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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Chuck


U.S. Bank $50 START Savings Bonus [Stack with $150 Checking Bonus]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $50
  • Availability: Nationwide; must have a  new Silver or Gold Checking accounts, paired with a Package Money Market Savings
  • Deposit Required: $500
  • Length of deposit: One year
  • Interest rate: Close to zero
  • Additional requirements: None 
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft pull
  • Credit card funding: Up to $500
  • Monthly fees: $0
  • Early account termination fee: Account has to be kept open for a year to get full bonus. No mention of a EATF in the fee schedule.
  • Expiration date: None listed

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Open a START Money Market Savings account and earn $50 when you save $500 within 12 months in the Savings account

You have to link the Money Market Savings account to your U.S. Bank Silver or Gold checking account, enroll in START Smart, and schedule a qualifying transfer from the checking to the Savings during enrollment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.14.23 PM

There’s also another bonus to get 1% cash back, up to $50, for using your U.S. Bank debit card on gas or groceries. I assume no one would want to do this.

The Fine Print

  • Enrollment START is required within 90 days of opening checking account.
  • To be eligible for START bonuses, you must be a new customer with a new personal Silver Checking Package and a new or existing Package Money Market Savings account. Additionally, at least one owner name on the Silver Checking Package must also be on the Package Money Market Savings account.
  • A qualifying transfer from your Silver Checking Package to your Package Money Market Savings account must be scheduled during enrollment.
  • To be paid the goal reward and/or bonus, both the associated Silver Checking Package and Package Money Market Savings account must remain open through the program end date, which is 12 months after the enrollment date.
  • You can only get the START bonus once per lifetime.

Avoiding Fees

U.S. Bank Package Money Market Savings Account does not have a monthly fee.

The Silver and Gold checking accounts do have monthly fees, see this post for information on how to get those waived.

Our Verdict

A bonus of $50 is pretty lackluster (START used to come with $100 bonus). What’s interesting here is that there’s currently a bonus offer of $150 for Silver and Gold U.S. Bank checking accounts. So long as you open and link this START Savings account within 90-days, you should end up getting both that $150 bonus and this additional $50 bonus. (And you might also get an additional $50 bonus if you apply for a U.S. Bank credit card, as described in that post.)

Edit: This $50 bonus appears to be only for the Silver account, not the Gold. The Gold is easier, in a way, to get a monthly fee waiver since it’s waived if you have a US Bank credit card. If you want this extra $50, go with Silver and keep $1,500 in the account to keep it fee-free.

If you haven’t yet done the $150 checking deal, open both accounts at once or on the same day so that it will hopefully only result in one Chex inquiry. If you already opened the checking account, you might get hit with another Chex inquiry when opening the START Savings.

Hat tip to reader Ya


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So you have to wait one full year to get $50? Won’t transferring $500 to savings in one shot trigger the bonus?

adam d
adam d

juice isnt worth the squeeze with this one.


You guys should notate that if you have done the S.T.A.R.T. savings deal in the past that they will not honor the $50 to $100. I have tried in the past twice in stacking with their checking bonus and both times have stated it is once per lifetime.


If I open checking, MM savings and START savings separately, do I get three chances to fund $500 totaling $1500?

David Bartels

I believe MM savings & START savings are the same thing. I was just able to fund $500 for both checking & savings for a total of $1000 via CSP. Was not treated as a cash advance.


The 1% cashback debit is useful to use at budget gas stations not accepting credit. (An Arco in my area is usually ~5% cheaper than others in the area – so practically same cost for one with a 5% gas CC..)

That $50 is probably not worth the effort though.


If debit transactions count, does it work if I purchase money orders using the debit card in grocery stores? So for a $500 money order I get $5 and pay less than $1 in money order fee.


Confirmation – Money order purchase counts.


Does this work for the Gold checking? It doesn’t mention Gold and only says Silver.


Was there supposed to be any indication that a promo code was successfully entered and used at the end? I was approved for the account but did not see anything acknowledging the promo. I had the code sent to one email but used that code and a different email to sign up – will this be an issue? Thanks in advance for help!


Hi Chuck, will this work only on a Silver Checking? I see that Gold Checking is crossed out. Please clarify. thanks!!


so the START savings acct comes with a different debit card that earns 1% CB, correct? the one for the silver chkg doesn’t have the 1% CB on gas & groceries?

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