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Published on March 13th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Chase Premier Checking $300 Bonus, Available Online

This offer has unfortunately expired, you can view the best current checking bonuses here. Follow us on Twitter to be alerted of new checking bonuses daily.

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: Nationwide (can be opened online), not available in states with no Chase branches, e.g Maryland. Option to open online will only show on desktop, not on mobile.
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, no minimum. Click here to view what triggers this bonus
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: No
  • Credit card funding: Can fund up to $500; most will code as cash advance
  • Monthly fees: $25 (possible workaround)
  • Early account termination fee: Bonus taken back if closed within six months
  • Expiration date: April 16th, 2017

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a bonus of $300 when you use a Chase checking coupon to open a new Chase Premier Plus checking account and set up a direct deposit within 60 days of account opening.


The Fine Print

  • Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, those with fiduciary accounts, or those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance.
  • To receive the bonus: 1) Open a new Chase Premier Plus Checking account, which is subject to approval; 2) Deposit $25 or more at account opening; AND 3) Have your direct deposit made to this account within 60 days of account opening. Your direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government.
  • After you have completed all the above requirements, we’ll deposit the bonus in your new account within 10 business days.
  • You can receive only one new checking account related bonus each calendar year and only one bonus per account.
  • Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.

Avoiding Fees

$25 Monthly Fee

This account has a $25 monthly fee, it’s waived if you do either of the following:

  • Keep an average daily balance of $15,000 or more in any combination of qualifying Chase checking, savings and other balances.
  • Have automatic payments to your qualifying linked Chase mortgage from your Chase account. Payments set up through Online Bill Pay do not qualify. Mortgages must be in good standing and be first mortgages with servicing retained by Chase
  • Also fee free for active duty and veterans.

Early Account Termination Fee

You need to keep this account open for six months, otherwise you will forfeit the bonus.

Our Verdict

Most people will be better off waiting for the $300 Total Checking bonus to come back (it’s been public a few times within the past year, and you can also purchase them from eBay). That bonus is easier to manage because the requirements to keep the account fee free are just $1,500 instead of $15,000.

A nice tip is that once you receive the bonus on the Premier Checking you can downgrade to Chase Total checking (can be done via secure message) and get the easier requirements to keep it fee-free. The first couple months of fees are usually waived, in any case, so you very well might end up remaining completely fee-free with this approach.

The advantage of this bonus is that it can be opened online; to some, that’s a huge advantage. That said, a lot of people will rather do the Total Checking offer in branch when it comes up, and then you can also do the $200 Savings offer which usually comes with it (Savings bonus isn’t ever available online, that I’m aware of). Also, if you go into a Chase branch they can check for your pre-approved credit card offers which can then bypass the Chase 5/24 rule.

When you click through the Direct Link above, it’ll auto-populate with a promo code which attaches the $300 bonus offer. It’s likely that you can save this promo code and use it until April 16, even if the application link is no longer working.

We will add this to our list of the best checking bonuses.

Hat tip to Fatwallet


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97 Responses to [Expired] Chase Premier Checking $300 Bonus, Available Online

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    I must have had my previous chase checking account closed due to a negative balance a few years ago; I remember it disappearing from my online profile but not ever getting a notice or information why. Now the last couple times I have tried to apply online it says I am not eligible for an account at this time, even though I currently have four credit cards with them.

    I think I’ll try to open this one in branch.

  2. NoonRadar says:

    There’s also a $200 Chase Total checking + $150 savings public offer available:

    The main advantage to the $200 offer is the low requirements for the monthly fee. Unless you think that a Premier account ups your chances for Chase preapprovals…I haven’t seen any data points about this whether it does or doesn’t.

  3. chaseaholic says:

    tried to open online a couple times got to varying points never making it to opening deposit

    latest try through declined due to credit report after successfully going through it…thoughts?

    considering going in branch

    thanks guys

  4. kt says:

    I remember last year they offered $400 for premier checking, and $300 for total checking.

  5. Jake says:

    Looks like entering an “alternative zip code” will generate the code required for the bonus and allow me to proceed with the application. Would there be any downsides to doing this?

