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Bubs23 (@guest_1796417)
February 11, 2024 14:50

+1 on YMMV…

92506 (zip code in Riverside, CA) does not work: “We are unable to open an account since you do not reside in our service areas within Colorado, Arizona, or Riverside County, California.”

Hbs2018 (@guest_1755419)
December 10, 2023 14:31

In Orange Count and it stated that I wasn;t allowed to join. “We are unable to open an account since you do not reside in our service areas within Colorado, Arizona, or Riverside County, California.”

Jenn (@guest_1715552)
October 14, 2023 16:44

I am going to do 3 DD within the first 30 days and see if the bonus will trigger earlier than 90….will report back for the DP

DP (@guest_1715712)
October 14, 2023 23:46

Does not work based on my experience. I did quite a few (fake) DDs in the first 30 days; it wasn’t until I hit it with real DDs for 3+ consecutive months that I qualified. That being said, I did need to go in-branch to argue for the bonus (the real DD for July posted in June due to the weekend so technically I didn’t get a DD for July) so YMMV.

DP (@guest_1707315)
October 2, 2023 14:27

Denied due to Chex Systems as well. First they said it was my TU freeze. Then they told me it was ChexSystems.

Only have 4 inquiries for the entire year, of which only 2 of the accounts I actually opened (1 just for savings and the other I’m just a joint owner for a CU savings acct on a car loan that isn’t even mine), no churn at all this year or SUB.

Crazy strict and this is local to me too and I chose them because of the branches nearby. Thought of keeping it after the SUB. Guess they don’t want real customers.

Jenn (@guest_1702390)
September 26, 2023 00:13

Has anyone living in So Cal (but NOT Riverside County) successfully been approved w/o an in-branch visit?

Jenn (@guest_1707479)
October 2, 2023 17:57

Applied using an Indio address of a relative. Received instant notification that I am conditionally approved but have to go in-branch for ID verification within 14 days…I do have an open Saturday coming up and will determine if a little road trip from OC is worth it…

Jenn (@guest_1715544)
October 14, 2023 16:38

updated DP…did the drive. Account was opened. The banker was definitely looking at something and trying to confirm if there was someone attempting to open accounts in my name…just not sure it was Chex or the soft pulls. I confirmed one that I had done in the past week and then told him I have LifeLock and get notified of any activity and there wasn’t anything I was concerned about it being someone other than me.

Steve (@guest_1658777)
July 23, 2023 20:41

Anyone have a dp if a recurring ACH from Fidelity works?

Toni (@guest_1624396)
May 26, 2023 13:43

Denied due to Chex Systems. They said if there are 3 or more items on there then they will not approve a bank account.

DataPoint (@guest_1624501)
May 26, 2023 17:19

Might be different depending on location/manager approval? I finished the application in-branch and def had way more than 3 inquiries. The system wasn’t happy about something and the manager had to approve it, so it might’ve been that. I’m in CO.

AM (@guest_1601179)
April 18, 2023 23:40

Any DPs on the strictness of the lifetime language in the fine print (“Past customers who ever received a gift from FirstBank are ineligible for this offer”)?

Eric V
Eric V (@guest_1681830)
August 28, 2023 15:17

I would be very curious about this too. When I was in branch a few years ago closing my account, their IT systems looked like they were from 1980, so I am somewhat skeptical they have updated their IT to track this.

Datapoint (@guest_1594783)
April 10, 2023 17:49

Going for $300 checking offer for $500 DD/mo for 3 months. Applied online 9 Apr 2023 with Chex frozen and got preliminary approval and instructions to go in-branch.

Visited the branch next day, had to unlock Chex (apparently not sensitive, I have tons of recent inquiries/accounts) and Transunion (soft pull) to go through with it. Since I had a recent inquiry on TU, they wanted my physical SSN card, which I returned with. No issues otherwise, will report back when I get the bonus.

CredibleDan (@guest_1593306)
April 7, 2023 16:41

Declined due to Chex. I’m at 9/12