Posted by William Charles on December 19, 2016

Published on December 19th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired] $25 Amazon Credit For $14.95 – Prime Only

This offer has now expired, make sure you follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on any future deals.

Update: You can no longer stack the deal (e.g get it for free and get the $25 Amazon credit. So now the best you can do is pay $14.95 for one month and get the $25 Amazon credit.

I’m reposting this because some people were struggling with the directions, so I rewrote them to make it clearer.

The Offer

This offer is a little bit complicated, so make sure you follow these directions.

  1. Go to the direct offer link and see if the offer appears (view image below for what it should look like). If the offer does not appear then you can’t get this deal, sorry!
  2. If it does appear, follow the below steps:
  3. If you haven’t had Audible before then get a free two month code from Groupon or Stacksocial (or just try the code HSNAUDIBLE) and enter the code here, make sure you’re signed into your Amazon prime account to trigger the $25 credit. You need to make sure to cancel within that two month period to avoid any fees.
  4. If you’ve had Audible before then sign up there, you’ll need to pay $14.95 and cancel within the first month and you’ll receive $25 in Amazon credit. You’ll end up making $10.5 in Amazon credit. Update, looks like the above will work even if you’ve had audible before :D.


Don’t Have Prime?

If you don’t have prime, there are some free trials you could use:

The Audible deal will not show up instantly, but if you check 24 hours later it will show up.

The Fine Print


  • Offer valid only from 12/17/16 through 12/23/16 from 12AM to 11:59pm (PT); while supplies last
  • Within 10 days, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon that indicates the dollar amount of the promotional credit and that the dollar amount of the credit has been added to your customer account; the e-mail will also provide instructions on how to redeem the promotional credit; please note that there may be up to a 6 hour delay from subscription start time to the promotional credit grant
  • Promotional credit expires at 11:59 p.m. PST 90 days from date the promotional credit is received
  • If any of the products or content related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies
  • If you cancel your Audible membership, the full dollar amount of the promotional credit you received will be deducted from any refund owed
  • Offer only applies to products sold by or digital content sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC (other than certain digital content); may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards
  • Digital content and services may only be available to customers located in the U.S. and are subject to the terms and conditions of Amazon Digital Services LLC.
  • Shipping charges and taxes may apply to discounted and free promotional items
  • Offer limited to one per customer and account
  • Offer may be combined with other offers
  • The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $25
  • This offer is only available to Prime members eligible for a new Audible membership

Our Verdict

We had previously posted this deal but didn’t know the Groupon/SocialStack would stack but they do, so if you held of now is a good chance to take advantage of this deal. I’m sure everybody can think of something to use $25 on Amazon credit on and it has been posting quite quickly recently.

As always thanks for supporting the site by using our affiliate links, this should be free so no need to go through JetBlue to get 3x points. As far as I know we won’t get anything from this promotion anyway as your redeeming the code on the Audible website but who knows. You can always say thanks by using our link to use up your $25 credit ;).

Tip: You might not receive an e-mail straight away, but you should see the $25 Audible credit when you try to check out.

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I don’t see it, and clicking through to the T&C shows no text either.

I don’t see where to put the groupon code through your direct link?

The offer on Amazon now says $25 free credit when you skip the free trial and sign up for audible.

I’m seeing the same– so, we have to pay for the Audible membership so it’s a maximum benefit of ~$10, right?

The way I read the T&C, they can take back the $25 if you cancel your Audible membership. Is this the correct way to read it?

I read it that if you cancel they won’t refund/prorate the money you paid in for the monthly membership.

If any of the products or content related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies. If you cancel your Audible membership, the full dollar amount of the promotional credit you received will be deducted from any refund owed.

So, by this statement, it says they’ll pull the entire rebate if I cancel immediately, one month in, or 7 months in.

I signed up using the Groupon link. During the checkout, there wasn’t any mention of the $25 credit (I’m a first-time Audible user). Did I do something wrong? When I click the direct link to the offer, I do see the $25 credit offer mentioned for Prime members. Just wondering if going through the Groupon link page screwed things up. Either way, thanks for the tip, guys!

I can confirm that you do get the $25 credit by signing up through the groupon link. I did it this morning and just got an email about the $25 credit! The credit does not show up as part of your gift card balance. You will see it when you place an order on Amazon on the checkout page. It will say audible promotion and deduct $25. Great deal!

Update: $25 credit/email came along, just took 4-5 hours or so. Again, serious hat tip to the folks who figure this stuff out. Incredible.

Worked for me as an existing customer.

“This can be $25 in Amazon credit for free if you’ve never had Audible or $15 if you have.”

Not sure where $15 comes from? I was charged $16.18 for the first month, which makes the MM slightly less than $9. Without sales tax, it would be $10.05 wouldn’t it?

*Meant to say, ex-customer who used a free trial before but canceled it.

The offer showed up on my main account, but then after I redeemed the offer on that account, it did not show up on a household account that I shared Prime benefits with.

Unfortunately I didn’t bother to check whether the household account showed the offer before I redeemed the offer on the first account 🙁


Doesn’t show up on my Household account

The offer showed up on the offer page but I didn’t see any mention of it on the audible checkout. Will I still get the credit?

We’ll find out in ten days 🙂

I got two months of Audible for free, and my $25.00 Amazon credit showed up in about an hour. I then used that credit on a Whole Foods gift card which was discounted from $50 to $40. So, for $15, I got a $50 WF gift card and two months of Audible. Thanks William and friends for some fantastic deals!

Hi, How did you combine both promotion? If I go through $25 credit link, Its showing up $14.99. I just don’t know where to enter the groupon code. If I go through gropuon link of 2 month free, I don’t see the $25 credit offer. Thanks in advance!!!

Use the “Enter the code here” link. Just follow through that link
and AZ should credit the promotion later.

Isn’t their food a 30% markup tho?

I already got an email from Amazon with $25 credit. Wow this is fast. Just signed up this morning.

Had a dormant account. Used link. Reactivated account. Immediately sent 25 buck credit.

Pay the 15 bucks. Get a great book and 10 net to boot. Great books are worth 10X their cost.

Used the Groupon code on without going through at all (I did login to my Amazon account but through the Audible website in the signup process). Received an email for the $25 credit exactly 19 minutes later. Immediately went on Amazon and bought a $25 Uber gift card for $0.

Not too bad for 5 minutes of my time, thanks!

Additional info: the Audible page on Amazon did show the offer (though again I didn’t go through that page to signup). First time Audible customer.

Got it within the hour by following DoC s instructions.

can confirm, I got the free groupon code, applied it in the link doc provided, signed up for audible and 1 minute later received my 25$ credit, thanks doc

Wow. It really worked. Got an email about the $25 amazon credit almost instantly. Didn’t have to charge any dollar amounts. Only $0.00 every time. Thanks.

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