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[Expired] [Targeted] Select Banks: $100/$75/$50 Back for Spending $30 at AT&T – Moneymaker [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More] – Echo Dot & Google Home Mini For $29.99

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

Reposting because AT&T has two deals of interested:

A lot of the time you’re just buying junk so this might be a better offer for some people even if the profit is lower.

Originally posted on October 5th, 2017. Reposting on November 21st, 2017 as the deal is back with new expiration dates. Hat tip to reader jamaicantraveller

The Offer

Check your bank login to see if you were targeted:

  • Get $100 or $75 or $50 back when making two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15 each by 2/19/2018

This offer comes around frequently. A number of banks use the same back end for these offers. This includes: Bank of America, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information.

The Fine Print

  • Offer expires 1/4/2018
  • Offer must be used by 2/19/2018  (Tthis means you have to save the offer on your account by 1/4/2018 and use it by 2/19/2018)
  • Offer valid one time only (you can use it on any credit or debit card in your online account, but once you use it on one card it can’t be used on another card in the login)
  • Valid in-store or online at at& or over the phone
  • Cash back is earned within 30 days after making the second transaction

Our Verdict

This deal is amazing and profitable even if you have no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Buy an accessory for $15, repeat and get the bonus. Net profit will be $70/$45/$20, plus some free accessories.


  • If you’re doing this in-store, make sure to make the purchases at a corporate store, not an Authorized Retailer.
  • If you’re doing this online, try buying a single item that costs $15 or more since AT&T sometimes splits up smaller items into separate charges.
  • It might be worth spacing out the two transactions on different days.
  • Someone mentions the idea of buying a $25 refill card from an AT&T store which would work for prepaid plans.
  • Or buy an iTunes gift card.
  • A reader confirms that making $15 payments to your AT&T cellular bill or Uverse internet bill counts to trigger the credit.
  • Don’t forget to go through a portal if ordering online. Topcashback is currently the best at 10%.

If you have any questions it’s probably wise to read through our previous post on this as they are probably answered there & here.

Hat tip to manc1993

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Thanks DoC. Finally got the deal for the first time.

“Offer must be used by 1/2/18 (Tthis means you have to save the offer on your account by 9/30/17 and use it by 11/14/17)” Please correct the dates:)

I’ve done it twice. Not seeing it this time. I don’t understand how they can afford to lose money like that.

If you don’t dare to lose money, you will never get rich.

I had to fight last time to get my $75. The offer disappears from your account and you cant even find it under expired tab……make sure you get screenshots.

I agree to this, it happened to me last time I had the offer for $50 to add new line of service, as soon as I added new line and went to see the offer again on the portal it was gone. Unfortunately I had not taken the screenshot so there was no way for me to prove it.

I had a similar experience. Had to fight and call up couple of times but prevailed in the end

The disappearing acts seens to be norm for bofa offers for me.
Though despite it showing after i fulfilled the offer that either offer not used or still one transaction needed (like this offer), it always have given cashback within the next 2 statements

Mine disappeared in my Regions account, and when I called the rep said that’s how it works for them.

With BoA the offer sticks around for a while and I have a processing icon in the upper left hand corner of the offer.

Mine just disappeared. Too bad i didn’t take a screenshot. Did they did eventually credit you?

Newbie to these offers. I have a BOA checking account and two BOA CC. It doesn’t seem to tell me which of the three cards I’m supposed to use to get the offer (it shows up under all three). Can I use any of the three? Thanks for any help.

See above under The Fine Print: “…you can use it on any credit or debit card in your online account, but once you use it on one card it can’t be used on another card in the login.” So, if you use one BofA card on the first transaction, make sure to use that same card for the second transaction. You can choose which account receives the cash back by choosing the Preferences tab on the BankAmerideals page (the account receiving the cash back doesn’t have to be the same one you used to pay). Also, don’t forget to click the + to add the deal to your online account before it expires.

Not in my BofA. I see ADT, which is a letter or so off. Also see DirecTV, which is a subsidiary of ATT.

Not sure, why I get offer for $50 cashback for adding new line only. And not sure how to take advantage of this offer as I already have AT&T connection and had paid bills through BOFA Cards before.
Any one know how to make use of this $50 offer without adding any new line?

Yay. Got the second time.again for 75$
Thanks for heads up.
Free chargers!


🙂 just appeared today on BOA had it earlier this year on BOA and then this summer on Regions.

Got $75 offer today. Never got this before on my BoA accounts.

I’m seeing the Simple Cash Back section of my BBVA account where I’m assuming this would show up but nothing is there. That may be because the offer is tailored to spending behavior and I’m just milking this account for the bonus so I haven’t used the card yet. Looks like yet another reason to keep BBVA in circulation though. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with the online experience.

3rd time to do this deal – first time a year ago with BoA and then another time with Regions.

Each time I spend $51.36 on two Apple accessories over two purchases (one $19 1m lightning cable or 15w charger and one $29 – 2m lighting cable or 1m Apple Watch Charger). The $75 deal nets me 2 free accessories plus $23.64 in extra cash. I’ve made both purchases online the same night each time. Items usually ship separately. It takes a while for the cash to show up but it eventually does.

After I complete this one that’s close to $75 free cash in addition to the six free accessories.

4th time I got this deal
Free Uverse internet for me

I should add that the first 3 I got on my first bofa account. this last one, i closed and reopened another acc.

Is this once per lifetime per account? I’ve seen this for $25 in the past and have never bothered, but the $75 is very enticing.

This is the second time I’ve had the offer on my BoA account that I have had open for several years.

I expect to receive the cash back through the deal as before.

Calling BOA. Calling BOA. Your longtime customer needs this! 🙂

Got this on my BofA account for the third time! Each offer was for $75. Made two purchases, the bonus is pending. Now the problem, I need to return one of the items as defective. I’m wondering if a return will affect the bonus. Anyone else risk a return and still get the bonus?

My BBVA account has the DirecTV Now deal, as does my BofA account. Unfortunately, my PNC debit only has the Hulu/Hulu Live deals (as do both of the others). Fingers crossed some form of the AT&T deal shows up on my other accounts!

Second time getting this on my BofA. Got a couple charger cables in two transactions. Showing processing already.

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