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Aaron M
Aaron M (@guest_1619089)
May 16, 2023 17:00

4/24 – zeroed M1 invest and checking accounts
4/25 – sent account closure requests for each subaccount
~4/28 – invest account closed

Checking remains open. Sent another request around 5/9, got the same automated reply that the account would auto-close after 2-3 business days of having zero balance.

Tried chatbot (“close checking account”), it keeps referring me to info on how to close the invest account (which is already closed).

I guess I’ll have to call. P2 has had the same issue – invest account is closed but checking stays open despite $0 balance.

Did anyone else have issues closing their M1 accounts completely?

yb (@guest_1550965)
February 6, 2023 13:21

Just got an email about “Your M1 Plus membership will automatically renew at $125 on February 20th.” and I don’t recall ever signing up for this… Downloaded their app and Apple said there’s saved password for it so I guess I did sign up but forgot about it. It ask me to verify email and fund account right after logging in, and I could not find any email in my inbox except the renewal email… Perhaps I was waiting for email and never got it back then? Also see “Verify your identity In order to open an account, we need to verify your identity. Enter a phone number to receive a confirmation code by text.” if I click on continue. Perhaps they send out the email by mistake and I never really opened an account with them…

yb (@guest_1554328)
February 10, 2023 23:00

Opened a ticket with them 4 days ago, no reply yet but looks like they closed my account as I cannot log in anymore.

Dick (@guest_1536150)
January 17, 2023 18:45

Anyone else having trouble logging into their M1 account?

Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com
Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com (@guest_1536210)
January 17, 2023 19:49

Nope. Just used android app.

Dominique (@guest_1384740)
May 23, 2022 23:32

I had a rather interesting experience with this offer. Long story short, my account was compromised about a month into having the account. Almost the whole $2500 I put into the account was withdrawn by someone else without my consent. After contacting M1 about this and filling out the required forms, it took a while for me to get my money back.

Once I got my money back, I decided to contact them to see if I could still get the bonus since I was so close to completing the 30 day holding period anyway. My account was compromised on day 29. I asked to receive the bonus as a one time courtesy and I also highlighted that I had been a loyal brokerage customer of theirs since 2018. Today I noticed that my account was manually adjusted to reflect the $100 bonus. All contact was done via email. Here’s my timeline:

3/11 – Signed up through link on this page
3/14 – Received notice that bank statement was needed to complete transfer
3/16 – $2500 deposited from linked bank account
4/14 – $450 unauthorized transaction
4/19 – $2k unauthorized transaction
5/17 – Both unauthorized transactions reversed
5/23 – Bonus posted

L (@guest_1385552)
May 26, 2022 05:25

Whoever compromised your account: how did they transfer the money out?

Christian James Bridgeforth
Christian James Bridgeforth (@guest_1386191)
May 27, 2022 11:36

Send me a few hundred bucks, and I’ll put on a demonstration for you

Dominique (@guest_1393757)
June 11, 2022 08:51

L The money was transferred out by a brokerage service called Alpaca Securities and the transactions had someone else’s name on them. I’ve seen apps like Streetbeat use Alpaca Securities for transfers and they even have their own website. You can buy stocks and crypto through them, so I’m guessing someone was able to link my M1 checking account to their account to purchase stocks or crypto. Not sure if they used my account number somehow or they got it linked through Plaid.

Dominique (@guest_1408427)
July 13, 2022 13:43

Why am I being downvoted here? I’m just sharing my experience. And how? I didn’t even know you could downvote someone on this blog…

Eric (@guest_1408445)
July 13, 2022 14:11

The comment that you replied to shows as “0” for me. What are you seeing? The comment from Christian James Bridgeforth does show as “-1”, which is odd.

mothman69 (@guest_1408650)
July 13, 2022 20:27

I’ve noticed the negative upvotes as well the past couple of days. Maybe  William Charles can chime in about it.

Heather (@guest_1384172)
May 22, 2022 08:40

3/30/22 – Opened account
3/30/22 – $2500 deposit posted to the account
5/18/22 – $100 Bonus posted

Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald (@guest_1382925)
May 18, 2022 18:49

3/30/22 – Opened account
4/5/22 – $2550 deposit posted to account
5/18/22 – $100 Bonus posted

Andre (@guest_1382868)
May 18, 2022 16:43

4/4 $2501 deposit posted in M1 Spend account (there was a delay in the transfer and an email thread with CSR).

5/18 $100 bonus posted.

Frazz (@guest_1382359)
May 17, 2022 15:49

Haven’t received the bonus yet:

03/21/2022: Opened “M1 Plus” brokerage account.
03/23/2022: $2510 transfer from Ally Checking to M1 Brokerage posts.
03/30/2022: Opened M1 Spend account.
03/31/2022: $2510 transfer from M1 Brokerage to M1 Spend posts.

The terms state that the promotion period is THROUGH March 31, 2022, so it seems that I should’ve received it. I’ll wait until the end of the week, after that I might email them.

Frazz (@guest_1383357)
May 19, 2022 15:34

Lol, one extra day made all the difference:

05/18/2022: “Spend Promotional Payout” of $100 posted to my spend account.

I didn’t call/email. Hopefully it works out for everyone else. Thanks, Doc.

Erik (@guest_1382062)
May 17, 2022 01:33

P1 got it in writing that the requirements would be met as long as the account was opened by 3/31, $2,500 deposited within 14 days and balance kept for 30 days (regardless of Payout date).
Both P1 & P2 met those requirements (deposited after 3/31 and kept full balance for 30 days), but neither got the bonus.

P1 E-mailed to inquire about the missing bonus and got response back “This email confirms your account closure request.”!
P1 E-mailed back stating that “I have NOT requested my account to be closed..”

P2 E-mailed to inquire about the missing bonus and got response back “I have escalated this to our Spend partners and I will get back to you soon.”

MC (@guest_1382069)
May 17, 2022 02:04

lol…sorry, that sucks, but even if you do get the bonus was it worth the extra 14 days?

Erik (@guest_1383511)
May 19, 2022 22:59

I called M1 and they had no idea why I was sent a letter that I had requested to close the account. The accounts are open and in good standing.

They paid the $100 bonus. They explained that they had to manually credit customers who opened the account before 3/31 and deposited the money within 14 days after opening but after 3/31.

Jack231 (@guest_1381618)
May 16, 2022 11:32

I messaged M1 on 5-14 after I didn’t get the $100 payout on 5-13. They promptly responded on 5-16 that they would give me a manual adjustment in 3 to 5 days.