Posted by William Charles on November 30, 2018
AmEx Offers

Published on November 30th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Targeted] AmEx Offer: Walmart Grocery, Spend $25+ & Receive $5 Statement Credit/500 Points

The Offer

No direct link, targeted offer

  • Get a one time $5 statement credit (or 500 Membership Rewards points on some cards) when you spend a minimum of $25+ in one or more eligible transactions online at by 12/31/2018

Our Verdict

You can often get $10 off $50+ deals to stack with this if you’re a new customer, I don’t see any currently but probably makes sense to wait for one of those to come along.

Hat tip to Frequent Miler

View more Amex offers here & if you have any questions abut American Express offers then read this post.

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Help the little guy. Shop only at local grocers.

Have Amex push Amex point offers for local stores and restaurants. Like maybe a separate portal.

Amex has shop mall events every year.

I completely agree, but when I get the opportunity to take advantage of Walmart, banks, Amazon and other large corporations I’ll do that. I’ll take $50 worth of groceries for $25 from Walmart then the next time around go back to my local businesses.

Hoping for this…

Information Booth
Information Booth

Don’t have this in my area… oh well…John 3:16

dont be a complete dick with the religion jackoff…..

Minimum order at walmart grocery is $30

Is their a working $10 off code to stack with this?

Current code for new customers for $10 off $50 is WOWFRESH. Expires 12/31/18.

Didn’t work for me. Thanks for posting.

I had an amex bce offer of spend $50 get $10 and paired it with this new customer offer. I prefer food shopping in store but for $20 off $60 I can deal, tho I mostly bought cat food!

I can confirm this works. Used the WOWFRESH for $10 off of $50, stacked with the spend $25+ to get 500 membership reward points from AMEX Plat Biz, and (hopefully) Frugal portal of up to 10% cashback. Cross your fingers with the latter.

Use someone’s referral instead of the generic WM code. You still get $10 off $50, but someone else also gets $10 credit for WM grocery.

PNC sent me a ‘pre-selected status’ mailer for its cash rewards card that’d give 4% cashback at gas stations. Any cheap grocery stores that bill as gas stations?

You could do some test purchases or check out to see if any populate.

Thanks for the tip! Bookmarked.

At some Kroger fuel stations you can buy Kroger gift cards to use in the regular store. I have a 3% grocery card and I do the reverse, buying Kroger gift card and using it when I get gas.

Thanks for the info!

My Sapphire reserve card also has an offer for 10% off Walmart grocery. A $10 max unfortunately.

Any dps if it works on regular orders?

I don’t have a direct data point other than that WM Grocery orders code differently than orders. Specifically, WM Grocery orders code as ‘Grocery’ on Amex.

Jennifer Batten

Not if u want the credit. They have and walmart very sorted out since that is what they r trying to promote.

Proctologist Of Credit
Proctologist Of Credit

Check if they deliver first. I have the offer, but Walmart does not deliver in my area, making this useless.

is there shipping fee for wm grocery? thanks!

A new $10 off promo code “WMFRIEND” was e-mailed out yesterday. Works for new and EXISTING customers but the minimum purchase requirement varies ($30-$50).

The Walmart offer can be added to multiple cards. The $5 off offer can also be added to multiple cards

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