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Published on December 23rd, 2014 | by William Charles


[Expired] Bank of America Credit Cards, $175 Sign Up Bonus After $500 In Spend & Why They Are Worth A Look

Unfortunately it looks like this offer expired on or around March 10th. You can view all of the current sign up bonuses for all cards here.

The Offer

175 bank of america bonus

The Fine Print

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns at the following rate:
    • 1% cash back on purchases
    • 2% at grocery stores*
    • 3% on gas*
  • 10% customer bonus when you redeem into a Bank of America checking account

*for the first $1,500 in combined grocery store and gas purchases each quarter

Our Verdict

I think these cards are worth considering for two main reasons:

I’ve got enough BofA cards for the moment I think, so I’ll probably be giving these cards a miss. For those looking for credit cards with a cash sign up bonus, these cards might not be such a bad option.

Key posts you might find helpful:

Appreciate reddit user mk712 showing me how to easily search google for these cards.

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I looked at every card, and I found that all are visa signature version, so I do not think I will be approved because the credit limit starts at 5000$ generally which is so tough for me.


Pretty decent deal. I just got the Alaska Personal and Business, otherwise I’d probably take advantage of this.



Any chance you know when these offers might expire?

I’ll be out of town for a month so I want to wait until January to apply it online, but I couldn’t find out when these offer expire on the T&C.



Any idea of often you can apply for BofA CC’s? My wife and I just applied for Alaska personal cards 2 weeks ago (one each) as our first cards. Would we have a shot at getting another one so soon? We both have excellent credit.


Just to add a data point in a couple of respects:

I read in one of your other posts ( that Bank of America should combine hard pulls in the same day for up to three cards, so I applied for three cards at once just now:

BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature credit card for Texas Exes (no affiliation) – $175 bonus
BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards – no bonus
MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard (White Sox version) – $100 bonus

I already had one regular BankAmericard Cash Rewards card that I got a few years ago, but no other BofA cards.

I used three different browsers, clicking the apply buttons in sequence of most desired card to least with only a second or two in between clicks.

I was instantly approved for all three cards with the same limit of $11,000 on each!

I don’t know for sure if the credit pulls were combined since I don’t have an easy way to check unless Credit Karma or Credit Sesame reports it in a day or two.

If it really is one hard pull, then I’m very pleased with $275 in bonuses plus the ongoing quarterly bonuses of the Better Balance Rewards, and I intend to eventually convert my now three Cash Rewards cards to Better Balance Rewards ones if I can for some nice passive income.


[…] Doctor of Credit had a great post about these co-branded cards. Normally they come with a  $100 bonus, but they are running a temporary increased offer. Since Bank of America combines same day inquiries, applying for one of these cards wasn’t an additional hit. Additionally, they pay a 10% bonus when transferring rewards to a BofA checking account, meaning the bonus is worth $192.50! Oh and now I can pretend to be a lawyer. […]


got 4 of these between me and my wife, plus 2% back at Target via RedCard. Thanks!!


Are these offers still available?

J. Grant
J. Grant

Several of these cards are still available at different URLs online. For example:

The FL bar:

Auburn U:

The cashback bonus is $100 on all the ones I’ve seen.


Have these $175 offers been revived in the past?


[…] after $500 in spend, but it’s been increased to $175 twice (December – March in both 2014-2015 and 2015-2016). It’s not the best cash credit card sign up bonus, but it’s one of the […]


[…] They offered the same $175 bonus on December 23rd, 2014 (and we were first alerted of this bonus coming back on December 23rd of 2015, we’ve just been slow to post) and that deal lasted until around March 10th of the following year – so you should have some time before you need to apply for this card. We’ll repost this deal when we find the other links to different organizations, as I imagine most people won’t be interested in supporting the American Bar Association. […]

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