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Published on June 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Incredible Bank $100 Checking Bonus + $100 Per Referral – Available Nationwide

Reposting as the expiry date has moved from July 15th to June 15th. Might want to sign up now if you’re interested.

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Incredible Bank is offering a $100 checking bonus when you open a new free incredible checking account using a referral code. You’ll also get an additional $100 for every friend you refer. The person being referred needs to complete the following requirements:
    • have a direct deposit of $250 or more posted to the account by midnight July 16
    • Must request, receive and use Incrediblebank debit card at least 5 times for purchases of $5 or more before July 16th, 2018
    • Enroll in online banking
    • Sign up for eStatements

The Fine Print

  • The referred friend must open an Incrediblebank checking account by 6:00pm CST, June 15, 2018; and, have a direct deposit of $250 or more posted to the account by midnight July 16, 2018 to receive their $100 bonus. Bank transfers do not qualify for direct deposit. Direct deposit should be recurring payroll, Social Security, pension or other government benefit.
  • Multiple deposits that aggregate $250 do not count towards bonus.
  • The following requirements must also be met to receive the $100 bonus by the new account holder:
  • Must request, receive and use a new Incrediblebank debit card linked to the new checking account for 5 or more debit card purchases of at least $5 each or more, during the promotional period of May 3, 2018 through July 16, 2018. ATM transactions do not apply. All transactions must be posted to the account by midnight July 16, 2018.
  • Enroll in online banking.
  •  Sign up for E-Statements.
  • New checking account must be open and have a positive balance as of the end of the
    promotional period to be eligible to receive the bonus.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

This account has no monthly fees to worry about. There is a $10 fee if the account is closed within 90 days.

Our Verdict

At the top of the page they talk about a $200 bonus just for opening an account, but I think you need to have received a targeted mailer for that because when I try to sign up it says it doesn’t recognize my details. This should mean that readers are only eligible for $100 for joining, plus $100 for each friend they refer but I’m not entirely sure (if somebody can get the $200 bonus to work for everybody that would be much better).

Feel free to share your referral codes in the comments below, but please also provide some useful information (e.g hard/soft pull and if you can fund with a credit card plus your own experience). People that don’t follow these rules will have their codes removed.

Big thanks to reader, Jim & EO who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Looks like it’s a $200 bonus to open and use the account. The $100 referral is extra.

“Seriously. We’ll pay you $200 to open and use an Incredible Bank checking account. But you only have until June 15th before this promotion ends. Plus, you could earn even more, see below!”

this does seem fairly…indisputable yeah. if they approve me, i hope it actually is $200

Sophia Petrillo
Sophia Petrillo

I opened an account without a referral code because I read the same thing as you. I read and reread the details because I couldn’t believe it was $200 just to open an account. I wasn’t going to do the referral offer because I had no desire to set up direct deposit considering DoC didn’t have any DD data points yet. Anyway I contacted customer service after I received a message stating that I would get $100 now and $100 after I set up direct deposit, used my debit card, etc. I said that was not the offer I signed up for – I was supposed to get $200 just for opening the account. She said the website wasn’t very clear and they had to revamp it to make the offer more clear – my guess is they realized they screwed up and had to quickly take down the $200 offer. I wish I had taken a screen shot because now that they changed the website I have no proof. The rep I was chatting with had an attitude as well. Not at all happy with Incredible bank so far.

Sophia Petrillo
Sophia Petrillo

Actually I just reread the message from customer service and I would only be getting $100 after I set up DD and used my card. I would not be getting $100 for opening the account. So only $100 total. Grrrr!

Here is my referral code for anyone who would like to use:


Used your referral code.

I’m also reading this as a $200 bonus without needing to refer, based on the language on their web page.

Question I have is if you refer someone, do they get an extra $100 on top of the $200, or just the $100 instead of the $200?

Looks like $200 + “even more” with referrals.

ETA: Sorry, just realized you were referring to what the person you referred gets.

They told me that it is NOT a $200 from the start.
It is $100, then more if you refer to others.

Then they need to change the wording on their website, because this is misleading:

“Seriously. We’ll pay you $200 to open and use an Incredible Bank checking account. But you only have until June 15th before this promotion ends. Plus, you could earn even more, see below!”

Well, their name certainly fooled me on this one. I clicked on it thinking it would be an incredible offer.

I’m up to $400 so far in less than one month for doing very little work and possibly more before it’s over. That’s pretty incredible to me!!

Here’s my referral code – sign up with it to get $100: GAA3820

Here are the instructions for my referrals as provided in their email to me yesterday:

1. Have your referral code ready: GAA3820
2. Click the Open an Account button from any application page
3. Select the Free Incredible Checking Account
4. Enter the referral code in, when prompted, as shown below [image of ‘Referral Code’ field in application]
5. Complete the rest of the application

To follow up, I opened my account many years ago, but as I recall, there was no credit card funding allowed, and it was definitely a soft pull. They have had consistently high interest rates over the years, and their customer support is very friendly and helpful.


Thanks, I found this helpful and used your code.

