe just give it a few weeks and try again online? Not sure if it ‘remembers’ you or not.

    • Fred says:

      I got the same message and I know I answered all the questions right. Went to a partner location and took all of 10 minutes to sign up and get the card with no problems.

      Setup online access and now trying to find an account that will link to Insight to transfer the $5,000 into savings.

      • Wong says:

        When you went to a partner location, did you have to provide ID and your SSN?

        • Pete says:

          Yes, my place asked for a DL and my SSN. Very easy, just go for the pay as you go for no monthly fees

          What’s silly is even so, they mistyped my DOB from the DL and I had to call Insight to fix it. They asked me to fax in my DL as verification.

      • Diomaiuti says:

        Ok, I’m having absolutely no luck opening a 2nd account online. Where did you go to open one in person? My local Rite Aid is listed as a partner, but when I looked at prepaid cards on the rack there, I couldn’t find one that mentioned “Insight,” and I’m afraid I’ll end up with some other, useless, acct.

        Please help!

  64. Sam says:

    I received quarterly interest today. I was shy of 5k, so received around $54 (instead of $60).

    1. I should transfer all 5k into the prepaid card.
    2. Go to walmart and get MOs if i want to.
    3. Add new money into the card from the bank

    4. Just move $54 from Savings to the card and leave the <= 5k in the savings for the next 3 months. Add $1 into insight card from my regular bank to avoid fee. I don't mind leaving 5k with them.

    Where am I wrong here?

  65. Erik says:

    Not sure if I understand your question..

    You don’t need to do anything. You can leave the money in your Savings account. You will get 5% APY posted quarterly on the full amount (even if more than $5K).

    You just need to have some activity at least once every quarter to avoid fees (e.g. ACH in/out)

    • Sam says:

      I thought max load in savings account is 5k. I had ~$5055. So I transferred $60 to the card keeping the SA total to <5k. I guess I can leave it this way until I decide to withdraw the money, correct?

  66. Quin says:

    Just opened the Insight Account. Can anyone verify if the 5% on 5000.00 in the savings account is still paying interest?

  67. Dan says:

    Didn’t get interest yet, I opened my account 07/05/2016. When should I be expecting something?



    • Chuck says:

      It gets paid quarterly so if you had money in the Savings Account between 7/1 and 9/30, you should have gotten interest posted to your savings account on 10/1.

      • Peter says:

        Made the mistake of not following through with creating the savings account (thought it was one in the same) and didn’t get an interest payment, so make sure you have enrolled in the savings account as well and transfer at least $10 to get the interest.

  68. Miz says:

    Among US Bank, TD, and Schwab, which one allows automatic $1 ACH push?
    I tried UFB and Discover but minimum amount for ACH push is $10 for UFB and $25 for Discover.

  69. Dana Smith says:

    I was just able to move $2000 from Savings to the card at one time. Is the $1500 every 24 hours no longer correct?

    I would try to move the other $3K but now I’m worried I might be charged a fee or something.

  70. Harry says:

    I got hit with a Fee today – ACH Returned Debit Fee $-5.00 for whatever reason. I have emailed them about it. The only ACH I had attempted was a pull from my bank several days back which did not work – hopefully that does not cause $5 fee.

    • Harry says:

      Never mind, I think I figured it out. I did try ACH pull from my bank thinking it was coming out of the savings. Apparently it tried to pull out of the card balance which was not sufficient and hence it failed. I know this is up there in what the doc has posted and I may not have read it well, but just to be doubly aware: If you are doing a ACH pull it is coming out of the card balance and there is no automatic transfer from savings to cover for insufficient funds. So it will be returned and $5 fee added to your card. Live and learn.

  71. Arthur says:

    What counts as Direct Deposit (received a targeted mailer)?

    • Chuck says:

      I think I’ve heard that regular ACH works.

    • Cosmic says:

      What was the amounts on your mailer? I received one too but I lost it. Was it $20 for a DD of $200?

    • Erik says:

      I also received a mailer and did a $200 DD by ACH. However, they didn’t give me the $20 because they said that I already had a DD.
      — I have monthly incoming $0.10 ACH (to avoid the inactivity fee).
      I asked why they then sent me the mailer with the offer if they were not going to honor it… After some arguing, they finally gave me the $20 “as a courtesy”

      • Naomi says:

        How long before you received $20? Can I do an ACH pull of $200 immediately and still get it? (I threw out the mailer and forgot to check the fine print)

        • Erik says:

          As I said above, I didn’t receive the $20 “automatically”. You are supposed to get it the following BSN day.
          I called in and complained, and got it the next day.
          I believe that you can do an ACH out w/o problems (I did – nothing in the “fine print” about it).

        • Tomtoo says:

          My wife and I have done actual payroll DD’s, and NONE of the accounts were credited the next day as they say they will. It has been well over a week since the DD’s were received (one almost a month).

          Called them today, on hold for 47 minutes, they said I had earned it and that it usually takes 7-10 business days to get it. I asked why the card said “next business day”. CSR just repeated the same thing, and said I will now be getting it in another 7-10 business days.

          My wife also called today, on hold 1HOUR 12 min, that CSR said that they would escalate it to a manager, and they would call her back. She won’t be holding her breath, especially if they are anything like the Netspends. BTW, I called them back about another account tonight at 9:48 est and got right through, go figure.

          If you have to call about getting your $20, remember to ask them to credit you the $1.00 “Call Center Customer Service Fee”. It gets tacked on the account as soon as a live CSR answers the phone. (I refreshed my account activity page when they answered and it was already there). Any time you talk to them about something that can’t be handled through the automated system, you get credited but have to ask for it.

          Although this is a nice bonus, I probably won’t bother with something like this again. We’ve gotten screwed over by some of the Netspends and so called bonuses that never got paid. Hopefully, Insight will fulfill their obligation, and even if they do eventually pay, it was hardly worth the hassle.

          • Tomtoo says:

            Got the $20 for one ot the accounts today, the one that they said would take another 7-10 days to process after my call yesterday. It took barely one day to get credited to the account. Again, go figure! We’ll see how our others do.

          • Eric says:

            Did you leave the $200 on the Insight card until the bonus posted or did you transfer it back out? What did you use for your DD?

          • astoria26 says:

            Did your direct deposit show up as “P2P” or “Ext Trsnfer”?

          • Tomtoo says:

            Sorry, I’m still not getting notified when someone leaves a comment. My wife and I have 4 accounts between us. Her employer will change DD’s quickly so for her 2 accounts she did one payroll DD to each. To avoid confusion, the account I mentioned above that got paid was actually her’s. Her other one got paid today. I was wondering if she would get paid for BOTH accounts. Well, we did get 4 separate promo postcards, but you never know with these places. She did transfer the DD amounts back out before the $20 bonuses were paid.

            Unfortunately, Insight rejected my wife’s DD’s into my accounts, so I have done ACH’s over $200 each from Chase and CapOne360 into each account to be safe and am waiting. I am planing to leave the deposits in until the bonuses are (hopefully) paid. We have had to call on all 4 accounts since none of them were paid the bonus when they were supposed to be paid. Here is a copy-paste of how our ACH’s showed:

            Wife: [employer name], SALARY


            Good luck!

          • Tomtoo says:

            After waiting over a week to be supposedly called back by a “manager in 3 to 5 days” with my “escalated situation” and of course never getting called back, I called them about my two accounts (separately). The first one the CSR said he would email the fact that I was qualified to the proper dept, and if my $20 credit didn’t show up within 24 hours, to call back. It actually happened, but not all was well. Even though the CSR said he would credit the $1.00 “Call Center Customer Service Fee”, he didn’t. I called back today to get that taken care of.

            When calling in about the other account, I got the same old “will escalate to a manager…again” business, so here we go again. We’re almost there, we’ve got 3 out of the 4.

          • Tomtoo says:

            Finally got the last $20 bonus load. It has been many weeks with weekly phone calls, with no promised return calls coming from Insight. Certainly not worth the hassle.

            One thing I will give them credit for: from the sound of the different CSR’s, I think the call center is U.S. based, or at least they have trained their people to speak very well, and they seem more knowledgeable than their competition’s (Netspend) CSR’s I have dealt with.

  72. Ruby says:

    So my husband got his card but insight blocked his discover bank. He emailed them and apparently they don’t allow transfers from other banks.

    I have my own card and I have transferred from Discover myself so don’t know if it’s a new thing or not.

    I will try an ach from our credit union to see if it works but if it doesn’t then it’s bad news that we can’t ach in and out anymore

    Any thoughts?

  73. brainwash says:

    ACH push/pull definitely working with Ally.
    Has anyone linked an Insight card/savings with Personal Capital?

  74. Kudy says:

    I opened this card, and have successfully set up ACH push with Ally, but I am unable to login to the Insight online account, because I never receive their confirmation email. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!

    • Erik says:

      Yes, you need to use a common E-mail provider (e.g. gmail). You need to call CS to have them change the E-mail since you cannot login yourself to change it. You can switch back to your preferred E-mail address after receiving the confirmation and logging in.

      • Tomtoo says:

        Remember to ask them to credit you the $1.00 “Call Center Customer Service Fee”

      • Kudy says:

        Thanks for the info! The weirdest thing happened – I waited on hold, talked to the rep, and she said that my account is closed, can’t be re-opened, and she can’t give me any more information. She did allow me to change the email address. Is it possible I am on some sort of blacklist or something? Baffling.

  75. Kevin says:

    Anyone have issues opening another account at the same address? I opened a card for my wife but they wouldn’t let me activate it – immediately upon receiving it, it was closed for the standard BS “security reasons” with no recourse (of course).

    Tried applying again and got the “We are sorry but we are unable to issue you an Insight Card at this time.” message…

    • Tomtoo says:

      When my wife tried to open an account with our same address, we made sure we waited until my card had arrived on my account, and I had activated and funded it and the savings account online. THEN she applied for her card and it worked. If you didn’t do that, you might want to try it that way.

  76. David M says:

    Is it confirmed that this account earns 5% over 5k?

    • No it doesn’t earn 5% on balances over $5k.

    • Erik says:

      It earns interest on the full balance of the account. You can only move max $5K to Savings. But any interest left in the account will also earn interest.

      For example, if you deposited $5K and have earned $250 in interest that you left there, then the interest will be based on $5,250 for the following quarter..

      • Phong Chau says:

        So i’m basically screwed? My lame TD bank placed a hold on my account on a $2,000 transfer. I thought that it was canceled so I submitted another $2,000 transfer. Then I moved $2,400 from another bank thinking that I was only at 4,400 instead of $6,400. What do I do now? None of my transfers have shown up yet.

  77. tony says:

    Pulled $5k from to saving to checking, and checking to discover in one day. All succeeded with no errors or warnings. Seems the $1500 a day rule no longer applies.

  78. Merm says:

    Has anyone had experience doing an ACH push and pull with Fidelity? Also instead of depositing, one of the methods under loading the card in the terms in conditions is transferring from savings into checking. Would it be possible to avoid the inactivity fee by transferring $1 from savings into checking?

  79. Le says:

    So when I added this using the routing and account number (checking) to capital one 360 as an external account, they did the usual 2 deposits to verify the account. Only problem is, they didn’t do the 1 withdraw of the 2 deposits…is this normal? It’s been 2 weeks and the deposits are still there.

