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Published on February 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Chase Business $200 Savings Bonus – Deposit & Maintain $15,000 For 90 Days [In-Branch]

This deal has expired and isn’t currently valid, click here to view the best business checking & savings bonuses.

Update 2/11/18: Reader Chong786 found a working link.

This page isn’t currently generating usable promotional codes. We will update this page if that changes, read the comments for more information.

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $200
  • Availability: In branch only
  • Deposit required: $15,000
  • Deposit length: 90 days 
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft
  • ChexSystems: No
  • Credit card funding: Not available when opening in branch
  • Monthly fees: $10, avoidable
  • Early account termination fee: Six months bonus forfeit
  • Household limit: None
  • Expiration date: April 30th, 2018

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Chase is offering a sign up bonus of $200 when you open a new Chase business savings account and deposit $15,000 or more within 10 days and maintain that balance for 90 days

The Fine Print

  • Savings offer is not available to existing Chase Business Savings customers, those with fiduciary accounts, or those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance.
  • To receive the bonus: 1) Open a new Chase Business Total SavingsSM account or better, which is subject to approval; 2) Deposit a total of $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days of account opening; AND 3) Maintain at least a $15,000 balance for 90 days from the date of deposit.
  • The new money cannot be funds held by Chase or its affiliates.
  • After you have completed all the above requirements, we’ll deposit the bonus in your new account within 10 business days.
  • For a Chase Business Total SavingsSM account, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for all balances is effective as of 08/22/2017 and may change at Chase’s discretion. The APY is 0.01% for all balances in all states
  • . Interest rates are variable and subject to change. Additionally, fees may reduce earnings on the account.
  • You can only receive one new savings account related bonus per calendar year and only one bonus per account.
  • The bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.
  • If the savings account is closed by the customer or Chase within six months after opening, we will deduct the bonus amount for that account at closing.
  • All bank account bonuses are treated as income/interest and as such you have to pay taxes on them

Avoiding Fees

$10 Monthly Fee

This account has a $10 monthly fee, this is waived if you do any of the following:

  • Maintain an average ledger balance of $1,000 or more in your Chase Business Total Savings account or better; OR,
  • Maintain a linked Chase Business Total Checking® account

Early Account Termination Fee

Account needs to be kept open for at least six months otherwise you forfeit the bonus.

Our Verdict

This works out to be an annualized return of a little over 5%, pretty good deal (compare this to other high interest accounts). If you’re going to go in branch to do this deal, keep in mind you can also do the following:

I’ll be adding this to our list of the best business bank bonuses.


Big thanks to reader, zackiv31 who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Thanks, updated

Nope, the Direct Link to Offer still goes to the old page not the one supplied by Chong786

How did you find that?

Going to share my code with my banker tomorrow and will report back.


Looks like branch visit is required even if you already have a business checking. Is it worth 200 to go intto a branch is the question then.

Definitely an interesting bonus to consider, thanks.

One thing I noticed, the condition/requirement that “You can only receive one new savings account related bonus per calendar year”. Presumably this refers to _business savings_, not any savings account, i.e. personal savings.

Whereas the business checking explicitly states “You can only receive one new business checking account opening related bonus per calendar year”, distinguishing business from checking.

Probably less of a concern as these accounts are opened in person and us getting a coupon receipt during account opening as verification… With this being a new product/offer from Chase, perhaps someone just copy/pasted these from the personal savings T&C.

William Charles – it would be helpful to note that this is branch only in the title.

I’ll add a note

It looks like everyone will get the same code when you click “print coupon”.

So $1,000 per person in bonuses from Chase for all 4 accounts. Pretty generous.

In branch now and just opened an account and the coupon code is not being accepted. My MVP banker is going to look into why it’s not being accepted. We think it’s not loaded in to the system, yet. If you were planing on opening an account with this promotion, I’d wait. I’ll report back when I know more.

Thanks for sharing. Did the system request the coupon code at the very end/after opening? From experience with biz checking, my banker noted the personal accounts ask for the code up front, before account opens.

