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TD Bank up To $300 Checking Bonus [CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA]

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $300
  • Availability: CT, DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, MA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, & VA only
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $500+ for $150 bonus or $2,500 for $300 bonus
  • Additional requirements: None
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000 (a lot of cards process as cash advance)
  • Monthly fees: Up to $25, waive-able
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household Limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: Unknown

The Offer

Direct link to offer

TD Bank is offering two checking sign up bonuses of $150 and $300 depending on the account-type:

  • Earn $150 when you open a TD Convenience checking account and receive direct deposits totaling $500 or more within 60 days
  • Earn $300 when you open a TD Premier/Relationship checking account and receive direct deposits totaling $2,500 or more within 60 days

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The Fine Print

  • Offer is available to new personal checking Customers who do not have an existing or prior personal checking account at TD Bank, open their account online via this web page and complete the required qualifying criteria.
  • $300 bonus offer available to eligible new personal checking Customers when opening a TD Premier CheckingSMaccount with cumulative direct deposit funds of $2,500 or more into the new account within 60 days of account opening. $150 bonus available to eligible new personal checking Customers when opening a TD Convenience CheckingSM account with cumulative direct deposit funds of $500 or more into the new account within 60 days of account opening.
  • Qualifying direct deposits are recurring electronic deposits of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your Employer or the Government. Person-to-Person and bank transfers between your TD Bank accounts or accounts you have at other financial institutions or brokerages do not qualify.
  • Once the offer criteria is met, the bonus will be credited into the new personal checking account no later than 95 days from account opening.
  • Account must remain open, active, in good standing, and in the same product type through the qualifying period to receive the bonus.
  • Bonus will be reported as taxable income to the IRS on a 1099-MISC.
  • Offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to change.
  • One bonus per Customer and cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • TD Bank employees and Canadian cross-border banking Customers are not eligible.

Avoiding Fees

TD Convenience Checking $15 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum daily balance of $100.

TD Premier Checking $25 Monthly Fee

This is waived if you have a minimum daily balance of $2,500.

Early Account Termination Fee

In their online fee schedule, there is no mention of an early account termination fee. This comment confirms the same.

Our Verdict

Given that you can only get this bonus once per lifetime, it’s worth going for the $300 bonus as it’s not that much more difficult to trigger the bonus requirements or keep it fee free. $300 is also the largest bonus we’ve seen on this account (it fluctuates between $150/$300 and then reduced to $100/$200). We will be adding this to our list of best checking promotions.

If you run into the issue of them being unable to verify your identity, try using your passport instead of your drivers license. Also according to this you can open out of state via phone, but not possible to get the bonus (share any other date points you have below).

(Hat tip: can’t remember who)

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Yet Another Redditor
Yet Another Redditor

Isnt this an affiliate link? Says so on the page header.

I just opened up this account last week. Something I noticed is they let you mobile deposit MOs, which I didn’t see posted in any forums. Right now my limit is small: is 500/day, 1000/month, but it should go up from there once the account ages a bit.

In light of M&T raining down irresistible (and fast to post!) bonuses on us, would appreciate anybody’s DPs as to which banks are especially Chex sensitive.

I’m in MA, and Webster just shut down a checking account I had opened 3 weeks ago for the $350 bonus (before I started churning M&T hard) due to information on my Chex report! Found that incredibly odd!

Would love to go for this one too, but I’m now wary that I’ve been going too hard and fast on Chex.

Did you get the $350 before they shut you down? Are you implying that every time we open an M&T account another Chex inquiry is added to our report? It has been almost a year since I requested my last free Chex report so I was planning on getting a new copy soon.

yes, it was shut down before I got the bonus. Really disappointing.

Spouse’s Webster account seems alive and well, though. (opened same day, he also churns checking accounts so should have just as many Chex inqs as me, maybe one or two less).

Shoot. I only did 2 M&T back when they were national, I’ve got 4 inquiries from M&T. I don’t think I applied for 2 others, at least. But at least every app is an inquiry.

What kind of luck have people had using the list of methods that banks count as direct deposits? I’m trying to figure out if it is worth the bother of trying to get one of these bonuses that require a direct deposit when you have to rely on “non-traditional” forms of direct deposit.

