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Credit Card Offers United 70k – March 31

Published on June 17th, 2017 | by sirtheta


[Expired] July 31st – Last Day for Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Increased Bonus of up to 70,000 Miles + $50 (Recheck To See If You’re Targeted)

This deal has expired and is no longer available. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or sign up for notifications to let you know whenever we post a new deal.

Update: Expiry date is now July 31st, 2017. It seems when Chase extends the expiry date new people are also targeted for the offer so worth checking to see if that applies to you.

Update, April 4: Chase has extended the offer yet again to April 30, so I’m republishing yet again… (Be sure to re-check whether you are targeted.)
Update, March 21: this post was originally published on March 16, when the offer was set to end March 31. I have updated the post and have republished it because Chase has extended the offer again, to April 15.

Following up on some comments on Will’s post from yesterday, the increased offer on the United MileagePlus Explorer is available until April 15, 2017.

According to my e-mail records, the offer was originally set to expire February 28 (e-mail dated Feb. 7), then March 15 (e-mail dated Feb. 21), then March 31 (e-mail dated Mar. 7), then April 15 (e-mail dated Mar. 21), and now April 30 (e-mail dated Apr. 4).  It looks like other readers got e-mails at the same time. You’ll notice that these e-mails are all 14 days apart—so it may be worth waiting until April 18 to see if the offer is extended again! (note: this originally said March 21 and Chase has now extended the offer four times, so it could very well happen again.)

It’s unknown if the public offer of 50,000 miles + $50 statement credit will disappear when the 70,000 miles offer ends, but I’d consider that a good bet.

As reader Zorba mentions, the refreshes on this offer means it’s probably worth checking if you’re targeted even if you weren’t targeted previously.


The Offer

These direct links require you to be targeted & logged in to your United account: 70,000 + $5070,000. Though I’m targeted, I haven’t been able to get those links to work, for some reason. These direct links do work for me: 70,000 + $5070,000 (pulled from the ads I see when logging in to my United account).

  • 70,000 bonus miles after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months your account is open. Plus, earn a $50 Statement Credit after your first purchase.
  • If you’re targeted for the 70,000 miles offer, you should be able to get the $50 statement credit by doing a dummy booking.
  • If none of the links work, check your e-mail or log in to your United account and see if you’re targeted.

United 70k – March 31

Our Verdict

Same as always. 70,000 miles is the best signup bonus Chase has offered on this card, and it’s certainly worth going for. There are several things to keep in mind, though.

First, even if you’re targeted by e-mail or physical mail, this card is subject to the 5/24 rule (which makes it mutually exclusive with some other 5/24 Chase cards, some of which have a signup bonus that you may value more than 70,000 United miles). Second,  in-branch pre-approvals for the United MileagePlus Explorer are possible and do bypass 5/24, but the offer is for 50,000 miles + $50 statement credit and DPs are scant as to whether Chase will match to 70,000 miles (let us know if you try!) (reader irshad was successful matching from an online application).

Edit: Originally, I incorrectly stated that the annual fee is waived on the 50,000 miles offer. That is not the case for the personal card, though it is for the business card (but the business card does not have a generally available 70,000 miles offer). Apologies for the error. 

Those caveats aside (and they don’t apply to anywhere near everyone), this is a great offer and I’d certainly be going for it if I weren’t well over 5/24.

If you’re thinking of applying, make sure to read these things everybody should know about Chase first.

83 Responses to [Expired] July 31st – Last Day for Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Increased Bonus of up to 70,000 Miles + $50 (Recheck To See If You’re Targeted)

  1. Lantean says:

    the biz card is only 50k max, right?

  2. Zorba says:

    It’s worth re-checking this as well if you were previously only targeted for the 50k promo, you may now have the 70k variant.

    I didn’t have a 70k offer as of 14-Mar, but after the refresh I am now targeted for the 70k offer.

  3. Slips says:

    I am targeted for the 70k offer but last received the bonus for this card in March of 2015. Am i eligible again, or would i need to wait till April to be clear of the 24 month limitation? Anyone have any experience with this?

    • Lantean says:

      i don’t know the answer to this but if i were you i would not risk it… why not get the biz card in the meantime?
      lower bonus but security you’ll get it.

    • sirtheta says:

      I haven’t had much success searching for this. It’s possible that it’s the same as the determination for 5/24, i.e. seemingly entirely random. The usual advice regarding 5/24 is to wait until the 1st of the next calendar month, though plenty of people have success mid-month. Wish I could help more!

  4. Jason says:

    Clicked both links provided here but can not find out the “apply by” date. Not sure exactly how to check the expiration date. Any guidance?

    • It’s in the email they send out.

