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Autumn (@guest_1717510)
October 17, 2023 20:17

Can we say your my family also do you know which bureau they pool for Lending services?

ZB (@guest_1710710)
October 7, 2023 10:29

Here’s my referral link:

Good luck to you all!

Hunter (@guest_1663435)
July 31, 2023 18:46

Haven’t had a referral yet but just earned my $10” off someone else’s. I’d appreciate it if you used mine!

Toli (@guest_1657405)
July 20, 2023 16:17

Here is fresh referral link
I submitted the application online on 07/19. Made a call on the same day to speed up the approval. The representative did not see my application and advised to wait two business days. 07/20 got an email to Docusign the account card. The account was approved right after.
Go to the website to enroll into online banking – IOS app doesn’t have the option to register a new user.
Chase was not able to authenticate adding the external account despite passing authorization.
Funded the accounts via Chase CC – coded as purchase.

Be sure to submit the ID copy and the proof of address during the application.

Mike (@guest_1653354)
July 13, 2023 20:05

Long-time member / Thanks for considering me for a referral!

Toli (@guest_1656893)
July 19, 2023 15:43

Used your referral link.

Mike (@guest_1658847)
July 23, 2023 23:51

Thanks Toli!

Can you let me know when/if they credit you with $100? Fortunately, when I qualified in 2020, they paid promptly.

Toli (@guest_1668652)
August 8, 2023 13:10

The bonus has been paid today (Aug 8).

Mike (@guest_1670055)
August 10, 2023 18:05

Thanks again, Toli. Your reply prompted me to check. Yes, I also received a $100 deposit on August 8. I appreciate the help!

CFMH (@guest_1634510)
June 14, 2023 19:13

Applied 6/14 and got approved today after providing drive’s license, lease, and SSN verification. Funded with Chase CFU for $1000 and coded as purchase. I had 7 chex checks in Apr and was asked to provide an explanation. They don’t accept AmEx or Discover for CC funding. Planning to do $500 fake dd from Chase. Let’s see how it works.
My referral link:

Ben (@guest_1654826)
July 16, 2023 05:20

Used your referral. Thanks!

CFMH (@guest_1661590)
July 28, 2023 12:06

Thanks! Could you please keep me posted when $100 hits?

Ben (@guest_1698313)
September 20, 2023 05:19

Hello CFMH,
I sent a message to Verity since I never received the referral bonus and they said I had left the name of referrer blank on the application. Would you mind sharing your name here in a reply or shoot me an email: I couldn’t figure out how to PM users here on DoC. Thanks!

CFMH (@guest_1709166)
October 4, 2023 23:50

Sorry. Just emailed you. thanks!

Ben (@guest_1627886)
June 2, 2023 11:22

Applied 5/27 and approved 6/1 after providing Driver’s License + Utility Bill via secure application portal. Funded $1,000 with Chase Ink Unlimited (CIU).

My referral link:

CFMH (@guest_1634512)
June 14, 2023 19:13

Used your referral. Thanks Ben!

Ben (@guest_1641792)
June 25, 2023 22:08

Verity Credit Union $100 Personal Checking DP
– 5/27/23 – Applied online and application went pending; funded $1K with CIU and later posted as purchase
– 6/1 – Approved after providing documents and answering why I wanted to rejoin the CU
– 6/16 – $505 employer DD
– 6/21 – $100 bonus posted

Michael (@guest_1612997)
May 5, 2023 21:36

Get a $100 Reward* when you join Verity Credit Union using my link!

Ben (@guest_1627628)
June 1, 2023 21:31

Used your referral. Thanks Michael !

Michael (@guest_1628007)
June 2, 2023 14:48

Thank you, Ben!

Dylan (@guest_1595116)
April 11, 2023 05:19

I used Frank’s link and I have earned $100 after pushing $501 from schwab.
Here’s my referral link:
Good luck!

Aaron (@guest_1593811)
April 9, 2023 00:07

I used IC’s link — here’s mine: