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Datapoint: Successfully funded my Wells Fargo checking ($50) w/ Chase Freedom Unlimited.


does paypal transfer still account as DD for WF?


Anyone get a 1099-int for this bonus? I think its the last Bank bonus I’m waiting for.


I already did my return without waiting for the form. If you know how much you received, you don’t really need the form. The tax software just asks for the Bank’s name and interest (bonus) received. Now waiting for my tax refund 🙂


This is what I got in response to the 1099 question ( I messaged them)

I understand you would like to know whether you will receive a 1099
statement for the account that has been closed.

I reviewed your checking account number ending in xxxx and our records
show that it is a non-interest bearing account.

1099 statements are mailed to the primary owner on the account no later
than January 31st each year for accounts earning $10.00 or more in the
previous year. As your account does not bear interest, a 1099 statement
will not be sent for your closed account.


Is it safe to close after 3 months?


Anyone figure out how to trigger DD for Chase ?


Does anyone recently received their bonus? Or do you have customer service confirmed if you met the qualification?

I opened acc on March 28th and I completed D/D and debit card transactions by April 25th.

I emailed their customer service just to know if they can confirm the qualifications have been met before I start the wait game but I received generic reply and no confirmation.


Great post.


Some popular banks do automated real-time verification through CashEdge by Fiserv.


You stole my comment?

Just Me
Just Me

I see some folks getting their bonus within 2 days of meeting requirements. Mine has been several weeks since I opened and made the debit card purchases. So, I emailed WF and asked them when I can expect my bonus. They are saying I need to fill out a W-9 form. Has anybody else had to do this? Here is their email reply:

According to our records, we went ahead and checked your account and it
looks like you opened your account on 03/31/2017. Since you are still
in the 60 day window you still have a lot of time. Within 60 days of the
account opening, either make 10 purchases or payments with your Wells
Fargo Debit Card or establish a qualifying Direct Deposit of an
accumulated $500 or more, to the consumer checking account opened for
this bonus offer. In order to obtain the $250 bonus offer, it takes 45
days for the $250 bonus to credit your account.

We appreciate your patience while we researched this matter. I was
contacted today by our Promotions Team regarding your missing incentive,
and wanted to provide you with the information that was given to me.

Due to IRS tax reporting rules, Wells Fargo cannot pay a promotional
bonus to a customer without a certified tax ID number (W-9) or a
completed W-8BEN explaining a missing tax ID number if they are a
non-resident alien. A certified W-9 or W-8BEN has not been processed and
your account does not show an updated withhold code. Even though your
account may have a Social Security Number on file, the checking account
must still be certified.

This is required before your account can be paid the bonus. As a result,
to help you correct this issue, I have mailed you an Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and
Certification. The form was sent to the address we have on file for your
account by U.S. Mail, and should arrive within 10 business days.

Please return the completed, signed form, in the stamped, pre-addressed
envelope that is enclosed with the form for your convenience.

You may also find this form online at
wellsfargo.com/com/securities/regulatory/securities-tax-forms . Once the
form has been completed online, please print it, sign it, and mail it to
the following address:

Wells Fargo Bank
P.O. Box 5110
Sioux Falls, SD 57117


I also did the 10 transactions and still haven’t recd a bonus. It’s only been about 3 days since I completed the transactions though.

I was also sent the W-9 form to fill out inside of the welcome packet, so perhaps that’s what’s holding it up. I just sent the form back to them last week.


Mine has been several weeks too. I completed the debit requirements on 4/13. No bonus posted as yet. But they have 45 days. Plus, they did a hard pull on one of the credit reports – I believe Equifax if my memory serves – and I neither applied for credit nor accepted Overdraft Protection (which banks use to access your Credit Reports.) It didn’t help that I had to go through CFPB to complete the process.


My bonus was posted on May1. But it would not have happened without the complaint process through CFPB.


I have the same issue and I complain via message center.
Here is the answer I got :
Mr., as detailed in our previous reply, our records indicate
that this offer was only valid for customers’ who received a promotional
code. After further review by all departments involved with promotional
offers, it has been confirmed that you were not included in the pool of
offers extended.

How did you proceed with CFPB?

Dave Garber
Dave Garber

just so you should no its not an exact month for the $10 charge i believe its 21 bushiness days i called them up and they switched it for me for the end of the month each month