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escot (@guest_1858368)
June 11, 2024 08:06

Doesn’t work for Charlottesville area either. (center of the state, yet does work for Ruckersville, Waynesboro, 15 minutes to the north & west) weirdly irritating.

does appear to still require an auto deposit.

jcalling (@guest_1817819)
March 21, 2024 12:17


12/21: Account Opened
12/22: Funded with $100
12/29: $400 Real DD
Jan/Feb/March: $1000 DD to avoid service fee
3/19: $300 Bonus Paid Out

Vijaya (@guest_1791202)
February 2, 2024 10:30

I opened this account in Nov and my first (and only) DD posted in Dec for $1000. Any DPs on how long it takes for the bonus to be deposited? Re-reading the terms (recurring direct deposit) I am wondering if I need to have a DD every month until I get the bonus.

Josh (@guest_1808736)
March 6, 2024 00:33

Did you receive the bonus?

Brendan (@guest_1685736)
September 4, 2023 17:00

Fairfax, VA ZIP was ineligible

Lil Ol Me
Lil Ol Me (@guest_1623816)
May 25, 2023 14:36

I live 83 miles from a branch and was turned down. I asked them what they considered their service area and the person stated <25 miles from a branch. Given their locations, In skeptical that anywhere in Maryland is within their service area.

Ryan (@guest_1624120)
May 25, 2023 21:53

Hagerstown & Frederick are roughly 50 miles to the Winchester branch. That’s all I would guess would possibly work even that’s a stretch.

Kristine (@guest_1623779)
May 25, 2023 13:21

Just a thank you to DOC. I live about 3 miles from a branch and was easily able to get this promotion. Would never have known about it without this blog. Thank you 🙂

Matt (@guest_1623739)
May 25, 2023 12:06

This bonus is NOT churnable, at least I wasn’t able to (despite the terms just saying New Customer means someone without a current account).

I had an account and did the $200 bonus at the beginning of 2022 then closed the account in June 2022. I opened a new account this morning through the website and received an approval. I then got an email about 2 hours later from someone at the bank stating that I’m NOT eligible since I had a previous account. Bummer.

JACK (@guest_1624592)
May 26, 2023 21:54

You need wait 12 month then open a new one

Dylan (@guest_1623612)
May 25, 2023 09:08

Appears that you now need to enter a zip code that’s very close to a physical location. This bank has locations near I-81 in Virginia, plus a location in Richmond. Doubtful it’ll work for any Maryland zip codes.

AMS (@guest_1623421)
May 24, 2023 22:02

I’m 5 miles from the nearest branch, didn’t work for me. If I enter a zip code 2 miles away, it works. Bizarre!

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek 🔗
Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek 🔗 (@guest_1623378)
May 24, 2023 20:42

Looks like they have fixed their application to exclude in-state zip codes when residing out of footprint. Back a few years ago, it let me apply, but they denied the application, supposedly due to being too far out of footprint. Now I have “no products available”.