Do you need prime to do this deal?

I got it on my Prime accounts, and not on my non-Prime accounts, but I believe it’s working for some people without Prime as well. Might depend if it’s a highly-used Amazon account.

Why isn’t it working for me?

This offer is targeted, but you can check these things:

  • Make sure you’ve activated the offer first.
  • Make sure your Membership Rewards account is linked to your Amazon account (do that here).
  • Make sure you’re applying at least one Membership Rewards point at checkout.
  • Try removing all of your Membership Rewards cards, then adding one back and linking it again. (original post)
  • Bonus option: You can try removing all credit cards on your Amazon account apart from one Membership Rewards card. This has worked in the past, so maybe it’ll work for this.

Can you use this across multiple accounts?

It should work once on each account. Hard to know for certain that Amazon won’t have a problem with that.

Can I pay with my Amazon gift card balance in conjunction with Shop with Points?

Yes. Check out the post How to Use an Amazon Gift Card with a Shop-with-Points Order for 3 methods:

  1. Gift card balance is less than the purchase amount.
  2. Apply a gift card and it ‘unlocks’ your gift card balance.
  3. Set the points card as your default payment method.

Can I use the 20% across a bunch of small orders until I hit $50?

Yes, that’s worked for me in previous offers.