Posted by William Charles on October 26, 2017
Bank Account Bonuses

Published on October 26th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Stacking Savings Bonuses For $600

These bonuses have expired (only the regular savings bonus is still available). Click here to view the best current savings bonuses.

At the moment Discover has three saving bonuses:

Readers have been successful in getting all three bonuses. You need to open each account separately using the individual promo codes. Each account does require $15,000 or $20,000 in deposits, but there is no minimum deposit length and cumulative deposits worked for one reader. Accounts need to be opened by October 31st and funded by November 15th, so you don’t have a lot of time left if you’re interested. I don’t like to hype deals like this too much, but let’s just say that they don’t come around very often. As always make sure you regularly check out the best bank bonus page for new bonuses.

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Does getting all three bonuses require three separate deposits of $15 or $20K each?

I don’t think there’s any data yet on transferring from one Discover account to the other triggering it. I keep bouncing it back to our checking accounts at other banks first just to be safe. It’s been a marathon of ACH transfers and check deposits since we’re using the same $20k for both myself and my partner!


Hope you can help to provide a bit more guidance on how your accomplishing this.

-Did you open all 3 accounts at once?
-Did you use the same login or different logins?
-Any concerns from banks about rapidly moving large sum back and forth between accounts?


I transferred to AAA and AAII from within Discover. it worked and also worked for other folks on the prior AAA promotion for $100.

No need to transfer out of Discover and back in.

Transferring between Discover Accounts worked for me. I fnunded the AAA Savings partially with money already held at Discover; the AAII was fully funded by moving 20k directly from the AAA account.

Does it mean that can I transfer 20k from my bank a/c to Discover savings and keep it for a day and transfer that 20k to discover AAA and keep it for a day and transfer that 20k to discover AAll and keep it for a day and then transfer it back to my bank a/c?

Yes you can.

Can I use the same login accounts from Discover for AAA and AAll?

If I already have a savings account, it sounds like the normal offer is not valid, but the other two are. Do I need to close and reopen to get those 2 account bonuses?

Would you stack all 3 bonuses with one opened account, or would each one require a new account? I am a bit confused since it looks like it requires a code to be entered at account opening.

no need to closed, I have 3 open at the moment, and yes, you can use the same login to all account, mine right now is for all 3 saving and credit card.
if you already had an account with Discover, just sign in, it’ll auto fill the info for you, and the promo code can be entered at the funding step.

hope that helps

@Doc – curious as to why you say you “don’t like to hype deals like this too much”? Is it to let people figure out how to string together individual bonuses and not spoon feed them?

I’m thinking the comment is related to the fact that too much hype could get these deals shutdown.

I get it… I will shut up..

If too many apply Discover notices and it gets shut down.

highly selfish thought👎

Better some than none.


Additionally it is not so simple as it sounds because Discover does monitor by IP address and/or other parameters including SSN and postal address I would think. There are DPs on this site as well that just have not got the required importance: Discover will shutdown accounts if the see too many originating from the same IP address. They blocked one for me already and I am going to back off from opening too many.

How do you enter two other promo codes at the same time? I entered either AAIIBONUS or AAABONUS and it shows “Oops. That code isn’t valid. Let’s give it another shot.” It appears that AAIIBONUS or AAABONUS does not work anymore.

I assume that this is not working because each sign up has a different link. But not sure because I have not yet signed up myself

They are separate accounts and you need to open each one separately from their own promo page. You can use your existing Discover login on the first page — the promo code goes on the funding page

you open them separately. different codes for different ‘types’ of discover savings. i highly suggest to read each posts and read datapoints on how people went about it. goodluck!


Posts like this are just straight deal killers and unnecessary in my opinion. This info/DP are easily available in multiple other posts. No need to blast it like this for all the people with difficulty putting two and two together…

I’d have to agree with this. I was going through my opening slowuly of all 3, but since I saw this I hurried to open the last one before Discover pulls this off.

I agree, no idea why this was posted.

The offers were about to expire in a few days anyway, so extra hype wouldn’t really get them killed early. The bonuses are also all once per lifetime. I think the post is totally fine.. As always, Doctor of Credit is just trying to be help. I really appreciate that.

2nd this

3rd it

“Helping” is a slippery slope. This information was in other related DoC comments section.

I understand the goal is to help others and that one may argue it’s selfish to not inform people, but in this specific case the information was already public. Making an actual post about it is in my opinion pulling the spoon out a bit too far. If people read the comments section more frequently they’d get more information. It was there, publicly, for people to see.

It doesn’t matter that the deal is almost over. With this now exposed it may lead to Discover killing the deal before the bonuses are issued. Yes, it might’ve happened anyways, but any exposure is bad exposure and only increases the likelihood of eyes on accounts.

