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Published on December 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Atlanta, GA (Reynoldstown Branch)] Synovus $300 Checking Bonus – Direct Deposit Not Required

This bonus has expired and is no longer available, click here to view the best current checking bonuses.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: 144 Moreland Avenue NE, Suite E Atlanta, GA 30307 Reynoldstown branch
  • Direct deposit required: No
  • Additional requirements: 15 debit card transactions
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: None in branch
  • Monthly fees: $10, waive able
  • Early account termination fee: $25, 90 days
  • Household limit:  One
  • Expiration date: April 30th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a new personal checking account at Synovus’ Reynoldstown branch and receive a bonus of $300 when you complete the following requirements:
    • 15 check card transactions within 60 days of account opening

The Fine Print

  • This offer is available only to new personal checking account customers.
  • Only one offer is available per address.
  • You must open and fund a new personal checking account by April 30, 2018 with a minimum of $100 (not including the incentive).
  • Within 60 days of opening and funding your account, you must complete 15 check card purchase transactions (signature or PIN transactions only – ATM transactions do not count towards the 15 transactions), with all 15 purchase transactions posting successfully to your account.
  • If earned, bonus payouts (one time only if you meet the requirements within 60 days of account opening) will be posted either on January 19, February 16, March 23, April 20, May 18, June 22 or July 20, 2018 and will be in the form of a credit to the new checking account reflected on your statement as “checking incentive.”
  • You are responsible for any tax due on any amount received which is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.
  • Offer is non-transferrable, may not be combined with other offers, and does not apply if you are already an owner of a consumer checking account (primary or secondary) with Synovus Bank.
  • Checking accounts must be in good standing at the time of incentive payout.

Avoiding Fees

The easiest way to keep this account fee (unless you’re a student or part of the military) is to open an access or gold checking account. Both accounts come with a $10 monthly fee that is waived if you do either of the following:

  • Have an average daily balance of $1,000 or more
  • Have direct deposits of $500 or more each month

I wasn’t able to find any mention of a early account termination fee in their fee schedule, but one might be charged. Update: According to this comment it’s $25 if closed within 90 days.

Our Verdict

Pretty insane bonus, $300 and no direct deposit requirement and easy to keep the account fee free. Shame it’s only in branch only. Definitely worth doing if you live near a branch, will be adding this to our list of the best regional specific bank bonuses. They also have a credit card that lets you choose one 3% cash back category.

Big thanks to reader, Curmudgeon who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Thanks! I’ll stop by next week

I’ll stop by and check this out also. I’m about 15 miles away from this branch. No DPs yet on what counts for DD from this bank so my plan is to let 1,100 simmer is this account and meet the 15 debits with bluebird account which worked with Wells Fargo bonus nicely as it codes as debit POS from New York. I’ll report back

Reynoldstown is a neighborhood in the City of Atlanta. There is no Reynoldstown post office nor mailing address, so I’m not sure how this was miscommunicated as “Reynoldstown, GA” (perhaps because Synovus is based elsewhere in the state and isn’t very familiar with Atlanta, where they have only one other branch). That said, great find, and I’ll definitely be stopping by.

1 branch in 1 town? Seriously? Let’s cast the net a little out next time, William. Bah humbug.

It’s in a neighborhood in Atlanta, so quite a large target audience. I am surely interested as I live only a few minutes away from this neighborhood.

Whoa. 3 min away from me. Will def be doing this one!

Wow. I can walk over here! Merry Churning Christmas to me!

Do you think there’d be any problems getting this bonus if you stop by this branch, even though you live a state over? I do have Synovous banks in my area.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m at the bank now and the banker said all of people have already come in about the promo this morning.

Hey Rob can you post a direct number to the bank


Opened the acccount today, the banker said that online purchases dont count only in person transactions. So no amazon reloads :/

Which banker did you go to? I went in today and was told the opposite.

Opened the account with the female banker that was there today

She said that they were trying to get some brand advertising for their bank so they are trying to get people to physically use it.

did you open with employee kia?

didnt want to reveal any pii but yes that is the one (you scrambled the letters though)

ok yeah they seem to be giving slightly wrong information to people.

Went in today for this. Confirmed that you can’t fund with a CC (only cash and check) but any purchase (including online) counts towards the 15 transactions.

So I went in this morning and opened this account . Easy peasy sign up and by the time I left there was a line of people to sign up! Now… I think the banker lied about a few things. She said there would be a 25$ fee for closing the account within 6 months while rubbing her nose and breaking eye contact with me. Basic psychology told me this was a lie PLUS all DP’s say its 90 days. I played dumb of course because i’m only signing up to churn this account. 2nd lie was the “credit check”. She said this as if ill need to see if we can approve you for this which was total BS. I told her I DO NOT want overdraft protection and to confirm and show me this was checked NO (nicely)…. she seemed annoyed by but surely there was no hard pulls. Ill keep an eye out for this. Lastly there are NO DP’s I can find online about what counts as DD so I just set up a transfer from CAP1 and then ill try Schwab next. Ill report back but no solid DP’s from this one just yet. Happy Churning boys

Will have a long layover next week in ATL. I’ll go out and open if out-of-state apps are allowed? Do people think they’ll open it with the promo?

Went to the branch today to open the ‘Access’ Checking account and the banker ‘Sherecca’ was kind in answering questions and it was just 15 mins to get it opened. She did stated that if you don’t have a GA driving license, then you need to provide your utility bill to make sure you live in GA.

I went to the branch, try to open a checking… and got declined! It’s weird, I did not have any bad background of using the checking( bounce check, etc.) don’t know why. Is it because that I closed 3 checking accounts this year? I closed them after keeping for half a year and after receiving the bonus.

I’ve closed 10+ this year and was approved. Maybe get a copy of your Chex to see why?

I opened an account on Dec 29 – took about 15 minutes – thanks DOC for letting us know about this

Bonus posted 2/12/2018

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