    • Nick says:

      If CapOne shows it being confirmed and linked, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve linked a few accounts with Insight, and have experienced two missing transactions myself from trial deps/withdrawals.

      Much like Netspend and Mango, I look at it as small roadbumps and things we’re willing to put up with for the high interest rates…

      • Le says:

        I didn’t give it much thought until my journey cc was restricted due to a fraud alert even though I authorized it in the email they sent when the purchase was going through. The restriction was tripped a few days after the purchase posted and the payment I made to the cc from Insight posted.

        CapOne CS said they needed to verify the Insight account (Axiom Bank) before the restriction can be lifted. Not sure why they needed to verify it again since I already did with the trial deposits. Well, when the CS called Axiom Bank, they were told that Axiom wouldn’t do 3rd party verifications over the phone so the CS had me fax them a copy of Axiom Bank’s statements. The two events may have been completely unrelated, but that’s what my first thought was.

    • Tomtoo says:

      I had the same experience when CO360 did the test deposits into Citibank. They never withdrew them.

  80. Once the Insight card was opened, I transferred $25 from my Santander checking account to the Insight card. I had to fill out Routing Number, Account Number, Name. No trial deposits were sent or received, and the $25 showed up in my Insight card next business day. Promptly moved it into the savings, and will continue this same pattern!

  81. Kevin says:

    Anyone know if the $1500 withdrawal limit still applies? I’ve been limiting myself to just putting in $1500 into this account, but thinking I might go for the full $5k if the limit no longer applies. Biggest fear is needing the money for some reason, then finding myself stuck and unable to pull the money out quickly.

  82. Tomtoo says:

    I can confirm Insight paid 5% (APR) interest on my full balance of $5045.24, not $5000.00. Of course the extra $45.24 was previously accumulated interest, otherwise they would not have paid interest on the $45.24.

    • Rachael says:

      What was the interest amount that was posted? I had a balance of $5,054.97 as of 10/1/16 (after Insight posted $54.97 interest for the 3rd quarter), and only received $62.39 in interest on 01/01/17. I haven’t touched the money in my savings account since depositing the initial $5,000 in July 2016.

      • Dan says:

        If you do the math, you got interest on your full amount plus compounding.. interest rate is 4.88% .. divide that by 4 (quarterly) comes out to about 1.2% per quarter. That would be $61.67 on your full balance.. but you got extra because the daily compounding.

  83. Tomtoo says:


    Interest posted was $62.31.

    Insight pays 4.88%÷4=1.22% in a quarter (becoming 5% APR at the end of the year). If they had only paid me on the $5000, I would have only earned $61.00 plus around .06 on the $45.24 above $5000 (.50%÷4) for a total of $61.06. They paid me more than that. But what they did pay me has me confused, because on my balance, 1.22% of $5045.24 should be $61.55. They paid me .76 more.

    In your case using the above (amateur) math, you should have gotten paid $61.67 for the quarter. They paid you .72 more. I am obviously missing some detail, and most likely some math pro can take me to task and point it out. But it sure appears to me we at least got paid 5% APR on our total balance, plus some mysterious extra.

  84. Gadget says:

    Yesterday I noticed $20 in my card account (not savings), and the transaction details said “Retail Load”. That got me worried, because my card never leaves the house, so how would I do a retail load? After verifying the card was still in the “sock drawer, I contacted Insight via SM to see what was going on. Their response: “After reviewing your account, I would like to advise you the $20.00 is a incentive we provide you for reinstating your direct deposit with us.”

    I had just deposited $1500 from my CU, and the incentive showed up the next day. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the amount required to get the incentive, dates of the promotion, or how long it is required to remove your “DD” and then reinstate it. I had a $100 ACH from the same bank last month that didn’t trigger it, but before that, my last big ACH ($1900) was late September. I am too lazy to call and find out more details, but the free money is nice.

  85. Larry says:

    Are we supposed to receive a 1099-INT form on the interest received on the savings account?

  86. Z says:

    Someone asked this before, but no reply. Can you have multiple cards on the same name and address?

  87. Tomtoo says:

    My wife and I each have 2 cards. Before applying for each card, we waited until a previous card was received, activated, and the savings account had been opened. Then one of us would apply for another card. The website stopped us after 2 cards each, meaning after hitting the apply button it wouldn’t go further.

  88. E says:

    just tried for 2nd card, No Go. After filling out app it said sorry not available.

    • Tomtoo says:

      Sorry to hear that. We opened our 2 each during June-July 2016. Maybe they changed their policy since then like Mango, or maybe we just got lucky. It’s worth a try, and at least you did try.

    • Ken says:

      I just tried for #2 for my wife and it went through and said she’d receive her card in about a week. Fingers crossed this will work. If it does that’s another ~$21/month in interest.

    • 007 says:

      Just tried and application worked for me. I used my Google Voice # instead of my real mobile number (used mobile number under home) in case that matters.

  89. E says:

    ken did you use all the same info? address, ss#, etc? Wondering what i can do to make 2nd card go thru? i did try a different browser but that didn’t seem to matter.

  90. E says:

    So i just tried again and it went thru. Maybe i answered one of the test questions wrong? i did use a different email and the 1st time did not add my cell. this time i did. that could have been the difference as well?

    • Tomtoo says:

      Wife and I put exact same information in all 4 applications (except the obvious personal identifying info), including same phone number and email for all 4. So I don’t think changing any of that information helps anything, but who knows.

  91. Tyler says:

    How are you guys avoiding the inactivity fee once your balance gets over $5000? You can’t submit any more deposits after you reach $5000 correct?

    • Gadget says:

      Pull some money out? Spend some of your riches? I think it will take more than 5K… you just won’t get paid the big bucks!

  92. Phong Chau says:

    Anyone know why I can’t transfer money into my account? I went Keybank to HSBC. I got a 500 amount to go through but my attempts at $2000 transfers keep getting sent back to Keybank. Should I try to use another bank account? Please help!

  93. Financial Panther says:

    I just went and ordered a second card as well and it looks like it went through. Will have to see if it actually shows up. I used the exact same information as for my first card (same address, same phone number, etc).

    Anyone have any concerns that your account could be closed if they notice you have two accounts? I’d obviously rather stay under the radar.

    • Ben says:

      There is a report somewhere in this thread of someone getting a second account.

      I signed up for a second card late Jan ’17 using same address, same phone #, but different email. It looked good to go/I got an email saying my card is on its way (that was Jan 24th)

      However, no card has arrived and it’s after the 7-10 business days that Insight said it would take to get my new card (at the end of the application process). So I called today about the “new” card.

      First off, it takes awhile to get a human on the phone and they seem to not be very nice/helpful. Anyway, she saw that another card was sent out. But she claims that it is “linked to the same social security # and therefore it is linked to the same (original) account”. Via lots of back and forth she eventually put me on hold and came back to tell me it’s only possible to have 1 card per SS#, and that what would have happened is that once I activated the new card it would have “closed” the original card. I don’t completely believe her because I got the impression she really wanted to get me off the phone (I was super polite the whole time btw; she however was not).

      Here’s what I think happened. Bit of backstory first. When I got my first/original Insight card they somehow did not put the apartment # on the shipping address and hence I never got the first/original card. After 3-4 weeks I was finally able to get them to send me a new card after they added my apartment # to the address. Your first thought might be that it was my fault and I somehow left off my own apartment #. I seriously doubt that, but can’t definitively rule that out.

      Fast forward to applying for a second card Jan 24th. I absolutely added my apartment #, but I added it in the box that asks for an apt # (just like I very likely did with the first/original card). I believe that is where I/them are going wrong. I’ve seen this happen with other banks (I went through the same thing with Quorum FCU just this past month) where somehow the shipping address drops the apartment # that was added during the application. So to sum up, I actually do think that it is possible to have two cards/two different accounts registered to the same SS# if you can get them to send it to your correct address. In my case, I am going to wait a week, then sign up for another account with the same address/phone #/SS#, but a different email than the last two (and this time I will input my apt # into the first address line instead of putting on address line #2).

      I would love to hear what happens with your second account/card btw.

      • Eric says:

        I also have 2 cards. I used the same phone # but different email addresses for them. I waited 2-3 months between applications but am not sure if that mattered. When I tried to apply for a 3rd card the system wouldn’t allow it.

      • Jessica says:

        2 cards opened since June 2016. Applied 3 months apart. Both still active and getting interest. I tried a 3rd card and was denied so moving to my S.O. 😉

    • Gadget says:

      If they closed the 2nd account, the only upsetting thing would be the loss of interest while, what I assume would be, a check that gets mailed out and clears into another account. It’s not like “we”, the savers, are using the account for bills and paying merchants.

  94. Erik says:

    I have had two cards for several months. Customer service is aware of this as they have referred to my “other card” when I called about an issue (I never received a $20 credit for a $200 DD promo – that issue was resolved).

    At one time, I had also talked to a retail location where one may apply for Insight cards. The clerk told me that I can have max two cards.

    I applied online for both cards (I had some initial issues and had to apply twice for one of the cards). I do not know if it matters or not, but I used the same address but different phone & E-mail for the two cards.

    • Have you had any trouble funding the savings account of both cards? Being able to put away potentially $20k (two people in my household, plus two of these accounts for each of us) would be pretty nice.

    • Gadget says:

      I never heard of this $20 credit for $200 DD promo… but I guess that is what is hitting my accounts now. I got the bonus as a surprise on the 1st account, and just got it on my 2nd account. I just wish they would have labeled it as a bonus, and not a retail load. I was thinking someone had used my info to add money… maybe as a test before starting to unload the account. Anyway, easy 20 bucks!

      I haven’t had any issue loading or unloading via ACH from Discover and my local credit union.

  95. L T says:

    Thanks to all that mentioned a 2nd card is possible! Just applied and approved for the 2nd one after getting the first one last year

  96. So just activated the 2nd card. It looks like the first card is held with Axiom Bank and the second card is held with Citizens Bank and Trust of Chicago. Just thought it was an interesting datapoint.

    • Ken says:

      Got my wife’s 2nd card today and it’s also Chicago Bank. Other cards are Axiom too.

      • 007 says:

        Same for me. Anyone run into weird problems when enrolling in 2nd savings account and transferring funds to savings account? Looks like something in the interface went haywire – no more “Savings” top link bar option, card balance shows $0 (but two accounts listed and one still shows $10.38 but the OTHER is listed as savings), there are no alerts AT ALL in the alerts menu (even though I have some set up and the same menu has tons on Insight account #1)

  97. e says:

    got 2nd card in mail yesterday (republic bank of chicago). DENIED when trying to activate by phone, then again when i tried online. Called CS and was told “internal decision” to close account.

    Closed before i could even register the card? have no idea why.

    • Erik says:

      The Insight bank is random and the two banks have slightly different features (I forgot the difference now).

      I feel your pain with this ‘internal decision’ thing, especially when they can’t give any explanation!
      We have a problem with a big bank that closed our deposit and credit card accounts w/o explanation 9 years ago.
      We can still not open any accounts with them. We have always had excellent credit scores (>800) and clean ChexSystems reports.

  98. Rohan says:

    Has anyone tried ach transfer from chase to add funds into insight card?

  99. Rohan says:

    Thanks, did you have to verify your insight card from chase by trial deposits? I am still waiting for trial deposits to appear in my insight card account.