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, you mean input an alternative in the beginning, then input your real zip on the application?

        • Andy says:

          I tried to do it this way myself as the system wouldn’t take my mil overseas zip. But once I got halfway through the application process with a functioning stateside zip it said hey you are already a Chase member (I got the AARP Visa $200 deal last year). But then once I logged in it said nope sorry your zip no good for the $300 deal. So had to change my total address I have with Chase then only was able to proceed and complete the whole application. For those that don’t already have a Chase relationship and thus don’t have to log in it still may work. Hey, it worked for the WF $250 deal but it seems to me that Chase is much more on the ball…

    • Jake says:

      Never mind. Chase has already thought this through.

  6. Andy says:

    How much does the bonus triggering direct deposit need to be? The website doesn’t say..

  7. Jeff G says:

    A good bonus for my wife to apply for since she will NOT go into the branch to do this. A hoop to jump through, but hope that the secure message to downgrade the account will suffice.

  8. Jeff G says:

    Interesting. Just applied online for myself and I was declined due to what was on my Experian credit report. Anyone know what that means?

    Wife was approved, no problem.

    • chaseaholic says:

      yeah I was declined as well d/t EX.

      however on the attempt before (my post is above) I got past EX verify but “account could not be created at this time” then it redirects me to go in branch.

      any thoughts Will/Chuck?

      also Will any advice for cooldown time of closure / opening of new checking accts with Chase? I’m aware of T&C 90 days etc. but how long do you typically wait.

      • Jeff G says:

        Any chance that I could get approved for the total checking in branch? I have a coupon to use, but was just too lazy and decided to do the premier checking online.

    • Patti says:

      Jeff G, I was also declined due to “something on my Experian report.” ???
      I have excellent credit, well over 800, and never a late payment on ANYTHING including our Chase cards & Chase mortgage. Also paid off 3 car loans through Chase, with the last one being paid off 6 months early. wth.

      I guess I’ll have to return to M&T, home of the easy money. 🙁

  9. Leo says:

    If your a CHASE PC you can also avoid the $25 fee.

    Please add

  10. Andy says:

    So being retired mil with FPO address I wasn’t able to apply for this deal using my FPO zip code. So changed my address in Chase website (I did the AARP Visa deal so they got me in their system with my mil address) to an old stateside address that matches my soon to expire drivers license. Then I completed the checking acct application. Ah, the things we do to get $300 haha. But hey, that’s actually quite a lot. I wonder how it’s going to go once I call them and make sure they know I am retired mil and not charge me any monthly fees but by then I hope to have already received the $300 and xferred it out good and gone. Will update how it goes so any other expat vets can follow my lead

    • AndyK says:

      Okay so here is the one month later update… this went better than expected. As I mentioned I am overseas retired mil with no more roots in the states, just an overseas mil FPO address. Changed my Chase address to my old old Florida (where no one I know lives anymore), applied, approved, transfered $10 in from Fidelity brokerage to cover the DD requirement and bam a week later the $300 hit. Then I transferred all that I had in there ($335) back to Navy Fed leaving me with 0 balance. Went back into Chase website changed my address back to my FPO and PM’d Chase saying hey, please ensure that I am encoded as military… you already have a copy of my retired ID card when you asked for it last year before you approved me for the AARP $200 bonus offer from last year. So finally, just today I was able to call Chase and confirm that I am coded as mil so I guess all that’s left to do is close this account out in 6mo. I have to say that this went a million times better than the WF deal from Feb even though I had more hoops to go through, but each hoop went easy unlike WF. Hope this process helps any other ex-mil folks out 🙂

  11. Pablo says:

    Does anyone know how many months exactly that Chase will waive the monthly service fee once the account is open? Is it 2 months or 3 months?

    Thanks for your help and thanks for posting this offer Chuck! (Wanted to open a Chase account but the closest branch near me is almost 2 hours away, still in my state though)

  12. DJ says:

    Trying to get the $300 checking+$200 savings deal, but after chatting in the bank, it doesn’t seem like the $200 is available without an existing code. I have the $300 checking code, and can get the $150 savings code mentioned in the comments above, but not the $200…

    Can you shed some light on how to obtain the code for me (Keywords to direct the agent where to find the info? Open the account then request a code? Call Chase directly and try to finagle a code out of them? Something on the internets somewhere)?