Would stink to have to close/re-open the account to requalify for biz savings bonus, then system disqualifies due to detecting a previous account

It asked for it at the end, which my banker was very confident about before we started. He’s on the phone now with support, they initially are saying it was supposed to be targeted. But they’re still looking into it…

30 minutes on the phone. Apparently it’s supposed to be targeted, and they had to open a ticket for me to get my money. My banker is awesome and fought for me so I don’t have to. But from what I understand, they may take down the public page. Go today if you want to try to slip through the cracks, though the fight may not be worth it.

I might be wrong, but usually bankers and Reps on the phone don’t know anything – 95% of the time! I don’t think this offer is targeted….

Was your Coupon Code ECPN_CD?

Yes, that was the generic code. Chase computer system didn’t recognize as a valid code. My banker is still following up with them, today that code is gone from the web site and it says @@couponcode which obviously doesn’t work either. Chase support for my banker said to check again tomorrow for a valid code. We’ll see…

Chase business churner
Chase business churner

Coupon didnt work in branch but after half an hour got a ticket created for the $200 code. A bit of a hassle but since it was still on the website it passed through their internal dept.

Was your Coupon Code ECPN_CD?

Do you have to login in order to get the coupon code? This doesn’t seem like the other Chase offers where you just put in your email address to get the code. The coupon code is not generating when I click on the link, anyone having the same issues?

Do not use the “code” that’s there now. It’s a broken page, not ready for prime time, wish DoC would update the post.

The page now shows

Coupon Code: Due to a system error, we are having trouble retrieving your coupon code. Please try again later.


Coupon Code: @@couponcode

The value on Feb 5 was

Coupon Code: ECPN_CD

which I am not sure is a valid code or not.

It’s not. Wait for a real code. I will update tomorrow with the progress as my banker is the man!

Are there any new developments?

Been in touch with my banker daily. The code went from ECPN_CD to @@couponcode and earlier today it changed to:

Coupon Code: Due to a system error, we are having trouble retrieving your coupon code. Please try again later.

Now it looks like it’s back to @@couponcode, which obviously is not valid.

Looks like Chase IT has their heads somewhere…

head in the cloud(s) … looking for webpage bug. 🙂

I’m still a little leery about the updated link. It generated a code (16 digit ending in 7060 for me), but the link includes an ID tag and, without the tags, the coupon code has the “system error” message.
OK, tried the updated link again and did get a different coupon code. Good sign that it might not be unique to someone’s targeted offer.
I know – “be the DP you want to see”, but my funds to do this aren’t available for a few weeks.

Yes, my code is different each time I try it. Like you, unable to try it for a couple weeks. Sure that someone will take their code to a branch this week so we’ll know for sure.

Opened a business savings account and everything went well. The code won’t work. The banker called chase support but a no go. Wasted more than one hour and opened a savings account with an interest rate of of .01%.

You must have opened with the old code since this new coding just started today. Will have to see what happens with the newly generated codes.

Seems that Chase has the blanket rule of having to keep the account (personal or business) open for 6 months or they reclaim the bonus. Hypothetically, what if the account has a zero balance at time of closure? How would they reclaim the bonus?

You could have a negative balance since they’d probably put the amount of the bonus in your account until and when they close the account (I understand most banks won’t let you close your account until they give you time to pay the penalties).

When they do close it, they will most likely also report you to a debit bureau such as ChexSystems and that could affect your being able to open up other bank accounts for their bonuses.

Haven’t done this myself (and haven’t read of anyone doing it on this site), so not sure what would actually happen with Chase but why take a chance.

Chatan, Also they might ban you from Chase Bank! Don’t do this! It’s not wise in long term!

All good points.

Venessa Caballes

so after I have waited 6 months and that was last year, does that mean I can open up another savings acct if I moved my money around between banks before opening?

Printed out the voucher and signed up for the savings today with no issues. I also signed up for the checking a few weeks ago. Thanks.

Can you do this offer if you signed up for the 300 Business checking offer?

Thanks! You don’t have to wait any set time in between?

Only if you had business savings account before. Then you need to wait 90 days since account closure and one bonus per calendar year.

Chase business churner
Chase business churner

I went back to my banker with this new code – I tried to open up the acct last week with the old code that didnt wkrk – they retroactively applied the coupon code so all is well and the$200 bonus is logged for my acct

got bonus today open on 03/02/18

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