Sunday Round Up: May 18th, Arrival+, Free Point Opportunities & More

The big news of the week was the change of the Barclay Arrival card to the Arrival Plus [read our full review here]. This changed also included information that some card holders would be able to get the World Elite card which is a range of privilege offered by MasterCard, because of this we decided to do an in depth look at the different benefits MasterCard offers. We’ll be doing a similar look at Visa benefits this week, followed by American Express the following and then Discover, followed by a look at which card processor offers the best.


There was also multiple opportunities to get some free points/miles. Marriott is giving away 2,000 points a month (for six months) for doing a bit of basic social sharing. IHG is giving away 500 points for completing extremely short surveys  & United is also giving away 500 miles for joining their dining program.


There was also a bit of news in the manufactured spending world, we did an introduction to AmEx for Target and also let our readers know that it’s possible to use evolve money with a credit card directly (we had previously shared this information by e-mail, we decide to post it on the blog directly after another blogger publicly outted the method).


The rest of our week was adding bank account deals to the site. We’ve tidied up our current bank account bonus page, it’s fully sortable and includes information such as which banks allow credit card funding, early account termination fees, monthly fees, geographical restrictions and a bunch of other stuff. If you haven’t looked at it already, give it a go. If you just want to see the best deals then click here.


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