  100. Larry says:

    Yes, I remember that it took about three days for the test deposits to show up in Insight.

  101. 007 says:

    So, I got my second Insight card, activated it, transferred $10.38 ($10 + test deposits), enrolled in savings account, chose $10.38 to transfer, and then something weird happened.

    I now have no Savings option AT ALL and all my alerts are gone.

    I secure messaged them – will see what happens. Maybe just a bug 🙁

    • 007 says:

      Sigh. Secure message response was please call. Phone call person was incompetent (“Which search engine do you use – Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?” – she used the word search engine) and I was not very patient. I decided to report my card as “lost” to see if that might allow me to create a new account.

      I think what happened is the card account somehow became savings account (full account number for DD matches full account number for savings) and “card account” somehow got assigned to savings account number.

      • 007 says:

        So I realized this may present an opportunity to test. Specifically, I noticed that if you go to Quick View -> select one of two accounts (Savings) -> Printer-Friendly View you will get an account number on the top right hand side.

        The card account number matches the direct deposit account number that we all use to link with our external banks.

        The savings account number is a different account number in the exact same format.

        Since I have no way to transfer to savings now through the interface (possibly because my savings account has $0 balance and never got funded properly by the system?), I am going to try to link my Ally account DIRECTLY with my savings account using this account number. Fingers crossed.

        • Pete says:

          This would be really interesting, as it obviates the need to first transfer to the card every time. Please do share your research 🙂

          • 007 says:

            Will do. I think you still may need to transfer to card every couple of months to avoid inactivity, but I don’t know. Plus, even if it works I won’t transfer more than $5000 as that seems against the intent if not the wording of their rules.

          • 007 says:

            What I mean is that I won’t transfer more than 5000 into the savings account to try to get 5% on a larger balance right off the bat. Seems like a good way to get shutdown even if possible via ach.

        • Wong says:

          Interestingly, what happened of this method? You can also Popmoney to avoid verification deposits.

          • 007 says:

            Works just fine when I last tested it (push & pull small amounts). Still have savings account linked directly from Ally for that particular card just in case.

            You can’t repeat it, though. After the 1-2 week glitch, the separate account number for savings disappeared. And I can’t see it on any of my other accounts – the account number listed is always the card number in the interface, no matter what account you are seeing.

            My only other thought is to check my 1099-INT next year to see which account number is listed – it may be the savings one, but I won’t know until April.

          • 007 says:

            To clarify:

            In my phrase “And I can’t see it on any of my other accounts – the account number listed is always the card number in the interface, no matter what account you are seeing”

            “card number”

            refers to the ACH account number associated with the card account, and NOT the one associated with the savings account, which was only visible during the 1-2 week glitch.

        • Wong says:

          Hey 007, I noticed that you can see your savings account number in full if you look at the e-statements for the savings account. Couldn’t someone just lookup the routing number for Republic Bank of Chicago and just make an ACH push into that savings account directly?

          • 007 says:

            Hi Wong,

            Compare that number to the one it shows under your card account.

            At least for me, it is the exact same number. In other words, they don’t really show you your savings account number if your e-statements for the savings account – they are actually showing your card account number.

            When the site was malfunctioning for me, that is the only time I saw my real savings account number and linked to it.

            Of course, please let me know if you are able to see a savings account number in full that is DIFFERENT than the card account number in full (not the case for me).

          • Wong says:

            Sorry about the false alarm, I confused the card number with the account number. Indeed, they are identical. I think I’ll try giving the actual bank a call.

    • Zack says:

      I am seeing the exact problem with my account. Maybe it’s a bug? Waiting till tomorrow to see if system refresh or something fixes it. Did you resolve yours?

    • So I just got the same issue as you as well. I enrolled in online savings for my second card, then immediately got an error message. Now I see no option to transfer money into my savings account. It shows my savings account on the main screen, but with a balance of zero.

      Like you, though, I notice that when I click on my savings account and then click printer friendly view, I can see an account number that isn’t the same as the account number for the card. I may also see if it’s possible to transfer money directly into the savings account.

      Not going to even waste my time calling in or secure messaging Insight, because I highly doubt they’ll do anything about it.

      Could this be a weird glitch with getting two insight accounts now?

      • 007 says:

        Just update that Ally test deposits posted successfully to savings account. Now going to try to ACH push $1.

        As far as bug vs feature – things that point me towards the bug direction: my Current Card Balance shows the balance of the “Savings” account (which is listed first) rather than my card account, which seems like a Bug (I mean top right hand under my name, card number, and then current card balance). Also Alerts functionality is completely gone, which I use to track any transactions on my account directly to my email in case, e.g., my account is hacked.

        We’ll see what happens.

        • 007 says:

          Digging around a little more, I am starting to suspect that even though one account is labeled “Savings” under quick view, I actually somehow have 2 spending/card accounts under my login rather than a card account & savings account.

          In any case, my tentative plan will be to just leave $10 in each one for a quarter and see if any interest posts. If not, I will ACH pull money from both and close the second Insight card.

          When my new card comes (as I reported my first one “lost” in hopes of being able to create a whole new online login and resolve this “bug”), I will try to create a new online account with the replacement card. If that works, that might be another avenue to fix this. Of course, in the worst case, it could create account and lose my $20, but I could always try to ACH pull from the already linked accounts using Ally.

          • Hmm…didn’t think about the fact that it might have created two “debit card” accounts basically. I might do the same and just put $10 or $20 into the savings account and see if any interest posts.

            This 2nd Insight Card is pretty darn annoying now. Maybe they’ve changed it so you can’t legitimately have two now.

          • I’m starting to agree with you that I think the glitch actually ended up creating a 2nd “debit card” account. The thing that makes me think that is because in the “savings” account, it refers to me “card balance” whereas in my working savings account, it doesn’t reference card balance.

            I’m starting to think I’m just gonna give up on the 2nd card. I’d call Insight to ask for help, but given the terrible customer service, it seems like it won’t be worth my time to do. Sounds like with you, they basically had no idea what to do, right?

            Are we the only two people that have dealt with this savings account glitch?

          • ROHAN PANDIT says:

            No I think even I have the same issue. But in my case this is my first card. I tried opening savings account by transferring some balance from card to saving but got an error of -2 code. Then when I refreshed my page it shows savings account and card account with balance in card account but not in savings. And i don’t see any option of transferring from card to savings.

          • I wonder if there is just a glitch going on in the system right now with everyone?

          • Zack says:

            I’ve sent them a message as well. Same issue but I noticed at the top right it says my card balance is 0, but on home, I have savings of 0 as well and another entry with my name which shows 2k (I deposited 2k). No idea what’s going on, but seems my 2k is in limbo land atm…. this sucks

          • 007 says:

            Zach – your 2k is NOT in limbo land. You should be able to ach pull it using whatever account you used to ach push it into Insight.

            If you go to Quick View -> select the account with your name -> Printer-Friendly View, you will see an account number on the top right hand side. It will exactly match the account number linked from your other bank.

  102. ROHAN PANDIT says:

    How do you transfer money from card to saving? Do you usually have any option for that? I just got a reply from their secure message center saying my saving account is opened but there is no balance in it. I don’t see any option anywhere to transfer from card to saving. Also is saving account and card account number suppose to match or they should be different? Mine are same for both.

  103. James says:

    Is it possible to have more than two Insight cards? I’m trying to open a third one but it says unable to issue a card at this time.

    Not sure if two is the limit or if there might just be a certain amount of time you have to wait before opening new cards.

  104. Zack says:

    Here’s the response from Insight for me for those having issues:

    “Our online banking is currently undergoing an update, causing your account not to display information correctly. Our IT department is currently working to get your account updated in a timely manner. We apologize about any inconvenience this may have caused. Your transfer to your savings account was unsuccessful due to this system error. Please confirm your number on file is valid in case one of our agents has to give you a call. We do hope we have answered all of your concerns. Please feel free to contact Insight Cards again should you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Insight Cards and have a great day!”

    So I guess wait a couple of days to see what happens? 😛

    • Ken says:

      I wonder if this glitch is also affecting new account signups too.

    • I sent a secure message and received the following response:

      “thank you for reaching out to us. We have reviewed your account and are showing that your savings account is intact and available for use. Please give us a call so that we can discuss the issues in real time to get this problem resolved. Thank you and have a great day. Toll-Free Account Information Line: 1.888.572.8472 Customer ”

      I might give it a few days and see if the problem fixes itself because I really don’t want to call them. My big fear is that I call them, they notice the two cards, and shut one of them down. Right now, I’m just pulling all my money off the second card though just in case.

      • 007 says:

        Thanks guys for your super helpful responses.

        They were not quite as helpful yesterday (secure message said call phone support; phone support lady was SUPER not helpful, I asked to transfer to supervisor, was on hold for a while, and then somehow never got connected when I activated LucyPhone to hold for me).

        In any case, it sounds like they are aware of the problem, so maybe a fix is coming.

        Definitely though no one’s funds are in jeopardy right now, as the funds that you originally ACH pushed in the “Your Name” account can be ACH pulled using that very same account (note: I have not tried this since the glitch occurred but you will note that the print-friendly view of that account shows the same account number that is linked as the account number from your bank; further, my trial deposits into my savings account from Ally using the account number listed for that account in the print-friendly view were successful).

        • 007 says:

          Also, I think part of the reason I didn’t really push the phone rep was for the same reason: I didn’t want to say “I know it isn’t a browser issue as I can access the exact same website in Chrome using my other account and it works fine.” Obviously, her use of “search engine” when she clearly meant “browser” did not reassure me in her abilities to help me, though.

          • 007 says:

            This whole thing DOES make me wonder whether I should ACH link my insight card #1 savings account to Ally too in case of a rainy day. I guess we’ll see what happens with my ACH linked insight card #2 savings account and me doing ACH pushes to it (and perhaps a small test pull). If nothing bad happens, I’ll probably ACH link my insight card #1 savings account for any needed emergency ACH pulls in case of future site glitches…

  105. So just checked my Insight account today and it looks like the savings account glitch fixed itself. Only problem is that I don’t have enough money in there now to check that I can actually transfer money into my savings account. Has anyone else been able to transfer money into their savings account in their second insight card?

  106. 007 says:

    For what it is worth:
    – when I linked my savings account directly from Ally, the test deposits showed up in the Savings account (this was during the time when my savings menu disappeared and savings account was listed first)
    – now when I ACH pushed $1, it actually landed into my card account despite being ACHed into Savings account (and now card account is listed first and Savings menu available)

    • Pete says:

      Good stuff, glad Ally allowed you to add and verify the account. Any luck with an ACH pull?

      • 007 says:

        Per my ach push going to card account and not to savings, I am guessing ach pull will do the same. Either way doesn’t sound like a good back up mechanism since where money shows up seems to depend on whether their software is working properly (card account) or not (savings account).

        • 007 says:

          FYI, it seems that my ONE $1 ACH push has now turned into TWO separate $1 credits (= $2 total) to EACH of my accounts (card and savings).

          It also appears that the sub-dollar ACH pull I initiated from Ally using the savings account number is being drawn out of the savings account.

          Not sure if this is normal behavior or still related to their software bugs…

          • 007 says:

            Ok, figured it out. It looks like I accidentally pushed $1 each to both checking and savings accounts from Ally (don’t remember doing this at all, but have email notifications from Ally proving otherwise).

