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Published on December 7th, 2018 | by Chuck


My Recent Credit Card Applications and Surprising Arrival+ Approval

Due to some large upcoming spend ($10-$20k range), I’ve been looking at available credit card signup bonuses. I briefly entertained the Capital One Spark $2k bonus, but $50k spend would be a pressure I’m not interested in taking on. I’ve already tried and got denied for the 75k Venture deal. I thought about the Arrival+ 70,000 bonus.

My assumption was that Barclays would deny me due to the suggested 6/24 rule on the Arrival card. On whim, I shot off an application, without quite deciding if I’d try calling in to get it manually approved (reports indicate calling in sometimes works to get a 6/24 application approved).

Initially, the application went pending, yet just 10 hours later they sent me an approval email. Score!

Looking at my credit card history over the past year, I was surprised to see how quiet it’s been. In December 2017, I signed up for the Schwab Amex for the triple dip (that card will be downgraded soon enough), and otherwise the only card picked up recently was one Synchrony store card. I also did two business Platinum upgrade offers (50k for $10k) which took up much of my spending over the past few months.

Reviewing my totals, it seems that I have 6 new cards in the past 24 months: Chase Amazon, Merrill+, Altitude, BofA PR, Schwab, and one Synchrony store card (this discounts business cards which doesn’t show on the report). While technically a store card, the Synchrony card shows up on the credit report as a regular card. Chase reps can usually discount a store card from your 5/24 count manually, but the system usually recognizes it (last I know), and I’d guess Barclay’s system would act the same way.

So did I break the 6/24 rule? Yeah, sort of, maybe, depends if you count the Synchrony store card or not. We noted in the original post that there have been many reports of approvals, and that it never appeared to be a strict rule. In my case, the approval wasn’t instant, and may have been manually reviewed before approval; it may be that some 6/24 people are manually reviewed and approved.

Overall, it was interesting for me to review my recent credit card history, and I was shocked at how few new cards have joined my wallet lately. I may even be under 5/24 in a few months from now. Then again, the new Arrival sets me back one, plus, I’ll soon be eligible for a Citi Thank You bonus, so getting down under 5/24 isn’t very easy. We’ll see.

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How long does one have to wait after downgrading an arrival+ to be able to apply for a new one and get the bonus? Or is it once per lifetime?

I was told by Barclays rep who was friendly and agreed to reconsider my denied app for the Arrival+ and seemed like he was going to approve me that it had to be 24 months since I last had the Arrival+ or no-fee Arrival. I had downgraded years prior and closed the Arrival like one year before, so he said he couldn’t approve me.

Wow. Are you saying that a no-fee Arrival needs to be closed for 24 months before you can apply for Arrival+? That seems crazy.

That’s what the rep told me. It seems crazy to me too. But perhaps he was mistaken because it does contradict the post that Chuck linked to.

In 2016 I was approved for the Arrival+ 36 days after I had canceled my no-fee arrival.

Get under 5/24 and I demand you step down

Lol. I know, I’m so embarrassed for Chuck!

I’ll be at 0/6 in 2 months and I’m embarrassed. I felt it was necessary for my approvals if I want a shot with Cap1 and another Barclays.

Applied on a whim on wedneday as well since I was doing a couple others and to my surprise also approved, instantly! 7/24.

I was instantly approved at 11/24. I’m glad I tried.

Survey showed pretty clearly that no one got auto-approved over 6/24; however, that didn’t mean you couldn’t get approved after going to pending – or after recon. Some 6/24 did get auto-approved.

Gave it a shot a few weeks ago because they pull TU (unlike almost anyone else), so I wasn’t concerned about the hard pull at all. I am at 30/24 so figured it was almost zero chance- rejected immediately. C’est la vie.


I wish I was where you are. Pretty much everyone pulls TU here.

I wanted to downgrade my Charles Schwab Amex Platinum (a charge card) to the Schwab no annual fee card, but was told that since such was a credit card, I’d need to apply for it.

Congrats! Tbh not a shocking DP. We had about a dozen DPs of people getting approved for A+ despite being over 6/24 (some drastically so). What was a hard and fast rule was those who got approved never had over 1 Barclay card. (This was a very small amount, most people were denied.)

I was at 6/24 and got approved at the 60k. They wouldn’t match the 70k offer, even though it had been within a month.

You can’t downgrade the Schwab Platinum to anything.

Does 6 correspond to new credit related accounts (like Chase) or does it include credit pulls as well?

I applied for s/o at 8/24 and they were approved instantly.

Denied yesterday for CapOne Savor, even though I have a mmkt and spark card with them, both with recent activity. YMMV. Oh yeah, BTW I am about 13/24.

forget cap one with 13 apps…i got denied for savor 2 months back for 14/24

Congrats Chuck – Barclays and BOA hate me right now 🙁

what about cap one?

Cap one is definitely worse, and they pull all three bureaus.

Cap One hates almost everybody 🙂

How can you triple dip the airline credit if you apply in December? Wouldn’t you just be able to double dip?

I think the strategy is open in Dec, get the credit, get it again in Jan, pay the AF next Dec. Get the credit again in Jan, then downgrade or cancel and they prorate the AF – so not a complete triple, but close. I know Amex you have to downgrade.

Or is Barclays not refunding partial AF’s? I don’t do many credit card deals, and don’t MS other than bank funding so I am always struggling to meet the min. spend.

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