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MOTDOC (@guest_1264925)
October 10, 2021 17:15

It’s a hard pull

Davis (@guest_1264935)
October 10, 2021 17:55

Which bureau?

MOTDOC (@guest_1265016)
October 10, 2021 22:28

Equifax for sure. I think there was another, but I can’t find it. When I got alerts about the hard pull(s), I called them because I didn’t realize that would happen. They agreed to reverse the inquiry. It took multiple letters to Equifax because Equifax is incompetent, but I think they pulled another bureau as well.

Davis (@guest_1265022)
October 10, 2021 22:55

I see. Equifax is the only bureau that I have open right now and I don’t have something that alerts me if they did pull but that’s the least used bureau for me so it wouldn’t be a big deal if they pulled that one.

Sunny (@guest_1264897)
October 10, 2021 15:39

Looks like their application portal is not responding

Davis (@guest_1264885)
October 10, 2021 14:42

Trying through a potential donation to the Disability Rights of Middle Tennessee. No credit card funding.

To qualify for membership, you may live, work, or worship in the counties of Davidson, Sumner, Robertson, or Wilson or in the communities of Smyrna or La Vergne. You are also eligible for membership if you are employed by any of our Select Employee Groups or are related to a current member by blood or marriage.

Davis (@guest_1267654)
October 15, 2021 15:56

My application still hasn’t been processed. Guess I’ll call them next week to see what’s up.

Davis (@guest_1272386)
October 25, 2021 13:20

Called and they said you have to work for the organization, so donation doesn’t work.

Lou (@guest_1264875)
October 10, 2021 14:15

Free Pepperidge Farm?