    • sirtheta says:

      Unfortunately, as Will said, the expiration date is only indicated on the targeted e-mails. It’s very annoying 🙁

      • Sigh.... says:

        I’m @ 5/24 until December of this year. I have this 70K (+50) offer in my MPE account as well as my inbox. Any chance of getting approved if I bite?

        • sirtheta says:

          Alas, there’s no chance unless you’re preapproved Chase – but preapprovals (in branch or selected for you offers) are for 50k instead of 70k, so you have to hope for a match to 70k (I’ve seen some successful DPs but it’s probably not guaranteed).

          It’s possible the offer will come around again by December, it wouldn’t surprise me.

          • I'm too good to write my name. says:

            Fuck!! Ok, well, thank you for replying. Thankfully, women aren’t on a 5/24 rule….thankfully.

  5. DJ says:

    I applied to the United card online last week and was surprised to see hard inquiries on both Experian and Equifax. Chase usually pulled Experian, but pulling two credit reports seemed unusual. My application to CSR in early March also had two pulls (this was applied in the branch).

    I am in Washington state and I moved here recently. Is it just me or has anyone else also noticed inquiries on different credit bureaus by Chase recently?

  6. Rusty says:

    I just got a new targeted email today for the 70K offer.

    The expiration on this email is for April 15. I’ve no idea if the $50 statement credit will be available until then, though.

  7. john says:

    Got 30k tax payment coming up that i can put on credit card at 1.87%. Any credit card out there worth the fee? Thanks.

  8. MarcoPolo says:

    So how much are 70,000 miles are worth ?

    • Depends on what you plan on redeeming them for

    • Lantean says:

      if you redeem for biz the value is not terrible… but if you are after LH F 70k miles will barely get you half way over the Atlantic.

      • MarcoPolo says:

        Thank @Lantean

        Can I fly round-trip to Nepal in Asia on the Star Alliance coach ?
        I always wanted to Trek the Himalayas (on my bucket list).

        • sirtheta says:

          I’d recommend looking up some award routes on and doing some independent research on how to book Star Alliance awards with United miles — unfortunately your question requires a lot of specific knowledge about where you’re based, etc. that make it pretty hard for us to answer.

        • Nepali guy says:

          No, you can’t. One way economy is 45k and biz is 80k. 2x for round trip.

  9. MarcoPolo says:

    Sorry for not being clear.
    I meant in terms of cash equivalent or something better.
    For example, MERRILL +® Visa Signature® Credit Card 50,000 points gives you $500 or $1000 worth of flights if used smartly.

    • sirtheta says:

      As far as I am aware, no airline miles can be considered as having a cash equivalent since they cannot be exchanged for cash. There are some very bad redemption rates on merchandise, but I wouldn’t recommend a card with an airline miles bonus unless you’re going to use them for an award ticket.

      • Dusty says:

        Only exception to this that I know of is redeeming SW RR points for gift cards (as long as you have one of their credit cards). Not the best redemption, but $500 in Amazon credit isn’t the worst ever, if you’re after cash back and don’t mind being locked into Amazon.

  10. Lantean says:

    I think the way things are going this card will be excluded from 5/24 soon… Chase evidently needs to fulfill some quota they agreed to with United and because of their silly 5/24 they are failing miserably and will be extending this again.

    • Julien says:

      I sure hope so ! I got a mail in offer last year – without a pre-approval code, and was denied due to 5/24 . I don’t see this card available for application in my local branch.

  11. sonia says:

    is this card for someone trying to fly from within the US or to outside the US

  12. Ben says:

    My parents got a targeted mailer back in January-ish for the 70k offer that expires 4/30. Probably a good bet that these are extended one last time to that date.

  13. Ethan says:

    I will be under 5/24 on April 1 and plan on getting this and CSP, but I currently have the MPE (opened August 2014). My two questions are:

    – How long do I need to wait between downgrading the card and re-applying
    – Will the downgrade count against 5/24?

    • sirtheta says:

      — I would downgrade or cancel ASAP; I’m not sure on the timeframe it takes for Chase to clear their system, but you don’t want to be denied a bonus because of it.
      — Product changes do not count as a new account, so it won’t count against 5/24.

  14. ameli0rate says:

    So if I already have this card, I could call and downgrade to something AF-free, then apply for this card before expiration?

    Does anyone know how long I need to have the downgraded card (and which to downgrade to) before I could/should apply for this one with a good chance of getting approved?

    • sirtheta says:

      I’ve seen people advise 30 days recently, but you can probably get away with less. I’d recommend downgrading ASAP though.

