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Published on October 22nd, 2017 | by Chuck


[Now Live] Staples: Buy $300 in Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards and get $15 Rebate [10/22-10/28]

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The Offer

Direct Link

  • Buy $300 in Visa or Mastercard gift cards at a Staples store and get a $15 Staples gift card via Easy Rebate

The Fine Print

  • Valid 10/22/17 – 10/28/17 (starts Sunday, 10/22)
  • Limit one per household
  • In-store only

Our Verdict

Last time around they had this kind of deal (Visa and Mastercard), and it was advertised as getting a $15 Staples gift card, but in actuality it came through as a Visa prepaid rebate. I’m guessing it’ll be the same this time, we’ll see.

You guys know what to do. Here’s more information on Staples Easy Rebates. There’s also a similar deal at Office Depot/Max to get a $15 instant discount this week on 5-Back Visa gift cards.

81 Responses to [Now Live] Staples: Buy $300 in Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards and get $15 Rebate [10/22-10/28]

  1. CM says:

    Have OD/OM dropped out of the game?!

    • Adam says:

      They are still licking their wounds after the $100 for $86.50 last spring. 🙂

    • Peter says:

      Bought 2 $200’s today at OD and the $15 rebate was instant at the register. Manager said only 1 transaction per customer.

      Wondering if I go back in tomorrow will my card work to buy a few more? Given there are different employees in am than I had in the pm that part should be ok.

      Or I could send someone else with my card as long as the card would work (?).

  2. Ian Michael Scott says:

    OD/OM needs to get back to it.

  3. dan says:

    lol, a little comfort after no more 5x on ppdg, etc…

  4. freddy says:

    is the visa card restricted to staples?

  5. ppsh says:

    $15 is the new $20? Booooooooo

    • rick b says:

      Not worth the effort to drive there, buy and deal with rebate. That’s like making $15 for 2+ hours of work….unless you were going to the store anyway.

      It’s more efficient to MS UR points at OD/OM or via freedom unlimited

      • PotatoSalad says:

        Not worth it for you maybe. For many of us, staples isn’t an hour away.

        • rick b says:

          I’m the “many of us”, Staples is less than a mile drive out of my daily commute, but you should someday add up all the time you spend on these MS deals and you’ll be surprised. I know I did and discovered that once you count the extra driving, standing in line, submitting the rebate form, liquidating the VGC, etc.. it took about an extra hour out of my day. On top of that both my Staples are routinely out of the $200+ denomination of cards.

      • iahphx says:

        I don’t get to OD/OM very often (all my local stores shut down). Do they now have $500 Visa/MC gift cards? Otherwise, why would it be more efficient?

  6. Max says:

    >Last time around they had this kind of deal (Visa and Mastercard), and it was advertised as getting a $15 Staples gift card, but in actuality it came through as a Visa prepaid rebate. I’m guessing it’ll be the same this time, we’ll see.

    Hey Chuck, just to be clear, people shouldn’t just try their luck for a visa prepaid card (vs a Staples gift card). We should wait until people try it out, post pictures of the receipt and the online rebate offer page. Usually when they advertise Staples GC, what we end up getting is a Staples GC.

    • Chuck says:

      Last time it said $15 Staples in the ad and we got a $15 Visa card. We’ll have to wait and see what happens this time.

    • Gerald says:

      You don’t have to try your luck or wait for others to post their results. As soon as it’s live, go to, click on Find Rebate, pick Blackhawk from the pulldown list, and see what it says. For last month’s one like this, it says “Get a $15 Staples Easy Rebates Visa Prepaid Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards at Staples Stores ONLY.”

      • joE says:

        Nice tip Gerald!

      • Gerald says:

        Bad news. This rebate says “Get a $15 Staples Easy Rebates Gift Card” which is the same language they used for the MC and Amex gift card deals. Let’s hope the VGC-only rebates continue to do the rebate win prepaid Visa cards.

  7. Chucks says:

    Stack with Uber’s Visa Local for good times.

  8. Abelian Grape says:

    Does one need to buy $300 in GCs in a single purchase, or can one do two separate $200 purchases?

    • Abelian Grape says:

      Never mind. The cap per purchase is $20, which is exactly 5% of $400, so might as well just do a single purchase (giving up 5% of the fees).

      • JASON says:

        Hello, I don’t understand what you mean by “cap per purchase”. Can you explain a little bit?

        And back to your first question, I think you do need to purchase at least $300 in master/visa gift cards in one transaction to qualify for the rebate, right?

        • Ryan Thompson says:

          He’s talking about stacking a separate promo. Yes, $300 in 5Bs on one transaction will satisfy the rebate requirement.

  9. TJ says:

    Perfect, I just got the new BOA Premium Rewards and need to meet spend requirement.

  10. R says:

    can I buy one visa and one master card and get rebate?

  11. Saturn says:

    Question to the cognoscenti: Is there a risk of level 3 data Staples transmits to Amex if I’m MSing on of their cards? Staples is one of their partners, AFIK.

  12. JASON says:

    If it comes as the staple gift card, I would just sell it for a ebay e-gift card at cardcash, current rate is $15 staples gift card = $13.51 ebay gift card.

    • Adam says:

      Or hold on until some FAR software d/l (it’s sales tax free) which is always a visa rebate; BF is around.

      • Lucian says:

        Could you please be more specific? I always asked what to do with Staples GC’s

        • calwatch says:

          Also, when they have those “free” paper deals (1 cent paper). Tax is required to be paid, though. In California state law requires gift cards to be cashed out under $10 so I usually buy a ream of paper and cash the rest out. Cost of the paper is $7, tax is 56 cents, and $7.44 in cash is handed back. You get a few cents in Rewards and the easy rebate is usually a Visa Gift Card.

