Do you need prime to do this deal?

I got it on my Prime accounts, and not on my non-Prime accounts, but I believe it’s working for some people without Prime as well. Might depend if it’s a highly-used Amazon account.

Why isn’t it working for me?

This offer is targeted, but you can check these things:

Can you use this across multiple accounts?

It should work once on each account. Hard to know for certain that Amazon won’t have a problem with that.

Can I pay with my Amazon gift card balance in conjunction with Shop with Points?

Yes. Check out the post How to Use an Amazon Gift Card with a Shop-with-Points Order for 3 methods:

  1. Gift card balance is less than the purchase amount.
  2. Apply a gift card and it ‘unlocks’ your gift card balance.
  3. Set the points card as your default payment method.

Can I use the 20% across a bunch of small orders until I hit $50?

Yes, that’s worked for me in previous offers.