            Thus ACH push AND ACH pull to/from savings went to the right place on Insight card. Thus, it should potentially be possible to ACH pull DIRECTLY FROM SAVINGS in case of emergency.

            With that said, please don’t abuse this.

          • 007 says:

            Oh oh… also I noticed that with the fixed web interface, the savings account number is no longer shown -> using the same method as before, the number for the savings account now exactly matches the number for the checking account. Thus, there seems to be no way to get the account number to add savings although the one I previously added still works just fine.

  107. So interesting thing here. I tried to sign my fiance up for her 2nd insight card. Kept getting an error message saying that it couldn’t process it and that she needed to go get one at a partner location. Figured that it just wasn’t working for her.

    Today, we randomly received her second insight card. Activated it and seems like no issues. Like the other one, sponsoring bank is Citizens Bank and Trust of Chicago.

  108. Zack says:

    btw does anyone know if this does a chex inquiry? or is it just a soft credit pull?

  109. Henry says:

    Anyone else getting “403 Forbidden” when trying to open a card?

  110. Zack says:

    Have you guys been able to transfer money to your savings from your card yet? I am still getting error -2 when trying to do that…

    • 007 says:

      I am also

      “The following error(s) have occurred:
      Technical failure running money transfer (response code: -2). Please try again later.”

  111. Hmm…had issue linking second Insight card with Ally. Trial deposits made it onto the card, but Ally says that there was an error sending the trial deposits and says I need to delete the account and re-verify.

    This second card is turning into more trouble than it’s worth now…

  112. Phong Chau says:

    I’m having trouble moving money from my pnc account to insight lol. It keeps saying ABA number is incorrect when I try to create a new account to transfer to. Doesn’t make sense because I tried copy and pasting/manually putting numbers (correctly of course). I still can’t get it to let me add the account to transfer the money.

    • Stingerzing says:

      Check the letter you got. I just got mine and the accounts are operated by a new bank, Chicago Bank & Trust? The routing number is on the direct deposit form and doesn’t match what’s stated in this post.

  113. Matt says:

    DP: WF deposited 2 test payments, but could not get them back out. They sent an email:
    “Wells Fargo has determined that your non-Wells Fargo account below is not valid for Bank-to-Bank transfers. If you have scheduled any transfers to or from this account, they will be canceled.”

  114. It appears that all of their bugs have been fixed. I was just able to transfer money from the insight card into the savings account without issue. Hopefully things are working fine now

  115. Thanks to everyone, I just opened a second Insight card for myself. Will open another one for the husband next month since his first account is a bit newer than mine.

  116. Dave says:

    Two cards / savings for me also.

  117. Rohan says:

    Do we have to keep any minimum balance in card? Also how long do you wait before opening second card? Is it legit to open 2 cards ?

    • Phong Chau says:

      I would like to know this as well. I tried applying and it seems that I couldn’t get it because of the system. Although I may have answered verification questions wrong. One of them asked about streets I lived near. Most of the streets were 5-50 miles away from my house that I never heard of. Dumbest verification questions ever.

  118. Jay says:

    Anyone report having issues recently ACH pulling money out of the insight card balance to your bank? Such as Discover or Citibank.

    • Tom says:

      Datapoint: I just signed up for an Insight account and I’m not able to add it as an external account in Ally. The two trial deposits make it in but Ally is unable to pull them back out and it is failing the verification.

      I did notice the following on their ‘Add money’ section:

      IMPORTANT NOTICE: YOUR INSIGHT CARD ACCOUNT CANNOT BE USED TO ADD MONEY TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. When you make your first transfer to your account PayPal will send two small deposits to this account and ask you to confirm these deposits with your bank. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONFIRM THESE DEPOSITS OR VERIFY THIS ACCOUNT. This account cannot be used to add money to your PayPal account.

      I hope this doesn’t mean they removed the ability to ACH pull because that would make this account much harder to easily move funds around and harder to keep the account free.

      • We had that same problem with my fiances 2nd card. We gave it a week, then deleted the account in ally and relinked it. No issues relinking it the second time around.

        I’d say give it a week and then try it again. If it worked for us, my guess is it’ll work for you too.

      • Ralph says:

        I was able to link my Ally account but never did get the test deposits pulled back to Ally, they stayed on the Insight card.

        Have no problems pulling or pushing money from Ally.

  119. Lee says:

    My savings account now has $5000 since February 2nd. It’s march now, how come I am not seeing my 5% interest paid? How long do I have to wait?

  120. jz says:

    For inactivity fee, do I need to auto transfer $1 to the checking account tied to the prepaid card or to the saving account? Thanks.

  121. Zack says:

    First account with chase worked out fine. 2nd account with same chase account passed verification, but when I try to transfer over 2.5k it failed…

  122. Zack says:

    ever since the “big” update they had, do we have DP’s on which banks work to ACH in/out money from Insight? Chase used to work, but not it’s not failing. Does anyone know if Citi/WF/Ally work? Or would even like Paypal/Square Cash work?

    • Zack says:

      From earlier comments, paypal probably won’t work, I’ll give Square Cash a shot later and see if that’s good. Anyone has DP’s for other banks recently?

    • Ken says:

      Barclay savings failed. For Discover ACH deposit worked, but the trial deposits were not pulled out like normal.

    • Fred says:

      I’ve had no problems pushing or pulling money from Ally or Chase on the 2nd card I opened this month after the “bugs” have supposedly been worked out except the initial test deposits were never returned to Ally or Chase.

      Just tested both this past week without any problems though only for $100 both ways, not a larger transfer of funds.

      • Zack says:

        Maybe I’ll try Chase again with a smaller amount. The first card I did 2-2-1, but 2nd card (different name, spouse) I tried 2.5 to save 1 transfer, maybe that messed it up…

        • Fred says:

          That was my first thought when I saw your post though I don’t know why that would be the case. I transferred $5000 from Ally without a problem though never tried a larger transfer from Chase.

          Let us know how it goes for future reference.

          • Zack says:

            Thanks, will take several days to reverify and re-ach, but I’ll report back

          • Zack says:

            Finally finished the whole cycle. This time I tried 1500 with Chase, was able to deposit and withdraw the verifications but still failed to ACH over. No idea what’s wrong. Guess I’ll try with Citi & WF…

  123. Catapult says:

    I just initiated a $10XX transfer to Insight from Chase and it triggered a Chase Fraud alert requiring confirmation via text. Completed that and hopefully it goes thru.

  124. KP says:

    My application was rejected asking me to go to their location. It was interesting to find out that they are issues by check smart stores.

  125. Karthik says:

    Hi, I guess I am late in the game, just got an Insight card. I added it using the routing number and accout number to my Bank of America checking account. When I try to do a transfer from BOA to Insight, it doesn’t give me an option to do the ACH transfer without a fee($3). Is there any other way where I can transfer to Insight without incurring a fee?

    • 007 says:

      Not sure about BOA. Get an Ally checking account online. No ACH fees.

      Actually, same for Capital One 360 (no ACH fees), but I haven’t technically ever tried transferring from CO360 to Insight (CO360 has a limit of 3 linked external accounts at a time, whereas Ally seems to have a much higher limit >10, if there is a limit at all).

      • 007 says:

        Actually, I guess to be more clear – there are no fees with Ally checking at all (unless you do something like bounce a check, but I don’t know much about that).

        Any bank account opening will result in a ChexSystem or EWS inquiry (which shouldn’t be a big deal unless you are signing up for 10+ bank account bonuses per year).

      • Karthik says:

        Thanks, just found out that Chase doesn’t have ACH fees and I do have a Chase checking, but am not able to link the Insight card to the Chase account. I used the verify immediately option and it asked for my registered mobile number to send a token to (after entering Insight credentials in chase) but I get an error saying cannot add the account

        • 007 says:

          Yes, haven’t used Chase for ACH push so not sure.

          I specifically got Ally for my Netspend-type accounts (which I have kept despite their decreased total available for 5% interest) and use it for my Insight accounts as well.

          In addition to allowing you to link lots of accounts, they also have more granular options for automatic transfers (e.g., once every month, once every 2 months, etc.). This is helpful because you will want to have a transfer once every ~2 months to avoid inactivity fees. You will want to automate this (at least if you are lazy like me).

          Note, I still don’t use this as a primary account, which has been my CO360.

          Other unexpected benefits of having a (permanent) second bank account:
          – use it with to generate virtual credit card #s (I wouldn’t really want to give my main checking account to them just because I am paranoid)
          – use it with a Target Red Card debit card to get 5% back at Target, where I infrequently shop (again, wouldn’t give them my main account).

          I highly recommend Ally as a “hub account.” Its completely free. For me, at least, the approval was instant, but this may be because I think I had one of their savings products many years ago.

        • Tomtoo says:

          Chase is unfriendly with Netspend, Insight type pre-paid card accounts. Some people have gotten locked out by Chase for trying to link with them.

        • Ralph says:

          Yes, in setting up ACH transfers from Chase to Insight, had to send the test deposits, the mobile number option wouldn’t work on either of my cards.

          Takes 2 to 3 days for the test deposits to arrive at Insight and may not be pulled back to Chase (did so with my 1st card but not with the 2nd card).

      • Ken says:

        From what I can find Ally checking is a hard pull.

        • Jim says:

          Nah, pretty certain not. Opened a MMA and checking for a family member last month, nothing on TU or Experian at Creditkarma, but a ChexSystems

        • 007 says:

          Almost certainly not. The best thing if you are concerned is to call & check with Ally before you open (I think I technically did this before I opened too).

          I use Ally checking. Opened ~1.5 years ago, no hard pull of any kind on my credit reports.

          General rule of thumb: for big banks, no hard pull with checking accounts unless you open a line of credit (e.g., overdraft protection line of credit). Credit unions sometimes do hard pull when you join, though.

          • Ken says:

            Plenty of banks do a hard pull even after declining or them not offering overdraft protection. And you cannot take what an agent says as 100% true, just take Citi as a quick example. The experiences of others is a lot more reliable than what an agent says.

            Other people have said that Ally did a hard pull for them, and I can’t have any more hard pulls right now so I will wait until I can find more recent DPs of opening an Ally interest checking account and not receiving a hard pull.

          • 007 says:

            Ok. I mean, ultimately you have to use your risk tolerance.

            I’m not sure where you found those datapoints, and I can’t really speak other than from my experience.

            Just FYI, although I had some issues with the Citi bank account bonus myself and ended up filing a CFPB complaint, there was NO hard pull from Citi when I opened my checking account.

            The only hard pull I had from opening a bank account in the past ~5-7 years is CO360, where I requested overdraft protection (this was probably more like 7 years ago).

            I have opened Ally, Chase, Citi, Regions, guess that’s about it – with no hard pull.

            Technically, my understanding is that a hard pull actually signifies that you are requesting a new line of credit. I realize this is not true for many credit unions, though, where a hard pull is made when you join the credit union.

          • 007 says:

            I guess one more clarification:

            – if you open a credit card, you will most definitely (with very very few exceptions) get a hard pull no matter what (declined, etc).
            – if you open a checking account with a large bank, most often there is NO hard pull

            Also, if you were really worried about it, you could freeze all 3 credit bureaus, although this usually costs money

          • Ken says:

            Most bank accounts are soft pulls only. I have gotten a hard pull from Schwab, FirstBank, and CU of CO. And I always decline overdraft to avoid hard pulls.