          • dizzy says:

            Are there any other states that do this? I remember this when I lived in CA but I just moved back east again (thank gawd)

        • JASON says:

          From time to time staples has this 1 dollar or 1 cent anti virus software for sale, in a physical box to deliver to you or send you a link to download. The reason of this deal is that the software itself might be going to be outdated or expire soon. Anyway, the deal is that you pay the already discounted price and you submit a rebate form either online or by mail, and they mail you the rebate visa debit card. So you would be ending up paying minimal amount of money. Something like this:

          Original price: $59.99
          Discount: -$39.99
          Rebate: $19.99
          You pay: $ 0.01

          If you put NH as state for delivery for the digital download, for example, you wouldn’t be charged for tax. This method works on staples rewards as well.

  13. marshbelle says:

    Please help a MS noob out. If I buy the Staples Visa, where can I liquidate it for a MO? I am having trouble understanding which GCs can be used where. Thanks in advance.

    • Mimi says:

      If you’re just starting, buy two of the $200 Visa GC (purple packages) to get the rebate form. With fees, your total will be $413.90. You can liquidate this either at the grocery store OR WM. If it’s your first time buying an MO, I suggest you buy $199.30 at WM, the .70 cents will pay the MO fee. If you prefer a grocery store, subtract the MO fee from $200 so you only swipe once and likely avoid mistakes. These will NOT work at the USPS since they’re issued by Metabank.

  14. Carl wilson says:

    Hey Doc

    Does a $500 MGC exist? Ive seen $500 vgc but never mgc (at least @ 5% earning office supply stores). I upload these to plastiq for contractor and rent payments. Trying to avoid paying these recipients with a s@*t-ton of $195.12 checks!!

    • Gerald says:

      I’ve never seen any kind of $500 gift cards at office supply stores, but $500 MCGCs certainly exist. When there’s a MC-only gas points deal at Stop and Shop, I buy them and liquidate them ASAP (since MCGCs are liable to be hacked).

    • JASON says:

      at Stop & Shop yes, at Staples no, I’ve never seen one in any of the 10+ staples stores I visited

  15. Jeff says:

    Rebates website shows its just an actual Staples gc this time around.

  16. Bill says:

    How many rebates can you do? Says limit one per a household.

  17. Charlie says:

    Just left the store…. $200 Visas…. rebate form didn’t print… cashier checked and SKU’s didn’t match rebate in ad. Bought $200 MC instead. Rebate form still didn’t print but it matched.

  18. Peter says:

    Newbie here, reading as much as I can for weeks but trouble figuring out the best way to meet Chase Sapphire Preferred min spending of 4k.

    Paying mortgage is out with Plastiq I see. Is there another service that’s reliable? Or one to pay rent?

    I thought I knew what to do if I went the vgc route, and fee free.
    Called around to grocery and drugstores, all said can’t buy vgc with cc. I see here you say at Staples you can. How would you go about buying 3-4k?

    I called a local Wal Mart who said only cash or debit cards to buy mo’s.
    Is this still allowed just depends on the WM? What are the other options to buy mo’s?

    At this point, what’s the most reliable, straightforward way even with a fee? (If there is such a thing).

    Any advice very much appreciated!

    • Chuck says:

      All these things are YMMV, there isn’t anything that simple and straightforward.

      I think most/all CVS’s allow credit card for $500 Visa gift cards, but liquidating those might not be easy.

      You can try paying mortgage with (I’m not sure if they do mortgages or not, check it out). I think it’s like a 3-3.5% fee.

    • JASON says:

      I bought over $10k of Mastercard debit cards from stop and shop this month with several CC. Have you also tried CVS?

  19. JASON says:

    go to the above staples rebate website, type “visa” under product, search, it generates two results:

    Rebate: Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards.
    Details: $15.00 Gift Card
    Purchase dates: 10-22-2017 through 10-28-2017
    Postmark date: Purchase Date Plus 60 Days
    Promotion: Get a $15 Staples Easy Rebates Gift Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards at Staples Stores ONLY
    Rebate offer number: 17-26041


    Rebate: Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards.
    Details: $15.00 Staples Visa Prepaid Card
    Learn more about the Staples Visa Prepaid Card
    Purchase dates: 09-03-2017 through 09-09-2017
    Postmark date: Purchase Date Plus 60 Days
    Promotion: Get a $15 Staples Easy Rebates Visa Prepaid Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards at Staples Stores ONLY
    Rebate offer number: 17-23301

    This week’s deal is same as previous one back in September. So if we got VISA debit card as rebate card last time we should get the VISA debit card again this time. I think the wording that staples used is confusing a lot of people: a staples rebate gift card should not be called staples gift card.

  20. LK says:

    When its for buying VISA cards (only) its usually a Visa card rebate. When its buying MC, Amex, or a combo, its usually a Staples gift card. The one in early Sept is the only exception that I can recall, over the last several years.

  21. Josh says:

    Does anyone know if staples carry higher than $200 denominations?

  22. Ashok says:

    Is rebate printing out at register today after 300$ visa gift card purchase

  23. Mike says:

    Rebate form printed for me as of this afternoon. I can also confirm that there is a sign in the store that clearly states the rebate is a “$15 visa prepaid card”. Took picture of the sign, but don’t see any way to post it here.

    • Ashok says:

      what does the printed rebate form say ? 15$ gift card or visa prepaid card

      • Mike says:

        As others have reported, the rebate form says “$15 staples gift card”. The sign in the store is definitely for this sale – includes “ends 10/28/17” in the fine print. It will be interesting to see what we get.

    • Chris says:

      I wonder if some law firm would take a class-action suit if they don’t honor the sign and give Staples gift cards instead. I was under the impression that courts tend to take a dim view of stores not honoring posted offers because they claim it was “in error”, but I’m no lawyer.

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