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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on February 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [VA only] First Bank $200 Checking Bonus

Bonus has expired but there is a new offer for $100.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $100/$200
  • Availability: VA only, when you go to open an account online it lets you input any zip code. On the following page it’ll say you’re ineligible if you use a state other than VA. If anybody gets other states to work, let us know. Might need to live within 100-150 miles from a branch (but you won’t be auto denied online if this is the case) More info here.
  • Direct deposit required: Yes, $250+
  • Additional requirements: No
  • Hard/soft pull: Unknown 
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Credit card funding: Up to $1,000
  • Monthly fees: $7-$15, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: Unknown
  • Household limit: One
  • Expiration date: None

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a bonus of up to $200 when you open a new First Bank checking account with a recurring direct deposit of at least $250.
    • $100 bonus for opening a First Checking account
    • $200 bonus for opening a Premier checking account

first bank $200 bonus

The Fine Print

  • Offer available to new First Bank checking account customers (those without current First Bank checking accounts).
  • Receive $100 if you open our First Checking account and sign up for a recurring $250 minimum direct deposit into this account.
  • Receive $200 if you open our Premier Checking account and sign up for a recurring $250 minimum direct deposit into this account.
  • This limited-time offer may end at any time.
  • Your reward will be deposited in your new First Bank checking account once the account has been open for 90 days, the first qualifying direct deposit has been received, and the account is in good standing.
  • Subject to approval.
  • Limit one per household.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

First Checking – $7 Monthly Fee ($100 Bonus)

You can waive the $7 monthly fee with any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $500+
  • Direct deposit of $100+
  • Automatic First Bank loan payment

Premier Checking $15 Monthly Fee ($200 Bonus)

The $15 fee is waived if you have a minimum balance of $10,000+

Early Account Termination Fee

I wasn’t able to find a fee schedule, so I’m unsure if an early account termination fee is charged or not.

Our Verdict

I wish banks would be a little bit more original in their names, there are so many First Bank’s that it makes things every confusing. It’s also a shame the account required for the $200 bonus is so difficult to keep fee free, most people won’t have $10,000 in cash laying around so you’d either need to pay the $15 fees (and even then after taxes the $100 bonus might be better) or just go directly for the $100 bonus.

If anybody knows anything about this bank then please share your datapoints in the comments below. For now we won’t be adding to our list of the best checking sign up bonuses due to the fact there is too many unknowns.

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“First” whatever…. “there’s power in one” — (ah, but the sheeple will buy that vague “with a name like that” clap trap)

Appears to be a Shenandoah Valley focused “niche bank.” (whatever that is!) I live within hour of several branches, yet never heard of “First” Bank…. Their web site “our story” not helpful either:

Ah yes, they say, “100 years of experience….” like whatever man. Do they take their customers for average joe’s who could care less? who drink their soma hot? Am guessing this “first” bank is the fruit of a merger or break up. Googling & wiki turns up little, except indications that “First Bank” is “wholly owned subsidiary” of First National Financial…. never heard of that before either. (FXNC) Caught something in their last earnings call about buying up former Bank of America branches…. well, now THAT strategy might actually be a winner… if they couched it something like, “bringing banking back home to Virginia” (except fxnc is based in Massachusetts?)


correction, based in tiny Strasburg, Virginia (pop. 6k ) …. well, pardon my cynicism re. the name, actually hope this incarnation of “First” Bank (despite its dumb name) actually manages to survive/thrive — without doing so well as to be bought out by those banks that have ravaged Virginia in my life time. (e.g., “walk-all-ovya,” “we’ll-go-far” with your money, and of course, Bank Amrika — aka, the borg) Alas, that would be expecting too much.


DP: Credit Card funding up to $1000. I believe it was only Visa or Mastercard, debit or credit, but I didn’t pay attention because the form took my CSP Visa. It did not automatically post as pending at the end of the application – instead a message said it would be processed in about two days after the application was approved, I believe. Fee schedule link did not work, so I am unable to report early closing fee info. After application, multiple PDF’s are available for d/l – at least one even gave my new account number on the form. All other forms like truth in lending, privacy, and reg E pdf’s did appear after application. Application process was a little strange compared to the average bank. Asked some personal questions and income related questions that I was not used to seeing. Not sure if some of these questions are just not PC anymore, let alone legal. Marital status, details on living situation, home ownership (free & clear owner vs. mortgage), and details on my income that was not normally being asked by other banks. I attempted to check the status of the application, however the directions in the confirmation e-mail did not match the links on the website. The only link I could find to check application status did not work. It appears to me they updated the front-end webpages, but haven’t updated the messages the back-end systems produce. Received this e-mail the next day after applying: “Thank you for your interest in an account at First Bank. We are in receipt of your online request, however we were unable to verify some of the information you have provided through the application process. As such, the account does not qualify for online account opening. However, we will be happy to assist you with a new account at any one of our branch locations. Please stop by and speak with one of our Product Specialists at your earliest convenience.” I am in VA, but the nearest branch is 2 1/2 hours away, so stopping by is not an option. I called them in hopes of clearing up the error, however, it was useless. I got told the error message they receive is not specific. The CSR said it was probably due to me being more than 100 or 150 miles from the nearest branch (she couldn’t recall the limit), as… Read more »


Hi Gadget, I also live in VA and I have their branch within 30 miles of my place. Has the initial deposit being processed and code as a purchase? Or they just will not process the deposit?



They did not process the opening deposit in my case. Seems like most banks do a hold on the funds as soon as you submit the application, but this one did not do that.

I just use a card that I have lowered my CA limit to nearly nothing. Either it won’t process, or it goes through as purchase. I have had great luck with Chase cards… Citi usually bounces.

Chris M
Chris M

I made it all the way through the online application process yesterday (4/12) figuring everything went fine. I just received an email today (4/13) saying: “We were unable to verify some of the information you have provided through the application process. As such, the account does not qualify for online account opening.” They go on to say I can go into a branch to complete my account opening. I don’t live near any branches, so this one is a bust for me. I hope anyone else who decides to try for this bonus has better luck than me.


William Charles Live again. (First Checking is now called Anywhere Checking)

Gadget 🕵️

Chuck William Charles Direct link to offer is not working/updated.

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