      • ameli0rate says:

        Thanks – I saw the post above mine right after I posted mine. Doh! Thanks, I’ll call them and get downgraded and see what I can do. Knock on wood, I’ll keep my existing miles while I go through the process.

  15. ameli0rate says:

    Datapoint: I called customer service and they said that a downgrade of my existing MPE will take 3 days, but it takes 30 days for the card to “fall off” their books to where I can apply for the new one.
    The miles will remain in the United account.

    Basically, I will need to get an offer that extends PAST 30 days so I can downgrade my card, wait 30 days, apply for the new one and get it.

    • sirtheta says:

      That’s good information and confirms other DPs — thanks! In your case, I would downgrade immediately, and here’s why:

      The offer has been extended multiple times already (3, to be exact). There’s a decent chance that it will be extended once more, and if it does the e-mails will likely go out April 4 and the offer will be extended to April 30. If that’s the case, downgrading today means that April 30 would be the first day outside of the 30-day window and you’d be able to get the offer. If you wait until after today, the offer would need to be extended again. Obviously, it’s more likely that it’s extended once more rather than twice more. (I am assuming that the 30-day clock starts with the initial downgrade and *not* after the 3 days it takes to downgrade. If that is not correct, then it would need to be extended twice, which would likely be to May 15. In that case, you would want to wait until April 4/5 to see if it was extended, then downgrade and hope it’s extended again on April 18.)

      If it turns out it isn’t extended, you can always upgrade back to the MPE and there shouldn’t be any lasting effects—since you already paid the annual fee, you shouldn’t need to pay a pro-rated annual fee or anything.

  16. 747fan says:

    I’ll go under 5/24 on April 26, but from what I read, I should wait till May 1 to apply for any Chase card. So, I should apply for this United card (I got 70k targeted offer) after April 26, and call recon after May 1? Thanks!

  17. My wife and I, both United “General members,” got the following offers when logged in:

    Personal: 70,000 Miles + $50 statement credit + 5,000 Miles for authorized user with $95 annual fee
    Business: 50,000 Miles with first-year annual fee waived

  18. shulem92 says:

    just got targeted today, and found the 70k+$50 offer after dummy res. interesting to note, that I literally just opened this mileage plus acct 2 weeks ago

  19. GR says:

    If you’re only getting targeted for the 50k offer and not the 70k, try having some miles – any amount – post to United. I did their opinion miles thing, netted 300 miles for like 20-30 minutes of work which is a bit of a pain, but a couple weeks later I was targeted for the 70k (despite not flying UA).

    • LC says:

      how long after you took the survey were you targeted? I am afraid it will take too long to post and get targetted. Can’t seem to get the mileageplus X app to make any purchase for me. Keeps saying the system couldnt process but tried 4 diff cards.

      • GR says:

        Frankly I don’t recall, especially since I wasn’t checking daily. I think a couple weeks? If I were you I would take 30 minutes to do it now and have the 300 miles post. You have 3 weeks to wait, even if you don’t get targeted in time you’ll still be able to apply for 50k or whatever else. If you would be interested in the 70k it is worth taking 30 minutes to try it.

  20. SL says:

    I applied for this card three years ago and then downgraded it to no annual fee version. Would I receive the bonus this time without closing the no annual fee card? Just not sure if they two count as the same product.

  21. LC says:

    If anybody else does the 50k United offer and gets matched to 70k via SM, please let me know. This card is a must for my SO to combine with CSP and the extra 20k miles is almost a make it or break it for me.

  22. AMS says:

    I received the 70K offer and applied for the Chase United card today (4/19) but it did not get approved and showed a pending decision for 30 days. I got under the 5/24 rule on March 31. Will I get approved?

  23. LC says:

    Another around of targeted offers just went out, at least for me and another reddit user (could be coincidence). Created MPE account April 1st, Purchased $25 amazon credit on April 5th.
    Interesting that early this morning I checked and no 70k offer but around 3 hours ago i logged in and it was there. Did the dummy booking to get extra $50 statement credit. Not instantly approved but expecting to be.

    • Rox says:

      What is the offer expiry date in the new targeted offer that you got?

      Trying to see if it got extended from April 30th.

  24. Kyle says:

    Got an ad today. 70,000 bonus miles. (5,000 for AU, no $50 statement credit, AF not waived)
    Apply by June 26, 2017.

  25. Ben says:

    I have this offer in my account. Any DP that it will disappear? I’m asking because I would like to hold on application to June to bypass my 5/24.

