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Published on September 3rd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [YMMV] U.S. Bank $200 In-Branch Checking Bonus – Direct Deposit Not Required

Deal has now expired, view the best current checking bonuses here.

It seems like this is available at in branch locations inside of grocery stores. Unfortunately doesn’t seem like there is any way to just search for just grocery store locations. That being said when you do a search, it does say the grocery store name in the title. I’m reposting as some people will have given this deal a miss due not knowing if a particular branch is eligible. If you go to a grocery store location and they don’t have this deal then let us know.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: SelectIn branch locations only [Branch locations | Map]. They have branches in AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OH, OR, SD, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI, WY
  • Direct deposit required: Not required
  • Additional requirements: $50 in debit card transactions per month
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: Mixed data points
  • Credit card funding: None
  • Monthly fees: $10.95-$12.95, waivable 
  • Early account termination fee: None
  • Household limit: None mentioned
  • Expiration date: September 10th, 2018

The Offer

No direct link. Offer is available at some select U.S. Bank locations. Reader Jared found it in a grocery branch in Orange County.

  • Receive a bonus of $200 when you open a new U.S. Bank consumer checking account between August 24th and September 10th when you complete the following requirements:
    • Receive $50 each month you spend $50 or more on your new Visa debit card (September, October, November & December)


The Fine Print

  • Offer is not valid if you have an existing U.S. Bank consumer checking account, had a U.S. bank checking account account in the last six months or received other U.S. Bank bonus offers within the past twelve months
  • Offer is not available to accounts opened through or 24 hour banking
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

U.S bank has three checking products which qualify for this promotion:

  • Silver Checking Account
  • Gold Checking Account
  • Platinum Checking account

Probably the easiest way to keep this fee free is to open the Gold Checking account: if you have a U.S Bank credit card then the monthly fees on this account are waived. Many of us have a U.S. Bank personal credit card like Altitude, Flexperks, or Cash+ which would work to keep the account fee-free. Having a personal loan gets the fee waived as well.

If you don’t have a U.S Bank credit card and aren’t planning on getting one, your best bet is to open the Silver checking account which has of $8.95 ($6.95 if you enroll in paperless statements). Fee is waived if you do these three things: 1) Go paperless, 2) Open a Package Money Market Savings account (no fee), 3) Do one of these two things: have combined direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more, OR maintain an average monthly balance of $1,500. Another option is to get the Gold account and get the fee waived if you have a good credit score and join the Because You’ve Earned It program. 

Early Account Termination Fee

These accounts have no early account termination fee

Our Verdict

This is a great bonus, the problem is that it’s not available online and it’s not even available at most U.S. Bank locations. I suspect the vast majority won’t have this offer, as has been the case with other U.S. Bank in branch checking bonuses. I guess if you’re near a branch it’s worth a look. If you go to a branch, let us know if it did/didn’t have the offer. I won’t be adding this to the best checking bonuses until we know more about the availability of the offer.

Big thanks to reader, Jared who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Any idea on what credit score qualifies for the because you earned you it?

They use TU Vantage Score 3.0 to make the determination, which is the same as your CK. I qualified for the Because You Earned it with a 769. I’ll hit a couple of grocery locations in the next week & see if there’s a bonus in the PHX area.

I just called in to get my account enrolled. An off the cuff remark the CSR made (this was the first time she had done it) was that you need a score of 740 or above for eligibility. I suspect this was something that popped up on her screen to give her the information as it was not in any of the disclosures she read and I can’t find that on the website. So looks like 740 is the cutoff on the Because You’ve Earned It program.

Some states like SC and NC are mentioned in the article but don’t have locations (only an ATM)

When did US Bank start adding the 12 month language? 🙁

The US Bank inside the Vons store at 561 N Glendale Ave in Glendale, CA definitely has the offer!

12 month rule sucks.

T$C on pink flayer little different from yours (Offer is not valid if you have an existing U.S. Bank consumer checking account, had a U.S. bank checking account account in the last twelve months or received other U.S. Bank bonus offers within the past twelve months) 6 month for any USBank checking and 12 month for any USBank bonus

The US Bank inside Albertson’s in Fullerton (2291 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833) has the offer. Just opened a checking account with the bonus offer at that location!

thank you for sharing! will go there..


Does anyone have a DP which confirms that the REI credit card from US Bank waives the bank fee?

“easiest way to keep this fee free is to open the Gold Checking account: if you have a U.S Bank credit card then the monthly fees on this account are waived”

It’s just part of the pricing structure for Gold accounts, not tied to this particular bonus.

And yes, I have the REI card and it worked summer 2017 to waive the Gold fee for a similar $200 bonus.



Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

The 1940 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights OH supermarket branch has this offer.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Anyone have any clue whether or not using the debit card through Venmo would count towards purchases?

Any in-branch offer in Chicago?

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Just search for your nearest supermarket branch and give them a call they will be happy to tell you over the phone.

Debating whether to try for this one or not … I closed a chkg account with US Bank in early February, and got a bonus from them in July 2017. So technically I meet the requirements — but only barely!

Curious whether anyone else has had experiences getting multiple bonuses from US Bank over the years.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

You’re good to go!

I’m also cutting it razor close. Received US Bank checking bonus 9/8/17 and closed account 11/10/17. Debating whether I would qualify for this offer if I apply on last day 9/10/18.

So you get another $200 total if you spend $50 each month Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec is this correct?

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Im not sure what you mean by another $200 total. The bonus is satisfied by spending $50 in each month. It is possible to get $50, $100, $150 or the whole $200 depending on which months you meet the requirements on. But the max is $200. The bonus is deposited in $50 increments after the month has passed.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

“Easy Checking” actually qualifies for this bonus too this how you avoid fees “Combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1000+
– or –
Average account balance of $1,500”
$8.95 or $6.95 w/ estatements. Looks like you called this “Silver Checking”

The “Silver” package is identical to the “Easy” package, with the addition of an attached savings account.

Just did this deal at a Vons. they have BRIGHT green posters up “ask why we like the number 200!!” It’s easy to look up in branch US bank stores on google maps. just search US bank and Albertsons OR Vons together in the query field. thanks doc!!

i received last bonus on 9/08/17 (closed 10/07/17). i guess i have 9/10 monday, the very last day to try and apply. google map shows a savemart and a smith’s store that has branch inside 45 minutes away. hmm still debating as i only have 1 day window to app. O.o

you should be good with 1 day window. i’m sure they’d let you know if you didnt qualify for the bonus or call ahead. they’re pretty nice

Definitely a grocery branch promo. SF and Mill Valley branches don’t have it but the Novato Safeway branch has it. There’s also an El Cerrito Safeway branch for those of you in the Bay Area.

Did this in Kroger in Columbus Ohio.

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