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Peek (@guest_1517045)
December 22, 2022 18:42

 William Charles This seems to be back (was targeted to me through ads) but I don’t see an expiration date:

Anduhson (@guest_867831)
January 7, 2020 20:18

Opened in NY branch 9/3/19 $500
Real DD for 3 months
$150 Bonus posted 1/2/20

IS250 (@guest_845682)
November 19, 2019 07:00

Anyone have any DP’s on Chex sensitivity? Thanks.

Giriraj (@guest_835545)
November 5, 2019 02:22

This offer is there in Northern California bay area as well for in branch account opening.

MahomesTheMan (@guest_814853)
September 25, 2019 20:12

The real issue is that this bank is not a real bank. The sell liar loans, aka advantage loans. These loans are stated loans they do for foreigners, mostly Chinese, and charge higher rates. They use appraiser they know so they get higher values and they also have loan officers that lie and make up cpa letters to get these loans approved. You really want to leave your money with a bank like that??

Scott (@guest_812688)
September 20, 2019 22:38

None of the links are working anymore.

SeanK (@guest_809566)
September 12, 2019 21:27

Happened to be not too far away from the branch today so I went in to open an account. Only the branch manager was there. He said the bank is a no-cash bank in that one cannot deposit or withdraw cash from the bank. Said the minimum opening deposit for the checking account is $100 but cannot be cash and has to be check. No debit or CC funding either. I didn’t have a check with me so I was not able to open the account.

He said it’s a soft pull. He said they do look at chex but he didn’t seem to be clear whether high chex inquires could lead to denial and whether he’ll be able to override it in branch. Felt like he didn’t have too many experience opening up accounts with more than a couple of chex inquires. And the promotion that he had on the email expired on Aug 31, so he said he’ll email to find out about the extended promo. I’m not sure if I’ll drive down again to try to open up the account at this point but just wanted to share my experience. Make sure to bring a check to open up the account!

MahomesTheMan (@guest_814858)
September 25, 2019 20:16

The hire incompetent people that would never be able to get a job with a real bank. You’ll see what your experience is like once you bank with these people

neb (@guest_809146)
September 12, 2019 00:07

depositing $25k in a 2% MMA for 3 mon will yield $125, no?

Joe F.
Joe F. (@guest_806647)
September 5, 2019 19:20

The deal has been extended to 9/30/2019 as Anduhsun mentioned Anduhsun and now it’s also available in LA too in addition to NYC.

Joe F.
Joe F. (@guest_808527)
September 10, 2019 20:42

Also at the Chino Hills branch in LA county, CA:

Anduhsun (@guest_806001)
September 4, 2019 06:12

Opened the checking account at the flushing branch. Deal has been extended until 9/30/19. $10 ETF if under 6 months. FYI They also do atm rebates like Schwab for those who need this info.

Joe F.
Joe F. (@guest_806650)
September 5, 2019 19:25

Offer’s now available in LA too in addition to NYC:

IS250 (@guest_809135)
September 11, 2019 23:30

How’s your Chex like?

SeanK (@guest_809571)
September 12, 2019 21:30

Anduhsun did you need to write a check for opening an account? The branch manager said it’s a no-cash bank with no debit and credit cards so I’m surprised to hear about the atm cash withdrawal too