            On hold now with Ally, so we should know soon 🙂

          • Ken says:

            So according to the agent it’s a soft pull. Asked for documentation and they told me it was in the deposit agreement. Read through the whole thing and it’s not there. Doesn’t distinguish between hard and soft pulls unfortunately. I also asked which bureau they pull or Chex and they said it’s automated and could be any of them.

            Credit Reports and Other Inquiries: We may use credit reports or other information from third
            parties to help us determine if we should open or maintain your account.

      • Jim says:

        Great call, Ally works really well as a hub.

        FYI, the ACH accounts limit is 20. I’m consistently at 20, and have to often remove accounts to make room 🙂

        Good reference here at DoC:

  126. Phong Chau says:

    What ally account are you guys mention when you say ally? Ally saving or ally interest checking?

    • Gadget says:

      Probably checking. There is a limit of 6 withdrawals per month on any Savings account from any bank, thanks to govt regs. Some banks & credit unions are picky about ACH directly to/from a savings account…

    • Fred says:

      I use Ally savings since I never have more than 1-3 transfers a month. Understand some might have to transfer more often than the allowed 6 per month so the Ally checking would make sense for them..

  127. jz says:

    Data Point

    I just ACH pulled $2 out of Insight checking account from Capital one 360 checking account. I would assume it will work if I want to pull more $ out.

    • Nicholas says:

      Be careful with CapOne. I haven’t seen any recent DPs but in the past they have been known to close 360 accounts for loading and unloading to prepaid debit cards.

  128. Helen says:

    I tried linking my insight card with discover. I got the trial deposit showing up on insight account, but discover showed status as “failed” before even allowing me to verify the deposit. Now what to do? I really don’t want to have to apply for ally account just for this.

    • Zack says:

      Citi seems to work for me to transferring. Chase appears to work for some and not others (me included) as stated above.

  129. Looks like interest for Insight posted for the quarter. See you all next quarter!

  130. Chris says:

    Anyone else having trouble signing on to their second account? I can sign in to my first account and see that interest just posted. However, when I sign on to the second account, I get an “invalid login” error. When I go through the steps saying I forgot my password, everything seems to work. However, when I attempt to sign in with the new password, I get the same error. Did this a couple times, but got the same error.

    I did just start a transfer of $5k onto the card a couple days ago.

    Hopefully just a temporary glitch…

  131. DD says:

    I say run like the wind with anything having to do with Walmart-connected pre-paid or payroll cards. To make a VERY long story short – they have numerous tricky ways to steal your money and there will be nothing you can do about it really.

      • Gadget says:

        I think he was trying to say they have lots of fees… and those can add up. But that’s not stealing. That’s their business model – to charge a lot of fees to the “unbanked”; those that use their pre-paid card as a debit/ATM card and get their paycheck deposited into the card. There is no checkbook to use, no teller to get cash – few or no free ATM withdrawals, so if you are relying on the card to pay for your daily purchases you will be wasting money quickly. It’s your job as a careful consumer to be aware of those fees and avoid them.

        I have two Insight cards for over 6 months now and have yet to pay a cent in fees. But, I don’t use the card and just do ACH transfers. Recently they paid a $20 bonus to each of those accounts for putting in another ACH, for some DD promotion they had going on. That does not include the great quarterly interest payments.

        • DD says:

          Pretty much accurate.
          One employer I had (of four years) switched to a Walmart card for payroll. So, 1. You’d go to a Walmart to make a purchase and that may be ok. Then you try and make withdrawal and there would be a problem of some sort. 2. You’d go to customer service to try and figure it out.
          3. They’d tell you to call the 800 number to sort it out ($charge). 4. You’d try to check your balance and possibly change your password just in case, and there would be a problem accessing your account. ($charges). 5. You’d go through the process several more times ($charge each time). Also, as I remember it, don’t expect privacy with regard to your personal information.
          Anyway, you finally give up for a while and move on because of the stress of using the card. (After a while, $3.95 for non-use, the card will eventually “max out” at zero.) I literally quit a seasonal 2nd job I’d done for over four years forever to this day, with an international religious organization, because of their switch to a Walmart-supervised payroll card. YMMV, hopefully.

        • Keron Cyst says:

          So, never actually use the card and just cut it up once you receive it? Haha, that’s what the crazy fee table is making the best practice seem like!

        • Keron Cyst says:

          Sorry, forgot to set email notification.

  132. borntobehermit says:

    Is there a place where you can see what plan you got? I wanted to signup for ‘pay-as-you-go’, but I was never asked, and I clicked any link on the menu, and it doesn’t say anything anywhere. Do you guys see it anywhere? Maybe it is a default plan? I am confused. I have already setup the savings with 5K.

  133. Matt says:

    Can anyone give me the Federal ID number and other generic details from the 1099INT?

    I didnt get the original or the replacement they claim to have sent.

    • Ken says:

      For which backend bank? There’s two different ones.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks Ken, I didnt realise that.

        “Urband trust”

        • Ken says:

          I don’t have that bank. Maybe someone else has that one.

        • Gadget says:

          URBAN TRUST BANK, RTN 063192874, is the old name for Axiom Bank. All you “should” need for your taxes is the bank name, and the amount.

          However, I will go above and beyond. My 1099-INT says their address:
          Axiom Bank
          258 Southhall Lane, Ste 400
          Maitand FL 32751 (City is misspelled on mine – needs an L)

          Payer’s Federal ID number is 59-1008568
          Your SSN, name, and address.
          Your Axiom 12-digit acct number.
          The amount of interest earned is in block 1, and all other blocks are blank.

  134. RJ says:

    Just got my card today. Bank is Republic Bank of Chicago. The card was attached to a direct deposit form, routing number 071025797.

  135. Jordan says:

    Where can I find the APY for the savings account?

  136. Reginald says:

    Does this pay interest on balances beyond $5000 that are only beyond it from previous interest payments?

    • Ken says:

      Other commenters have said that they do pay 5% on balances over $5k that were the result of previous interest earned.

  137. Chris says:

    Is there a way to have 2 accounts (2 each of card and savings) on the same login, or do I need two separate logins?

    And big thanks to DoC and all commenters for the data points and guide.

  138. calwatch says:

    The inactivity fee may be inconsistently enforced. I inadvertently left my primary account with no activity for the last 6 months and no fee was charged.

  139. Gadget says:

    Received a letter today for each of my accounts… 5% interest ends on 31 July, 2017 and will be 0.00% thereafter. Sad day.

    • Jim says:

      Holy smokes, that stinks.

      Any further information described in the letter?

      • Gadget says:

        Just that you can get a new Insight Visa Prepaid card from Republic Bank of Chicago, with the “same great Insight product and features”… It makes no mention if the 5% interest savings account option will be available. Looking into it.

      • Gadget says:

        You can order a new card at

        So, basically they are forcing everyone to get a new card from Republic Bank of Chicago that was on Axiom Bank. What a pain. So, I was able to sign-up for a new card tonight and will have to resetup my ACH. Question is, can I sign-up for two cards again?

        I had just tried this like two weeks ago to signup to see if I could work my way into a 3rd card. It rejected me then, but works now.

        I will probably wait awhile to see if others can get two out of the “new Insight card”.

        • Wyle says:

          At least that page you linked still advertises the 5% savings account serviced by Republic Bank. “The Insight Savings Account (‘Savings Account’) is made available to Cardholders through Republic Bank of Chicago®, Members FDIC. As of January 1, 2017, the Annual Percentage Yield (‘APY’) is 5.00%.”
          Of course, things can change, but it looks like its still offered.

        • Tom says:

          Did you use the same email address that you used for the still active Axiom card?

        • YZ says:

          Have the same question:
          Previously two banks running this, Republic Bank of Chicago & Axiom Bank,
          They ask to switch from Axiom to Republic, does it means we get can two Insight cards, both from Republic bank of Chicago??

          What if my first card is from Republic Bank of Chicago, but I haven’t sign up for 2nd one yet. Can I order a 2nd card from Republic Bank of Chicago again?

          • Chuck says:

            Readers were able to get two RBoC cards, I believe.

          • YZ says:

            Thanks, Chuck,

            I think I also saw some comments that they have 4 (3RBoC, 1Axiom)? But their 5th app is declined.

            But should be confirmed that 2 RBoC for everyone

          • Ken says:

            Yup, wife and I each have 1 axiom and 3 RBOC cards.

          • Wyle says:

            Yep, 1 old Axiom card and 3 new activated RBOC cards (2 funded) for me as well.

          • YZ says:

            Thanks for the information, Ken and Wyle,

            When did you guys open those 3 RBoC insights?
            Right after each other? Almost same time? or a few months gap between each other?

            I think I read some comments saying when they applied for more than 1 RBoC, the only difference is the email, except for email, personal info and phone number are the same in all 2 or 3 applications. How about you guys?

          • Tomtoo says:

            @yz My wife and I have 8 accounts between us right now (2AX + 2RoC each). We used the same email, same everything except SS# for all 8.

        • Wyle says:

          Axiom account was a year ago. Mid-May, started apply, activate, apply, activate, … for the three RBoC cards. Different emails only because card-to-card required that at first. Rest of info is the same. 2 funded; last awaiting Ally trial deposits.

          • YZ says:

            Hey Wyle, Ken and Tomtoo,

            I was able to get myself the 2nd card from RBoC, but when I applied for my wife the 2nd card, “We are sorry but we are unable to issue you an Insight Card at this time. Please visit any of our partner locations to apply for your Insight Card.”

            Does this mean she is no luck for the 2nd card? or there is some issue with their website. I use her gmail sub-address first, then use another email address. Guessing whether the first trial with “+” in the gmail address teased the system and block her?

            Did you guys ever had this kind of experience? Thanks

          • Ken says:

            YZ – I’ve always used the same email, name, address, etc and haven’t had any problems. I got the same will message as you when I tried for card #5. They seem to use the same error message for many reasons so there’s no way to be entirely sure.

          • Tomtoo says:

            YZ – It looks like there are more rejections just in the last few days. That could be due to the changeover that began July 1 getting things screwed up. If so, hopefully it will straighten out. I definitely want to get 2 more RBoC cards (making 4 total) after my Axioms officially close out July 31st.. I’m not even going to try until then.

    • Gadget says:

      Correction: Accounts will close on July 31, 2017, but interest APY changes to 0.00% on July 1, 2017.

    • James says:

      Damn that’s a shame. I was planning to open an account soon. Just lost a potential customer lol

    • Can you send me the letter?, thanks.

      • Robert says:

        I sent you a copy of the letter I received today.

      • Robert says:

        By the way: After receiving the letter, I applied for another Insight card on top of the two I already hold (one issued by Axiom Bank and one by Republic Bank of Chicago). I applied using the link provided ( I received this at the end of the application:

        Your Insight Card is on the way
        Thank you for becoming an Insight customer! You will receive your personalized card in the mail within 7 – 10 business days.

        Your card will arrive in a plain white envelope.

        You will need to activate and load your card before you can use it.”

        This new card will replace my first card, and then I will go for a third in about a month. Hoping to capitalize on this transition…

        • Stingerzing says:

          Were you able to open the third account?

