Posted by Chuck on May 3, 2015
AmEx Offers

Published on May 3rd, 2015 | by Chuck


Serve/Bluebird Add Amex Offers in Online Account

Serve has long had the ability to get Amex Offers added to it via social media and then Bluebird followed suit back in November. They also added the ability to add offers directly to the Serve/Bluebird card back via the app back in November. At the time, there was no way to add offers in the ordinary online login; it was specific to the app.

Added Feature

They’ve just added the feature at and to be able to add offers directly, though the feature is severely lacking.

Here’s what it looks like:

amex offer serve screenshot



A few big problems with the feature:

1) I have the Sam’s Club offer, among others, saved on my Serve card and they aren’t showing in the ‘Saved Offers’ tab. They just show the Smart & Final offer, none others. (If they had to pick one I’d say they made a good choice! But still…)

added offers in serve


2) In the Bluebird account which I have access to, they’re only showing one offer available. For some reason, they aren’t showing in Bluebird as many offers as Serve.

bluebird amex offers



3) Even on the Serve account there are very few offers being shown. Not only is it less than we see on Amex credit cards, they don’t seem to be showing even all of the offers which are available on Twitter.

UPDATEHow to See Amex Offers in Bluebird/Serve where we showed how to find your available offers.


I’m excited to see this added ability because it’s possible that some time they’ll have offers which are not available on Twitter. Most likely, however, this won’t happen and it will just be the offers from Twitter which can be saved online.

Personally, I used Tweetdeck and SyncAssist to get offers which are available on Twitter, and that system is much more efficient.

Hopefully, over time they’ll fix the issues with Saved Offers and they’ll make more offers available directly on the website.

Final note: There is a special Serve offer showing up in my account of $10 off $50 at (see screenshot above). I believe this is an offer targeted specifically to Serve cards (i.e. it’s not available on regular Amex credit cards) and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these kinds of special offers now on Bluebird/Serve.

See also this MilesToMemories post who mentions similar issues with the Offers found in the Bluebird/Serve app.

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go to “settings” and “amex offers.” All your actual amex offers will show up there. This new offers section is just still under alpha development.


Not exactly related, but did serve ever pay out for the $150 in reserve until 3/31? I haven’t gotten anything from that promotion.


I know I had gotten my extra $10 for adding a reserve, but I can’t go back and check posting date since I’ve migrated to redbird for now.


Nada. I was not targeted for the bonus but transferred the $150 to reserve anyway.


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