Posted by William Charles on May 16, 2018

Published on May 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: New FoundersCard Benefit, Amazon Go Expanding & More


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:



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Lol I love how the FounderCard article doesn’t even recommend the card. Just asks readers to “send a few referrals our way”

Founderscard’s not for me right now either, but I find it intriguing and if you’re a certain type of traveler who can use the benefits (e.g. if you stay in Caesars hotels a lot and your resort fees could use waiving), I think it can hypothetically be well worth it.

I find it interesting that the match works for entry level status on American, but requires second tier on United and Delta.

I had Mosaic via public match last year, and really enjoyed having it, as it allowed me to book travel speculatively. I live in NYC so having money in a JetBlue travel bank is not a problem. Getting nearly free Even More Space seats was nice too.

(I droned on about Mosaic here:

the 4 free nights at atlantis makes the founders card appealing… especially with this mosaic match and the fact that you can get the $350 back from republic bank on a 2 year membership. Would bring down the price down pretty good.

FC is niche use and YMMV based on ur travel habits, but in terms of matching B6 Mosaic, IMHO, if that status is useful to you, then you already have it.

unlike other legacy carriers where you have to fly extensively like crazy, it doesnt take too much to become Mosaic and if that status is worth it to you, then you already fly the required 30 segments + 12k points or just earning 15k points in a calendar year (you earn 3 points per dollar). so u need to spend 4k to 5k per year on B6 which is totally reasonable.

of course, matching can be nice even for the first and only final flight. but thats kinda a waste and u ony have Mosaic Status through 12/31/18.

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