          • Gadget says:

            I recv my 2nd RBOC today – activated. Applied for 3rd tonight – app would not complete. Error = unable to open at the time. Appears to be the same as before – limit of two per person.

          • Chuck says:

            Good DP, thanks

          • Robert says:

            I was able to open my third card issued by RBoC yesterday. Got an email saying that the card is on the way. This is in addition to the one I have with Axiom.

            I used different email addresses for each application.

  140. Logan says:

    Damn, was waiting for my card in the mail :(. Guess that is why I didn’t get it the first time I signed up lol.

    • Logan says:

      Wait, never mind. This is the same link that I signed up before so this has been in the making for awhile I guess.

  141. ss says:

    Today is 5/1/2017 and I don’t see any interest that normally posts on the 1st of the month. Is this dead now? Someone please confirm…

  142. LC says:

    its quarterly but this is dead effective July 31, 2017, moving from 5% to 0% via Axiom bank. Was a fun ride…

    • LC says:

      correction, the 5% moves to 0% effective July 1, 2017 but Axiom bank looks to be losing this card effective July 31, 2017.

    • Ralph says:

      Hopefully those that now hold or will obtain the card from Republic Bank of Chicago will still be able to get the 5%.

  143. Erik says:

    Who has received this letter from Insight, declaring 0% interest and account closure, and when did you receive it?
    It seems that only a few people have received it?

  144. M says:

    Anyone know whether the 5% savings rate will continue to be available for account holders on the Republic Bank of Chicago-affiliated accounts? At least for now, I haven’t seen any statements as such pertaining to my account, but I have only been an account holder for a matter of days.

  145. Kimillionaire says:

    If you got a letter in the mail and you’re about the switch to Republic Bank of Chicago, check out this thread:

  146. Erik says:

    Where did you read that there is a maximum $1,500 daily limit to transfer money from Savings to the Card?

    I have checked the old and new Terms for the Savings account, and it is not mentioned in either (although the state “We reserve the right to require 7 days’ notice before any withdrawal from your Insight

  147. Kd says:

    Anyone had luck with linking Alliant to Republic bank of chicago for insight? Alliant shows trial deposit processed and ready to verify but not showing up on insight website.

    • Chuck says:

      Weird, they’d have sent an ordinary ACH to Insight, as I understand. Can’t see why it wouldn’t go through.

      • Wyle says:

        When I tried with Ally, both trial deposits went to Insight, but none were removed. Ally said that’s why the account verification couldn’t be finished. I wasn’t sure if Insight blocked the pull back or if the trial deposits were still pending when the pull back hit (since there was 0 balance prior to this). Ally suggested deleting the request and retry when there were funds in Insight. I didn’t try to explain chicken-and-egg.
        Tried with NRL and pull back blocked. There were enough funds from the Ally trial to cover the NRL pull back. Could still verify on NRL end, but they called when I tried to push $5 to Insight. After answering 10 ID questions, including last 4 of Insight account number (tough but possible from memory while driving), NRL OK’d the transfer.
        Still not sure how to get it to play nice with Ally or others if Insight won’t allow the trial deposits to be pulled back.
        Also scares me a bit that ACH pulls from RBoC Insight won’t work. I’ll report back after I try to pull a dollar or two back to NRL.

        • Chuck says:

          Yeah, think I’ve heard before that Insight blocks pullbacks. Only workaround is to find a way to push without pullbacks, then. I’ll add the point to the post.

          • Sa says:

            Santander will let you push without verification first. Either you or William has said this above, and it worked when i tried it.

          • Gadget says:

            Insight didn’t block my credit union pullbacks.

            05/10/2017 Northwest FCU, NWFCU-ACH, TID4546xxx $-0.72 $0.00
            05/10/2017 Northwest FCU, NWFCU-ACH, TID4546xxx $-0.19 $0.72
            05/09/2017 Northwest FCU, NWFCU-ACH, T MYNAME $0.72 $0.91
            05/09/2017 Northwest FCU, NWFCU-ACH, T MYNAME $0.19 $0.19

        • Harry says:

          I used Ally on my second Insight account and the test deposits weren’t pulled back but I was able to verify the test deposits in Ally with no problems.

          Have you tried verifying the test deposits even if they weren’t pulled back?

          • Wyle says:

            Yes, I tried, but instead of the screen where you verify the amounts, I get a ‘verify failed’ page. The suggestion to delete the request and re-attempt to link accounts came from an online chat with Ally. I didn’t push to verify the deposits through them during chat. If it fails again, I will because at some point, Ally will probably ban my attempts to link to RBoC altogether.
            Other option might be to try and verify as soon as the trials hit Insight (text alert) and maybe catch it before the pull back fails. I don’t know how tight the timing is on Ally’s side.

        • Dan says:

          You have to verify right away after these post. That way Ally won’t block them.

    • Ken says:

      Yup, I have Alliant linked to mine and my wife’s Alliant account is linked to her RBOC card too. The deposit showed up fine, but the trial was not removed. I was able to push $1 and then pull the $1 with no problem though. I have 4 new RBOC cards coming for us to try now too.

    • Ken says:

      No problem for me. Trial deposit wasn’t pulled back but I was able to push and then pull $1 from Alliant with no problem.

      • Ken says:

        Just to update, my new RBOC account is not showing the trial deposits and it has been 1 day past when they should’ve shown up. Weird because I can still push/pull to my older RBOC account from Alliant still.

        • Jim says:

          Same here with Alliant. I added the two RBOC accounts to my Alliant on May 13, and still no trial deps…

          I secure messaged Insight to see if something wrong with the set up/activation of my accounts. Awaiting a response

          • Ken says:

            Glad I’m not in the same boat, but this should be working as my other RBOC account works. I pushed/pulled $1 last week too.

          • Ken says:

            Must be something that has changed with Alliant since I added one RBOC account yesterday to Schwab and the trial deposits showed up this morning. This will be a pain since I’ve moved all funds to the new Alliant account since it’s so much better than Schwab. Now I’ll have to move $10k to Schwab just to move it to my two new RBOC cards. Alliant deposits still haven’t shown up yet, but it hasn’t been removed from Alliant’s pending list which usually happens when the trials fail. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m hesitant to message Alliant about it, as I have 19 linked accounts already.

    • Robert says:

      I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

  148. DM says:

    I have had problems linking a bank account to my wife’s new RBOC Insight card. I setup an Ally checking account as a hub account and cannot link it. I’ve also tried citi and a credit union. I also followed their instructions on how to link to paypal but that failed as well. Anyone have any good solutions? My Axiom version of the Insight card worked just fine… this is frustrating.

    • Catapult says:

      Chase works

      • Zack says:

        WF/Citi/Alliant works too.

        • Tomtoo says:

          Sartander Bank works. They don’t even require test deposits, you just add an external account and can instantly transfer TO the added account. Can’t initiate pulls from any account, though.

    • Robert says:

      I am also having a problem getting the test deposit to work. Let me know if you find a solution.

    • DM says:

      Update: I attempted to link the following accts in my name to my wife’s Insight account: Citi, Ally and a credit union. I’ve attempted to link accts in her name from Citi and Chase. Called Insight today and they told me it’s not working because the accounts i’m linking from are not in her name (even though some were), and that they do not allow wire transfers. Basically, they are saying I need to do a direct deposit from a paycheck. I may try a small direct deposit from my paycheck to see if that works. Comparatively, I have not had any of these problems with my Axiom, and later, Bank of Chicago Insight cards.

  149. Phong Chau says:

    Anyone having problems accessing their old axiom accounts? I log in and I get “file not found”. I also noticed that my axiom account shows up as closed on mint. Like what the heck? I thought they would close it later on.

    • Chuck says:

      I had the same thing, but it ended up just being the need to reset the password (system update requirement). IIRC, I just refreshed the page and it popped up a command that I enter a new PW.

  150. Anthony says:

    Anyone having issues logging into their Insight Accounts? I went to register a new account with a new card and I’m getting an error message when I log it. Would rather not have to call and talk with their CSR. Just trying to get some DP on the issue.

  151. Ferris says:

    Keep in mind that Insight does not allow ACH transfers or Direct Deposits in from accounts that don’t match the same name. Tried this with my wife in many fashions and just ended up being frustrated for a month and sending them vulgar messages because they had no idea what was going on.

    • Chuck says:

      That’s odd; every payment direct deposit comes from the business name to your name.

    • DM says:

      Ferris, did Insight eventually resolve this for you, and if so, how? I just got off the phone with them and they gave me the same reason – ACH transfers were from accounts that don’t match my wife’s name. However, I have also attempted from Citi and Chase in her name, but with no progress. Thank you.

      • Ferris says:

        I was able to assume that they will reject any ACH with someone other than the exact name listed on the account based the information they gave me. After several weeks of frustration, I realized there was no way.

        I got her (and myself) banned from “Ingo Money” which allows you to deposit checks with 10-day holds for free to Insight accounts. After I deposited 6 $100 checks (because anything over that was rejected), they decided I was too risky. There are still 2 other ways:

        1. Through Dollar General or similar store, $500 load fee is $5 I think
        2. Card-to-Card transfer from another Insight account (must be same bank), policy and practice proved different. I was able to transfer $1500 per day for a $1 fee.

        I ended up doing #2 and paid $4 in fees to load $5000. In the future, I would use a transitory account like a Capital One 360 savings to pull ACH from Bank 1, then send funds to the Insight for my wife

        • DM says:

          Ferris, this is incredibly helpful as I believe I am in the same boat. I will go with the card-to-card transfer as I need to close out my axiom card anyway.

          Last question – Given that they make it so difficult to do any type of ACH transfer, how do you intend to avoid the 90-day inactivity fee? I normally would just ACH in $1, but suspect that option is unavailable to my wife. Any ideas? Thanks!

          • Ferris says:

            Just make sure that you do Axiom-to-Axiom or RBC to RBC otherwise it will get denied instantly.

            I will be using a Capital One 360 savings to do a monthly transfer

    • Ken says:

      Why don’t you just link an account in your wife’s name to the Insight card in her name?

    • Kevin says:

      Well that explains why I can’t set up ACH with my wife’s account. The trial amount debits come out but the credits never show up – My $1.25 is now lost in the ether somewhere…

      Real DD from my work account worked fine though, interestingly.

  152. Jeremy says:

    How do we send the money to the new account? I registered my new card. From what I understand though, we have to send money to the new bank backing the account.

    • Chuck says:

      You send money from your checking account or paycheck using the routing and account numbers.

      • Jeremy says:

        I know that. Are there new numbers? When I login they appear the same.

        • Chuck says:

          Hmm, that can’t be. It’s a separate account.

          • Chuck says:

            I just checked: my account and debit card numbers are different than the old one.

          • Ken says:

            You’re applying for a new card just like you would if you have no accounts in the first place. The new account is separate and in no way connected to any other account(s) you already have.

            Look at the info on your direct deposit form that they provide. Account numbers should be different.

        • Gadget says:

          When you get your new card, you call to verify it, and then you can create a new login. Unlike other banks, each card has to have it’s own login.

  153. James says:

    What are the exact quarters/months that they pay out interest?

  154. Phil says:

    This might be a dumb question, but can we setup the new insight card now and deposit $5k while keeping the $5k in the old Axiom and earn 5% on both? And then just pull the $5k out of the Axiom one on 8/1?

