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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on September 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


[IL only] Andigo Credit Union $400 Bonus ($250 Checking + $100 CD + $50 For Doing Both)

Update: Looks like they are extremely ChexSystems sensitive now.

Offer at a glance

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Andigo Bank is offering a bonus of up to $400 you need to use promo code BONUS , bonus is broken down as follows:
    • Get $250 when you open a new Cash Back or High-Yield checking account and set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $500 within 60 days of account opening (recurring direct deposit is required for three months)
    • Get $100 when you open any 1 year or greater certificate with $10,000 or more in combined balances.
    • Get $400 when you do both.
  • The you also get 3% cash back on debit purchases (up to $8 per month) on the cash back checking account or 3% APY on balances up to $10,000 on the high yield checking account when the following requirements are met:
    • $500 or more in total direct deposit per month
    • At least 15 Andigo Visa debit card purchases per month (signature or PIN-based)

The Fine Print

  • Offer available to new members and members without a checking relationship with Andigo as of 9/1/2018 only.
  • New members must enter promo code BONUS on application and be approved for membership.
  • Bonus payouts may be taxable.
  • You may receive only one new checking and one new savings account opening bonus with the maximum bonuses totally $400.
  • Membership at our credit union is a privilege granted by our members under state law.
  • To receive the $250 checking bonus: Member must open a new Cash Back or High-Yield Checking account, subject to approval.
  • Direct deposit must be setup within 60 days of joining and/or opening new checking account.
  • Qualifying direct deposits are regularly recurring electronic deposits from your employer or other government agency (e.g. Social Security).
  • Person-to-person and bank transfers between your Andigo accounts or accounts you have at other financial institutions or brokerages do not qualify.
  • The $250 checking bonus payout will be deposited into your Andigo checking account within 30 days after the third consecutive month of $500 or more in total direct deposit.
  • All checking accounts must be opened by 10/31/2018 to qualify for bonus payout.
  • To receive the $100 certificate bonus: Member must open a new certificate of 1 year or greater with at least $10,000 in new money.
  • Member may open one or several certificates of $1,000 or more to meet this $10,000 new money qualification.
  • The $100 savings bonus payout will be deposited to your Andigo savings account within 30 days of completed deposit(s).
  • All qualifying deposits must be completed by 10/31/2018 to qualify for bonus payout.
  • To receive the $50 deposit bonus: Member must complete actions required for both the $250 checking bonus and the $100 certificate bonus in the given timeframes.
  • Once all requirements have been satisfied, the $50 deposit bonus will be deposited in your Andigo checking account within 30 days.

Avoiding Fees

Monthly Fees

Early Account Termination Fee

Our Verdict

CD rates can be found here. 12 month CD is 1.12% but they have a 14 month CD that is 2.5% APY, that will be your best option for the $100 bonus. Previously the best bonus has been $250 checking with the same requirements, this is basically the same but with the added CD bonus. If you can tie up $10,000 in funds for 14 months then the CD bonus is worth considering, you basically get an extra $150 ($100 bonus + $50 for completing both bonuses) plus you’ll earn 2.5% APY. 2.5% is higher than the basic savings account rates currently so definitely worth considering but 14 months is a long time to tie up that level of funds. I will be adding this to the best checking & savings bonuses.

Big thanks to reader, Ryan H who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here.

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Should be noted: That $3k cc funding is juicy looking, but they seem to have started cracking down on people who fund multiple account from credit cards.

Two DPs of knock-it-off-you-possible-money-launderer letters sent by FedEx overnight from the last two days here, for accounts that were opened and closed months ago:

The $250 bonus seems worth it to me, but not the rest. I could take that $10,000 and use it to churn other bank bonuses instead (like fifth third, CBIC and keybank). Will be doing this bonus after finishing off my discover $200 savings bonus (i’ll be pushing and pulling 5K in and out 5 times), thanks for the deals as usual.

Andigo Credit Union (not Bank).

They’re apparently Chex sensitive. Got declined this a.m. although the AA letter didn’t specify any reasons other than listing Chex as the CRA. I emailed them back pushing for more details since I know I have no derogs anywhere. Will see if I’m successful getting it overturned.

They appear to be (very?) Chex sensitive (now? maybe a change?). I applied, live within the target area (i.e., did not have to try to finagle my way in), and have 6 or so bank accounts opened in the last 12 months (that’s an estimation, but +/- 1). When I inquired about the reason for denial (after pending; completed application ok), they referred me to Chex.

I tried to get an answer out of them as well, but all they said was “If you have any questions regarding your report, you should contact ChexSystems, Inc. using the contact information below.” and sent the Chex address, website, etc.

Since they wouldn’t give a straight answer, I ended up filing a BBB complaint requesting they contact me regarding the denial and reasoning. I’ll post back if/then they actually respond.

Super Chex sensitive, had 2 savings accounts and 1 checking opened in the last 3 years, and that is too much per their underwriting rep. Pretty sad I was actually looking to switch from alliant (since they are closing all but 1 branch location) .

Not a fan of their interface, especially ACH transfers are clunky to set up, and take over a week to complete. The whole process is handled by a different website that is linked from your logon. Considering how modern their main webpage looks I wasn’t expecting that. I’d give Alliant’s interface 4 out of 5, but Andigo is 2 out of 5 at best. I’ll be closing my account once I got everything set up with Alliant.

I’m willing to bet that the Chex hypersensitivity is a result of being hit hard by unprofitable customers (churners) on previous bonus offers. Not terribly surprising, given that there are no shareholders or securitized-debt investors to stick with the hidden cost behind nice-looking new account metrics.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Denied due to chex 50/9 aprox

any DP on out of state applicant ??are we eligible to get the bonus?

applied, uploaded drivers license and now they ask for a freaking signed social security card..these guys are a joke. so many hoops to jump through. ive never had another bank ask for a signed ss card. they shouldnt offer the promo if they want to deny everyone..2 of my friends were denied for having 3 accounts opened in the last 18 months

Tried doing the bonus under the Collect250 promo – Capital One transfer July, August, September = no bonus
Not sure if Capital One360 works as a direct deposit.

Ya, confirmed definitely needs to be a legit direct deposit to qualify. They have really gotten strict on the sign-up bonus. Not worth it unless you have a legit DD going into account.

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