  13. Alex says:

    DP: I opened a chase total checking for the $300 bonus on 2/3. I had my IRS tax refund direct deposited to my account and post on 2/10. My state tax refund posted on 2/22. The tax refunds DID NOT trigger the direct deposit requirement to receive the $300 Bonus. I tried a Wells Fargo transfer of 200$ that posted on 3/6 and the bonus showed up on 3/14.

    • Pablo says:

      Wait, a tax refund does not trigger the direct deposit requirement for Chase? Hmm, well that’s interesting… will have to make change of plans then.. Thanks for the heads up

    • DirtyLilRat says:

      You have no way of knowing that it was the Wells transfer that triggered it instead of the tax refund.

      • Alex says:

        From the DP’s I’ve read that once the requirement is key the bonus posts within ten days so yes I do know it was the Wells Fargo transfer

        • Master Allan says:

          2nd DP that confirms what Alex stated.
          IRS Tax refund > $500 posted on 3/17/17 has not triggered bonus after 10 business days (today- 3/31/17). At first I thought the banker didn’t actually enter the promo code but that now seems unlikely based on other posted experiences.
          Working on alternatives now…

  14. MilesCollector says:

    I am interested in apply online but how do I do the initial $25 deposit online? If I use CC it is going to code as cash advance, so how to initially fund the a/c with $25 online? Any ideas.

  15. Jake says:

    Too bad I was just there for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Guess I’ll have to go back, though Baltimore to Trenton is a brutal drive.

  16. eclipsor says:

    DP: was able to switch my checking to the college checking after getting my bonus to keep it fee free for the 6 months I have to leave it open! SM’d them about it and they said I need to go in branch with proof of enrollment. Texted my friend who’s a banker at chase and he said he switched it right away, no proof needed!

  17. DirtyLilRat says:

    Got declined because of Experian?!

    “Thank you for your interest in opening an account with us. Unfortunately, we have decided not to open an account for you now, based on information contained in your consumer report(s) from the consumer reporting agency(ies) listed below…..”

    My credit is immaculate. WTF? Any suggestions? Thanks 🙁

  18. TJ says:

    I’ve attempted to apply online (existing Chase customer – CSR) 3x now and each time when I click next to get to the account funding page it gives me an error “Unable to continue at this time, please try again later or drop in to a local branch” – only problem is the nearest branch is a few hours away. Any ideas/suggestions?

  19. JuicyJosh says:

    Not a Premier account comment but Total Checking comment. Chase never the less…
    Did my first Chase bonus 6/16 closed 12/16. My 90 day period was 3/8, one day after the last Total Checking promo expired. Ended up buying a $300 TC code on ebay for a buck. Went to diff branch on 3/18 to open new account. This is where it got a lil weird. Banker asked me if I am a “couponer”. Said no but i did open with a promo last time and doing the same again. He asked if I was going to make Chase my primary account and continue DD with my same employer. Reactivated my old logins and the process was way faster than last time. I plan to do WF ACH to meet requirements this time. I got the feeling that Chase is a high pressure environment for the bankers. He told me that management said the bankers arent selling the total benefits of Chase and that why they get couponers. Oh well. Let me get this 2017 bonus outta the way and will see ya again in 2018. Thanks Chase, love ya. Free coffee was great too – oh and the $300.

  20. Ellie says:

    They want you to enter a full list of all your bank accounts and credit cards as part of the application process? That seems annoying.

    • James Paez says:

      I didn’t have to do all that. It just asked me to list one bank account I have.
      (I didnt tell them about the 6 other ones Im using for bonuses of course lol)

  21. Jeff G says:

    I have an extra total checking coupon if someone wants it. Expires 4/24/17.

    • Yong says:

      I can use one if you still have it. Thank in advance. If you can tell me how to DOWNgrade from Premier Plus checking to Total checking thru Secure Message, that would help me and other because Chase sent me Premier Plus coupon every time I receive Value Pack.

