Posted by Chuck on June 20, 2017
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Published on June 20th, 2017 | by Chuck


Increased American Express Credit Card Bonuses (Incognito Mode) Are Back Again + List Of Offers [YMMV]

It’s possible to get increased sign up bonuses on many American Express cards again, these are often referred to incognito mode offers as it’s possible to get them to show up by using incognito mode. If that doesn’t work, try one of these methods instead.

Hat tip to Frequentmiler. Let us know which offers you were able to find.

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Nice, I need to apply for the BRG before my targeted code expires Friday, so I’ll pair with 1 or 2 cards.

I am so split on whether to apply for SPG or not. Chuck/Doc do you have any recommendation?

If it is 30k I say go – but if only 25 I would wait

Thanks Mark. Appreciate the input

You might consider updating this post to reflect the 60k Delta Gold and 70k Delta Platinum offers. Granted, these are the public offers and aren’t just available in incognito mode, but this post mistakenly says that their bonuses are much lower.

has anyone been able to get the 100k platinum offer in the last few weeks through the Baidu or name typo methods?

I’ve only been able to pull up the 75k offer by going through the German AMEX site first.

I go to the 100k to show up on my phone. Can’t get it to show up on a pc. If you do get an offer to show up via the name typo method do you just apply like you normally would? I could only get it to show up with an incorrect state (honest mistake the first time). Will it not give me the increases sign on bonus if I apply with my correct information?

Yup. Several DPs under that post.

Yup I won’t get the increased bonus or yup it will work if you apply with the correct information?

Saw this yesterday too while trying to find the vanished Gold card.

Did you get the gold ameriprise card instead?

I’ve got a 25k point offer for the Amex Green card. Spend $1k in 3 Mo.

Bahh, sorry. I noticed this is in the second set of cards. Nevermind.

I got the 100k platinum through baidu/chrome today

Seeing Delta Biz Gold 60k + $50

I am seriously fed up of AmEx making offers disappear every now and then! I cannot get back my 50k PRG offer I saw a week back, like wth!! These guys need to stop playing with us, else I’m gonna MS the heck out their cards.

And the 50k magically reappeared! Now I’m gonna procrastinate on applying until the offer disappears again.

I did that… I procrastinated so long that the offer stopped appearing completely… 🙁

Earn Up to $300 Back
Here’s how:
For each of your first 6 calendar months of Card Membership, you can earn one $50 statement credit after you spend $500 in purchases on the Card in that month.†

This offer is available to you by clicking through this web page. If you leave or close this web page and return later, this offer may no longer be available.

Me too


This was meant to reply Naga.


I can never get that 25K offer to show for the Amex Everyday Card. Really annoying. I am see 15K (10 + 5 for AU purchase)

I have seen all the other incognito offers several times, but never did I see the 25k on BCE. I doubt it’s still around.

I saw it the other day

Frito Pendejo

Baidu method worked for me, thanks! Misspelling name/addr didn’t work like it did a last time when the 100k plat was available.

Hi, Chuck. Just wanted to point out a small typo for Personal Plat: “get the 10,000 point offer using this approach” should be “100,000”. Also, for those curious, I successfully applied for Personal Plat and PRG using name change method with 100k & 50k, respectively on May 23.

Anyone getting the BGR (Business Gold Rewards) to show the 75K MR offer to show? Thanks.

Somewhat interesting DP: Just got instant approval for both my 5th Amex CC (EDP. Already had ED, SPG, Delta Gold, BCE) and 4th Amex Charge (Green. Already had PRG, Plat, Corporate – though I’m not sure if that last one counts) with the Baidu method.

Thanks for posting, Doc! Hello 240k MR balance…

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