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genh (@guest_808522)
September 10, 2019 20:40

To close the account, I sent an email to
with my account number. Several hours later a representative from the branch closest to my home called me confirming the account is closed.

No need to visit branch

Joey Doughnuts
Joey Doughnuts (@guest_786856)
July 22, 2019 22:29

Has anyone tried closing their account yet? Were you able to close it over the phone or through email? Hopefully we don’t have to go in the branch to close this.

IS250 (@guest_786859)
July 22, 2019 22:34

You do have to go in branch to close the account. I tried phone and ‘SM’ (it’s just a generic email form you fill out to contact them – it’s not a true SM). I have a branch near me so wasn’t a big deal for me.

Joey Doughnuts
Joey Doughnuts (@guest_787275)
July 23, 2019 15:36

Thanks for the response. I’m in the Bronx and the closest branch is in Brooklyn so I would rather not go into the branch if I don’t have to. Anyone try closing their account via mail (as in mailing them a letter stating to close it)? I guess I will call and ask them.

Payton (@guest_750706)
April 21, 2019 08:45

Opened 1/22; bonus 4/19. Thanks DOC!

Bobo (@guest_750497)
April 20, 2019 09:40

1/18 opening, 4/18 $350 bonus payment — these folks are like clockwork. 🙂

IS250 (@guest_749821)
April 18, 2019 06:34

1/17 – Opened account in branch
February, March, April – 1 real $500 employer DD & 10 debit purchases on Amazon (mainly $.50 reloads)
4/17 – $350 bonus (did not see it post until today)

If you see my earlier post here detailing account opening, there is conflicting information whether we need to keep the account open for 6 months or not. I will be safe and keep it open for the full 6 months with a $500 balance.

jon (@guest_749911)
April 18, 2019 11:57

I got the bonus today too. Opened account in branch 1/14. I ‘d go with manual printout, keep account open for 6 months or they take bonus back.

Paul S. Kim
Paul S. Kim (@guest_749479)
April 17, 2019 11:09

did anyone get this bonus yet? just trying to see if mine failed or just have to wait 🙂

J (@guest_749601)
April 17, 2019 15:09

When did you open your account? I opened mine end of January and have not yet received my bonus. Based on the DPs here I was expecting to have received it by now, however one of the requirements is that you maintain a $500 avg monthly balance over the first 90 days, so it makes sense that it hasn’t come yet.

Paul S. Kim
Paul S. Kim (@guest_750100)
April 18, 2019 23:30

My wife and I both got it today 🙂

So the one per household didn’t apply. Although we did use licenses with different addresses and then got it updated. That might be why 🙂

Nick (@guest_724353)
February 19, 2019 16:57

This offer is expired as confirmed by branch.

Paul S. Kim
Paul S. Kim (@guest_723587)
February 17, 2019 13:47

does anyone know if the 10 debit card transactions have to be a pin-enabled transaction? i did venmo to my wife and it comes out as:

“pinless chk pre venmo”

just trying to figure out if that counts or not…

shoreman (@guest_723621)
February 17, 2019 15:18

They certainly do not HAVE to be PIN-enabled, and I was told by at least one branch manager (who admitted she COULD be wrong), that you should definitely not use a PIN. But they should be POS. Just hit ENTER (or the appropriate key) when the PIN screen comes up and it will go through as a POS credit transaction which, of course, the bank prefers anyway since they get a higher fee.

Payton (@guest_720045)
February 10, 2019 13:31

Seems to be over as of Thursday.

shoreman (@guest_720097)
February 10, 2019 17:17

If true, glad I got in a few weeks ago. How do you know?

Payton (@guest_723167)
February 15, 2019 23:20

Went to sign up for P2 and the CSR said that they pulled it on Thursday 2/7. They now have a business checking promo – I didn’t look into it too much since I wasn’t interested in it.

genh (@guest_708736)
January 19, 2019 15:02

Just went drove an hour today to open this account. I brought a printout of the image in this post and she immediately recognize the offer.

I can confirm most of what others have said– seems not Chex sensitive (13 records in the past 12 months). I could see the bank scrolling through my long list of chex records, but she didn’t say anything afterwards.

Thank you for letting know about this offer!