Posted by William Charles on November 18, 2019

Published on November 18th, 2019 | by William Charles


Recap: Automatic Strike Bowling Ball, Uber Sued Over Cancellation Fees & More


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Dat bowling ball is dope


Mark Rober is a contender for the best YTer. Approachable, entertaining science. His package theft decoy glitter bomb makes me immensely, unreasonably happy.


VFTW headline is a bit misleading. That Hyatt is not forcing you to pay if you want to use the desk. It’s simply forcing you to pay a resort fee if you book a paid stay, and then claiming that the resort fee covers the desk.

The problem is that if a hotel charges a resort fee, it can claim that it covers anything, since there’s way to not pay it and yet pay for the room (and thus see whether they will remove the desk or whatever). If you get “comped” for the resort fee on a rewards stay, you still get the benefits that are associated with the resort fee usually, so you can’t even test whether they will remove the desk in that case.

So I guess that’s another part of the resort fee scam in general, that WHATEVER they claim the resort fee covers, it’s a totally made up list.


MtM failed to mention that Uber case was dismissed without prejudice. My thoughts:

Very interesting Uber case! At issue is the cancellation fee charged when the driver (not you) cancels a trip.

A retired lawyer filed a class action in Florida state court pro se. 1) You cannot represent yourself in a class action and 2) He was not retired so much as disbarred.*

Uber initially agreed to play ball in state court (pleadings and so forth) but then removed to the local federal court. They then stated they planned on compelling individual arbitration (after already removing once???) pursuant to the terms. Regardless, the federal judge was not amused by the “lawyer’s” antics and dismissed the case without prejudice before it could be reremoved.


That whole thing is a scam — I booked a morning lyft to the airport and cancelled after 15 minutes of watching the driver leave manhattan and drive towards the airport without me. Took multiple messages back and forth with support to explain that I cancelled because the driver clearly did not intend to come get me and that I didn’t have time to wait to see how far he’d go.

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