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Bubs23 (@guest_1747162)
November 28, 2023 18:24

8/21/23 opened +$100
9/8 +$15k
10/25 -$15k, kept positive balance
11/28 no bonus as of yet, chatted with live agent got this response

After the initial 60 days have lapsed it can take an additional 60 days for deposit verification and enrollment to be completed. The latest date you will see the bonus deposit if all requirements have been meet is December 19th, 2023.”

Bridget (@guest_1738072)
November 16, 2023 12:33

Opened account 8/29/23, deposited 15k by 9/20. Still no bonus, and it looks like most people with a similar timeframe received their bonus 11/8. How much longer should I wait before I call them?

Pipe (@guest_1746179)
November 27, 2023 09:19

Did you ever get it? I’m still waiting on mine and have a similar timeline as yourself.

Bridget (@guest_1746330)
November 27, 2023 12:33

Nope. I think they have 45 days technically so I’m going to wait to call after day 45. I know I signed up with the code because I called them to verify. I’ll keep you posted.

TravelWithMiles (@guest_1734788)
November 10, 2023 23:17

8/31 Opened $3,000 from Citi Double Cash
9/25 Mobile Check deposit $12,001
10/16 Charged $6 because I didn’t sign up for e-statements
10/20 Reversed the $6 charge after a call to support
10/23 EFT of $25 just to make sure there was enough in there
11/8 $750 bonus posted.

dan (@guest_1734131)
November 9, 2023 22:32

8/9 open with CC
8/17 finished funding via ACH push
11/08 750 bonus

VB (@guest_1734043)
November 9, 2023 19:54

8/25 – account opened with $50 deposit
9/08 – $5000 transferred in
11/08 – $500 bonus posts

Novacat05 (@guest_1733900)
November 9, 2023 16:32

For anyone else looking for something to maintain your US Bank relationship for future bonuses, currently they have a 13 month CD paying 4.8%, $1k min deposit. That is better than keeping $300 in a savings acct earning next to nothing in interest. 4.8% is half decent, and it’s only $1k.

Novacat05 (@guest_1733786)
November 9, 2023 14:30

7/24 – Successfully opened brokerage account for P2
8/1 – Attempted to open account for P2, had to fax copy of DL to US Bank for verification(search for my other post for more details
8/16 – Account approved and open. $3k funding on Chase Ink Preferred. Created a separate biz login
8/18 – $3k funding pulled out, since I didn’t think it counted towards the $15k
9/8 – $8k push from Sofi
9/11 – $7k and change push from Sofi
10/19 – Pulled $15k out in 2 batches
11/8 – $750 bonus deposited as “adjusted interest”

I pushed/pulled from P2’s Sofi for this bonus and did not get any nasty emails or notices. Many accounts do NOT like a personal account pushing/pulling to/from a business account. Alliant CU(my hub) sent me a nasty gram via mail earlier this year when I did this bonus for myself and pushed/pulled from them to this US Bank biz account.

To be clear, you still do not need to keep the funds parked for all 60 days. You can leave them for around 30 days and still get this bonus.

Jim (@guest_1733817)
November 9, 2023 15:01

@novacat05 Very interesting about the Alliant alert… I, P2 and P3 all used Alliant to link/transfer to USB and no issues. Wonder if it’s moreso the frequency of your transfers?

Novacat05 (@guest_1733891)
November 9, 2023 16:24

I only did a $3k push from Alliant to this biz account in early April, and pulled the $3k out in early May. Mid-May I got a letter in the mail saying they reviewed my account and found “commercial use” and to basically knock it off or they could close my account if they want. I am very happy with them as my hub, so I immediately deleted linked account. Hoping that doesn’t get me kicked out in their annual booting of seemingly random people every march.

Brett (@guest_1733478)
November 9, 2023 08:22

DP (for New York!)
8/3 – opened business checking account under $750 offer. Account was “open but not activated” because my initial $100 funding attempt with a Barclays AA card didn’t go through.
8/16 – followed up by phone and funded $3k with Chase Ink Business Preferred (coded as purchase). Account now open AND activated.
8/25 – push transfer $15,015 from Schwab checking
8/25 – withdrew $2,900 of initial $3k funding (enrolled in paper statements and online banking too)
10/11 – withdrew $15k (pull back from Schwab)
11/8 – $750 bonus hit

*** I live in New York, used my home address, and had no prior USB accounts***

Charlie R.
Charlie R. (@guest_1733107)
November 8, 2023 20:58

8/17/23: opened account, funded $3K using Chase Ink Preferred
8/22/23: drained account
9/8/23: added $5K new funds
10/23/23: drained acccount
11/8/23: $500 bonus received

I didn’t have enough free cash at the time to go for the higher bonus.

Jackson (@guest_1733070)
November 8, 2023 19:49

8/23/23 – Opened and funded $3k with CFU (purchase)
9/14/23 – $15,001 deposit
10/23/23 – Withdrew funds
11/08/23 – $750 posted