    • Chuck says:

      Yeah, I think you can. I’m just a little nervous since I’m not sure exactly what will be happening on August 1 so I’d rather have my money under my control before then.

      Edit: Actually, we stop earning interest after July 1, so best plan is probably to wait until the first few days of July when Q2 interest posts, then pull out all the money.

  155. L T says:

    DP: Have 1 axiom and 1 Republic. Used the link to open a 2nd republic today (it’s been a few months since the last republic opening) That should make transitioning from the original Axion slightly easier.

  156. Alex says:

    Is there any kind of credit pull when opening this?

    • Jim says:

      Nope, nothing that I’ve seen on TU or EX, at least

    • Gadget says:

      I am on my 4th account (2 axiom, 2 rboc). No credit pull. To be sure, opt out of overdraft protection.

      They do pull knowledge based questions from some database somewhere to verify your identity. One of the questions they consistently ask me was about a guy that lives in a different state with my same name. Luckily, I was able to figure out the answer based on some quick google searches, what street was closest to his address. It’s a little annoying and worrisome that his data is intermingling with mine, but when I tried to contact Insight about where they get their data, I got a generic response with little help. I would like to get it corrected, if possible. Out of the 30-40 accounts I have applied for online within the last couple years, they are the only ones that had questions about this guy.

  157. Sam says:

    Does it make sense to waiting until July 1st for the interest pay out and then withdraw all funds to a checking account? Or are people already emptying their insight accounts NOW?

    • Jim says:

      Depends on your situation. If you already have things set up, I’d just let it sit and accumulate interest for another 45 days. That’s certainly my plan for my Axiom accounts

      But if you’re signing up for Insight now as a new user, might be easier to just sign up for the new Republic Bank of Chicago account instead

    • Ken says:

      I’m waiting for the interest to post. After July 1st no interest will accrue anymore so it’s best to pull all funds once interest has posted. But do so before July 31st as they will be closing all accounts and mailing checks at that time. I don’t trust them to not screw up mailing checks so I’ll pull everything right after interest posts. Just less chance for things to go wrong.

    • Gadget says:

      Logically, wait until interest posts on July 2nd. But, I am wondering the same thing. Banks only have so much “cash” on hand. I am thinking I won’t wait until last minute. Maybe these Insight savings accounts are only a drop in their bucket, but drops do add up. I can pull the 20-30 bucks interest in July.

      • Tomtoo says:

        When all the variety of “Netspend” cards dropped the max they would pay 5% on from 5k to 1k, many people pulled 4k at once and there were few problems.

  158. Jeff H says:

    I am late to the party and not kept up. What are the key differences between this and NorthPointe Bank ?? What kind of minimal account activity do I need to do? The minimal activity is what I do not like about NorthPointe Bank.

    • Gadget says:

      No debits required, just some sort of activity placed on the card account each 90 days or else charged $ 3.95. (most setup a monthly ACH of a buck to be safe) Think of the card account as a checking, but has no checkbook, zero interest, with horrible fees to use the debit card, and the savings account has the standard 6 withdrawals limit per month. ACH to/from these prepaid products can be problematic. Pretty sure you can read the article to find out more.

  159. kingra says:

    Jeff H – Do some reading and stop expecting to be spoon fed the details…

  160. QT says:

    They finally allowed application for GA resident.

  161. Ken says:

    Please update the post at the top, as interest will stop accruing July 1st and not at the end of July as mentioned.

  162. Stack101 says:

    I tried to open an account since March this year, first time I got the ID verification wrong, tried again several days later, it was approved, but never received the card. Applied again in early April, approved again and also never Received the card, tried one more time in late April, it was evening around 8PM when I applied, next morning 7AM I received a text message telling me the card is shipped? I find it very weird, then it is more than 3 weeks, no card… I tried one more time today, let’s see if I can get one this time. Don’t know if it has something to do with me applying failed the ID verification the first time.

    I tried to call the phone number in the text message, it was a dead end without the 16-digit card number, can someone tell me what number I can get to a live person, please? In case, this time I won’t receive the card again, where can I find the partner location where I can just buy the card and setup online? I went to the store where you can reload the card, but I don’t see those stores selling the actual card.

    • Stack101 says:

      OMG, found the card envelope inside my mailbox today! After so many tries since this March, I was using firefox, even I was approved, but never received the card. Last time I used Chrome Incognito mode, to my surprise, received the card today! Called to activate, setup online access, did a Santander $2 push for Alliant link, will setup Alliant link on Saturday, hopefully get it done without hassle before end of May.

      • Ken says:

        So your thinking is that once there’s a balance in the account the Alliant link will work? Both my wife and I started with $0 in each Insight account and the link is just sitting there waiting for us to verify the amount that never showed up in the Insight accounts. Definitely keep us posted if this works.

        • Eric says:

          Yes, this is exactly what you need to do. Leave $1 in the account and I would think most, if not all, banks will work for trial deposits.

          You just need to start with a bank that doesn’t use trial deposits such as Santander.

          • Ken says:

            I’ll try this now and should be able to report back Monday foir Alliant. Also Schwab works to link as well even though it doesn’t pull back the trial deposits.

          • Ken says:

            Ughh, after 40 minutes on hold the call just disconnected. I’ll call later I guess.

      • Wyle says:

        Strange that you’d get approved but not get the card mailed. Is it possible that firefox was using autofill to populate information and your address isn’t quite right?

        • Stack101 says:

          No, I typed in all the info all the times, and I know sometimes some system will put apartment number in second line but they won’t print the second line, so I always put 123 Main Street Apt 1A in first line and leave the apartment number field blank, so all those times, I never received the card. If I have to make a guess, probably it is firefox (regular mode), I used Chrome Incognito mode and received the card within a week.

        • Stack101 says:

          Or maybe it is my PC, I am still using 12 years old Windows XP pc, using latest supported Firefox and Chrome version, but definitely not the most updated version because Chrome and Firefox no longer support Windows XP for quiet long. I have never thought of that before this incident though, and have no never experienced this kind of incident before. Maybe that’s why this incident never happened to some else.

  163. Anthony says:

    DP: WF deposited 2 test payments to the new RBOC account, but could not get them back out. They sent an email: “Wells Fargo has determined that your non-Wells Fargo account below is not valid for Bank-to-Bank transfers. If you have scheduled any transfers to or from this account, they will be canceled” and “For your security, we temporarily suspended use of the following account for online Bank-to-Bank transactions initiated at Wells Fargo: REPUBLIC BK OF CHICAGO Acct: XXXXXX”

  164. Ken says:

    I linked my new Insight card to Alliant and the test deposits should have shown up yesterday. They have not shown up today either. I already have an older Insight RBOC and Axiom account linked through Alliant so I don’t know if anything has changed lately. Same thing for my wife too.

    How long does it take for the Alliant trial deposit to show up for the RBOC card?

    • Ken says:

      Alliant claims it pushed and then pulled trial deposits successfully. Insight is claiming that my name wasn’t attached to the ACH so they rejected it. Don’t know where to go from here. What a PITA.

  165. James says:

    Does Wells Fargo work for pushing/pulling?

  166. Ben says:

    Again, how many of these accounts can you open per person? I just requested online to open second account and it was approved.

    • Tomtoo says:

      2 per person, no household limit.

      • Ken says:

        This isn’t true currently. I have 1 Axiom card, 2 RBOC cards and another RBOC card approved and in the mail that I should receive today or tomorrow.

        Normally it’s 2, but right now you can get more than 2.

        • Tomtoo says:

          Please let us know if they actually activate the third card, let you open a savings account linked to it, and what info you changed between the three cards. It shuts my wife and I down when either one of us attempt to apply for a third card each.

          • Ken says:

            Info was the same between all cards. Will keep you posted.

          • Eric says:

            Do you have 2 Axiom and 2 RBC? If so, maybe Ken was allowed to open a 3rd since he only had 3 cards total and you had 4.

          • Ken says:

            2 days between RBOC apps for me. I had 1 Axiom and 2 RBOC so I have 4 now. Will update once the new RBOC card shows up if I’m able to create an online account.

          • Tomtoo says:

            Eric, my wife and I each have 2 Axiom and 2 RBOC, 4 total each. We used the same info possible on all cards.

        • Eric says:

          How far apart did you apply for each of the 3 RBC cards?

          • Ken says:

            Are you asking me? If so I’ve had the first RBOC card for months, probably since last year some time. Then the most recent 2 was within a few days.

          • Eric says:

            Yes, my first question was in reply to you and the other was to Tomtoo.

            The comment system here does make it very hard to follow.

            In that case, maybe they relax the limit of 2 after a certain amount of time (ie 6 months). After I opened 2 Axiom accounts last year I tried to open a 3rd and was rejected.

          • Ken says:

            @Eric – We might have to start posting like this.

            DoC – Have you thought about another comment plugin like Disqus? None of them are perfect for both users and site owners unfortunately.


          • Disqus now displays ads if you don’t want their fees and there are a number of other issues with it. I’m not a fan at all.

          • Eric says:


            Someone mentioned Disqus to Will in another thread a while back. He said that he doesn’t like it. I don’t recall his reasoning though.

            I saw you wrote that you were able to link your accounts finally so I’m glad my tip helped.

          • Ken says:

            |Yup! Now having trouble with my wife’s accounts. I tried sending a Fidelity ACH and it was denied since the names don’t match. Tried to link Schwab which failed, and it’s also probably due to names not matching. Sent $10 from one of her other cards, but I stupidly created the savings immediately instead of trying to link Alliant first, though I did initiate the Alliant link.

          • Ken says:

            @William Charles – That’s a bummer. I have AdBlock so that could be why I don’t see any Disqus ads.

          • Lots of sites pay to remove them as well, I think it’s free if you have less than a certain amount of visitors as well.

          • Ken says:

            I’d rather help keep your costs down.

  167. Victor says:

    I’ve got the card after a week of the appication. There was no sticker on the card to activate it. I’ve found online the number one should call to activate the card: 1.888.572.847. I called two times during business hours, every time waited for more than half an hour and gave up. Is it typical? I am not even sure it works… Do people have the same experience? As of now, the card is still not activated.

  168. Charles Chang says:

    How long does the trial deposit to arrive for the new bank? I requested the transfer on the 16th, so far no show yet.

    • Jeff H says:

      I receive an email with the trial deposit info.

      • Jeff H says:

        CORRECTION: It was a text message.

        I set up text message alerts when I was able to log in. The paperwork with the card indicated trail deposits would not work. Setting up text message alerts BEFORE your bank sends the trial deposits seems to be the work around.

        • Ken says:

          I have text messages setup for both my new RBOC cards and for both of them Alliant trials never showed up, but Schwab did. According to Insight Alliant wasn’t attaching my name to the trial deposits.

  169. John555 says:

    Alliant worked on one but not others,USAA nope, discover nothing is showing…waiting on ally. What a pain. No pattern at all

    • Ken says:

      I got a reminder email from Alliant today to verify deposits, but it’s been over 5 business days and still nothing. Insight sent me a text message for the Schwab trial deposits and I’ve gotten nothing for Alliant. I messaged Alliant asking what went wrong, but it’s still waiting for the trial deposit amount so they haven’t removed it on their end yet. I have ab Axiom and another RBOC card linked to Alliant right now too, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  170. Wyle says:

    Trials from NRL were deposited to new RBOC card but not pulled back. Verified link manually on phone with NRL. Pushed $5 and it was refused/returned by Insight. Frustrating.