DoC is a valuable part of the community and I’m in no way bashing it. Many times deals are appropriately kept in check by leaving extra data points in the comments and not making a post about it. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this should’ve been one of those times.

DOC, will you tell these complainers to make their own deals website so that they can not post deals on it? I mean seriously, this is a deals site, on which all of these people get information about deals. And then you post a deal and explain how to make it work, and they complain. Sometimes this community is unreal. Yeah, deals get killed sometimes due to volume/abuse. That’s the nature of the hobby. If no one posted about deals, there’d be very few deals to be bad.

You don’t seem to get it and have a low-level of comprehending this issue for what it really is. That or you just haven’t been around long enough to have an understanding of the history and evolution of this “hobby” over the last few years. Either way, you’re wrong.

I’ll say this once, and only once. When a deal like this is over- exposed, from Discover “clawback” Bank, EVERYONE is vulnerable of clawbacks.

This isn’t about being selfish or an exclusivity club; some deals, for various reasons, simply aren’t scalable and/or potentially cause everyone to lose out because of over-exposure. THIS is something that could impact everyone.

Are you even listening to yourself? “The issue for what it really is?” Fear over a $200 clawback that isn’t going to happen? Remember when discover wasn’t going to payout the apple pay bonus on gift cards and many months (a year even?) later they said, “ok, nevermind, here’s your cashback”? Your fear is irrational. And even if this single post kills this deal, again, that is the nature of the hobby; it happens. Also, been around longer than most on here I’m sure. Been on slickdeals since early 2000’s.

Appears I’m the only one listening to myself here. You must’ve missed that part when the Discover Apple Pay fiasco happened. Or the Discover Deals Cashback clawbacks happened after people went nuts with the portal dipping. The common thread is that it involved Discover.

You and I can fundamentally disagree about the all or nothing nature of exposing every deal. I look at it on a case-by-case basis.

I agree.. it was now or never.. I wouldn’t have known about this otherwise.

Does anyone know if passing the deposits through a discover checking checking account first will be a problem? I’ve got a little over $10k in CDs (from another bank) maturing which are already scheduled to be deposited into my discover checking on Nov 1. I can round up another $10k from other accounts and xfer those to my discover checking and then shift the whole $20k from discover checking into the discover savings. Does that seem safe?

it worked for other people. so yes but as always ymmv. read more DPs.

I already had a Discover Online Savings Account, which was closed in 2015.
“Offer not valid for existing or prior Discover savings customers”
Do they enforce this? any data point.

Read the posts and DPs.

I did one for S817 and another for AAA. Which code can I apply for?

When I send SM, CSR told me that my current discover saving will disqualify me from AAII saving bonus. So I did not open AAII till now..
But now it is confirmed that AAII with existing Discover normal account are eligible for the bonus?

Why post this when you can look at the post and DPs and see for yourself?

I already have regular Discover savings and AAA savings open. Today I just applied for the AAII savings.. was told to call in.. and then was told to upload my driver’s license. Please come back and update us if you can.

I’m also hoping that our promo code for AAII gets properly accepted, because we had to take this extra step.. hope that the promo code didn’t get ‘lost in the system,’ otherwise all of this would just be a complete waste of time.

Also for me the AAII I just applied for isn’t showing up (yet) when I log into Discover. Thanks

Thanks for posting this! I had missed the post on the AAII account and was able to do that today for my husband and myself. Yay for another $400 to use on traveling!! The Discover and Discover AAA were easy to apply for earlier and I already received their bonuses.

Offer codes are “DEAD.” “Oops. That code isn’t valid. Let’s give it another shot.” 4:10 pm

Just opened all (3) same time within hour. All codes still working.

Me too. Well, time to take a lil risk with this. Will report back about bonuses when/if they happen!

Just open all 3 in about 20mins. Had to call in on the AAII, the other 2 instant online. All codes works. Time now is 2pm / west coast.

Question. The 20k just have to enter the account right? It doesn’t have to stay in there for a certain time frame right? Maybe a day is fine?


I already have Discover normal savings, AAA.. yesterday Tried to open AAII.. application was submitted and got message to call them. (same message for spouse)

did you call them for AAII savings? if yes will they ask why two many savings accounts were opened in short time?
I am hesitating to call them. any help

When I called Discover yesterday, they grilled me for over 10 minutes about the savings accounts. They even asked me if I read doctorofcredit

The cat is out of the bag! Repeat the cat is out of the bag!

Are you just making that up to get a rise out of people about doc? BTW, I tried to open up new savings account with both bonus codes and neither work for me or so. I keep getting “Oops. That code isn’t valid. Let’s give it another shot.”

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