  26. Lila says:

    Received this offer by snail mail addressed to me. 70k Bonus apply by June 26th 2017. When I go to the url listed to apply at only 50K offers appear. I’ve been in contact with mileage plus about this offer, even sent them a pic of the offer I received. They tell me “we can’t verify offer” call Chase I call chase they say call mileage plus. I am calling BAIT AND SWITCH BS on both of them. Anybody with success on this mail bonus 70K offer? What url are you applying at? I have never had a Chase card before so this is not 5/24 problem. Any suggestions on how to proceed are welcome.

  27. Nick says:

    Got email saying “Apply by June 15, 2017.” Not sure why it is different from the mailed date of 26th.

    btw. They’ve been extending this for quite a while now, I wonder would this mean that it can be reasonably expected to live for another while (like a few Months) beyond even the Jun 15 date? Cause I opened 3 chase cards in the last 8 Months or so and also an AMEX thus wouldn’t wan to risk a total shutdown just because of 20K miles.

  28. Yet Another Redditor says:

    Posted on r/churning and adding it here too

    This is the direct link to United MPE 70K + $50

    It will prompt you to authenticate your United account and then show you the offer.

    Alternatively, 1st log into United account and then paste this link into that window. The URL eventually resolves to but click on this link directly will only show you the 50K offer.

    • Reverend says:

      Crap. So I downgraded my MPE card last month and *this very morning* I had the full 70k50IC offer available.
      Right now the offer is the 50K offer instead! Same expiration of 7/31.

      Major bummer missing out on 20K miles like that. I need to poke around to see if I can call/do something to get the full 70K miles.

    • Lily says:

      No dice, your link still gives $50k offer, both options produce same result.

  29. Norm says:

    Any more DPs on whether or not inflight applications will bypass 5/24? Also, is the in-air offer different than the 50k offered in-branch or 70k offered online?

  30. NinjaX says:

    the number of people who qualify for this offer without being pre-approved is quite alarming…

  31. Apple says:

    Will I be qualify if I’m right on 5/24? Or do I have to be under 5/24 in order to receive the sign up bonus? Does AU account/cards count toward 5/24? thanks.

    • Jim says:

      Highly unlikely on being at 5/24. If you’re at or over 5/24, you’ll likely just be denied and not need to worry about receiving the bonus.

      Non-business card AU accounts will count towards 5/24, but recon will likely let you get away with it — might consider calling up the card issuer to remove the AU account from credit bureau reports ahead of time.

      • apple says:


        I have 2 amex AU accounts, I contacted Amex via chat to remove AU account from my credit report, but rep said unable to do it without cancelling the AU account. I thought even by cancelling/closing the account, the AU account will still show on my credit report.

        What are the wording I should say to Amex? or the amex chat rep is just clueless?


  32. Scott says:

    A technical question about the “no bonus within 24 months of previous bonus” rule: I had the United card in June 2015, and got the bonus (50k) in mid August 2015. So according to the rule, would Chase not approve my application at all if I apply for the 70k+$50 offer at the end of July? I’m targeted when I checked via the link and I’m also under 5/24, so am really tempted to try.

    • They will approve you whenever you want, but you won’t get the bonus unless you apply after mid august 2017. You need to wait 24 months since you last received the bonus.

    • Pete says:

      I’d try searching on r/churning — imagine some data points of this.

      Maybe one has to be a bit creative. Say, during a July 31st application, if a piece of personal information is mistyped (e.g. digit of SSN/house number is off) and Chase puts the application into review. They deny you with a letter come first week of August for some identity verification sanfu. You call in a week later to recon and ask what’s going on, correct the error, and get approved — with the terms of the 70k offer as originally applied under 🙂

  33. Marco says:

    The statement credit is triggered by any purchase?

  34. ameli0rate says:

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the 70000 and $50 statement credit that they can post up? I keep getting the 50K offer instead after having gotten the 70K offer all up until yesterday.

    I thought that maybe I could apply for the 50K and then SM customer service and get them to match the 70K. A screenshot would be helpful.

  35. shamoosh says:

    applied 3 weeks ago. got approved and got the card just last week. i kept getting 50k last month then suddenly received an email early this month for the 70k but haven heard of $50 statement credit. will let you know updates after im done with 3k purchases..

    • ameli0rate says:

      I downgraded my MPE last month and then applied for it again to get the 70K just a week ago.

      HOWEVER, the mail-hold during my vacation went well, the post office pitched all my mail, so I called to have them resend the downgrade card, and the next morning for my application, I only got the 50K offer.

      After an SM to Chase, they said it had no impact and I was only approved for the 50K. I mean, I don’t think I imagined having 70K for 4 weeks until getting a reissued card.

      Alas, 50K and $50 SC will work fine for me, but the additional 20K would have been nice.

      I haven’t received the card yet, but I have things planned for the $3K spend (vacation, I’ll pay for all the tickets and friends repay me for their part).

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