  171. Erik says:

    How we did it (I already posted part of this in another Insight DOC thread):

    I had1 Axiom and 1 RBC; My GF had 2 Axiom. We had previously too much trouble with the online applications so we called Insight instead and asked to get new Cards with RBC; 1 for me and 2 for my GF. No need to apply online We received the cards 7-10 days later.

    We simply activated & registered the cards online (no need to call). Note that we had to use “common E-mails”. Verification E-mails were not sent out when we used uncommon domains! Also, the verification link didn’t work with Firefox. We needed to use Chrome.

    By Experience we knew that neither the deposits nor withdrawals would work with our Credit Union (CU) and Insight. In our case, because the deposits come from a slush fund and doesn’t show our names (only A2A). We called Insight and asked for the rejected amounts which we then used to verify the RBC accounts at the CU. We also called the CU and explained so that they wouldn’t later remove the linked & verified accounts after they receive the rejection notice.

    $5K DEPOSIT:
    We have a joint account (where I am primary) and individual accounts at our PCU. By experience we knew that even if my GF sign in to her online banking and use ACH from our joint account to Insight, it would be rejected. That is because it would list the primary owner (me) not her. I therefore transferred from our joint account, and she transferred from her account.
    With our CU, the settlement day is the day after transfer is initiated (the withdrawal from the CU and the deposit at Insight is on the same day – the settlement day). However, the $5K arrived one day after the settlement date. We transferred the funds from the card to savings.
    Our CU explained that this is wrong, and gave me the trace-numbers so that we could ask Insight why they didn’t deposit the funds when they received them (I haven’t called yet….).
    As a test, I later transferred $1, and now the fund arrived the next day (on settlement date) as it should.

    Currently I have $5K or more in 3 accounts (1 Axiom, 2 RBC) and my GF has $5K or more in 4 accounts (2 Axiom, 2 RBC). We will withdraw the funds from the Axiom accounts by ACH at the end of June.
    Note that the max ACH amount (credit or debit) is $5K/day! For the old Axiom accounts, which have more than $5K, we therefore need to withdraw the funds on 2 separate days.

    • James says:

      Common emails? Is this a thing with insight? I thought it was strange when I applied last week and didn’t receive any confirmation email or anything.

      Do they send you an email when you first apply?

      • Erik says:

        As I explained above, we didn’t apply. We simply called in and asked for new RBC card.
        As I also explained above, the E-mail issue came up when we tried to verify the E-mail used when registering the card. We had to call in to have them change the E-mail to a common domain (e.g. gmail). After we verified the new registration E-mail, we were able to change it back online to the E-mail we wanted.

        • James says:

          I meant when you originally applied, did you get any sort of confirmation or anything?

          • Erik says:

            I don’t think so but it was more than 1 year ago (I did a quick search in my E-mail but didn’t find anything). However, we had a lot of issues applying online. At least for 2 of the cards, we did it by phone.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks so much for sharing these tidbits.

      I had no issues linking my Axiom accounts last year with Alliant, but after a week, the trial deposits still never appeared. Using your call in advice/trick, the rep gladly provided the amounts. Interestingly, the Ally and Discover trial deps both appeared by themselves.

      Now, just have to get that $1 phone service fee back — I asked the rep at the end of my call, but despite agreeing to process the credit, still managed to get charged… Sent a secure message, hopefully don’t have to call again

      • Ken says:

        What exactly did you ask for on the phone? The rejected amounts or something else? I sent a SM to Alliant and they’re running a trace. Not what I wanted, but they couldn’t tell me anything either way.

        • Jim says:

          Yea, trying to set up direct deposits, haven’t seen them credited. CSR volunteered the amount, date, and source

          • Ken says:

            Try to push with Alliant and then pull that amount back with Alliant to see if it can do it both ways.

            I have 2 other Insight cards linked from Alliant, but they’re all 6+ months old.

      • Jim says:

        Alliant and Ally both working well, for both RBOC accounts.

        ACH pushes and pulls all worked, tried a few nominal amounts, then got the $5k savings set up. No issues whatsoever since having to call in for the Alliant trial deps

        • Ken says:

          When I tried asking for the amounts I was told the ACH did not have my name attached so they couldn’t give it to me.

          Did you ever get the $1 service fee credited?

          • Jim says:

            Yep, $1 credited back a few hours after I sent a secure message asking for a credit — they didn’t respond to the message, but the $1 did appear.

            The rep I spoke to also said the trial dep wasn’t in my name, then just volunteered the amount and date. It sounds like it may have just been bad luck on your end, so try another rep?

          • Ken says:

            Alright. So after 40min on hold and getting disconnected I called again. This time I waited an hour and 35 minutes!! But the agent said the same thing about my name not being where it’s supposed to be, but he gave me the amount and I was able to confirm with Alliant. I started the link for my next Insight account, but this time I left $5 in the checking account. If I have to call again I will, but I sure don’t want to blow another 2 hours sitting on the phone while I can’t do anything else. Fingers crossed that leaving a small balance will help.

          • Jim says:

            Glad you got Alliant linked up. And hopefully a small balance helps.

            I imagine the long holds is due to the time of the day. Perhaps early in the morning or late at bed time would be easier. Just personal experience, I called around 10pm and waited ~10 mins

  172. Tortoiseshell says:

    Now that there’s only one issuing bank, does that mean there is only one card possible per SSN?

    • Erik says:

      As I wrote above, you can have 2 RBC accounts/SS (My GF currently has 2 Axiom and 2 RBC).
      I don’t know if it is somehow possible to get more than 2 RBC accounts.

  173. Snorlax says:

    Will they charge you inactive fee if you haven’t used the card for 90 days even if the balance of the card is $0.00? I am thinking of getting the card but I’m not sure if I will be able to transfer money through ACH from my Wells Fargo and PNC checking account.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t think they charge if you are at $0.

    • Jeff H says:

      After you get the card, go on line and set up cell phone text alerts. Provide Wells Fargo the routing number and account number in your Insight letter. Republic Bank will text you the trial deposit information. Use that to satisfy the Wells Fargo trial deposit test.

      I can only report my Wells Fargo experience. I would think PNC would be the same, but do not know as I do not have PNC accounts.

      • Ken says:

        Text alerts are no different than logging in and looking at recent transactions. None of these will work if the source bank doesn’t attach your full name that matches your Insight account name.

      • Jeff H says:

        Follow up on Wells Fargo Trial Deposit procedure. Republic/Insight packet indicated they do NOT allow a bank to withdraw/return Trial Deposits. That was confirmed when Wells Fargo tried to retrieve the Trial Deposits. The ACH/DD system received a reply: Insufficient Funds. The Trial Deposit money IS confirmed in my Insight account when I look on line.

        Wells Fargo in response locked down the Republic Bank transfer capability and killed my initial deposit ACH/DD transfer of $500.00. I was so notified by email. Per the Wells Fargo email, I telephoned Wells Fargo and cleared up the matter. The Republic Bank transfer ability was unlocked. I am trying again to ACH/DD an initial Deposit of $500.00.

  174. Martin says:

    Your post says that Axiom Bank will stop paying interest at the end of July. I think it’s actually the end of June. Interest is paid quarterly, and the terms of the account say, “If you close your Insight Savings before interest is credited, you will not receive the accrued interest.” The end of June is the end of the quarter, so any interest earned in July will be accrued but not paid when the account is closed. Also, you can get a new Insight Card and open the new Republic Bank savings right now – it’s not necessary to wait until you close the Axiom Bank account. You can either take the money out of Axiom now and put it in the Republic Bank savings, or use new money to deposit to Republic Bank to earn interest on both accounts Just be sure to wait until at least July 1st to close the Axiom Bank savings so you don’t forfeit interest earned for 2nd quarter (or leave your Axiom Bank and corresponding Insight Card accounts dormant, without any money, after July 1st – they will be automatically closed at the end of July).

    • Erik says:

      @Martin (& Chuck),
      You are correct. The letter sent out to all Axiom account holders state that “..the APY will change to 0.00% effective July 1 2017”.
      Thus, it may be wise to empty the savings account at the end of June.

    • Chuck says:

      You are right, Martin. I’ll fix that.

  175. Charles Chang says:

    Is there a combined list of which bank do trial deposit without pull back? Both Ally and TIAA rejects the new insight card operated by Republic Bank of Chicago as valid external accounts.

    • Wyle says:

      My second try at linking Ally worked last night. Trial deposits showed up and we’re pulled back. Immediately verified on Ally. Push scheduled.

      • Charles Chang says:

        I am not even able to delete the not-able-to-verify account in Ally, saying there are some transfer scheduled, where there is none.

        Has anybody tried to deposit a check using the app? Does that work?

        • For the Ally account, just wait a week and you’ll be able to delete the account from Ally. Then, just redo the transfer again. It should link up properly the second time.

          This is what I have done twice now and I have been successful linking my Ally accounts with Insight.

  176. Avi says:

    DPs for banks that can/can’t add Insight/Republic Bank of Chicago as external account for ACH transfers:

    Discover Savings – No
    Amex Savings – Yes
    Citibank – Yes

  177. Ken says:

    Let’s keep this rolling! Copy and paste below line including your new DP(s).
    Banks that can link RBOC cards without jumping through hoops.

    Amex Savings – Yes
    Citi Checking – Yes
    Schwab Checking – Yes

    Banks that require extra work.

    Alliant (Need to call Insight to get deposit amount. Also Ken was told by Insight that Alliant doesn’t attach the account holder’s name and Insight rejected trial deposits)

    Banks that CANNOT add RBOC accounts. (You may be able to call Insight to get the deposit amount. If this works please update)

    Discover Savings – No

  178. Jackie says:

    Discover Savings works for me. I’ve successfully added two Axiom accounts and two RBOC accounts as external accounts

    • Ken says:

      How recently did you add them? I have the same combination for Alliant but recently haven’t been able to add any RBOC accounts through Alliant.

      • Jackie says:

        First RBOC account added on May 9th, and second one on May 16th. No trouble with trial deposit. And no trouble ACH $5000 to each account.

  179. Ken says:

    DOC, can you make a table with this info please?

    Banks that can link RBOC cards without jumping through hoops.

    Amex Savings – Yes
    Citi Checking – Yes
    Schwab Checking – Yes
    Discover Savings – Yes

    Banks that require extra work.

    Alliant (Need to call Insight to get deposit amount. Also Ken was told by Insight that Alliant doesn’t attach the account holder’s name and Insight rejected trial deposits)

    Banks that CANNOT add RBOC accounts. (You may be able to call Insight to get the deposit amount. If this works please update)


    • Chuck says:

      I think people have said Santander works too.

      • Ken says:

        I think Santander only works to push funds. Is there any way to pull funds form Insight to Santander?

        • Tomtoo says:

          No way to pull funds with Santander. But they are the easiest and fastest, hassle free way to push. Instant push available after just adding them to your list of external banks. No test deposits.

          One of my fastest transfers to Insight RPOC was yesterday. I put the transfer request in around 12:30 PM and got a text from Insight at 5:43PM THAT DAY that they received the funds.

          • Ken says: