Posted by William Charles on February 12, 2018

Published on February 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


Priority Pass Adds Bobby Van’s Steakhouse To JFK Airport

Priority Pass has added yet another restaurant to their lounge network. This time they have added Bobby Van’s Steakhouse to JFK. This restaurant is found in Terminal 8 (airside opposite gate 14). The restaurant is open from 6am to 10PM daily. Cardholders receive $28 off their bill, as do their guests, the discount applies to any meal and or drinks (tips excluded). Unlike other restaurants and lounges regardless of your membership type you’re allowed to only bring a single guest.

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The full menu can be found here. Here is a small sampling of what’s available:

This is definitely more expensive than some of the other restaurants they have partnered with. I guess most people would prefer Priority Pass stick to lower cost restaurants so that the $28 covers a full meal + drinks, but that will really vary from person to person. Priority Pass has been making good additions like crazy recently, for example:

Also keep in mind that the Chase Sapphire Reserve now has digital priority pass memberships and priority passes can be used once every two hours at the same location.

Hat tip to One Mile At A Time

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Excellent news! Hopefully we’ll see some additions in BOS soon.

Can you get into terminal 8 if you are flying out of another terminal?

I’m not aware of an airport that limits which terminal you can get into with a valid ticket. But the transit times between terminals have always made it such that it really wasn’t worth the bother.

I really wish they would add something else at Phl. The minute suites are nothing to get excited over. No snacks or drinks. I’d like a place I could even get a free bottle of water.

I’d like to see DP about passengers from other terminals being able to use this. Terminal 8 services 8 airlines, including American and Alaska but not United or Delta.

Hopefully, PP also stacks with “take out meals are available for those making a quick connection.”

one of the often discussed topics on FT and other forums. no official word from TSA. and some seem to believe the pre-TSA contractors have also turned people away.

Unlike KAL lounge in T1, which has the following language, “All passengers must hold a boarding pass departing from Terminal 1.”. So PP doesn’t seem to be restricting access here.

I always like more Priority Pass restaurants. But interesting restriction about only having one guest. Let’s say you’re a party of 4. I assume nothing would stop 2 people from presenting their Priority Pass cards, right? You’d probably have to keep the bills separate. I assume they wouldn’t make you eat at 2 tables. 🙂

I think if I had a party of 2 and wanted a steak, I’d order one and split it. And maybe get a soup or something. I presume the restaurant would be OK with that. In most cases, you probably wouldn’t want a large meal at an airport anyway, especially at an int’l airport, because you’re likely to get more food on the plane anyway.

When I used my Priority Pass card at a restaurant at MIA, I was allowed to put the (mandatory) tip on my bill, which PP paid (as long as I was under $28). I assume ALL their restaurants work that way?

I have 3 PP memberships. 1 CNB, 1 Citi Saphire and US bank (soon to be cancelled). can i use both at the same time since they are different membersips?

Is there a list of these restaurants? Or a way to search by airport like the lounge search?

this post has the list. its only missing the ones in Australia

FYI, the Yelp reviews for this business are even worse than those for some full-service airport lounges:

Common complaints include slow service, improperly cooked food, and mistakes with orders. Also, TSA prohibits real silverware in the terminals, so steaks come with plastic forks and knives.

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