Posted by William Charles on June 29, 2016
Credit Reports

Published on June 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


Credit Reports & Scoring Reference Pages

We write a lot of content on this site, the downside to this is that a lot of the information is only usable for a limited time. This unfortunately means that information that is always useful is more difficult to find, I’ve put together this page to give you a quick reference to all of our posts about credit reports & credit scores. I’d recommend bookmarking this page so you can quickly come back to it at any stage.

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5 Responses to Credit Reports & Scoring Reference Pages

  1. Srini says:

    I currently hold a chase freedom card since 2012 and have plans to apply for Chase sapphire preferred card and merge both in to one preferred card, I would like to know whether or not it would affect my credit by doing so and how?

    • Chuck says:

      Srini, any credit card application will affect your credit. There are many factors involved, including the credit pull and average age of accounts. Please read up more on the subject to fully understand.

  2. Srini says:

    Thank you for replying Chuck.

  3. QueenoftheSkyPesos says:

    Would DoC be interested in DP regarding the different scores available from various score providers?
    I have the MyFICO Ultimate 3B, and today just out of curiosity I checked my scores at CreditSesame and CreditKarma. They are about 55 points higher than the MyFICO TU score. I’d expect a 10-20% difference, but 55 points?! This doesn’t seem to be the norm from other DP I’ve seen.

  4. Zorawar says:

    I am trying to get a mortgage loan and used Lexingtonlaw to dispute some of the items on my report.

    My mortgage lender said that I need to remove any disputes from the reports before they do a final pull.
    Some of the disputed items are still pending but due to the timing I would rather contact the lender and do a pay for delete if they are willing.
    What is the quickest way to remove the “dispute” notations from any items?

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