Have you had success?
Have you had failure?
What’s been the proportion of outcomes between success and failure?
All else being the same, does the probability of success justify the effort and time? (I realize that trade-off can be different for everyone, but generally speaking…)

I did it with Ally in late 2016. Was a breeze. I believe it took about 2 full statement cycles to post. Best part is no ETF so transfer out and close when done.

The Banks that count as DD is a good resource. Also check comments from last go round of this offer by searching by that bank name. I’m am sure all your questions can be answered based on others DPs.

Can you downgrade to the TD Convenience Checking after a while?

I imagine you can but why? After bonus posts, cash out, close, and move on.

I switched to LMCU for their 3% checking, but I need a local bank to deposit cash or do random things with.

especially cool if this bank has free external transfers

Does not. Typical $3 or $5 BS for ACH pushes

check out Ally or CapOne360. Free ACH push and pull. Get that $200 bonus for 360 makes it even better!

Has anyone attempted a TD bonus that was an existing customer? I’m curious if they enforce the terms.

Be the datapoint you want to see and all that (if you don’t get an answer)

Hi Doc

Can we get this bonus if we have never got a bonus before from TD bank but were an existing customer and closed the account 6 months ago

According to the fine print, no but unsure if enforced or not. If you know let me know.

I do not see the geographic restrictions in the terms. How do you know that it’s limited to those states?

If it is in the terms or I missed it, has anyone successfully received the bonus from a state that isn’t listed.

Takes like 2-3 months for bonus to post after meeting requirements, annoying to have 2500 tied up for that long.

Beware: The $300 credit card funding (MC/Visa only) is sent through as a cash advance (at least for a Chase card)!

I used by Chase Hyatt to fund $300 and coded as a purchase.

For future reference, my Chase Sapphire Reserve posted it as a purchase. I did not change my CA limit ever.

So, call me crazy, but has anyone tried opening this account and offer via phone to get around the state restriction?

Its not fun, but I have opened an account over the phone with BMO before…just a thought for all of us not living in the appropriate dropdown selection.

If not, I just might try and become the datapoint I seek.

Last time i tried signing up online, a few months ago, it was unable to verify my identity or something so i couldnt complete the application. I tried my state ID and passport and it wasnt working. I’ll cross my fingers and try it again soon.

Did this ever work for you? I’ve also tried both my license and passport with no sucess

I’ve tried this too: (1) license (2) passport (3) license via safari on iPhone

Called them just now to ask if I am eligible for this promo… in other words to ask if I have ever had an account with them due to bank mergers and so forth. And the first thing the dude said was that even if I had ever been a Commerce bank customer (which I guessed got gobbled up by them) then I would still be eligible because I wasn’t a TD Bank customer. Reason I am typing this is because I have been reading in the comments sections for these TD Bank promos on this site about “a Commerce account in the past making them ineligible” so I thought I would just post what the guy just told me. On a side note, my social brought up nothing so perhaps I will give this a try even though I don’t have a “valid” FL address anymore but my FL license is still valid.

Well, received no targeted checking offer from BOA today (am waiting on one) so said ok, what the heck and did this one instead. No probs using my FL license as ID. I did leave the funding totally empty and website said if you don’t fund it within 45 days they will close the account. Well, that should work out cuz I plan to do a 2500 push from either discover or schwab – whatever some more datapoints show as working – on pension payday 1 May so am thinking I shouldn’t incur any $25 maintenance fee before that 45th day which is mid may. On a side note, as an overseas retired ex-mil with my FL license expiring on my b-day next year, I need to do as much of these acct bonuses as I can as there’s no way I am going back to the states just to renew my dr license 😉

Am I eligible for this bonus based off of below experience?

I did this $300 promo last June and I did not get the bonus because I didn’t meet the dd required amount (I literally missed it by a day). Although I didn’t get the bonus, I still kept the TD checkings account until last month March when I decided to close it. So my status with TD Bank is I did have an account with them before, but never earned a promo bonus from them.

Tried to fund $300 with Chase CSR. Cash advance limit lowered to $100 before funding. Received an email saying funding was unsuccessful.

Data point: I got an email that my funding was unsuccessful with my Citi Double Cash card with CA limit set to $0.

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