Posted by William Charles on May 26, 2018

Published on May 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


The Club At PHX Lounge No Longer Closed To Priority Pass Members After 3:30PM

The Club At PHX is the only priority pass lounge available at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Previously it was open from 8AM to 3:30PM, after 3:30PM the lounge was used exclusively for British Airways. According to lol-24 on reddit this restriction is no longer in place. This is also confirmed on the priority pass website, with new hours of 05:00 – 23:30 showing.

Priority Pass has been making a real effort to try to improve the lounge options for airports with no lounges, whether it’s adding non traditional lounges such as restaurants or improving the opening hours like this. Hopefully that continues to happen as I know some readers still have no lounge at their home airports. You can view credit cards that offer priority pass lounge access here. Some recent priority pass additions/news:


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The Club at PHX has also recently renovated, with new seats and carpeting. There will also be either another lounge in the space behind it, or it will expand later this year (PHX has dedicated space for a lounge, Club worker told me they were going to take it, but who knows).

Awesome. This was previously very annoying when trying to fly out of PHX.

Parts Unknown

Taking the B6 redeye to Boston in 2 weeks, this is very welcome news!

I was just there on April 26, they wouldn’t let me in. Glad to hear it’s open now.

This was the first lounge I ever went to after getting my P.P and I tipped the woman who gave me a bottle of water.


Stupid indeed. Why did you tip for a bottled water

Because I wanted to be liked.

Socialization makes you do irrational things.

Hi DoC, lol-24 here. I just wanted to clarify that they opened the back room of the lounge and closed the front entrance/room so all lounge members enter and check in at the back.

I noticed the loungebuddy app updated the new hours of the lounge between two days ago and yesterday when I visited so that’s why I gave it a shot.

This is great, but this lounge is tiny and packed all the time. You’re probably better off getting a table in one of the restaurants if you’re looking more for comfort than a couple of free drinks.

They opened up earlier than 8 in March but it as unadvertised. 8 was able to get in before my 8:45 flight on the other side of the airport.

Need one at midway


Finally! This was such a ridiculous rule and hampered my enjoyment of PHX in the past.

Too bad this lounge is terrible. Unless it’s right near your gate, definitely wouldn’t bother making the trek for this one.

It’s one of the worst ones I’ve visited, indeed. They have a good selection of soft drinks and the fare, but I think it’s the only lounge I’ve ever been to that didn’t have an espresso machine — stale drip coffee only. (And, mind you, I’ve been to like about a dozen lounges.) Also, the quality and staleness of the food was quite below average for a The Club lounge as well.

Still, it does offer a nice view, and “free” is “free”. Certainly a welcome that they’ll finally be open for both the early and the late flights — flew out of PHX a few times without being able to access it either on departure nor arrival; the new times address both.

A lounge is nice but I’ve found the most value from priority pass to be with the restaurants. Hopefully they continue to add restaurants to airports throughout the US.

Glad Priority Pass is making some changes. Wish they would make some changes at Washington Dulles Airport. They have three lounges, but all three belong to foreign airlines and exclude Priority Pass members during the mid and late afternoons when the lounges are most needed.

Visited there last weekend right around 230pm on Friday. The main lounge was closed to PP user, however, they pointed me to next door where there were an open space room with more sitting and identical amenities as the main lounge.

Happy to read in the comments this lounge was renovated-it was horrible and old and dirty last time I was there so I’ve avoided it. Now I will go check it out again.

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