      Thanks in advance.

  22. James says:

    how to meet the DD requirements using ACH?

  23. Nathan says:

    If I live in a state without any Chase branches, can I drive across the border to a nearby state that has them and open an account there for the bonus? Or will my home address preclude me from the offer?

  24. XP1 says:

    Entering alternate ZIP doesn’t work.

    After entering employment info, it is unable to continue to the next page:

    “We’re unable to complete your request. This product is no longer available for the ZIP code you entered. Please click “” to see and apply for products now available in your area.”

  25. JuicyJosh says:

    Purchased two $300 Total Checking codes off eBay for a buck. Used previous printed out offer with some creative copying to put purchased codes onto Chase print outs. Here are DPs:

    3/9/17 – $25 Opening Deposit
    3/17/17 – $1426 ALLY BANK P2P
    3/28/17 – $300 for New Checking Pending

    3/18/17 – $25 Opening Deposit
    3/21/17 – $1426 ALLY BANK P2P
    3/28/17 – $300 for New Checking Pending

    Bonus triggered by Wells Fargo as I learned from DPs in this thread. Ally transfers only to keep account above fee free threshold. I have previously opened Chase in 6/16, received bonus, closed 12/16. Opened for second time as listed above. Annual churner. Thanks again DoC!

    • MarcoPolo says:

      Thanks @JuicyJosh for DP.
      Did you open the accounts online or in branch?

      • JuicyJosh says:

        In person. Spouse took 45 min to open. Lots of disclosures. Was much quicker for my second account since they had all info in system, <15 min. Also, visited different branch to avoid the evil eye.

  26. Austin Auclair says:

    is this and the $300 checking + $200 Savings offer the same besides the savings? got the flyer in the mail for the $500 but not sure if I should do it or this. not interested in the savings account

  27. Amanda L. says:

    I don’t see wording on the bonus offer that says it’s not available in states without Chase branches.

  28. Vijay says:

    Another link for $300 Premier Checking account that expires 7/17/2017. Looks like $400 won’t come anytime soon…nor available in EBay… 🙁

  29. Adrian Arellano says:

    DP: Wells Fargo to Chase ACH counts as DD. Just got my bonus today for last week’s transfer.

  30. James says:

    DP: Applied online since there’s no branches near me
    3/22 Wells Fargo Trial deposits posted…did NOT trigger bonus
    3/29 Wells Fargo $250 ACH push
    4/4 $300 bonus pending today

    • Rich Florio says:

      Just wondering if that WF trial deposit was what led to my Tax Refund DD not triggering the bonus? I had to contact Chase CS to get the bonus credited. Weird, the tax refund DD has worked for the past three years. Either they changed something in their system or that stupid WF trial deposit messed it up. I didn’t even need to do the WF link anyway, since I closed the account pretty quickly after getting the free 250.

    • James says:

      Another DP:
      Was able to downgrade easily to Total Checking with a secure message. Took less than an hour for them to respond and change it. They also give you an extra month of waived fees.

  31. tolichowkiking says:


    Can we do ACH from Husbands account to Spouse’s account.

    As I am planning to open this Chase Premier account for my wife, but she is a home maker and has no DD. I am working and have Wells Fargo account and wanted to push ACH from my account to my Wire Chase account(yet to be opened)

    If I have my name on my Wife Chase Checking account, does it in validate this offer?


  32. MilesCost4XMoreForMe says:

    Quick advice needed… I just saw this today and want to jump on it but the offer technically expired 4/16/2017. When you click the direct link, the coupon function doesn’t work anymore but the online application link still works. Assuming Chase approves my online application, does anybody know if I am likely to get the bonus (a la Citi ghost CC links)?

  33. pc says:

    any minimum amount required for wellsfargo ACH? did a $25 but not triggered yet :/

  34. Josh says:

    The link and this post says it expired 4/16/17. Just trying to figure out if there is a different link since its still up for May best bonuses?

  35. sirtheta says:

    On top of Curmudgeon’s post, there’s a different link that’s extended until 10/16/17:

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