[YMMV] American Express Business Platinum 75,000 Points (No Lifetime Language)

Update 7/29/19: Looks like more people have been targeted. Hat tip to Traveling For Miles

Update 4/8/19: Looks like more people have been targeted via e-mail. Subject line is ‘Congratulations, <name> You are pre-approved to apply for the Business Platinum Card®.’ Hat tip to Travel With Grant.

Update 2/4/19: Annual fee has increased to $595 now, but some people that weren’t targeted are now targeted so worth double checking. Remember you need to sign in and if it says the offer is no longer available then that just means you’re not targeted.

Update 1/31/19: Just a reminder regarding this offer before the annual fee increases to $595 tomorrow. If you get a message that says the offer is no longer available, that just means you are not targeted. Others are still able to successfully do the deal.

Update 05/23/18: There is a new link, this time it requires $10,000 total spend for the 75,000 points. Hat tip to reader Shay

The Offer

Direct link to offer | $10,000 spend link

  • Receive a sign up bonus of 75,000 Membership Rewards points on the American Express Business Platinum Card after $5,000 in spend within three months

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $595 is not waived the first year
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x points per $1 spent on purchases made with airlines or hotels booked directly from AmericanExpress Travel website
    • 1.5x points on qualifying purchases of $5,000 or more
    • 1x points on all other purchases
  • $200 airline incidental credit per calendar year
  • Lounge access:
    • Centurion lounge access
    • International American Express lounge access
    • Delta SkyClub lounge access
    • Priority pass select membership
    • Airspace lounge access
  • Internet Access:
    • Unlimited Boingo internet access
  • SPG gold status (this will also give you Marriott Gold status)
  • Hilton gold status
  • Fee Credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre✓
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • View these other hidden benefits
  • SoulCycle benefits
  • You can only get the sign up bonus on American Express cards once per lifetime. This offer doesn’t contain this language (double check your own offer to make sure)

Our Verdict

If you haven’t had this card before, then you’re better off going for the 100,000 point offer. If you have had this card before then this is basically your only way of getting the sign up bonus again. Keep in mind it does have a $595 annual fee, but that is partially offset by the airline credits ($200 per calendar year) and lounge access. I think this bonus is worth doing if you’ve had the card before, but if you already have another Platinum variation it might not make sense for some due to the annual fee and duplicate benefits. As always you can read more about American Express cards here. Let us know in the comments if you were targeted or not.

Also it’s worth mentioning that if it says ‘the offer has expired’ that just means you’re not targeted unfortunately.

Hat tip to kpd

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Not targeted P1 or P2 oh well


If you right click the direct link to offer…and open in a new private window…it WILL pull up the offer. But as soon as you login, it says you don’t qualify. :o( For the record, I’ve never had any version of the Platinum biz card.


No go for me and P2 both. Thanks for re-posting, DoC


Looking for a SUB DP — my dilemma been waiting for a reasonable MSR on Biz Plat. as I see the 50k/100k and MSR for Biz Plat to be poor ROI.

I got PQ pop-up yesterday for BBP when I was logging in – Sooo I
app’d thru P2 referral for total of 25k MR w/$3k MSR (10k/15k)

Question anyone have any DP, can I reapply for BBP and still get SUB if I don’t hit MSR (just not spend on card till after 90 days). Then just close the card after the 12 mo 0% is up and re-app for SUB or does that count as 1X lifetime.

Really wish I hadn’t applied for that BBP yesterday, that extra $3k MSR would nice to have back, as too much of the current/planned chunk of MSR is not MS friendly –

Recent Apps and MSR:

I app’d the Delta Gold business on 7.1.19 for 70k SM with $4K/3mo MSR,

mid- month also app’d Citi Premier 60K w/$4k/3mo MSR

last month P2 app’d for Citi AA biz 75K with $5K/5 mos.

Was planning on Referring P2 for Amex Gold for 65k MR (50k/15k) w/$2k MSR on 7.31.19 as well was also planning on referring P2 for 2nd CIP for 100k UR (80k/20k) with $5k MSR same day.

Been planning on replacing P2 Amex Pt w/Gold card w/all the recent devalues to the Pt card but 50k for $2k is worth it and Pt AF hits later next month, so that will leave us with out Centurion access on upcoming trips, may check for an offer to upgrade my Gold to Pt in October if I get a nice offer..

Had planned on Tripled-dipping a Plat card, this December -but that died with the Airline GCs recent death at the hands of the bean counters at AMEX.

Ame GC DP:

Delta cards with statement credit of $50/$100 is still working on Delta GC (desktop only) purch. posted 7.26 credit posted 7.28 so that is still alive…… for now.

Otherwise I hope this offer sticks around for a few weeks, As too much of our current/planned chunk of MSR is not MS friendly 🙁



No you can’t re-app for the SUB. Amex has lifetime language, doesn’t matter if you got the bonus or not.


Thanks, that makes my decision easier. Also considering with the recent devalue of the Pt card and being able to offset the higher AF with AA/SW GC, Dell $100, etc it makes the 75k MR/$5k MSR offer just meh, more so if I had to give up the other SUB.

Joe, one more question that I’ve been stumped over, greatest Roll Tide legend Saban or Bryant? 😉

May the Ducks treat the Tigers to an Oregon style “Iron bowl” thrashing next month.


I do think the 75k/$5k offer is worth it if you can swing the MSR. Assuming you can find value in the airline credits, of course. I am bias as I am a heavy MS’er and LOL/24 so I would honestly do a 20k MR / $10k biz plat offer with no lifetime language (I was able to get a 100k/$10k biz plat twice!) if I could pull it. However, this offer will always be around, the biz plat isn’t going anywhere. I’d apply when you know you can for sure meet the spend.

Saban! Bias again because I’ve got to witness him for the last 3 years as a student every game.

You already know us bama fans will be the biggest Oregon fans that day 😉


Since the date on the top of this article is July 29, 2019, please correct the statement about the annual fee: “Annual fee of $450 is not waived the first year” and also add the Dell $100 annual credit ($50 Jan-Jun, $50 Jul-Dec) benefit.

Yet Another Redditor
Yet Another Redditor

AmEx Business Platinum annual fee is now $595 and not $450.

Alvin Care
Alvin Care

same getting This offer is no longer available. If you’d still like to apply for a Business Card from American Express click here


Wasn’t targeted but I called and applied for the 75k with 20k spend (have alot of upcoming spend planned, medical business, six-figure annual income). However prior to credit pull was told I wouldn’t qualify for the offer due to history with AMEX (prior offers, cards opened/closed, or some other possibility…).

I haven’t applied for an AMEX card in over two years and never had the Platinum personal or business so I was pretty shocked I wouldn’t qualify. Anyhow, didn’t push the app through since that was the case.


It is possible you are getting the pop up because you have sock drawered other Amex cards for some time. Try using the dormant cards and check after the new spend is posted. This may remove the pop-up.


FYI: The We Work membership is NOT listed as one of the benefits if you apply using the 75k/$5k link and it is on the normal ink, so I assume you would not receive that benefit


So if I click on the link and it says 75k for 5k spend I am targeted? Or do I need to have received an email?