Posted by William Charles on June 11, 2018
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Published on June 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Priority Pass Adds Access To Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse At Both EWR & IAD

Priority Pass members can now access the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounges at New York NJ Newark International (EWR) & Washington DC Dulles International (IAD). Priority Pass had previously added access to the Virgin Clubhouse at LAX late last year. There now remains three other Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse’s in the United States not part of the priority pass network. Access is heavily restricted at both EWR & IAD, you will only be able to access the lounges during the following times:

  • EWR:  14:00 until 18:00
  • IAD: 6:00 until 13:30

These are times that the lounges would normally be vacant anyway, so this is a way of Virgin Atlantic to maximize revenue from those lounges without affecting the user ability of the lounges for their premium customers. Priority Pass has been making a real effort to increase the lounge presence with the following being some of the recent additions:

Hat tip to Angelina Travels

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In IAD, this lounge is right next to the BA lounge which is also a PP lounge with limited, morning hours (7 a.m. to 2 p.m.). More is always better, but it’s hardly an improvement for IAD.

A nice alternative for B terminal flyers though that don’t want to visit the overcrowded Turkish Airlines Lounge, but get booted from BA at 2:00

Are you sure? Virgin Clubhouse @ EWR isn’t listed on PP’s website:

Yep, only IAD on PP app as well. Every points blog reposted without fact check

It shows up on the app now, but hours are from 2pm – 6pm

FWIW, both lounges now showed up on PP website. Somehow Angelina got the news faster than PP could update their data base. Impressed.

Always glad to see more access at IAD. While I can see the runway at DCA from my office, sometimes I don’t mind the trek out to Dulles if I can grab a free dinner at the Turkish lounge before my flight (though that lounge is getting super crowded, so I’m just waiting for them to restrict times like all the other IAD Priority Pass lounges.)

Regarding the limited access, I’ve found that if I can get in during the admission window I’m good for the rest of my stay. I’ve never been asked to leave.

Can we visit VA and Turkish in one day with two guest at IAD it will we be charged? Is it just two guest for Amex Plat and CSR PER lounge or per day?

By my count, this will be the fourth Priority Pass lounge at Dulles, but all four are in Terminal A/B. There are no Priority Pass lounges in the larger Terminal C/D.

App says VA clubhouse at EWR accessible 2pm-6pm only

I think DOC has the two lounge times mixed up.

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