Ryan, I just used your referral code to apply for an account. I will update with any relevant DP when I know more.

Thanks! I will provide an update here as well when I receive notification about the bonus and/or the bonus itself.

I was just approved for the account. The message said the account will be funded in 1-3 days and then I will get my account number and online banking ID.

Were you approved immediately?

No, It took about 4 hours before I got a message saying I was approved.

I’ll bite. Have a referral, good sir!

Your application is already being processed! We will call or email you within 1-2 business day with an update about the status of your application.

looks like i went to pending 🙁

Ryan, used your referral. Got the “we will contact you in 1-2 days”.

No CC funding and minimum deposit is $500. They ask for your bank info to transfer in the money.

Also used your code. The early post gets the bonus

Used your referral too Ryan, fingers crossed!

Used your code, thanks. Application “in process”.

Thanks for the code and instruction. I used your code and applied.

I opened a Free Incredible Checking Account using your referral code: GAA3820.

To update everyone there are deposits to my checking account dated today for those who signed up using my referral link. The Description is “TRANSACTION POSTED ON-LINE” for $100.00 each. I did not receive any emails or any notifications other than the deposits posting to my account.

Since people began signing up here on 5/10 with my code, it looks the credit does post within the 5 day time frame specified at (“You will be paid $100 within 5 days of the account being opened.”).


are they still giving out referral codes? their website says no new referral codes given out after May 9

So far they have been!

I offer myself as tribute!

More to the point, I just emailed customer service asking for clarification. I’ll update with DP.

So the way the $200 bonus works is that if you are an existing customer without a checking account, you can refer yourself to the checking account so then you get both the $100 referral bonus and the $100 referee bonus. My plan is to try to open a savings account then refer myself.

thats a good idea, problem is the savings account requires $2500 min deposit, so that kind of sucks

Great idea. I’m happy to park $2500 for 90 days to get $200.

Wisco Superchurn Johnz Could those who try to receive the $200 bonus by opening a savings account and then referring themselves report back letting us know if you were successful in obtaining the $200 bonus?

Just learned the $200 idea won’t work: becoming a new savings customer doesn’t get you a ‘unique referral code’ to use to refer yourself and get $100 for referral and another $100 as referred. You can get a generic code to open a checking account and get $100 as referred.

Thanks, Johnz for the information!

Slow Mornings

Just applied. Note I could not apply via the linked page, had to go thru main page. All links on that page went to “check the status of an application”

No CC funding. $500 minimum via transfer from another bank account.

The application indicated 1-2 biz days for approval, and I have a medium number of records on my Chex from the past two years so we’ll see if they care.

It does not appear I will be able to get a referral code as the codes were “mailed out on 5/9”

My referral code is: OAA2012

Thanks to anyone who will consider using it. I was an existing savings customer who received this email. I’m 99% sure it was not a hard pull. Given the number of bank accounts I had opened, if they do run Chex systems, they are not inquiry sensitive.

Used your code. Thanks!

Thank you!

Used your code!

Thanks very much!

I used your code.


I used your code, EO.


Used your code today. Thanks

Thanks! And I like the mirror image screen name.

Used it


[removed, double post]

Used your referral code

Thank you!

Apologies for the double post. Feel free to delete this last one.

Used your code. Look for your $100 in a few days. 😀

Thanks to all who used my code. FYI, after your account is approved, you will receive an email telling you to check status online. Once you do and click on messages, you will receive your account number. I already had an online username but I assume you will get instructions on how to set one up as well. Also, remember to doublecheck that you sign up for online statements once you are able to log in.

Thanks again to all who used my code. I see (at least some of) the bonuses have been applied to my account, so that means it should be working on your ends as well. I have no indication as to who signed up for the referral, but I assume if you entered my code correctly, you should be good to go.

Yes, I’m very appreciative. Thanks again for all you do for your loyal readers. Happy to continue contributing in any way that I can.

Thanks again to all the readers who used my code. There were a bunch more than just the people who posted here judging by my account balance today. So thanks to all of you anonymous folks. If anyone has any additional questions for me, I’m happy to help answer them in any way I can.

Anymore datapoints if hard or soft pull?

When I applied years ago, it was a soft pull.


When you’re applying using someone’s referral is there any mention of receiving the $200 bonus or the $100 referral bonus?

There is no specific mention, no.

Just opened (with Ryan’s code).

Additional DP: Minimum $500 deposit. No CC funding available.

Were you immediately approved?

Nope. “One of our Incredible Concierges will call or email you within two business days”

What counts as DD? There’s no DP for Incredible Bank.

In these cases where there are no DPs I’ll blast the account from any existing account I have and cross my fingers that something works.

Please post if you find that one of your DD from one of your accounts work.

Be the DP you want to see.

Darla McAlpine
Darla McAlpine

Anyone know minimum opening deposit?

Anyone know what kind of direct deposits count? Does paypal count?

It seems one is taking too big of a chance using anything other than one of their required methods because I don’t think we have enough time for the Data Points to post.

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